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102 comments to “Solange Vs. Katy Perry! It's A Girlfight!”

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  1. 1

    Hmmm Solange… maybe you should be concerned with finding someone to teach you proper grammar, instead.

  2. 2

    Ok, Solange. I know you're black, but please speak English, not ghetto. Second of all, Katy Perry didn't have a kid as a teenager. Nor did she have a relative who got her famous. STFU dumb piece of trash.

  3. 3

    sounds like Solang needs to keep a closer eye on her kid….. WTF is her little boy doing on the computer without supervision? Bad parenting?

  4. 4

    maybe sh should be more worried about what that ghettoness of her is going to do to her "chirren" ugh disgusting

  5. 5

    "She has a responsibility as an artist to be true to herself, not to censor herself for the eyes of chirrens".
    havent you spent the last 5 months telling xtina to put her clothes on cause shes a mother?! LOL

  6. 6

    BTW… my daughter used to TRY to listen to her sister but I was able to keep an eye on her and monitor what she saw- even as a full time single mom….. Maybe Solange needs to do the same.

  7. 7

    And what does she have to say about her sisters videos!?!? UMMMMM???

  8. 8

    Does she really expect to be taken seriously? Especially using the word "Chirrens"? Solange needs to make her point by using proper English and grammar. P.S. I love BEYONCE.

  9. 9

    "To each their own on how they raise their kids"

    Really? You're always talking shit about how Miley and the likes are slutty and such.
    BTW, YOU ARE A CYBER BULLY!!! No hiding it! Get ready!

  10. 10

    katy perry is a slut.. and im sick of her. TOO MUCH OF KATY PIPI

  11. 11

    I hate the Knowles [sp?] family but I have to agree with her. Fuck Katy

  12. 12

    Obviously she hasn't seen any of her sisters videos, soldier? bootilicious?

  13. 13

    Solange, your terrible grammar is polluting your kid. And he won't be sneaking off if you actually WATCHED HIM! And your sister Beyonce dances around in little booty shorts like a ho. So shut up jealous biatch.

  14. 14

    What part of being a mom doesn't this bitch understand?

  15. 15

    Katy Perry isn't even cute anymore. I use to like her but she's turned into this bubblegum pushing airhead. I can't stand it. And she's right, its almost like she's selling to children with all the bright colors she wears her skimpy clothes in. She's almost like a modern day slutty teletubby

  16. 16

    First of all im sure she lets her son watch her sisters videos which are more seductive than Katy's . Also she shouldn't worry about her son watching Katy Perry's video more than she should worry about being a Mother who doesn't know how to spell, she's trying to make Katy Perry look stupid but she's the one who's looking like an idiot with that spelling . "iont","chirrens","he gotta sneak and watched"??? wtf is that ?.Its the internet and you can make words shorter, but atleast make them understandable.

  17. 17

    What her comment really means, is that she's not payin enough attention to her own child… proactive parents dont catch their babies watchin YOUTUBE.

  18. 18

    WTF is she smoking crack…all her son has to do is say why are auntie B's video so nasty??? mmmm how you doin!!!! bootyloucious and all

  19. 19

    I would be more worried about your son picking up your horrifying grammar. Also, it's your JOB as a parent to keep your kid away from things you deem inappropriate. Ugh, this world is going to shizz.

  20. kizzy says – reply to this


    Re: kle_sam – lol 250lbs by age 12 i feel sorry for you, you're a pathetic obese loser go lick on my ass bitch

  21. 21

    Hahahahaha Chirren!!! lmao. She's like Uncle Rukus' grandmother off the boondocks. She needs to take some english lessons from her son.

  22. 22

    Hey Perez! why can't it just be poor writing skills? Ebonics is a fighting word for some…:( I'm sad now….

  23. 23

    The video is very provocative, you have to admit. It is playing on day TV. But then again, what shuld we say about "Alejandro" video. Pure porn!

  24. 24

    i think her concern should be learning to speak proper english and spelling. first off, why isnt she watching her child, and secondly beyonce has videos that shes wearing less clothes then katy perry.

  25. 25

    Im sorry but how can I take anything Solange (sp?) has to say seriously? Learn to speak and spell before you start griping publicly. Get off your soap box and behind a desk. Her poor child has this as an example of communication? I hope she doesnt speak to him this way.

  26. 26

    "chirrens." hahahahahahahahahah. ohmygawd that's hilarious!! i had to read it in the entire context to know what she was talking about. now i can't breathe. hahahahahahhahahah.

