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Glee Stars Speak Out About Recent Gay Suicides

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It's an issue that thankfully has come to attention of a lot of people in positions to help and bring exposure to the problems. We're so pleased to hear that the recent rise in gay teen suicides, as tragic as they are, aren't being overlooked by anyone.

Over the weekend, the cast of the hit show Glee hosted a benefit for the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center. Matthew Morrison and Cory Monteith were asked their views on the recent suicides and what plans are in place for Glee to respond. On the latter, Matthew explained:

"I'm sure that's something that [Ryan Murphy] wants to talk about…It's shedding a light on a subject that a lot of people keep in the closet."

Cory concured, insisting that the cast felt it was their duty to acknowledge what is happening in the lives of other young people, particularly those who are struggling with who they are. Cory says:

"It's really important for a show like 'Glee,' with all the exposure that it's getting, to start to bring important causes like this out in the open."

That's what we like to hear! It is so important for gay teens to know that they aren't alone. People truly do care!

It DOES get better!

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4 comments to “Glee Stars Speak Out About Recent Gay Suicides”

  1. ya2 says – reply to this


    I ask you this with great curiosity. I commend you for helping with the IT DOES GET BETTER campaign but I find it hard to swallow, considering you have caused so much hardship for gays in the industry. Yes, I get your point. The more that comes out, the more accepting the population. But let me ask you this:

    Did you ever think of the financial impact you can make on artist's life if you outed them? Did you think their career might take a dive and not everyone can be a Neil Patrick Harris or Ellen? Did you consider that some might come from conservative families that may disown them? Perhaps causing them to seek refuge in a substitute for love, like drugs? Did you consider they might have personal issues you, nor I could understand and THEY should come out at THEIR speed and under THEIR terms? Who are you to out someone? Who made you that guy in charge? You are a blogger, blog about gossip not about the deepest part of someone's life.

    Clearly if people are killing themselves over taunting, what do you think an emotional entertainer might do? WHAT IF your childish actions caused someone enough pain to kill themselves? How would you feel?

    Please think about that, before you out someone and before you come across looking like the hero in this IT DOES GET BETTER CAMPAIGN.

  2. 2

    While I think that gay-bashing is obnoxious, I'm straight and therefore everything I'm about to say should be taken with a grain of salt. But so far I've found "Glee's" treatment of gay issues to be patronizing at best, a perpetuation of stereotypes and misconceptions in PC disguise at worst. What bothers me most is that gay-bashers are portrayed as strong and popular, which implies that gay-bashing is a good way to fit in with cool kids at your school. Not only is this message offensive, but it's inaccurate. None of the "cool" kids at my conservative high school liked the anti-gay blowhards. Also, giving the only gay character little dimension beyond being a gay stereotype implies that sexuality basically defines a person, which isn't a good attitude for anyone have about oneself or any other person; identity is the gestalt of sexuality and lots of other things. Anyway, I wish the producers all the best, but think the show really needs to pull a 180.

  3. 3

    so i guess you only care about gay kids getting bullied, huh perez? to hell with other kids out there getting bullied for many different things, not just being gay, huh?

  4. 4

    And then the fuckwad bishops in Minneapolis sent out 400,000 DVDs to rally against gays. I hope the Bishop of Minneapolis/St. Paul gets insight in the form of a brain aneurism.