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Roman Polanski Rape Victim Speaks

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It's actually fascinating to hear her take on everything.

Check out (above) these clips from Larry King Live of Samantha Geimer, who was raped by Roman Polanski when she was 13, discuss the horrific event and explain that she doesn't blame him as much as she does the media for the way they handled reporting on her and the court case!

We obviously still think that Polanski should be held accountable for his despicable crime, but we also understand that the victim herself has every right to feel however she wants about what she endured.

What do U think?? Do U agree with Geimer's perspective on Polanski??

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31 comments to “Roman Polanski Rape Victim Speaks”

  1. 1

    he paid her off years ago, thats been known for years,,,,,,whats amazing how even victims can change when it comes to money…this isnt surprising considering the circumstances involved..

  2. 2

    This is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

  3. 3

    I think, as a female…that her slant on it indicates she somehow was not really raped. I think he has had a horrific life (with all the fame and the plaudits) and I think it's time for you, Mario, to stop picking on him. If Samantha can forgive, I think you'd better get on with more newsworthy stuff.

  4. 4

    He drugged and rapped a 13 yr old? Then he ran from the law and lived his life and made movies. There is a REASON a prosecuter prosecutes for the state not the victim. I agree w/ HTafire she is getting paid and it is unfortunate she is not interested in the protection of other girls. SAD

  5. SS18 says – reply to this


    I still don't understand why you wouldn't want the man/woman who raped you in jail and basically taken off this planet.
    There must be more to this story…. and oh big deal, he's a celebrity. If that's the reason why she doesn't 'blame' him, then I don't feel sorry for her one bit.

  6. 6

    I think she should keep her trap shut about letting him go … how many others did he do this to who do not have a voice or don't have any idea he did it to them
    he is repulsive

  7. 7

    She was only 13 yrs old. Polanski raped her. I do not believe she was paid off at all. She was made to look bad in the tabloids which is sad because she was just a little girl of 13.

  8. 8

    Wasn't there a condition on her multi hundred thousand payoff that she always denied?

  9. 9

    What this says to other pedophiles is that some 13 year olds don't really mind being molested. In a way, she justifies what he did to her.

  10. 10

    dude you are too fucking much. You are exactly the kind of "Media" she was referrig to. How many Lynch Polanski posts did you write in the past year? How many times did you drag that poor woman's shit out into the public arena and pick it apart like you actually knew what you were talking about…you should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

  11. 11

    he's still a criminal

  12. elRey says – reply to this


    You morons do NOT KNOW The details of the case… EDUCATE yourselves before you judge… This case was 100% corrupt, they lied to Polanski, they lied to her, it was a mess. He committed a crime and paid his debt to society, and you don't know what the fzeck you're talking about. Roman Polanski is a cinematic genius and he's free.

    If this woman forgives him, I do too.

  13. 13

    she is 100% correct. it was the courts that made a complete mockery of that case and a complete corrupt process. it is unfortunate when a mishandling of justice creates a situation where the perpetrator becomes another victim. was he guilty, absolutely. was there extreme misconduct by the judge, absolutely.

  14. 14

    It was a slightly different time in the 70's it was common and acepted for young girls to do things to get ahead in hollywood also the drug scene in hollywood was very open so popping a lude was as common as a 14 getting beer at a frends party is today . she was not a virgin and they was a huge contoversy over what would be alowed to be made public then and if she had had consentual sex with other actors at the time. She and and her Mother were regulars on the party circut back then. Roman was also on a then very corupt LAPD's hit list for his comments on there miss handling of the murder of his then wife Sharon Tate

  15. 15

    Even if he cant 'get it up any more', paid off or not the bastard should go go to jail for the life time he has left. HOW MANY other young girls did he hurt and pay off. Throw him in jail…

  16. 16

    He raped a child. Nothing changes that. Nothing.

  17. 17

    When it's southern California in the 70's and there's a knock on your door and you open it and the guy standing outside says, "Hello, I'm Roman Polanski. May I take your nubile 13-year-old daughter to Jack Nicholson's hot tub and take pictures of her for a European art magazine?", and your response is "yeah, sure", then you can't tell me there isn't some contributory negligence on the part of the mother and the father (even more so if he's an absentee father).
    I'm sure the mother's eyes started spinning around right then and there and landed on two flashing dollar signs, like a slot machine in Vegas. And she figured: this is either gonna lead to a legitimate modeling/acting career like Brooke Shields . . . OR something kinda shady is gonna happen, but then we can hit up Polanski, Nicholson, or anyone else even peripherally involved for some hush money.
    I'm not saying this was Polanski's finest hour, but the whole case makes a mockery of women and girls who get abducted, tortured, raped and murdered and whose families get no kind of justice whatsoever.

