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What's Gayer Than A Gay Orgy?!

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Watch the video (above) of a homolicious performance at Polesque 2010 to Katy Perry's E.T.


Work that pole, girl boy!


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48 comments to “What's Gayer Than A Gay Orgy?!”

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  2. 2

    Perez, as a gay person, I am so fucking sick of you describing things of your own personal taste as "gay", your gay isn't someone else's gay. If being gay required that you be extravagant then the fucking pope would be gay and we wouldn't have so much conflict or adversity.

    As a high-profile gay man you give asshole homophobes the passage to declare what's "gay" in their eyes and usually it's not in the most PC of ways.

  3. 3

    nicki minaj recently???

  4. 4

    summarizes why some people dislike gays….i hate these gays giving the rest of us a bad reputation!

  5. 5

    Beautiful! You go gurl!!!!

  6. 6

    You preach about gay rights and wanting to be taken seriously and then you post shit like this that sets gays back 20 years. Pathetic…

  7. 7

    BTW flaming queens like the homo in this video are always single and never have b/f's. Gay men want to date a man who acts like a man. SOrry flamers…

  8. 8

    I don't understand why people would bother to take the time to create an account and spend time here just to bash everything Perez does. Simply don't look at the site then! This dance is beautiful, fun, and very very GAY.

  9. 9

    Why are you trying to desperately hard to fit into that 'sassy gay man' stereotype? You're not sassy.

  10. 10

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – LOL I think I love you. Well said.

  11. 11

    I really don't like gay people constantly being sexualized like this perez, wtf, put us in a good light not a trashy one.

  12. 12

    i thought he was awesome! could loose the high heels, but other then that i thought he was great

  13. 13

    …that's not gay at all O_O

  14. 14

    I almost passed on the video cause of the headline, but glad I didn't. It takes a hell of a lot of work to get a body like that, and then to be that limber and have such grace and timing, I thought it was awesome.

  15. 15

    LOVE IT!! What an amazinggg performance!!

  16. 16

    For those of you saying this is giving gays a "bad name." If straight women and/or straight men can do it, why can't he?! That's not preaching equality! He embraces his effeminacy & his sexuality, that's all we can ask for & repect.

  17. 17

    *sigh* I'm so sick and tired of gay men bashing other gay men for not acting they way they see fit. Well, in short, "Fuck You".

    So fucking what if this guy likes pole dancing. In fact, he is pretty good at it. No one is saying that you have to be in a relationship with him, but it is pretty god damn hypocritical to demand respect and tolerance for YOUR kind of "gay person" but not 'theirs'.

    It is actually thinking like YOURS, that masculine gay men are in some way better then more effeminite gay men, that sets gays a whole back 20 years.

  18. 18

    Wow, TrannyTakesATumble, you really are an idiot. I'm not one of those "flashy" gay types at all, I'm the exact opposite, but that doesn't mean I don't respect people who are that way. And again, who says this man is even like that? He had to work very hard to be able to do something like that, and maybe he really does just enjoy it. What's wrong with that?

  19. 19


    I never thought I'd see anything gayer than GLEE and twilight.

  20. 20

    Most entertaining thing I've seen on the site all day.

  21. 21

    That blows away every pole dance I've ever seen a woman do and I've seen a LOT. Wow

  22. 22

    well i guess some people just drank a whole lot of haterade to say such ignorant things..i was at polesque and take classes at the same place that stephen does and i have to say - don't talk about what you don't know. it takes a lot of work and practice to do what he does not to mention an incredible amount of strength and flexibility. him pole dancing isn't about him being or acting gay, its how he chooses to express himself. don't hate on him b/c he is creative and confident about who he and what he does!

  23. 23

    I though that was amazing. I wish that I could do a fraction of that, as does my husband. He had such grace and amazing flexibility. I think that he looked beautiful, where do I sign up although i would just fall on my head

  24. 24

    someone's self loathing is showing….

  25. 25

    Hope he won. Don't get upset guys because that takes a lot fo STRENGTH and skill to do what that guy was doing. That to me is no different than Cirque stuff. He is talented!

