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Exclusive! First (& Possible Only) Look At MTV's Bridge & Tunnel!

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Yesterday, we reported news that MTV had scrapped plans to air a show they shot called Bridge & Tunnel. As it was explained to us, the show took us away from the serenity of Seaside Heights and into the mayhem of Staten Island.

Reportedly, execs at MTV decided to pull the show because they were afraid it was "too similar" to The Jersey Shore and wouldn't fair very well. After having seen what goes down on the show with our own eyes, we implore them to RECONSIDER.

This show is EXQUISITE! Prepare to meet the classiest bitches along the New York Thruway! They make the Angelina (aka That Staten Island Dump) look liked Michelle Obama!

Exclusively on PerezHilton.com, you can watch a clip of the show we're deeming the greatest thing to happen to reality television since Teresa Giudice flipped that effing table!


If MTV knew what was good for them, they would get back across the bridge and through the tunnel to film more of these shenanigans!!!

What do U think?!

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85 comments to “Exclusive! First (& Possible Only) Look At MTV's Bridge & Tunnel!”

  1. 1

    Glad it got canned. Horrible/annoying twats.

  2. 2

    hell to the yeah. Cancel that shore thing and bring this

  3. 3

    OH… EM… GEEEEEEEE! MUST SEE MORE!!! This looks friggin amazazing!!

  4. 4

    This looks like the greatest fucking show ever. MTV is serious out of touch if they don't green-light this shit. "Good night! Fuck you!" hahahahaha…. love, love, love it!

  5. 5

    this looks like tv greatness!!! mtv should def air this!

  6. 6

    Perez you are a serious hypocrite. You post video after video condemning the violence against gay teens, yet you want to promote MTV's most violent display of disgusting behavior among young adults as "cool"?

    Shame on you. You have as much blood on your hands as any bully.

    Oh wait, you are one, too.

  7. 7

    Damn MTV come bring it back…..

  8. 8

    They should show this!

  9. 9

    BRING THIS SHIT ON… Thats Jersey Shore x10…AWESOME:)

  10. 10

    You obviously don't understand why Jersey Shore is a hit … amongst all of the trashiness, the show's got a bit of heart. This will fail because they're obviously aware that the more outrageous they are the more likely it is that they will become famous.

  11. 11

    where do i go to DEMAND that this show airs????

  12. 12

    Josh Allouche. Enough said.

  13. 13

    This show is AMAZING. The casting company who worked on it is also AMAZING!! There is a casting ninja out there who knows his stuff.

  14. 14

    amazing!! Bring it back!

  15. 15

    I was one of the people who reviewed an episode of the show. I can tell you right now that this stuff gets old really fast. Jersey shore is a lot of party and drama but you also get to see the nicer side of people. With this show all you see is a bunch of low self esteemed mean girls bitching about their asshole boyfriends and wanting to get off the island. This clip is like a trailer for a movie; it's made to look good but it's not.

  16. 16

    how lame. this would have been pretty good.

  17. 17

    Perez… I love you but I have to agree with 'Be Ashamed'. Hate is hate, regardless of the group at which it's directed. How can you condemn hate against gay teens while lauding a show that perpetuates stereotypes and glorifies hate and violence. I know you're a good person so please think about the mixed message you're sending right now.

  18. 18

    haha.. awesome

  19. 19

    hahahahahah hell ya!! I'd watch it.

  20. 20

    At first I was annoyed by P Hilton's comment but then I watched the clip and put my head down in shame. Born and raised on SI and fortunate to have moved off the rock 4 years ago. Ummm this is why. THIS is true now and was true when I was living there and going out. Surrounded by horrible "human" beings. Teens, young adults and their parents behaved like this.

  21. 21

    this needs to go on air asap. it looks amazing!!!!!

  22. CocoK says – reply to this


    Re: [D]ALF – Agreed…this show seems like it would lack the drama/heart mix that the Shore has. This show looks like a guido version of the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen.

  23. 23

    these people are funny!

