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Prostitution Whore Has To Sell Her House On The Cheap!

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Oh shit! Thank goodness she's got some "reality show" money coming in!

In New Jersey, there is an evil abode that rests low in the swamps of Wayne Township. No one dares enter or goes near the property as it is rumored to be cursed by the spirits of those who dare not pouf their hair or eat canolis on Sunday. Others know it to be the house of one Danielle Staub, the famous prostitution whore from Real Housewives of New Jersey and avoid it simply on moral principles. (And because they've watch the show and know it's a mess in there!)

Perhaps this why the mansion has yet to sell. The place has been on the market for over a year and no one has made inquiries about it. Now, the house is getting a huge price reduction and is listed as a "court ordered sale."

When the whore put the mansion on the market, she marked it as $1,495,000. Now, it's being offered at $1,095,000, which means with some haggling, you can get this joint for under a million bucks!

But is that enough to want to buy a house that carries with it the lingering shrill screams of children smothered by their mother's need for fame and the smell of leftover paninis in the fridge?

Regardless, you know who is getting a big laugh outta this? Teresa Giudice, who has managed, even in the face of foreclosure bankruptcy to stay in here house!

What now, Stauby?!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Prostitution Whore Has To Sell Her House On The Cheap!”

  1. 1

    It is not a mansion unless you've never really seen a mansion. It's a pretty average development home, except hers hasn't been updated since it was built. The landscaping is what puts it above the million-dollar mark. Nothing else about the home commands much attention. It has been all over the show for the last two seasons and the episode featuring it really showed how badly Danielle has been hurting for money — upkeep has been virtually nonexistant.

  2. 2

    HaHa! Karma is a bitch, huh Danielle! That's what happens when you pretend to be all " Love and Light " and act all fake like you have found a good path! You treat people like crap and use people, so now you are getting what you deserve! I feel sorry for your girls. Thank god your oldest is almost old enough to ditch you and get on with her life as a young adult no matter what she does in life. You are a twisted woman and should have limited access to yours or anyones kids for that matter… It's good to see you can still work a stripper pole, maybe you can work at a strip club for old cougars like you!

  3. 3

    Who does your proofreading before you post?

  4. 4

    what now staubby???!! wow perez all you posts are about bullying yet you say something like that..you sound like a bully..stop being a hypocrite

  5. 5

    Re: blondentourage – Why are you talking to her like she would read this?

  6. 6

    I hope whoever buys it has an extra million on hand–half to fix it up and half to have it exorcised to rid it of all the leftover evil

  7. 7

    really, really tired of Wayne and NJ being depicted the way the media are whoring it…. Perez, come to Wayne… I will show you we are not all Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of NJ… Oh and they are not the real HW's of NJ…. NJ is a beautiful state….

  8. 8

    Danielle said, "karma's a bigger bitch than I am." It's getting to be a real competition.

  9. 9

    What happened to "stop bullying?" Or does that rule only apply to everyone BUT you. You're a hypocrite. Plain and simple. its sad that the more important people in the campaign have to be associated with your name.

  10. 10

    Re: ThreePointOneFour – I agree. It may have been nice 15 years ago, but it's tacky and hasn't been maintained. Her dogs have also shat all over it!

  11. 11

    Oh Perez, you are completely clueless. First off-Danielle isn't the one that 'pouf's her hair.And no one is more of a stage mom than Theresa'. And at least Danielle's house ISN"T in foreclosure and she ISN't going bankrupt. It needs a lot of fixes which she won't pay on her own and I can't blame her since her ex-hubby is set to make a huge chunk from the sale.What now piggy?

  12. 12

    You seemed weirdly obsessed with this obviously severely troubled woman. Were you the kid on the playground making fun of the kids in the special ed class? I get an easy target, that's your thing… but come on, i never thought i'd have to or would defend Danielle ever… move on….how many times can you continue to run over and then back up over an already mangled train wreck?

  13. 13

    Re: Starlit are you serious? you don't watch the show then, danielle FORCED her daughter to sing at the sweet 16 on camera

  14. 14

    in HERE house????? Barbara, you fat disgusting pig, LEARN TO WRITE!!!!

  15. 15

    Re: mscalto – Yes I did watch the show tyvm. Her daughter wants to sing and wrote those songs on her own for her sister. Wouldn't you encourage your child to persue their dreams? She knew her daughter could sing the songs so she pushed it for a reason. If you set to make a goal then finish it. Most parents do this because they want the best for their kids. Where else we have Teresa hoovering her kids around agencies and acting classes when the child can't even act. Teresa is the only ultimate stage momI seen on the show.

  16. 16

    They've showed that house on RHONJ a few times. The inside of it is just falling apart. It looks old and beaten sorta like Danielle herself!!!