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Did Oksana Have 'Battered Wife' Syndrome???

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Oksana Grigorieva claims to have battered wife syndrome mel gibson abuse

According to sources close to her, extremely so!

The war between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson rages on, with new details about their sorted relationship being released every day. There seems to be a lot reflection going on on Oksana's part about the days following the now infamous alleged attack in which Mel physically abused her at their home.

Sources are now claiming that Oksana is telling friend she suffered from "battered wife" syndrome after Mel beat her back in January. She reveals to friends that she initially broke off her relationship with Mel for a total of three weeks, before going back to him.

When she did return, she allegedly told friends she was "overtly affectionate with Mel in various ways." Oksana confided in sources that Mel came to her with tears in his eyes and swore that the fight would be a one-time-thing and that he had plans to go to therapy. On top of that, Oksana revealed that she felt like a "closet girlfriend" prior to the attack, but afterwards, Mel promised to treat her like gold, prancing her around as a "trophy girlfriend" in public.

Unfortunately, we hear of this happening often, women feeling like they have to go back to their abusers. It's a sad reality, for sure, but in this case, we just hope she isn't making the whole thing up for more sympathy! That would be pretty low and demean the real problems facing so many other battered women.

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19 comments to “Did Oksana Have 'Battered Wife' Syndrome???”

  1. 1

    Haha Oxy - nice try?!!

  2. 2

    Sordid. You retard.

  3. 3

    Having been an abused wife I can say Oksana is so full of bull it isn't funny anymore. She is just grasping at straws. Battered wife syndrome is something long term. It was what happens over a period of time of continued mental and physical abuse. Not one bad night and a couple days of phone calls. This chick needs to be sent back to Russia

  4. 4

    Perez, you meant to say "sordid" not "sorted". You know Oksana is a looney tune and loving all this controversy. She is a gold digger from the start and cashed in for life with a Mel-baby. I think the baby should be adopted by Mel's ex Robin so at least it has a chance in life. Unfortunately her son with Tim Dalton didn't have a chance.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I think she has battered "I Want Even More Than 15 Million From You" syndrome.

  7. 7

    why would anyone conside that scanky, money grubbing whore a "trophy girlfriend". She is not even all that attractive and if she didn't know Mel had anger issues she is extremely stupid. Time for her to crawl back under her rock. She gives truly abused women a bad name.

  8. 8

    This woman is a complete and utter moron. And so are you! Battered womans syndrome is something that you get from being hit multiple times over several years, not something that happens when you've been beat once or twice. Why would she even try to say she has something that so many women are struggling with everyday? This woman needs to be deported.

  9. 9

    She has Gold Digger Syndrome. That's all.

  10. 10

    This whore has battered brain syndrome. Someone should put her to sleep.

  11. 11

    Re: Rachel Federman – Rachel, you're obviously smart. Why use the 'R' word? There are so many other words you could choose from! Don't be a dolt!

  12. 12

    There is no battered women syndrome there is a domestic violence cycle and learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is what happens after a person or animal going through so much trauma they eventually give up fighting. For example a women will stop trying to leave. This can be reversed where the women (or man) finally comes to their senses, or it can continue. The domestic violence cycle is one where a male or female constantly abuses their spouse, and after usually either an hour to a couple of days the abusive partner comes back and apologizes. This seems sincere since there are usually tears involved. This too eventually stops, to where the abusive spouse is always in the right, and stops apologizing. I am a lawyer partnering on a battered women case.

  13. 13

    Dear Mr. Hilton;

    Could you, would you, please hire me to proof-read your posts? Pretty please??!!

  14. Eilee says – reply to this


    Is it sorted or Sordid? Get your vocabulary straight

  15. 15

    Hm… I like battered fish, but I have never tried battered wife. Wonder what that tastes like…
    And how can she be a battered WIFE when she wasn't even married when the alleged battery took place???

  16. 16

    She probably did. We all know how draining and frightening it is to fight with someone day and night; and to get bashed in the face from a man is beyond scarey.

  17. 17

    Hey greeneyes02…You seem to know something about battered women…as a lawyer. By the way, woman is singular and women is plural. I know something about grammar and usage..as an English teacher.

  18. 18

    WOW. If I was a woman who actually DID suffer from this syndrome, I would want to tear this worthless bitch to shreds.

  19. 19

    I hope the grammar police feel much better about themselves now. Aside from being rude, it is an insult to his many readers.

    It's good to see that Perez isn't falling for her con game anymore, and isn't just parroting the BS she is constantly leaking to gossip sites and media outlets. Nice use of subtlety.