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CBS News Bureau Manager Arrested For Growing Weed!

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5 comments to “CBS News Bureau Manager Arrested For Growing Weed!”

  1. 1

    Nobody gives a shit

  2. 2

    IF WE all grew weed this world would be a better place.

    Case in point:

    Go to your local liquor store. Spend 10$ on booze. You will likely get yourself fucked up beyond all recognition. Surely you would NEVER get behind the wheel of a car…

    Spend the equivilant amount on Marijuana. The two substances don't even fucking compare. They don't!

    Spend 10.00 on each and try to drive. GUARENTEED THE STONER WILL:
    Check his blind spots, double check for a belt and adjust the mirror.
    Would the drunk do that??? Our fucking government is stupid. Wake up people. Weed isnt the problem. Alcohol and Tobacco are.

  3. 3

    Weed should be legal.

  4. 4

    Legalize it! Just so we're all clear. This guy was arrested for GROWING A PLANT, not even for smoking it or having a bag of dried buds in his poacket. He didn't date rape anyone, (something that's practically impossible to prosecute) he didn't raise pitt bulls for killing one another, he didn't murder someone in front of their kids or rob someone's home. He put a seed in the dirt, added water and let it grow. And now he's in jail. FUCK THE ANTI CANNABIS LAWS. Laws are supposed to protect us. Exactly what does arresting this guy and taking his (most likely almost ready to harvest) plants protect us from??

  5. 5

    should've waited till next year pal