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Korean Mothers Form Union To Protest Gay Storyline On TV Drama!

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This is just so twisted and sad.

A group of mothers in Korea have become so upset about the portrayal of a gay couple on a popular drama, called Life Is Beautiful, that they have formed a union and released an open letter in protest of the series in yesterday's issue of the Chosun Journal!

It reads:

“If my son becomes gay and dies from AIDs after watching ‘Life Is Beautiful’, SBS must take responsibility! ‘Life Is Beautiful’ has glamorized the culture of gays against what is realistically, healthy and proper for the citizens of Korea.”

Deplorable! And SO ignorant!

It's truly crushing to us that so many people in the world still believe this kind of foolish nonsense.

Luckily, openly gay Korean actor Hong Seok Cheon was just as upset, and wrote the following statement:

"Take responsibility for my son becoming gay because of the drama? What a funny ad, but also quite disappointing. Soon they will be putting out an ad saying don’t hang out with Hong Seok Cheon if you don’t want to be gay. This was the exact reason I was fired from BboBboBbo 10 years ago when I first came out. All of those calls made to the broadcast company asking to take me off the show. If such logic was true, all of those children that were on a part of the show with me should be gay by now, but they aren’t.

The gay couple that is shown on ‘Life Is Beautiful’ is so beautifully and realistically drawn. If there really is a son out there that becomes gay after watching the drama, it is not because he became gay but because he actually was gay and finally earned enough confidence to come out. It could be the drama that gave him that strength to come out to his parents and ask for understanding. How unfortunate for the children that live under the parents that put out such a trashy advertisement. AIDS is not a disease specific to gays. How is it that I found out that I was gay 25 years before I saw the drama ‘Life Is Beautiful?’ What kind of dramas did the gays in the 50s, 60s, and 70s watch in order to become gay? Being gay is not a contagious disease, you fools.

The people that put out this ad not only demolished the human rights of gays but of AIDS patients as well. This is such an amazing country, allowing such ads to be put out. This ad being released is a more severe problem than the fact that gays are shown on a public broadcast drama. Anything can be released as long as money is involved, I suppose.

I thank everyone that has sent me support mail. Compared to the hate mail I received 10 years ago, there is so much support that has made me cry and feel endlessly thankful. I feel as if my loneliness and sorrow during the past 10 years has finally been delivered. I’ve now earned the confidence to live on even harder for the next 10 years. I’ll become a Hong Seok Cheon that satisfies everyone not only as a businessman but as an actor as well. Thank you."

Wonderfully stated, and 100% true!

We're thrilled he took the time to take a stand and shoot down such a ridiculous message!

We sincerely hope that he, and the gay couple on that drama, continue to educate and open the public's eyes to tolerance and acceptance of others with a different sexual preference!

There has been far too much loss and tragedy because of ignorance and hate! It needs to end NOW!

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21 comments to “Korean Mothers Form Union To Protest Gay Storyline On TV Drama!”

  1. 1

    Oh Perez,
    Not every country is okay with certain Morals changing.
    Don't get angry that they have their opinions.
    The Homosexual Lifestyle is often glamorized in Television. They don't often show the trials and tribulations that Gays face in day to day life.

  2. 2

    When are you going to realize you can't make everyone think the way you want them to?

  3. 3

    Sorry Perez but i think it`s enough with gay theme. You are gay, ok, but always with the same it´s boring

  4. 4

    who cares!?!?!?!?!? and yes actually, shows are "glorifying" it. she has a point.

  5. 5

    morons. the tv has an 'off' button, if you are this ignorant and concerned then utilise it.

  6. 6

    Then in that case they should take down any crime shows that show drugs and sex because AIDS is also transmitted by needles (drugs) and by prostitution. They're so dumb. If people want to show its up to them.

  7. 7

    I lived in Korea for two years. Most Koreans I met were very humble, friendly, open and accepting. But it is a country staked in tradition and not shaming your family. They care more about not losing face as a family or society than they do for the well being of an individual. It's sad but true. It's another reason that country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world for middle and high school aged students. They think their grades aren't high enough, and commit suicide so they dont' shame the family. Sadly, I don't see their outlook changing anytime soon.

  8. 8

    Ok Perez, enough talk already! We don't you actually do something? You obviously have a problem with the world and how it views the Gay community but yet you do NOTHING to change it. A few tsks-tsks on your blog is just not good enough!

  9. Emesa says – reply to this


    "Being gay is not a contagious disease, you fools." Pretty much sums it up. lol.

  10. 10

    i admit it is sad…but it is also very ignorant for you to call them ignorant. every culture is different and you need to respect the differences. you need to accept their culture as is. you don't need to agree with any of it but just respect it. don't be calling them out on the stuff you don't like. who are you to tell them what they believe is wrong.

  11. 11

    are they celebrities? Is not why is it on this site?

  12. 12

    I just have to get out there right now that i spend a majority of my time watching Korean Dramas (cause im cool like that) And for the most part they are extremely open about different sexualities. They dont glamorize sex at all though. be it straight or gay. Its something that isnt shown the same as it is here. And i think that add is terrible but also an isolated incident. It doesnt happen every day and i think its terrible. Hong Seok Cheon said it perfectly this ad is funny that people can be so completely ignorant to things like this. But i dont want this to make people think that Korea is a country so against Gays. They arent. Generally its not a big deal. But since Life Is Beautiful is a mainstream drama there are a lot of idiots and wackjobs being exposed to it. Its really pathetic.

  13. 13

    Of course they blame the gays for AIDs. Korea is all about blaming other people for their problems. No way they want to admit that their HUGE population of prostitutes could possibly be spreading AIDs. So typical.

  14. 14

    Respect Koreans, their culture, country and sensibilities.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    awh poor Korean ladies… they are just dumb in general… let them be… that's how they are… let stupid people be stupid… just move on

  17. 17

    Perez, I live in South Korea. I moved here from the states to teach. I am not at all surprised by this article. While it is truly a shame to see such ignorance, after spending almost a full year here, it is impossible to miss how racist/biggotted most Koreans can be. It's wonderful that Hong Seok Cheon is taking a stand and very brave of him too. Maybe someday things will change here thanks to people like him that aren't afraid to be themselves.

  18. 18

    So sad that humanity sometimes seems to be moving backwards. People are allowed to have their own opinions, though.

  19. 19

    These ladies get it.

  20. 20

    I have Time warped back into the 80's! Oh my god, I might catch gay and AIDS. NOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Re: truthabove – There is no god, so I am not worried. You are funny though.
    Re: erikasjammin – Sorry this is ignorance… look the word up please. Believing that you can catch Gayness and AIDS is a gay disease is dangerous and ignorant.

  21. 21

    I don't want to have a son who will become gay because the world has not fully accepted gays yet. He will be discriminated, bullied and maltreated if he becomes gay. This is the reason why I think these mothers are concerned about their children. Even though I know that there is nothing wrong being a gay, so many people don't share the same opinion as mine and still has not accepted gays in the society. I understand point of these Korean moms..