  27. 27

    Solange is just jealous… she had like 3 top hits?! Katy is on fire with her career and solange just can't take it.

  28. 28

    Re: VeronicaVolta

    Sweetheart ….I've heard many white people speak "ghetto". No need to put the precursor of "I know you're black"

    I know many white dumb chicks who have no education and are retarded. And?

  29. 29

    With vocab and spelling like that … she is the only one polluting the "chirren"!!!

  30. 30

    Yes because parental software is going to block Katy Perry videos on YouTube, you are an idiot Mario. Although maybe she should put a password lock on the computer. Otherwise I agree, Katy is a whore who markets to tweens. She is absolutely disgusting trash.

  31. Beccx says – reply to this


    Aww, SOLarge-a-failure Knowles is jealous of KP's 15 minutes. Adorable.

  32. 32

    Re: kle_sam

    And if you want to get your point across, try not sounding like an idiot.

    'Til is actually spelled "until" ….On the same token how "Chirrens" is slang for "Children"

    Wow, you're not only a pathetic white trash racist, but you're also hypocritical. The irony!

  33. 33

    With grammar like that, I think KP's ta-tas are the least of Solange's problems with her son. First, learn how to use parental controls on your computer. Next, learn to spell and use proper grammar. It's too funny that she slams KP as being a bad influence while speaking like a Neanderthal herself. Classy!

  34. 34

    Hmm…watching a Katy Perry video, or being raised by a mother that writes publicly like that. BTW, I saw this broad on an interview once who went bonkers after she was asked about Beyonce and Jay-Z. She had overheard in her earpiece about going to commercial and that's when she made with the hoodrat attitude and went off the anchor. The anchor chimed in with "Um, Solange, we're still on the air". Derp!

  35. 35

    You are being irresponsible with your reporting. I guess that's why they call it gossip! She was being funny and all her remarks came with a hashtag! I think it was "thingsghettogirlssay". if she did say it and meant it it's a dang free country! You are ridiculous at times.

  36. 36

    Re: kle_sam – wow, that was drastic.

    I know many african-american people who are doctors, lawyers, own phd and they do not talk ghetto.

    Be nice brother!

  37. 37

    Funny how all artists these days 'express' themselves through cleavage and gash flashing. That's not artistry, its pornographic. And I don't believe for one minute that Katy Perry is the brain child behind her image. Its a bunch of rich jews laughing all the way to the bank because stupid arseholes like Perez actually believe she has talent. Time to get some REAL artists back into the limelight. Not tired old industry puppets like Perry.

  38. 38

    nobody likes solange anyways.. this is more press than she needs

  39. 39

    She is just jealous because she is no one!

  40. 40

    I understand being true to yourself, so I suppose she is truly a tramp

  41. 41

    So-long - Jealous much? I think that shadow you are running in has made you just a wee bit bitter…

  42. 42

    How old is her kid and why is she talking tweeting like that.
    Perhaps her son will be ashamed of his mother's english! She should AXE him lol

  43. 43

    i didnt understand most of that lol

  44. 44

    if it wasn't katy cant sing a lick perry, you'd be all over the singer for polluting youth…fucking hypocrite

  45. 45

    Her son is seriously named juleZ with a z? That poor child.

  46. 46

    Re: kle_sam – VERY UNNECESSARY. Yes, I don't agree with Solange at all but you took that comment too far. You're just as ignorant as her for making that comment. Too bad you don't even realize that you racist prick.

  47. 47

    Fuck that I'd side with the New Black Panther party against Katy "I'll do what I want ’cause I'm a preacher's daughter" Perry. And Mario you stupid shit this bitch can do no wrong to you and yet you seem to have the time to get on your soap box and pass judgment on others for doing the exact same thing. How about you choke on it for once?!

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Hold on second. What about all the raunchy jirating and sexy photos her sister Beyonce is always doing. Is that ok for her son to watch and look at??? What a bitch.

  50. 50

    Yikes - Ms. Knowles - learn to speak English & teach your son English while you are at it!

  51. 51

    damn lol she kinda has a point but then again idk

  52. 52

    "She has a responsibility as an artist to be true to herself, not to censor herself for the eyes of chirrens."

    Wait… so you're saying Katy Perry is an artist? Could have fooled me.
    She's trash. Her music, her videos, everything just sucks so hard. But I guess American's like that sort of stupid, worthless, annoyingly horrible shit.

  53. 53

    Re: LayDayBug
    Well the boy's not going to get a hard on watching his auntie now is he?!

