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Rihanna Planning To Collaborate With "Generic" Katy Perry!

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Hmm…very inneresting!

Rihanna recently revealed that she and her friend Katy Perry are planning to collaborate on a song, either for her upcoming album Loud! or for the re-release of Perry's Teenage Dream!

She explains:

"We just clicked. We have similar personalities and a similar sense of humour and from there she just seemed like a really down to earth person. In this industry you don't meet a lot of people that are genuine, but Katy is such a free spirit, she has no edit button! We want to get in the studio and hopefully make something for this album, who knows - or maybe for her re-release. We want to do something together for sure."

Is that right, bb?

Aren't you concerned that the song will sound 'generic?!'


Time to put that foot in your mouth, gurl, especially if you two want to continue to be friends, let alone collaborate!


[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Rihanna Planning To Collaborate With "Generic" Katy Perry!”

  1. 1

    of course you wouldnt mention that he called Lady GaGa generic as well. totally expected from you. lol. on another note. idk how i would feel about a collabo with these two. i like them better seperate but hey if its hot ill take it!

  2. 2

    Who cares!! They both are generic and they both suck. Neither of them can sing to save their life and they are both overrated.

  3. 3

    thats cause rihanna is generic pop.
    and really why re-release that shitty album?

  4. 4

    They both suck dogs for quarters

  5. 5

    They are both generic/plastic corporate products. Not musicians.

  6. 6

    They are all generic. from Ugly As Fuck GaGa to Big Tits/No Talent Perry to Childish Islandrat Rihanna to Barfy But Less Annoying Than The Rest Ke$ha.
    For this era, MIA did everything before all of them and did it better. She may be a crazy political hypocrite bitch now, but GaGa's been acting the exact same way and you're all over her tiny dick. So all u need to do is stfu and get over your need to turn pop stars against each other. They don't give a fuck about you. Let the music industry kill itself. When shitty ass Glee soundtracks are no. 1… I think the Mayans said that was when it would all end. Deuces

  7. 7

    Re: ImOldGreg – -
    Ha! So true! However, I'd get some stoneware hog action watching those two bimbos lez out.
    'Riri' would totally dom Katy. She looks like she knows her way around a strap-on. And Katy looks like she has taken it up the hoop long and hard.

  8. 8

    Of course you would keep mentioning it, you're such an instigator Perez. What makes you any better than the emotional bullies in high school? You're a sh_ _ disturber who wants people's feelings to get hurt o you can see the chaos and damage. You're a terrible, mean-spirited human being.

  9. 9

    Perez, you totally misconstrued what she stated. She didn't say that Katy and Gaga make generic music. She was saying that she doesn't want a song that is generic to the point that any Jane Sue or Ashley could perform it. She wants a song that is so uniquely Rihanna, that only she could pull it off.

  10. 10

    Woody (from toy story) in drag and Chucky making a song together. Cute.

  11. 11

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  12. 12

    Rihanna is such a noke…she collaborated with Eminem for the biggest generic hit after Teenage Gurls this summer!

  13. 13

    Both can't fucking sing.

  14. 14

    Don't you mean she needs to 'get her foot OUT of her mouth'..not put it in?jesus. How about hiring a proofreader,Perez?

  15. 15

    So we are all surprised by this? It has become the norm and quite frankly is what is killing music daily more and more… Talentless "backup / chorus singers" (this is how I rate these two, and Kesha, and Girlicious and so on and so on… Rhianna calls Katy Perry generic as she feels she is the more talented of the two… Well niether her nor there for me… I am just tired of singers realizing they need to get with a more popular individual to save their pathetic careers… We finally stop with one in the top 40 then they are in the next song with another person as a "feature"… Lame…

  16. 16

    when she made that statement about not wanting to sound like katy, kesha, or gaga, i don't think it was an insult to them. especially since everyone knows that katy and rhianna are friends. i think she just pointed out she wants a different sound. its reporters and GOSSIP HOUNDS who want to read between the lines and put something there that isnt there.

  17. 17

    actually, ive seen katy live and She CAN sing. and i hate rihianna, so i say noo to this.

  18. 18

    Re: Camycam – Exactly! Perez is so dense sometimes!

  19. 19


  20. 20

    katy has a smokin hot body