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Halle Brings Olivier To Momma!

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Things continue to move on the fast track for Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez!

The new hot couple have been spotted canoodling in South Africa, Paris, and most recently in Los Angeles…and now things are really heating up.

Halle must really think Olivier's a good guy because she introduced him to her mom, Judith!

"It was a big deal that Olivier got to meet Halle's mom," says a source. "It shows that they are getting more serious."

Most definitely!

Just trying to slow things down a bit, Halle. We've seen your heart get broken before and we'd hate for it to happen again!!

[Images via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Halle Brings Olivier To Momma!”

  1. 1

    What a whore!

    You know she only used her last boyfriend so she could have a child. Bet she is using this guy for another child. She wants to be a single mother just like she was raised by her mother. She was never interested in providing a family for her daughter.

    By the way, I hear she used a black/white woman as an egg donor and that is why the child doesn't look like her.

  2. 2

    My point is that to bring a child into this world deliberatley knowing you are not going to provide a family environment for that child is EVIL!

    And yes you know when you are dating someone if they are going to last or not. Most women just ignore Mr. Wrong because he is convenient and the sex is good.

    We choose to ignore them. Look at all those idiots girls on "16 and pregnant"

  3. 3

    is this the same guy who supposedly cheated on "Kylie"?

  4. 4

    He is PACKIN'……..wowwwwww!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Re: URwhatUeat

    I think she's too full of herself to ever use an egg donor…

  6. 6

    Cute couple! Halle finally looks happy. Good for her. And her daughter is just gorgeous.

  7. 7

  8. 8

    Re: URwhatUeat – hmm to bad Halle is bi racial.. if halle gets with a white guy chances are the baby will have more white features as so if it was a black guy (more black features) get over yourself and your hating. you must be ugly if you are that hateful

  9. 9

    U know what her problem is?? she likes assholes. She finally had a guy who looked like a good one (faithfull and respectull) but she doesn't want that. In the past she dated guys that didn't treat her right and stayed with them anyways, but look at her now. Maybe she's just too selfish to be with someone forever, at least she's a good mother I give her that. She's not gonna b young and sexy forever, she should think about that…ending up old and lonely isn't a great thing no matter how much money and glamourous life you have.

  10. 10

    Re: URwhatUeat – while i don't think she is a 'whore' per se , you did make a few valid points. something about her recent relationships seems robotic and planned. something's just not quite right…

  11. 11

    Has she ever dated an African American?

  12. 12

    denverite- she was married to an African-American musician/actor(?)…a handsome dude I think I remember cheated on her.

  13. 13

    I guess when you screw Billy Bob Thornton in a movie there is NO turning back…

  14. 14

    For YEARS we have heard her BOO HOO about how she will never get married because of her precious BROKEN heart that she has had to nurture throughout the years because of men…. YEAH RIGHT…..
    Thank you for letting us see WHY you can't keep a man miss. BERRY…
    Try keeping your legs closed, at-lease long enough to be a MOM !!!
    I see her trotting along with a different man on a yearly base and honestly exactly what kind of example is she trying to teach her daughter ?
    Maybe it's time to CLOSE those legs and I don't know, maybe try trotting along with your daughter instead…
    Or does her daughter think the NANNY is her MOMMY…???

  15. 15

    She deserves to be happy! and i think she loves her daughter she wanted her so bad! power to the single moms @urwhatueat screw u @bella blue you dont need to keep ur legs close to be a great mom hallie say FUK the HATERZ she's a classic beauty *black dont crack*

  16. 16

    halle berry is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen, she is so pretty, has a great shape but can't keep a man,she remine me of myself when I was young and 'FINE' as the guys would say, I could not hold a man, I mean I had the shape that Halle would die for, I had big Boo's and guys would drool' as I pass by, one guy told me as he was ditching me, that althought he liked me a lot, but refuse to fall in love with me,why I ask? because he didn't want compete with other mens,and because I was so pretty and shapely he just new he would have problem with me, this broke my heart and over the years, all the guys dump me I never had the chance to break up with any of them, I should have had a heart attact, my heart was broken so many times,I was a slave in bed with a lot of them but each time they dump me, but at age 54 I finally found love and a husband,all I can say is be patient .it took me years to find my husband but with the grace of God our tenth anniversary has pass and we are still in love and together~~~~~~~~~~~~~~