  24. 24


  25. 7tizz says – reply to this


    If they air this - they are in big shit. I think it would be a HUGE hit for them and this would be their number 2 show. But with Jersey Shore being number 1 and this number 2, the whole network is in jeapordy of going down a trash tv cycle. The media backlash and public perception of the network as a whole would be a PR nightmare - not to mention cable outlets dropping the channel entirely due to advertisers and mother's groups. Seriously, it's the smartest thing MTV has ever done.

  26. 26

    This looks amazing, I'd SO watch!

  27. 27

    I'm glad this will not air. This is a bad rip off of Jersey Shore, and that's saying a lot. Jersey Shore is guilty pleasure, this looks like a waste of time.
    When is MTV going to start playing music videos?

  28. 28

    i love bitch fights! Bring it!

  29. 29

    This is the LAST thing television needs. We don't need to be celebrating more under-educated, over-sexed, alcoholic narcissists. Thank you for using good judgment in canning this mess, MTV.

  30. 30

    hahah id so watch this!

  31. 31

    Re: gmoney0

    Interesting, because I'm thinking Jersey Shore is getting boring now that there's less chaos. It's the drama and shocking idiocy that entertains. Nobody cared about that show until Snooki got punched in the face by a man…case in point.

  32. 32

    and they say jersey girls are trash?

  33. 33

    Its like Laguna Beach, Jersey Shore, and The Hills all rolled into one. Laguna Hills Shore, but I also agree that it looks to be a good show. I would still watch JS and BT if they were both aired.

  34. 34

    Please air this show!!! Everyone loves this crazy young drama thats why the Jersey Shore is so popular, it makes all of us feel smart and normal, lol. This kind of stuff is so much fun to watch.

  35. 35

    all the haters under these comments are jealous its not them. get over it. these kids have crazy drama to follow and to relate to. exs hooking up with exs that still "arent" ready. sisters vs sisters.. fights breaking out when your tryin to have a good time.. i mean come on.. why wouldnt u want this air? all jersey shore is about hookinup with randoms at clubs and who can get who in bed first.. this looks like its a real group of friends and the drama they have to deal with.. air it!

  36. 36

    Oh holy hell.. I hope to GOD that MTV sticks to their instinct and makes sure this show is FOREVER in the archives.. This is a fucking disaster..

  37. 37

    Oh god…watching this made me really embarrassed to live on SI.

    But they should air it, it would definitely be a huge hit, it definitely has more drama and fighting than Jersey Shore.

  38. 38

    this show looks so bad like that show on the oxeygen network i hate this.

  39. 39

    ive been watching this literally all day. i want more!!

  40. 40

    AHAHAHAHAH this is so great! they should at least air it online or something!

  41. 41

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  42. 42

    The blondie was on True Life "I'm from Staten Island."

  43. 43

    honestly, you want yet another bit** series? Well, I wonder that on the one hand you mourn the loss of honesty and politeness (remember all the bullying) and on the other hand you want mtv to show more of this stupid - yet entertaining - s*** which creates more than doubtful role models for the already troubled and lost youth?
    Would time and production money not better be spend on series with a certain kind of moral and sense? Don't get me wrong, I'm neither very religious nor am I here to mourn morality and I like to watch trash, but with the recent events we all have to ask ourselves what is offered to youth and what do we highlight to them by watching such stuff.
    I don't want to have series like "seventh heaven" but maybe we all need to be more careful what to hype.

  44. 44

    i'm sorry, this show looks terrible. Looks like a bunch of idiots and losers trying to make themselves look outrageous to copy jersey shore. We already have an mtv gudio family, we don't need some new ones, and those girls are gross and trashy. mtv made a good decision to pull the show. otherwise their whole network is just going to turn into guido reality tv, and i'm sorry but i'll pass.

  45. 45

    I feel for Staten Island if this is an example of what being raised there produces…..what a bunch of lame, no class, useless people. Glorifying crap behavior….what a new twist. Why show this anyway? Jersey Shore is already full of Staten Island people!

