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Madonna Misses London!

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Madonna may be a New York gal again, but the singer's heart is in London and desperately wants to move back with her children.

The problem is now that she's divorced from Guy Ritchie, she is no longer a British citizen by marriage and will have to apply for a visa "like everyone else."

A source says:

"Madonna has loved being back in the States since the divorce, but England is where she feels her heart is now. She is deliberately focusing on work that will keep her in Britain. She has had meetings with her ­London legal team, Mishcon de Reya, to arrange a visa that will enable her to move back for good…The other children will ­automatically gain visas as ­Madonna’s dependants as long as she can get past the ­paperwork.

The past couple of years have been the breath of fresh air Madonna needed after her divorce, but she is now ready to embrace the British lifestyle again."

Guy is reportedly "thrilled" at the idea that the children will be closer to him again as he "misses the kids desperately and can’t wait to spend more time with them."

And even though she gave the former couple's country estate, Ashcombe House to Guy in the divorce settlement, she still has owns a 10-bedroom home in Marylebone, West London.

We're sure your British fans would love to have you back, Madonna!

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Madonna Misses London!”

  1. 1

    Selfish much? Stop moving your goddamn children. It's not good for them.

  2. 2

    Perez, why do you believe such an unreliable source as the Daily Mail. The British press only wish she would move back. But she's not. She is busy renovating her new upper eastside mansion, bought a horse farm in the Hamptons and has enrolled her daughter at the La Guardia High School in New York. She is in New York to stay. She only goes to London for work and for her sons to visit Guy. She's always been a New Yorker at heart and in every interview she has stated that her favorite city in the world is New York. Heck, she even wrote a song about it.

  3. 3

    The Daily Mail is the Newpaper equivilant of toss!

  4. 4

    i miss her wearing long sleeves because all those veins bulging out of her gross old skin on her arms is just nasty…..get this bitch some sleeves STAT

  5. 5

    Skeletor may soon be back with Mr. Madonna,

  6. 6

    could we have mariah instead?

  7. 7

    Shes a MAN, baby!!!

  8. 8

    Then by all means "Madge" go back. We don't want your narcissistic, haggard ass here anymore. Cun*t.

  9. 9

    Bitch hasn't had a hit since Ray of Light. Why are we even talking about her irrelevant ass?

  10. 10

    Those arms…..yikes!

  11. 11

    I finally found a good excuse not to exercise: Madonna's arms. The muscles are too strongly developed and make her arms look awful. I'd rather have soft arms.

  12. 12

    I only spent 9 days in London but I am missing it too!

  13. 13

    grandmadonna needs to hit up a retirement home in the UK then and just settle

  14. sanaa says – reply to this


    Re: Brainbug – It depends on what you consider a hit, for better or worse Ray of Light was a monster hit, like the biggest song of the year. She's had some hits since like off Music, Don't Tell Me was kind of a hit, and um, the lead single from confessions, the one that samples abba was a hit, and that album confessions actually sold like 15 million. i think the one before where she raps sold like 2 million worldwide. but ya no hits off of hard candy i dont think.

  15. 15

    What is wrong with her arms? She is like a skeleton……..who would want to bang that?!?

  16. 16

    She is not an ugly woman considering her age, but dear lord those arms are hideous. She needs to do something about it.

  17. 17

    This crypt keeper looking hag is over. Her albums DO NOT sell in America. Go back to England you fucking corpse.

  18. 18

    This story is complete bs from a London tabloid. Madonna loves NY and just remodeled her house there. She won't move back to the UK permanently. And Brainbug you're a fucking idiot, she's sold millions of albums and had a bunch of hits since Ray of Light. If you hate her stop paying attention to her

  19. 19

    look at her arms !!!

  20. 20

    Granny Arms Ciccone and Thunder Thighs Carey both need to trot on back over across the 'tlantic.

  21. 21

    Dis herre strumpet need to lay off the HGH.

  22. 22

    madonna is a SKANK. GROSSSSSSSS

  23. 23

    You don't lose British Citizenship from divorce. She probably lost her ILR when she moved out of the UK.

  24. 24

    All she has to do is invest a million in a UK company. Shouldn't be that difficult for her.

  25. 25

    Thats impossible. How could she do that when her daughter just started school at La Guardia High (in NY)? Sounds like BS to me.

  26. 26

    Re: poorlittlerichiegirl – Grandmadonna? Oh c'mon, she's 52, not 82, grow up will you and come up with a better joke next time. :P

  27. 27

    Who's Madonna?