  18. 18

    she doesn't blame him because he didn't rape her! He had a sexual relation with her WHICH IS STILL DISGUSTING but at the court she didn't say that she had been raped

  19. Mynah says – reply to this


    Call me a skeptic but this woman took a huge payoff. She is actually amusing the way she wants to blame everybody but the perpetrator. Roman was also sleeping with Natassia Kinski when she was a kid etc etc . He was and probably is a pedophile. To quote a recent interview with him " I don't see the problem with liking very young women". Pedophile - a rich one - but a pedophile. And each and every person that goes to see his movies or rents the dvd are saying it's okay to rape little girls as long as you amuse us.

  20. 20

    This was ALL about money. Her mother willingly let her go with him and they lied to him about how old she was. She never said that he had raped her. And after all this time, she STILL is trying to suck money out of him and this story. Don't forget. For many years, it was common and legal for American men to marry young, teenage girls. Loretta Lynn married her 21 year old husband when she was only 13. Not that that makes it right. But it went on for centuries. She is trying to suck as much air time as she can and my guess she is financially desperate.

  21. 21

    He has done his time, victim has forgiven him, time for everyone else to move on! There are plenty of other stories out there - we don't always have to keep reharshing OLD news!

  22. 22

    Frankly, I think the tabloid press ought to leave this the hell alone and let Samantha Geimer get on with her life. All they're doing by dragging her into it is keeping Chester the Molester Polanski on the fucking front page.

  23. 23

    When you stop jerking off to pictures of Justin Bieber then you can express your opinion on this.

  24. 24

    I think this lady is a nut. There is NO WAY to "pay your debt to society" for raping a 13 year old. It cannot be done. Rapists of any stripe should be sentenced to life in prison.

  25. 25

    Re: Markie – So true.He's probably molesting girls in France.It's sad she chose money over the welfare of other girls.

  26. 26

    Was it wrong? Yes. Was it the '70's? Yes. Was that entire decade a series of bad choices? Yes. Is he a predator? Well….if he ws he would still be doing it. I know it was a REALLY shitty thing to do, but isn't it about time to let it go? If the VICTIM says let it go, shouldn't the rest of us? If he wasn't world famous, this wouldn't even be an issue.

  27. 27

    He paid her a pittance and ran out of the country. Several other girls have reported very similar stories throughout the years. Mean while Hollywood actress's with young kids themselves line up 3 deep to do his movies. We wanted Priests crucified for a lot less.

  28. 28

    Debt to society? What debt, he never served time so I'd like to know how he has paid his debt? This is not a matter of what the victim wants, if you want to be a member of this American society then pay the cost. This woman was either A) not raped or molested as the report says or B) has some serious issues almost like Stockholm syndrome, for her to sympathize with her attacker. This man is a disgusting human being and quite frankly a representation of Hollywood excess and filth. This is similar to the Jackson case…parents using their children to gain noteriety and money. Its sick!

  29. 29

    She sounds like she has a good heart. As for Polanski, I think he deserves a move to the slammer….

  30. 30

    Give me a break! If it wasn't for statutory rape laws, men taking up with and marrying young teenage girls would STILL be going on. And if it wasn't for the women in this country, there would be no statutory rape laws. Girls were married off to men when they were barely out of their childhood. This went on for YEARS. This woman's mother played Miss Innocent when it came out that her daughter had had sex with Polanski. I would have never let my teenage daughter go with him. You can't tell me that her mother didn't know that he had taken her over to Jack Nickolson's house. For what! To have cookies and milk! He always claimed that she lied about how old she was and I cannot believe that Jack Nicholson would have knowingly let him bring an underage girl into his home. It all was so fishy.

  31. 31

    Yes I agree with her 100%. I'm sure it wasn't that bad really, powerful men are sexy and she was already having sex at her age. I was sexual with older men when I was a teenager, he just happened to get caught.