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The Parents' Television Council Slams Glee & Brit-Brit!

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The Parents' Television Council criticizes glee for having Britney spears tribute episode calls it toxic

We couldn't agree LESS!

The Parents' Television Council has chosen Glee and Britney Spears as their new targets and are labeling last week's tribute episode the worst show of the week.

Their website criticizes the show for "pandering" a tribute to Britney, who they deem to be a "toxic teen role model." They go on to add:

"Perhaps most troubling is the deification of a troubled popstar into a symbol of empowerment and self-esteem. Considering her stints in rehab, her very public breakdowns and her questionable parenting skills, there is absolutely no way Spears should be considered a role model. The producers of the show can spare us the old song-and-dance about fallen celebs turning their lives around."

Wow! Could you all be more narrow-minded? Your prejudices are just so wildly off-base!

Sure, Britney has had her share of problems, but despite your disdain for her comeback, she has turned her life around and that is a message worth sending out to kids!

Besides, the real message of the show is to be true to who you are and feel empowered by your own image of yourself! As far as we can see, that the best advice we can give kids these days!

Shame on you, PTC, for thinking any differently!

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40 comments to “The Parents' Television Council Slams Glee & Brit-Brit!”

  1. 1

    THta group sucks they might go 2 hell cuz they sure are haters

  2. 2

    Parents' Television Council can fuck off. Have these dolts ever heard of simply turning the television off or monitoring what their children are watching?

  3. 3

    LOL @ "the old song and dance"! That's exactly how I feel about their usless bitching.

  4. 4

    who cares, only chicks and gay dudes with no taste watch that crap

  5. 5

    IT NEVER MATTERS ABOUT YOUR PAST. what matters is what happens RIGHT NOW. so, Perez, you are right!
    If we were all judged on our past alone we'd all be screwed. The past is history.

  6. 6

    sorry but I'm with the PTC on this one… Britney is NOT a good role model… I don't care if YOU think she's turned her life around… she WILL f-up again (probably for attention)

  7. 7

    I never agree with PTC. Seriously, there was nothing wrong with that episode. They seem like they are too conservative to function in real life.

  8. 8

    I like Britney a lot, but objectively speaking, maybe they're right.

  9. 9

    Re: dogmama – Awh, quiet over there, your icon looks like a 90's Pulp Thriller novel.

    Anyways, PTC is just for tight asses, it's a completely worthless organization. They claim the reason they don't like Glee is because Kurt came out of the closet and a lot of homophobic jokes are made at his expense BUT CLEARLY given their hatred of other shows with gay characters, it's only THEIR homophobia.

  10. 10

    First of all, no entertainer's job is to be a "rolemodel". That's the parents' job. The entertainers are paid to entertain, not to be nannies. But then again, the "The Parents' Television Council" is all about forcing the media to take over their job as "parents" because they are just so damn lazy to do their fucking job.

  11. 11

    Is anyone else getting fed up with all the small mindedness in America? These entertainers are doing their own thing. If people find them revolting don't watch. Since when is there a section in the audition papers that says "If you win this part you are to be a role model to all different tastes"

  12. 12

    OMFG! You have got to be kidding me! These same people have a very narrow mindset…You cant tell me that they have NEVER had an issue in thier lives that they have deemed "bad". Yes Britney had issues, Yes she made wrong decisions…but who hasnt! Ugh people like that are the reason we have kids killing thierselves! its a never ending cycle of bigotry…

  13. 13

    Uh…really Perez? Her "comeback?" Not really…she may not be as crazy in public, but she still is definitely not a good role model. She is dumb as rocks, walks around in slutty outfits with busted weave, etc. Her parenting skills HAVE been questionable (baby in lap, anyone?). I am as happy as the next Brit fan to see her doing alright, but she is sooo far from where she was 10 years ago. Her moves are 100% orchestrated by everyone around her, so just how is SHE "back?" Back from what, anyway??

  14. 14

    i would think that Britney is a great role model. First, she had problems. Big problems. So cant good parents say "little one, this is why we support each other, love each other, and don't get to this point. but if that happens to you or someone you love (BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE HAVE PROBLEMS) we will work through it."

    the ptc just has their panties in a wad. i agree with other comments, its probably because of kurt and how awesome britney is.


  15. 15



  16. 16

    Re: kitkathRe: dogmama – and like lady gaga and katy perry good role models i think not. britney is no worse than any other pop star out there when it comes to a role model.

  17. 17

    The PTC is a joke, seriously who the fuck cares what they have to say ? Also so what if Britney's had problems and effs up again ? It's not like it's anybody else's business, jeez it's not like they even know her as a person anyway. Fucktards.

  18. 18

    One of foundations of Christianity is redemeption. These people are lunatics, please do not give these people any publicity.

