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Jersey Shore's Angelina Hits Limo Driver!

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Angelina hits limo driver after her harasses her mother

Look Angelina, we know people can be cruel, but violence is NEVER the answer! Do U really think he's just gonna let it go?

Even the aroma of Jersey Shore boardwalk fries and booze can't mask the smell of this lawsuit coming.

After Jersey Shore's Angelina appeared at The Big Bang Celebrity Boxing match in Springfield, Mass, she was not in the best of moods after being ridiculed by the crowd.

During the limo ride home, the driver relentlessly hit on Angelina's mother, Annmarie, which brought Angelina to her breaking point.

After yelling and cursing, the driver pulled the car over, at which time Angelina punched him in the head, and then continued to punch the man.

Here's what Angelina's mother had to say about it:

“After Angelina fought with the guy he called his brother who immediately arrived on the scene, and then threatened to get more people to come and fight us. It was scary because it was 3:00am and we were in a bad neighborhood.”

It sounds like the guy was crossing the line, but you shouldn't have hit him, Angelina! You completely lost the upper hand, opened yourself up to a lawsuit, and you resorted to violence to defend yourself.

It's sweet of you to defend your mom, but you could have used a different approach, bb!

What do U think of Angelina's reaction to the Limo Driver?

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Jersey Shore's Angelina Hits Limo Driver!”

  1. 1

    i hate when women hit men. its a bitch move cuz you know a man cant hit you back without serious consequences. angelina's a dumb crazy bitch. just sayin!

  2. 2

    i love angeline i feel sorry for her that everyone in the shore house picks on her, she seems honest and free to speak her mind which i admire x

  3. 3

    White trash.

  4. 4

    ummm angelinaa's mean to mike and pauly and vinny and jenni and nicole soooo idrk. whatevss i think its carma for not doin anything in the house….and for hittin the situation in the face… like who would do that??

  5. 5

    Re: tombo_921 – r u serious!? they give her like 100000 chances and all she does is talk on the phone!! and starts drama in the house. im glad she left

  6. 6

    while the driver did maybe cross the line, angelina shouldn't have hit the driver more than once. i am so glad that she left the show.

  7. 7

    She is the dirtiest pig ever. She hit Paulie and Mike. There is NO reason for that at all. And now this guy. WHO the flying FUCK does she think she is? She is so GROSS. Nasty whore. Can you imagine what this PIG would do if a dude hit her?? HOLY CRAP. Her maxi pad would be in a twist for sure.. Dumb bitch

  8. 8

    Boy, she is just one ugly, cranky, dirty, ole kunt, isn't she?

  9. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    Everywhere this chic goes drama seems to erupt. Only a matter of time before MTV cashing in on her crazyiness , by giving her a spinoff show of her own. Just wait and seeee.

  10. 10

    class always shows

  11. 11

    I'd rather have some random person punch my lights out than get called some of the names you call people, Mario.

  12. 12

    I like her drama…

  13. 13

    ugh. she's like an animal. she's always hitting people.

  14. 14

    Thank you for the advice. Un mec avec un secondaire 5, sans probablement aucune éducation supérieure qui se permet de faire de la rhétorique. Go back to school Perez.

  15. 15

    Hmm, if I were the limo driver I would be encouraging Angelina's mother to get sterilized in an effort to spare the world of future Angelinas instead of hitting on her.

    Ps hunny, you're NOT cute. Where did she get the idea she was hot anyways? Dirty. Little. Hampster.

  16. 16

    I live in Springfield Mass n I never heard about this event but I wish I had. I can't stand this bitch I woulda knocked her out. Shes such a nasty skank.

  17. 17

    I think the entire Jersey Shore group are a bunch of loser thugs. No one
    seems to very educated. I find no enjoyment out of watching a group
    of dumb bunny losers.

  18. 18

    I dislike Angelina but that limo driver sounds like a real freakin' creep, and I sort of feel bad for her that she has to get ridiculed by a bunch of people that don't even know her. Anyways, yeah it was a stupid move to punch him…it would have been smarter to ask him to drop her off somewhere, call a cab, and report the guy for his stupidity later. :p

  19. faa says – reply to this


    he was hitting on her mother… if someone that is a "hired" limo driver. hits on ur MOTHER.. and isnt professional at all.. I would say he did deserve that beating.. maybe he'll learn a lesson not to cross the line with CUSTOMERS. he was unprofessional.. he deserved that beating… if that was me.. i would of killed him.

  20. 20

    why does this bitch even think shes hot???? Shes an ugly ass bitch! haha she really is and she is a hoe every guy in the jersey shore tapped that ass lmao… HOE HOE HOE!!! lmao and besides shes a two faced bitch and shes just disgusting.. Jwoww should've fucked her ass up when she made up about jwoww talking shit about pauly which was NOT true.. stupid ugly bitch. YUCKKKKKK!!!!