  54. 54

    Solange Knowles? As if with a typed message that I swear I had to decifer she will get a point across and not look retarded! Also who are you you are the little sister of a person that got famous singing but that makes you a oh yeah nothing… So you're worried about your boy watching Katy Perry? He's a boy and my son does the same and it's the way it is… I'm not saying the video isn't wrong but it is what it is… Lock him off the computer if it bothers you so much then go get him some english language lessons as I am sure you speak to him and have taught him to speak in the same manner you used in your angry tweet…

  55. 55

    PS… kle_sam… You are a complete douchebag!!! I mean there are other non black people who also choose to speak and communicate in the same manner she did and what they are called is ignorants not what you said… Again complete douchebag! PS. she wasn't speaking at the time of the post she was writing…

  56. 56

    Look who's talking look at that rainbow outfit and her hair ( weave ) whatever is a mess I am talking about Solange and get a tutor you look WACK SPACY

  57. 57

    Well maybe JUST MAYBE she could monitor her child's online activity. There is a lot that goes on in this world that isn't appropriate for children, but it is the parents responsibility to make sure the child doesn't see that kind of material. Solange can only blame herself for this.

  58. 58

    "SOLANGE" LMFAO! Stupid name…stupid bitch…

  59. 59

    Teen Mom 4 Life!

  60. 60

    Katy Perry is so cheap. She's all fluff: Bright colors and boobs. The simplest of tricks. I'm hoping she's just lingering around like a dense musty fart that, although lasted far longer than it should, will soon pass. Unless, she sold her soul to the devil, which may be the case.

  61. 61

    Sounds like this bitch needs to keep a better eye on her kid and stop hating on Katy Perry. Maybe this isn't a video your child should be watching. Maybe you should put some kind of password on the computer and shut the fuck up.

  62. 62

    Just to be clear. You are implying that child porn is a kind of starter pornography for the "chirrens", before they move onto the harder stuff.

    You be dumb.

  63. 63

    to number 3 go to hell we have PLENTY of EDUACATION you poor trash I will not say / use white because all aren't as STUPID as yourself GET A LIFE YOU

  64. 64

    seriously was that even english? And her sisters videos are from from tame, bet she won't complain about those!

  65. 65

    i am seriously afraid for the english language.

  66. 66

    solange who are you? you're nobody so stfu

  67. 67

    Re: grace-e – are we speaking about christina? christina was born in 1980, she is a grown ass adult, with a kid. katy perry isnt much younger, but she also just started her career and she doesN'T HAVE A KID. so im sure, when she is a mommy, she'll cover herself up, christina should already be doing that. and this bitch talking shit about her son watching katy, should just be a bettter mom.

  68. 68

    Yeah, i think someone needs to fix their grammar…focus on teaching your child to read write and speak correctly in ENGLISH.

    Also, you might want to take a look at your sister beyonce's videos before you go talking about indecency and corruption of youth…shes a complete skank.

  69. 69

    WOW @ the comments. When I read it, I was laughing because I thought she was kidding. I'll have to introduce ALL of you to my 'good friend' Mary. I've actually only seen her from a distance, but the people she interacted with seemed calm and cool after being with her for only a few minutes. That's what you all need.

  70. 70


  71. 71

    Re: Kayla Pannesi – wow calm down
    i was simply pointing out how much of a hypocrite perez is being again - double standards cause of who he is friends with

  72. 72

    this bitch should learn how to speak ENGLISH. fuck. but i do agree with the fact that katy is over sexualizing everything she does. she needs to calm down and quit using her breasts to sell her music for her.

  73. 73

    Guys, I think she was kidding. Take a joke.

  74. 74

    wow, girl needs to get her GED stat!

  75. 75

    What an idiot. All the woman does is whine, she's a loser. And, she should learn to speak properly, then again, maybe in real life she is so dumb that she can't spell and hides it with ghetto-speak… Wouldn't surprise me.

  76. 76

    No, this chick can't be serious - Is she trying to be to be funny? Why would you want to publicize your illiteracy? I'm pretty sure Katy Perry can at least spell.

  77. 77

    Re: jinjin – Then you don't know jack shit about Katy Perry. "California Gurls"? "Ur So Gay"? "Amazeballs"? Does any of that look like it was written by an intelligent human being?! Perhaps somebody should put shoe polish on Katy's face maybe then some of you douche bags will find the time to correct her bad English.

  78. 78

    Someone needs to go back to school.