  46. 46

    give me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have to air this…who do i speak to about airing this?!!!!!

  47. 47

    HOLY SHIT WTF this show rocks. What the fuck is Jersey Shore?

  48. 48

    So sad. From Staten Island. We're not all like that!

  49. 49

    omggggggggg please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee mtv keep this show around!!!!!

  50. uyeah says – reply to this


    Makes her look like Michelle Obama? Is that supposed to be a compliment?That's the worst insult you could tell a lady.

  51. 51

    it's bad enough i have to cringe saying i am from staten island when i meet someone after the jersey shore show…i am ashamed to be from staten island….. not all of us are like this. come to the north shore of staten island, or in the middle,and daddy doesn't buy us everything. it's those south shore morons. mtv should follow me around.. normal. please god don't put that on tv

  52. 52

    really to all you hater out there this show looks great blow jrsay shore out of the water,Ihope mtv puts this show on they are little hotties,bored with that shore show i wont even watch anymore ,they are all granades

  53. 53

    I'm glad they didn't air this show. I'm from Staten Island and that show is all about the trashy people who do live on the island with me. We're all a bunch of drama but that is to the extreme. I am honestly disgusted and embarassed at the behavior of this girls. There are a lot of people who do have class on this island.

  54. 54

    i gotta say cant stop .watching this clip its great mtv bring it on,would like to get to know these people more and yes i live in staten island the way these kids act,is nothing new when i was in long island they acted the same way now i live in jersey they act the same so haters get over it YOUR JUST JEALOUS YOU DONT HAVE A SHOW

  55. 55

    i deffffff wanttt this show to air its amazing!!! and totally different from the js… and my girl is in this show! lets go si !

  56. 56

    what are the people at mtv thinking? this show would be abigger hit than the jersey shore.go for it mtv,bring it on it looks amaz……….tied of watching jersey shore there all hasbeens,this show will give us the inside of these kids lives,the real way they live,hard times they go throught.because kids these day are trying to get out into the worlld and move up to better lives and this clip shows there hard times,drama drama,go for mtv give us more ,bridge and tunnel,loved the clip i want more more more loved it

  57. 57

    AIR this show! Super talent went into the making - Let us see it!

  58. 58

    this is disgusting. as if people from staten island aka myself dont hear enough about how "trashy" the place is thanks to the rep the jersey shore gave it…i really hope this doesnt air im appalled just from watching the preview.

  59. 59

    Bring on the drama! I'm a Staten Island girl, I'm glad the dump is closed, and I want to see these ladies in training!

  60. 60


  61. 61


  62. 62

    I'm from Staten Island. Bad enough with Jersey shore, if they actually air this I literally will say I'm from long island. Admitting your from Staten Island in a corporate business environment is embarrassing enough as is.

  63. 63

    Perez I agree! I think this is deffinitly better then the effing table! and from the looks of this trailor it looks like itll be better then theresa flipping a whole living room upside down!! it looks like theres real DRAMA to FOLLOW> and they have energy unlike the old prunes in JS. JS doesnt have drama to follow besides ronnie and sammi and who the hell likes ronnie n sammie? NOONE> this looks like real relationships made outside of a house that got forced to live in. comeon. i need to kno more. perez do your thing!!

  64. 64

    yo…………………… these girls…. are slammin………………… i wanna see more…….. dam

  65. 65

    am i the only one that is really bothered by the title? staten island doesnt have any tunnels …

  66. 66

    Holy shit….yes, I live on this island and sadly these are the sad excuses for human beings who live on it. I know ALL of these fools..you are losers..you are nobodies…you girls are not attractive WHATSOEVER and this is coming from a straight guy. "This isnt Staten Island, this is drama island", yeah ya dumb bitch because you and your ugly little friends make it that way. Staten Island is a waste of land and those you see above are wastes of people. Get fucking jobs, stop living off your parents, stop going to casting call…nobody wants to see you in real life,so nobody wants to see you pollute their televisions. Dumb fucks

