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Comedian Robert Schimmel Was Broke When He Died

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When comedian Robert Schimmel died in a car accident last month, friends and family say that the comic was in financial ruins.

At the time of his death, Schimmel's health was failing and he was waiting for a liver transplant. He had medical bills and minimal health insurance.

And now, family members are asking for donations to help pay for his daughter Aliyah's care, who was riding in the car with Schimmel at the time of his death. Although she thankfully survived the crash, she was critically injured and is still recovering.

His daughter Jessica wrote on his website:

"On September 3rd, Robert, 60 years old, was taken off life support and died around 8:30 p.m. leaving three little boys and two big girls without a dad, a granddaughter without a grandpa and the world without brilliant comedy and the most generous heart. His son Derek had already passed in 1992 from cancer. The guy who survived cancer, a heart attack and countless other medical problems died in an unexpected car accident.

Due to his health, his life insurance was minimal. He was truly in dire straits financially. Now his first wife Vick is unable to work due to the fact she has to spend 24 hours a day helping Aliyah through her recovery which is anticipated to be at least a year. And there are huge medical bills to be paid. And the family lost their health insurance when Robert died as well as of child support. There are hundreds of thousands in medical bills to be paid and in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy it is taking its toll on the family."

So sad. We wish his family the best and a speedy recovery for his daughter.

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Comedian Robert Schimmel Was Broke When He Died”

  1. 1

    Since he's not married HIS BILLS don't matter; his dependent children get Social Security & Medicaid…WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

  2. 2

    "…family members are asking for donations." ""…hundreds of thousands in medical bills…
    Perez's response "We wish his family the best.."
    Seriously? That's the best you can do? A wish? You are making money hand over fist with the commercials on this site and at these "music" events you're involved with and all you can do is give a family in need a "wish"?
    Dude, grow a pair and lead the way. Offer up $$$$$!! Put some money where your "wish" is.

  3. 3

    You know, I didn't know that Bob Schimmel died.
    He use to be on Howard Stern all the time, but Howard didn't say much about it. Or maybe he did, I was out of town and didn't hear the show.
    Bob had battled cancer and went through so much. He married his daughter's best friend and had a couple more kids (dumb move on his part), but was never really able to recover financially from the cost of his illness (that's why we need universal health care, people).
    Now his family has to beg for money? Damn shame.
    Howard Stern show donate something, or they should have a show to help raise money.
    RIP Bob.

  4. 4

    As unfortunate as an untimely death is, worse things have happened to a lot better people. I'd rather help those better people than this turd and his equally turdish family. Now, I know I know, people are going to say how horrible I am and don't I have "respect for the dead"? I actually DO have respect for the dead…and there are SO MANY DEAD….why choose this turd and his turdish famiy to donate to? I'd rather donate to some more deserving dead people and THEIR families. For example, those that don't depend on the kindness of strangers by BEGGING FOR MONEY ON THE INTERNET.
    I understand that his older ex-wife "can't work" (the one he dumped to marry a woman his daughter's age). But what about the woman his daughter's age? Can she work? Hey! What about his DAUGHTER Jessica? Can she work? What about the daughter's husband? Can HE work? Why don't they take out a loan? Or…I don't know….DO WHAT OTHER LOW INCOME PEOPLE DO TO GET OUT OF THE WHOLE THEY ARE IN AND STOP BEGGING FOR HANDOUTS?
    Oh, of course, they won't do what other low income people do….b/c…well…they don't consider themselves low income right? Well, too bad, b/c they are. They need to MOVE OUT OF THEIR EXPENSIVE HOMES and rent an apartment in a low-end rat-infested neighborhood to make ends meet. Live on food stamps. Whatever….just stop asking for handouts you HOLLYWOOD LOSERS.

  5. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Please everyone…say a prayer for this family. So tragic.

  6. 6

    "Now his first wife Vick is unable to work due to the fact she has to spend 24 hours a day helping Aliyah through her recovery which is anticipated to be at least a year"

    Well doesnt she have savings? Didn't she have a job in which case she would now be bringing in unemployment? Also if she was working she would qualify for FMLA. They were divorced so she should not have been relyingonhim for her income.

    "And there are huge medical bills to be paid. And the family lost their health insurance when Robert died as well as of child support"

    If she was living solely off child support and relying on him to cover health insurance etc then she is just dumb. If that was the case then she was doing the easy thing rather then working and supporting her and her child herself. They were divorced so she should have been looking out for herself and her child and not now be looking for a handout.

    And again a handout would be easy. Why should we pay her bills when she can make payments on them like millions of other Americans.

