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The JoBros Aren't Intimidated By The Biebs

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We find that hard to believe!

We would be a little afraid of a miniature 16-year-old millionaire if we were you, JoBros!

But the brothers are saying they're not intimidated by Justin Bieber's success. Kevin Jonas says:

"I think there is room for everybody. We're not afraid of anything or worried about anything. We're just being who we are and making music that we love. We're proud of the guys that are following their dreams. As long as they're doing it for the right reasons, we'll totally support them."

That's very neutral of you, Kevin! We're not sure we believe you though!

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15 comments to “The JoBros Aren't Intimidated By The Biebs”

  1. 1

    They all get 15min

  2. 2

    oh fuck you! they're doing what they love. they don't care about your opinion at all.

  3. 3

    WHY in the hell would some teen-early 20's be afraid of a 4 foot lesbian looking little boy with a light voice and a mop do?! So what if he is loaded now, it is absolutely no reason for them to be intimidated by him!! I would think it would be vice versa, if anything, since they have been in the business FAR longer than he has.

  4. 4

    enough about this dumbass canadian kid!

  5. 5

    omg, the beebs turds got more skeelz than all bros combined…but really, what these kids know about music, u could stik up a mosquitos ass and it would rattle around like a bb in a boxcar.

  6. 6

    i hope everyone forgets they exist. then i will have nick alllllll to my own :)

  7. 7

    Yeah, and Bieber's 15 minutes are tickin too. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…..

  8. 8

    Beiber is already fading.. not like the Jonas Brothers who have 5 years and still strong, selling out concerts and doing world tours! Now, let me get this straight Perez, when Nick started everything he was a little kid, he was 14 when he got insanely famous, even more than this stupid little boy. And if we're gonna start talking about money, you're saying it like if the Jonas Brothers dont have enough.. Justin Beiber doesnt even have the half of the money the JB have! Now shut the fuck up.

  9. 9

    Perez Hilton is a SNAKE and a PERVERT! Now that the Jonas Bros are of legal age Perez has no use for them. When they were underage, however, oh Perez couldn't stop talking about them, or how HOT they were. Perez Hilton also has the attention span of a fruit fly and also about as much intelligence.


    Mark my words…when Lady GaGa tanks and is no longer relevant, this fat pig is going to be the first person to start trashing her. I GUARANTEE IT!!!

  10. 10

    Re: Nicole Contreras – Bitch what do you mean by that Bieber is fading? Haven't you noticed that all the Jonas fans left them and r now Bieber fans? Who's the one selling out every stadium on his world tour and has everyone talking…… that would b the Biebs. Jo Bros r nothing but fugly has-beens now. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  11. 11

    Bieber is the most annoying little "drag Queen", every time he comes on T.V. I change the station, can't look at the lip syncing little midget.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Re: polishhottie1 – Excuse me honey, not all of the Jonas fans moved on 2 Justin Bieber, cuz I know I haven't and I know a lot of people who hate Justin. He's just a cocky little immature ass who needs 2 go away like NOW!! The Jonas Brothers are way more hotter than that fugly looking douche bag!!

  14. 14

    Re: teeteebaby1025 – yea i totally agree with everything you have said. see the jonas brothers are so reach that they can take a break and still be full of money. Justin Beaver cldnt do tht. and i think justin is letting fame get to him a little bit bc he's not use to all the attention like the jonas brothers. jonas brothers are musicaly better too.

  15. 15

    Re: dancingintherain101 – well I guess we'll c who's gonna b around longer with more fans. At least Justin doesn't need cheesy Disney to help him in his career. He made it on his own talent and personality, not some crappy tv show.