  67. 67

    wow really to all you haters,this looks great,i live on staten island,be proud,i would watch this show,it looks,great.watching jsworst episode ever and snookie friend ryder is a clone of snookie a drunk and scry skank,one thing about staten island the people here are hot,and if you dont think so,you must be homely,so yes mtv put this show on cant wait too see it,and to daytorember ur an ass,cause guess what,u sound like the most jelouse person i ever heard'u fucken jerkoff,get ur eyes checked,the girls on bridge and tunnel are on fire,soken hottttttttttttttttttttttttt mtv love watching this clip give us more

  68. 68

    i also think if this show is aired great .i will watch every eposode,if its not aired,idont think thesegirls lost out ,i am shure mtv paid them 4 three months of filming,so they are putting money in the bank good for them,they deserve it after mtv fucked them over shame on you mtv,put the show on.

  69. 69

    realy pissed at the people who are haters and not players,i would love to meet the blonde,at the end of the clip that says fuck you goodnite wow she is the hottie

  70. 70

    haha. twds the end when it goes rele fast if u keep clicking pause ull see alot of crazy shit u missed.sick

  71. 71

    when does this air?! totally need to watch thissssssssssssssssss

  72. 72

    perez do ur thing talk to mtv,get this show on.last nite js,was boring,the new girl ryder suck she is a druck,wtf get bridge and tunnel on i want to see more of the blonde…………

  73. 73

    wow blows JSout of the water,I want to see more,so perez update us with whats going on with this show,are we gonna see more? get us the scoop.last nite JS sucked,that new girl ryder was a skank,she is a drunk just like snookie,I willnot be watching next season,the show is boring now.and the situation is full of himself the only reason he gets the girls is cause he has money now.he is one ugly guy,so i say get bridge and tunnel on. I am shure it would get better rating then JS

  74. 74

    airrr thisss bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  75. 75

    Re: mvp123 – mvp123 Although I do agree with you about not all of us from Staten Island being like this, I do have to disagree that us "South Shore morons" Don't have 'Daddy' buying us everything. I am a full time college student, with a job on the weekends, & I come from a middle class family & my dad is a city worker. So the same way you don't like being stereotyped that all Staten Islanders are not like this show, please do not Stereotype us Islanders from being from the South Shore.

  76. 76

    Ok, I don't care what anybody has to say….that was AWESOME! I would have LOVED to see it. I am an educated adult and I find it necessary to veg out every once in a while and this would have been the perfect show to do it with!! C'mon MTV…give it another chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 77

    is it airing or what ?!?!

  78. 78

    Why would MTV cancel this gold mine before it began?

  79. 79

    To all you C U Next Tuesdays who keep hatin on staten island people go suck a D**K… Im 21 and im born and raised on staten island lived here my whole life…The staten island trash on the jersey shore compare nothing to these people…im best friends with a few of these people on this show and they are nothing like the trash on jersey shore…i admit half of staten island girls are orange and trashy but the ones on this show are what you may call classy…..and this show betta air because i know a few people who gave up alot to be on this show…so to all the haters if this show airs i guaranteeee youll watch it…its like the jersey shore but its all MADD REAL..shaolin whatssss gooodd

  80. 80

    As an 18 year old from Staten Island I would have to say I'm glad this isn't going to air. The girls like those on this show give all girls from Staten Island a bad name, meanwhile not all of us are like that. I've never been more ashamed to live here.

  81. 81

    they give staten island a bad name? STATEN ISLAND HAS A BAD NAME no matter what these girls do! its just the reputation. and what are they doing? fightings with their boyfriends and kissing guys like urself an 18 yr old girl from staten island would do. calm down. its noones fault staten island has a bad name

  82. 82

    yoooo popular demand right now !!! airing whennnnnnnnn?? looks so awesome

  83. 83

    ive watched it three different times now…can we say popular demand for bridge and tunnel one more time?!

  84. 84

    soooo put on popular demanddddddd thats another one more time dude

  85. 85

    ooo.mm..ggg !!!!
    my coworkers just told me about this…i need moreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!