  7. 7

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – I meant in the "hole" not in the "whole". What a horrific typo. But again, why the fuck should anyone pay this family's bills? These damn Hollywood beggars, procreating the fuck out of their low quality genes ("Bob" had 4 kids!!! geezus) just so they can then BEG FOR HANDOUTS so everyone else will support their kids. Fuck that. Let them move into the inner cities or something. Or a trailer park and shop at Walmart. But, of course, they are begging for money b/c they know some fools will pony up money for him. Like WigGuy for e.g., who is advocating that Perez pony up money while remaining quiet on whether he will himself (he won't). Can't stand people like this. People need to realize that they tried for the American dream and FAILED. Now they are POOR like others and need to accept it. And not expect bailouts…I mean handouts. You tried, you FAILED, now you are just like all the other poor unwashed masses. So here's what I have to say to Jessica:
    Wait your turn at Walmart, bitch, and STFU.

  8. 8

    Addendum: It seems like bob had SIX (6!) kids that he was unable to support in life and in death. Unbelievable.

  9. 9

    Can no one else in his family/ circle , GET A JOB ????? How PATHETIC that a grown daughter is beggin for donations.. You cant tell me yall have " no money".. Sell one of the vacation homes or downsize the house or car.. Us mere non "hollywood" peasants have to do it every day , we lose the main bread winner but we dont go to the media looking like idiots begging for EVERYONE BUT OURSELF(s) to pay our debts ( beg for money)

  10. 10

    this is too bad but the reality is that life is hard…this stuff happens to lots of people all the time, people that never had the opportunity to make tons of money and then blow it all or have to give half of it to a wife because a young little thing comes along and tickles the fancy of the old coot……he probably had more money than some people will ever have in their entire lives……I liked Bob (Howard Stern fan) but he made some horrendous decisions. I think we all need to pay for our own families, not some one we never really knew.

  11. 11

    His death is very sad, but I wonder what the deal was with his "minimal" health insurance.
    He had to have been a member of the Screen Actors Guild at one point, right? This is the actors' union that the likes of Barbra Streisand and Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon belong to. But even though Streisand wants the federal government to provide health care for everyone in the country at enormous taxpayer expense and waste, she and her kind belong to a union where, if you don't work enough, or you get sick, or fall on hard times, or can't pay your dues, you get kicked to the curb. This is a union, mind you, where the top 2 or 3 percent make tens or even hundreds of million dollars, while the remaining 97% are lucky to make 5 or 6 grand a year as an actor and have to take temp jobs or wait tables to make ends meet and hopefully make enough that they can remain in SAG and keep their insurance.
    SAG has a membership that must be in the thousands, not in the hundreds of millions like the population of the United States. So why can't Streisand and Sarandon start a fund within their union to help out their fellow actors when they so desperately need to get their medical bills paid? If they can't even figure out a way to take care of a few thousand people with their countless hundreds of millions of dollars, then how dare they get on their pedestals and tell me how much more I should be shelling out to help out everyone in the country!

  12. 12

    Re: sandybanny – Everyone has the "opportunity" to make tons of money. You are making a HUGE assumption that stand up comics make tons of money. Someone else makes the assumption that all stand up comics are part of SAG. Comics are independent entities.
    I'm not going to make an assumption that you're "christian" (I'm not so it doesn't matter if you are/aren't) but the notion that we don't take careof/help anyone other than our own family is not only not "christian" it's not charitable or very realistic.
    Never given money to a charity? Never donated blood? Never donated clothes to disaster victims? You wouldn't stop a child from being molested just because you don't know the kid?
    I know this is Perez's site/the internet where everyone feels required to write the meanest/harshest/wittiest thing they can and i get that you may not care about this exact family. But I really doubt that your feelings towards other people on this planet are as simple as screw everyone that I don't know.

  13. 13

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – What I'm actually saying is that Perez doesn't get to say things like so and so is in dire needs and is asking for help and then dismiss it away with a wish. The given implication of his statement is "I'm such a warm caring person. Look I'm answering the call for help with a wish." I have more respect for you and others on here stating your opinions - whether I agree with them or not. But none of you are being the hypocrite that Perez is being with his "wish".
    Either report the story and end it. Or end it with a "how dare they ask or help". Or end it with a "I did my share and urge you to do the same." But to end it with "I wish the family the best" after you report the dire straits they are in - come on! Even you can see the hypocrisy in that. He's trying to sound warm hearted without actually doing anything.
    It's like saying "Every 7 seconds a woman in America is raped." I wish them well.

  14. 14

    this guy never did get divorced from that ho that was cheating on him [he talked about it on stern]… so young wife got everything - nothing for first wife or her kids. yeah, except social security. reason he was broke? someone was spending [stealing] all his money and the poor guy was too sick to work, got kicked out of his house by ho wife so no one lived in any mansions.