  26. 26

    Re: Auntiemaim – I agree with you, babe

  27. 27

    I find it very annoying to post a comment and over half of the comments are
    from "perez haters'. Why the hell do you even visit this site if you hate
    Perez and his comments so much? It's almost like grade school just let
    out! Noone is forcing you to visit here. What's next? Are you gonna
    start fighting over who gets sippie straws with your little milk carton?

  28. 28

    Re: stupidkibbles3Re: darav2 – I agree with you guys! I don't see anything wrong here. I just see an amazing performer who is evidently very confident with himself, so much so that he's letting people watch what he loves to do. Isn't that something we should all praise him for? He's amazingly tallented!

  29. 29

    Kind of looks like someone is asking for another punch in the face. With comments like these, it's no wonder you got decked.

  30. 30

    I've seen gayer.

  31. 31

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  32. 32

    Well, I've been to better "orgies".

    Otherwise, quite an amazingly smooth performance (except where he bulges, of course). Maybe the heels are the sophomoric gender-bendy stuff expected of such acts in such venues.

    Or maybe - when you watch closely - they're a device to help his heels stay wrapped to the pole.

  33. 33

    Whow, I'm a girl but right now jealous for such a great performance. It takes a lot of practice to achieve this.

  34. ozmed says – reply to this


    That is high up on the gay meter haha, although I do give him props cause that takes stamina. It'd be a lot less gay if he didn't wear the heels like someone else mentioned.

  35. 35

    bong gay cious… what can i say?

  36. 36

    wow way to go mario everything for you is gay, you're even gay yourself or is that even a lie that you tell yourself everyday, people like you should burn in hell 'cuz you're evil to everybody that's why our society is fucked up because of evil people like you. and why are you even crossing the word girl that's disrespectful say it like it is his a guy not a girl asshole. and I think he did a great job on the pole you wish you could even come close of doing that mario.

  37. 37

    I don't care if you are gay or straight… that was freakin' awesome!! Wish I had those moves!! Can't beleive I am actually seeing gays bashing gays for being TOO gay…. i guess everyone needs SOMETHING to bitch about!

  38. 38

    he's extremely good.

  39. 39

    it would have been awesome if he hadnt been wearing those heels…

  40. 40

    SEESH ! why is everybody takinq a qay man dancinq on the pole so serious ? Perez said it was " GAY " b/c shit he's a gay man LOL . I see this every time i qo to a gay club & if yu think this sets us back yu dont even want to see the type of stuff miami LGBT clubs got going on ! WE need to stop takinq thinqs so offensively..

  41. 41

    well, now. that was disturbing. me aren't suppose to wear heels and move like that. i'm just saying.

  42. 42

    Some people have no shame. Disgusting.

  43. npc25 says – reply to this



  44. 44

    Now, I feel the need to go to a gay male strip club. LOL!

  45. 45

    To all you haters out there, this guy is actually a good friend of mine. He is more 'straight' acting then most of you gays out there. He is not single. He actually has a hot boyfriend and is very athletic and has more body strength then half of you can imagine. I don't understand how you all can bash people that you know nothing about. Get a life!

  46. 46

    Whilst I appreciate that using the term 'gay' as a means of describing something ostentatious, a bending of gender rules, or of being 'fabulous', etc can seem a insulting to some memebers of the LGBT community as that does not represent a large number of the community, please do not say that this man sets 'gays' back 20 years. It was the men and women, compelled by their innate different-ness from the rest of their society, who fought to be themselves, to be out and proud and have made the Western world a more safe place for people to come out in.

  47. 47

    I love this video. Why does everybody have to argue & fight over gays etc. I'm bi-sexual & i am sick to death with everybody's comments on the gay debate. Why can't everybody just watch this video for WHAT IT IS…which is…a fantastic piece of dancework. The level of strength & agility that this guy would have to have, is amazing. I couldn't do anything like that & i highly applaud him for it.

  48. 48

    Re: jboo9394 – i agree 100% for what you said :) . I don't pole dance but i can only imagine the strength & flexibility that you would need to do it. I've heard its like a major work-out session. I love this video, he's awesome. I dont understand why ppl have to hate ppl that are gay or whatever. What does his sexuality have to do with what he does for a living? I'm bi-sexual & some of the comments that i've seen for this video are disgusting. Why cant ppl just watch it for what it is…..dancing, strength, agility & hell he uses heels better than i do…:)….i love this video.