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Teresa Giudice's Auction CANCELED!

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Lucky break!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice will not have to sob all over bubbies as she watches her excessively gaudy elegant belogings sold in front her, because her lawyer Jim Kridel has announced that the scheduled auction of her personal effects will not be taking place!

Instead, there will be a private sale, which will apparently be held to maximize the amount of money the reality star and her family make for their shiz!

Kridel explains:

"When the sale is conducted, the Giudices would get $52,000, because they are allowed that as exemptions. There would have been a shortfall. What if they got $30,000, but they owed $52,000 to the Giudices? It wouldn't help, so we said why not have a private sale? It would be best for the state, the creditors, the trustees and the Giudices."

So does that mean that the nefarious wannabe housewife Kim G. can still swoop in like the old, cackling bat she is and buy their belongings?


Keep your chin up, Teresa!

You may still be losing all your shiz, but at least you're not Prostitution Whore!

And we think everyone should always count their blessings for that reason alone!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Teresa Giudice's Auction CANCELED!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Loved how she just sat there on the reunion and denied even being bankrupt. Cant wait for her and her husband to have to get real jobs. If she thinks any of those whiny bratty kids are going to make them money in entertainment she is mistaken.

  3. 3

    Hey fatass, let's talk about YOUR bankruptcy…..
    Why is that a non-topic?????????????
    You should have a little sympathy since your stupid, in-bred, cellulite-ridden ass has gone through it too.
    Your silence is deafening.

  4. 4

    I think Teresa and Joe are a really cute couple and wish them the best.

  5. 5

    LOL Perez-love how you can't come up with a name other than Prostitution Whore!
    PS-It's getting old.

  6. 6

    F'in "Prostitution Whore"! She made fun of Teresa's financial problems, but her car got repossessed. She's such a stuck up POS that she wears a million dollar ring on her finger instead of making her car payments.
    Re: backfire – I do, too. Teresa is adorable. I don't agree with what they've done with their money, but at least they're not Danielle!

  7. 7

    The world cancelled has two LLs Mario :l

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Enough with the Prostitution Whore thing, it makes you sound like an idiot as you can not come up with anything yourself.

  10. 10

    She must get sprayed tan because a portion of her forehead is still pale. Bless her heart. Gotta love her! :-)

  11. 11

    Dear "Billabong",

    Don't you mean "word" instead of "world"? And "cancelled" can be spelled with one "L" or two!

  12. 12

    Out of all of these women I use to have respect for Caroline atleast she ment what she said and stood behind it ,I thought perhaps she had some class,, that was until her son decided to exploit women for money and run some kind of stripper car wash with moms blessing, I mean seriously is that the best he can do is that how he was raised.. this women and her friends call danielle a prostituion whore ummm your son is selling women for profite Caroline so I guess that makes him a pimp? and I have to wonder would he allow his sister or wife when he gets one to work as a stripper?? or caroline her daughter?? or do they only exploit women who at times have no one to turn to so they do this kind of work..well all I can say is we now see carolines families true colors.. guess what Caroline your nothing more then garbarge with a credit card..

  13. 13

    This woman looks like Furby. I cannot stand her face. WTF.

  14. 14

    Her kids are so fucking fugly it hurts me to look at them. They all have these narrow eyes and nasty big lips for kids, look like mini gorilla faces.

  15. 15

    teresa's a dumb-ass, new-money, uneducated, embarrassing example of american excess, livin' in a foreclosed, disgusting McMansion. she didn't even know diamonds come from embattled africa, often times through murderous means. what a shallow bitch. read a book, you dumb-ass bitch, start with "dick & jane", it's just about your speed, at least there's one word in the book you might know….