  19. 19

    well…there not completely in the wrong…i may not 100% agree..but i can see what there talking about

  20. 20

    For all the shiz Brit's been through, she's still come out strong. How about dropping the judgments PTC? How many kiddie porn, shoe-fetish, snuff-film addicts will we find in all of your closets? I

  21. 21

    so I really hate to say this.. because I usually hate the PTC but…. they are sooo right on this one..
    this isn't like Katy Perry, GAGA, or any of those other pop chicks acting goofy and dressing crazy..
    this girl had very public meltdowns, extremely public issues with drugs, lost her children for gods sake!!!!
    How can you say someone is unfit to raise their own children and unfit to control their own money and then allow them to be glorified on a show directed at young impressionable teens…
    sorry but she is not your average pop chick
    she is a disaster and a walking example of everything these teens should be staying away from..
    she makes some good dance tracks dont get me wrong.. and I'm still a fan of her professionally but…
    she should not be on a pedastal with other superstars.. she knocked herself off that level when she went psychotic and lost her kids
    she went from america's pop princess to trailer trash
    there is no coming back from that

  22. 22

    Okay, let's be real here. Yes, Britney may not be the best role model. But, to be fair, we shouldn't be giving celebrities the title of Role-model. As parents, our job is to be the role-models and moral compasses for our children. And wopp-de-doo, GLEE did an episode about Britney. Her music is pretty good. She has sold millions of records. PTC need to get off their high horse, get off their lazy asses, stop watching tv 24/7 and raise their children! It's YOUR job to raise your children, not the tv's! Not the celebrities! YOURS! As a mother of two, I'm too busy to even watch tv! If my girls want to watch something, they watch childrens movies or educational programs. Is it that hard to monitor what your children watch? PTC are a bunch of tossers.

  23. 23

    When was Britney in rehab?

  24. 24

    is anyone going to mention how sexual that episode was? I actually think it went a tad too far…maybe if I wasn't watching it with my 7 year old daughter (who loves the music) then I would feel differently.

  25. 25

    wow perez! you finally said something smart!
    i disagree with the lame ass PTC. Britney is an amazing role model. Look at all the celebs who let their problems ruin them for the rest of their lives. All kids should be taught the power of self-improvement!
    Britney is amazing- theres a reason Madonna wants Brit to take over her thrown.

  26. 26

    How is she toxic? If anything, she's the example of what happens when you push your life too hard -which MANY young girls today can relate to. She's also shown that even after having been pushed too hard, broken down, Britney got herself back up. If ANYTHING she is realistic role model. If those parents can't fill their children with enough self-asteem, courage and balance, it's certainly NOT Britney's fault.

  27. 27

    Re: CatAttack – not a fan of that group but they are right about britney. shes a lousy role model. she cant even make decisions on her own. her father has to make her decisions for her because she is too mantally unstable. how is that a good role model. plus she is trash and trash could not and should not be considered a good role model.

  28. 28

    I don't really understand how doing a tribute to Britney's music has anything to do with her personal life. If you are only going to do tributes to artists who have done no wrong, there'd be no one to honor. I guess no one can honor Elvis' music ’cause he OD'd. Puh-lease. First of all, it's never been flat-out said, but I think it's pretty darn clear that Britney had a mental breakdown. That's certainly not her fault. And it appears to me that she has spent the last couple of years trying hard to get better. That's to her credit. What kind of parent group doesn't believe in redemption??

  29. 29

    I completely agree with them 100%!!! Let's also not forget that her career is completely based on selling sex. Even from the time she was 16 years old. Also, she doesn't sing, she's not particularly intelligent OR articulate for that matter. So yeah…why should this bitch be a role model for anyone? Why, because she takes 8 different meds a day to keep her bipolar disorder under control so she can keep getting fake, blond extensions, make robotic songs and then get up on stage and dance badly while lip syncing these "songs"? PATHETIC!

  30. 30

    if she is not a good role model, i don't see lady gaga as a good role model too.

  31. 31

    Re: julietcast – when is lady gaga going to rehab?

  32. 32

    It was a trashy show! When you have fat Shitney grabbing her crotch and doing other lewd gestures it is inappropriate for nighttime television. Two thumbs down to Shitney and her failing career!

  33. 33

    if you dont want your kids to watch it its down to YOU to parent them, not the tv screen

  34. 34

    They couldn't be more right on this time. Believe it or not Perez, most people have enough working brain cells to recognize Shitney as the trailer trash trainwreck she is. Unlike you who idolizes her because she gave your worthless ass a bit part in her tour. She hasn't turned anything around, her father did. Once she's set free, just watch her melt down again. She useless.

  35. 35

    Re: theresalongo – You are absolutely right. Are you home right now? How about your kids? I'm gonna send Bin Laden and a bunch of child molesters over to your house for a little visit. How's that sound? Their pasts don't matter to you right?

  36. 36

    Re: Heather3
    Since when was Glee a show directed towards 7 year old girls?

    I'm so sick of dumb ass parents who let their small children watch shows geared towards teenagers and older audiences then go complain and whine about how the shows not fit for children. It's like No shit Sherlock it's not for kids to begin with, stop blaming your parenting fails on technology.

  37. 37

    Re: sushicake – Wow, douche. I said she likes the music. It is on at 8:00pm, not 10:00.

  38. 38

    Definitely a bunch of bored housewives. I mean seriously, don't they have ANYTHING better to do? Are they all nutjobs? There are way worse shows on tv you idiots!

  39. 39

    Re: dogmama – You're probably a member of the PTC. Ak yourself this, Are YOU a good role model with your prissy, suffocating beliefs?

  40. 40

    The Pathetic Trash-talking Council always have their heads up their asses. Anyone who believes that Britney Spears is a plaguing epidemic needs a huge reality check, because she's not even in the ball park for worst influences on people. If you're going to complain, Jersey Shore and anything else MTV would be a much better choice.