  79. 79

    i like her much more than i like katy, bad grammar and all

  80. 80

    Solange needs to worry about her own parenting skills if that is the way she speaks. She should be keeping a better eye on what her child watches if she doesn't like it because it's not like she has anything else to do. Sounds like she is jealous that KP has a career and she doesn't. She has worn some of the sluttiest outfits along with Beyonce, courtesy of their mom, her's son's grandma, who makes some of the most nasty outfits out there right now.

  81. 81

    what is chirrens?

  82. 82

    i'm sorry but seriously solange is just a bitch.. point blank.. an i don't mean that in a good way.. over the years she has always acted like a bitch so i don't think its "just a joke" -_- an if Katy wants to be slutty whatever she can.. she can be do whatever with her own image.. there's been way worse then her.. so i dont know why she or anyone else is bitching.. it's her fucking fault she didn't watch her own damn kid.. its no ones job but hers.. not Katy's, not the media, not anyone's.. she needs to stfu and deal with it.. cause sex isnt going no where whether it's Katy or not.. she's just a jealous bitch.. and if her sister can do it then so can everyone else geez.
    p.s. what the fuck is wrong with her english my god.. who the hell is going to take her seriously.. she's sounds so fucking stupid

  83. 83

    Re: kle_sam – you should watch what you say bitch, you can always be tracked

  84. MP says – reply to this


    Does this woman have even a middle school education? I hope her child has some darn good teachers or he is doomed.

  85. 85

    Ok so this bitch who does not have a career and also cant spell worth shit thinks katy perry is polluting the chirrens???Someone needs to go back to school and relearn how to spell.She is polluting the whole world with that hair and face of hers!At least Katy Perry didnt have to use her older sisters name to make her famous.

  86. 86

    Does Solange not know how to spell?

  87. 87

    She's soo right! Even though each parent must be concerned about their own children, she;s right. Every artist should think before releasing stuff like Katy Perry's videos and music *although you can't really call that music* The difference between Beyonce's videos and Katy Perry;s is that Beyonce's level of provocative addresses to adults while Katy's clearly is addressed to teenagers, kids even with all the colors and candy. Whether you like it or not, she's right! Katy is all about selling her body cause it's the only good thing she;s good.

  88. 88

    booo. katy perry is a WHORE.

  89. 89

    who cares about the ghetto piece of trash and this teenybopper! !

  90. 90

    It isn't "grammar" guys, it's dialect. Have you not heard a person from the south speak? Chirren/chillen is slang for children. It's not a black thing and stop with the freakin'
    "Ebonics." That shit's offensive.

    Also, her point was not that the video is provocative. Her point is that is seems the video is geared toward children.

  91. 91

    Re: Twissy – No just her mother's maiden name so no one will confuse her with someone who at least looks good as a blond. Shut the fuck up! If that no talent C-nt was black too you wouldn't even be on this fucking thread!

  92. 92

    Katy Perry claims to be so religious yet shoots cream out of her tits and is naked in her videos singing about gin&juice and sex on the beach…

  93. 93

    Wow that took me a while to understand what the hell she was trying to say!

  94. 94

    haahaha i love how dumb americans are still so racists i love your hateful backwards country and its ignorance i hope it drowns in its own debt, and Katy Perry's an artist really???? bahhha

  95. lolli says – reply to this



  96. 96

    I agree with perez on this one.

  97. 97

    Solange has always been a bitch and always made her sister look bad. She is VERY ghetto and at least Beyonce seems classy in interviews, a lot of female artist are wild and crazy in their videos and on stage, get OVER IT.
    Women who are beautiful deserve to be beautiful without jealous ugly parents getting in a fuss. ITS JUST SKIN. Adults are so afraid of children seeing SKIN. A beautiful thing. Skin is art and katy is an artist I am not even that keen on her but she's got a great personality she's not just looks. Assholes. Jealous.

  98. 98

    Sloange needs to sit down and watch some Sesame Street because the bitch can't spell. I feel like I just read a note that 12 year old wrote to her best friend in class.

  99. 99

    i spent like 5 minutes giggling uncontrollably at the word "chirrens" hahahahaha … no more please!! … she's needs to work on proper english as a mom and also stop cursing so much in front of the children lol … sigh … there are worse things, katy is awesome and she's not blatant on sexual stuff. it's cute. LOVE her highlights. Beyonce is better than Solange, so that's why she's hating … it's what psychologists call "displacement" of anger … don't hate on katy.

  100. 100


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