  21. 21

    whatever… her 15 mins are just about up… I mean she quit the show twice and she still gets work??? Hollywood seems more desperate than the losers they hire for these shows. I think the story is a lie and she just went diva on the limo driver because she's delusional… I mean their story reminds me of junior high school when people said "I'm gonna get my boys"… I guess the limo drivers brother doesn't mind smacking up bitches…

  22. 22

    Why wouldnt she hit the douche! Just because shes a bit of a c**t on jersey shore doesnt mean that she can be threatened by a guy to have the shit kicked out of her by others! It sounds like he really doesnt even care about hitting a girl. Yeah she can throw a punch but would she even have a chance against a group of guys? yes hittin a guy sucks but isnt it better than a guy hittin a girl! im sure he can take it, she cant throw a good hit for shit!

  23. 23

    i despise angelina. so obnoxious. and i agree with the first comment here, i HATE when women hit men and then go crazy when the guy does something to protect himself. whether its using words or just holding her back.

  24. 24

    im GLAD!!! i hated that white trash, staten island dump!!! lol. all the money "if any" that she made on the show, she'll be losing because of the lawsuit i PRAY TO GOD that happens. she doesnt deserve a PENNY to her name!!! haha nasty bitch. KARMA –what goes around comes around–

  25. 25

    This girl is dumber than anyone thought….maybe if she learns that no matter what her tiny pea brain thinks, a man at all times has the ability to harm you, maybe then The Staten Island Dump and other girls who consider themselves bad asses will stop thinking it's ok to hit a man. I learned this lesson the hard way, and it seams to me that she may find this out the hard way as well unless she gets a clue!!! She will come across a man one day who will fist pump all across her face, I could only guess that this would be an improvement!! GROW UP ANGELINA!!!!

  26. 26

    dirty litte hamster

  27. 27

    Now if only we can get her to punch Danielle Staub in the head.

  28. 28

    The limo driver should have knocked her on her ass… I HATE THAT BITCH! So glad she left Miami, and the show and I hope to all that is holy she doesn't return for a 3rd season. And if she does, I hope JWOW kicks her teeth down her Long Island dump throat!!

  29. 29

    I am so happy this ugly bitch left the show & she really has a problem. I am happy Snooki stepped to her and Jwoww should've kicked her ass for being a 2faced hampster. She talks about being the Kim K. of Staten Island not in a million years more like the walking disaster of Staten Island. Me being her I would just call it quits. She is ugly, has no personality, can't even communicate well with other people, so really where is she going?

  30. 30

    [re=5380087]Re: jerseyshore

  31. 31


  32. 32

    she's ugly AND stupid!

  33. 33

    hahaha fuckin' trash bags thinks she's relevant.

  34. 34

    First thing first jersey shore was full of fake ass fucker angeline and jenn was the only real that I seen when I look at the show alone with vinny the rest of the want to be on the same side with everyone else. Just like the rest of you do. Angeline all she did was try to keep it real enuff not to get into anyone's business. Snooki ugly ass all she like was fucking drama when drama fades away she always in the mix of she. Her and that ugly ass mike. If angeline is 320 pound then. Randy or what evr his name is need to go to a country where the bitch don't eat dude this is american get over yourself your not that hot mike you already know your not hot so you really need to relax yourself snooki you need to take your ass back to the doctor and tell him to do everything over you look like a hot mess. And everyone who thinks angeline was fake I would hate to have a friend like you because it mean you want a friend that dishonest,disloyal. sweet you guys call her ugly calling her names and evrything she did was to keep herself out of drama. Sweetheart! Was the fake female in that place but all your notice was angeline who was honest but she fake cause the cause say she was so you fucking follow says she fake. A lot of. You guys need to look at the shows again and really pay attention real will recognize real. And the fake will recognize the real and call the fake. You have a great day ( oh yeah FUCK JERSEY SHORE)

  35. 35

    How do you sound do you know them fools if that was you. You probably do the same thing mike is a fuck ass holeRe: TheRockChick

  36. 36

    The smartest fucking comment I heard.Re: NYSEFox

  37. 37

    She deserve a good ol punch in her hamster face .

  38. 38

    Re: fefelovely – Learn to speak and write coherent sentences…PATHETIC!! What did you drop out of school in 2nd grade?

  39. 39

    HOW DID YOU KNOW LOVE2WATCH………. BUT BITCH THAT HOOD TALK REAL TALK, IF YOU DON't LIKKE IT BITCH DON'T FUCKIN COMMENT. GROUPIE POST COMMENT ON MTV LISTING ,SO DON'T say shit to me that you won't or will not say to my face. How about you go! and sit your fat ass down somewhere and watch jersey shore since your fats ass love to sit there and watch it. Love2watch and while your at it hum on D's……………NUTZ :-) HAVE A GREAT DAY.

  40. 40

    Re: fefelovelyRe: Luv2watch – fefelovly I understand what you said and I strongly agree even tho you have a hate but when you speak real fake ass ppl I.E. Luv2watch who or you, your the pathetic one go and find a hobby.