  28. 28

    Who's Madonna?Re: sanaa
    What are you talking about? 4 Minutes went to number 3 on the pop charts and number 1 on the dance charts in the US.

  29. 29

    What? Those anchor babies don't entitle her to citizenship? That's worse than Arizona SB 1070. Where is the outrage?

  30. 30

    So she gets married and picks up an accent, gets divorced and loses the accent… if she gets a visa to move back, will the accent return?
    For everyone that thinks it's natural to pick up an accent from living in a foreign country, it's not. 6 years in the UK, and I still sound 100% American.

  31. 31

    Re: LynneMessy – She would have had permanent right to remain by the time of the divorce. She must not have gone for citizenship, but she was here long enough for it. She really only needs to obtain permission to return, since she has permanent right to remain, which is easy to get. You don't lose that in the case of divorce, but need permission to return if you're out of the UK for a certain amount of time.
    Re: mega_spen – Yes, luckily in this country, if you have a baby here, that doesn't give you the right to stay here.

  32. 32

    Re: Eyes Crying Purple Tears
    Um..52 is the age where a lot of people do become become grandparents, hence the Grandmadonna comment. Try coming up with better reasoning next time.

  33. 33

    I can't believe it, as much as I would like to. Most high-profile, wealthy people choose to live in the USA because of the taxes in England. Over here, they can hide money overseas. Not so in England. She needs to give it up already with the music. Haven't listened to her since the 80s because her music started getting terrible.

  34. 34

    perez dont beleieve in everything u read. since madonna was back in usa ,uk press was saying she misses uk. so dont believe in uk press. madonna goes to london when her kids can,when they are not on school. she probably misses london and the kids too but she isnt moving. she alreday bought a new home in nyc and in hamptons. its not true this rumour.the queen isnt back in europe

  35. 35

    Re: scoots – u are a skank. madonna is hot ,shes 52 and looks better than many young ppl. and shes a genius and i love to see how many young stars love to copy her. specially gaga. that is a wannabe and predictable.madonna was never predictable and after 30 years shes actally the only one that can sell out her huge shows all night. gaga cant. and shes so ugly.
    madonna has beautifl face and body and her mind is genius

  36. 36

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – shut up. her albums sell in america yes. and she does huge shows in america too. shut up. and shes the one that can sell huge outside america. gaga, brit and beyonce for example cant sell outside usa.madonna can. she goes straight to #1 everytime she releases and album and her huge shows. 80 thousand ppl per night sell out in minutes. while gaga for example cant even sell out her tour in europe.and shes starting imagine when gaga will be old. M started with huge success all over the world and after 30 years she still #1 and be on the news everyday.

  37. 37

    Re: BLUZULU – whos madonna? are u insane?? the biggest female artist of all time. after 30 years still being #1 all over the world. all the young stars only have success in usa. outside usa they are nothing, madonna albuns goes straight to #1 everywhere and her tour s are always the most sucessfull of all time.charts doesnt matter anymore dear. actually confrssions album from 2006 sold 15 million copies. i wanna see other artists doing it after 30 years. M is huge. shes GOD. everybody is expecting her all the time. what madonna will do next????
    and young generation copies her. look at gaga. and madonna has an attitudegaga is fake.

    madonna is huge. the small crowd she has in a show is 70 thousand ppl . in brazil she did 5shows last year with 100 thousand ppl each show. in europe she made like4 shows in spain.2 in italy blah blah and many more and each show was with 80 to 90 thousand ppl. no other star do that dear. means shes popular and thats why shes an animal on stage. shes the best performer ever. and usa has bad taste. so who cares. australia is crazy 4 M,japan too, south america and all europe.shes super cool .the original one.

  38. 38

    Re: sanaa – madonna is the biggest and her tours are the most sucessfull. she does the biggest shows in usa. and all over the world even more. 90 thousand ppl per show every night. noone does it dear.M is the queen .a phenomenum that lasts for 30 years other new artists like gaga or beyonce cant do that. gaga cant even sell out her tour in europe.madonna sells her millions of tickets in mere minutes and for some reason the young stars wants to be madonna. m IS SUPER COOL

  39. 39

    she looks like the fuckin wolverine with those arms

    what the fuck

  40. Brtt says – reply to this


    Re: MadonnaLive
    Why is it that you always blow a gasket everytime someone insults your precious Madonna, but you seem to have no problem bashing the very artists other people hold dear to themselves? Not everyone is going to share your love & devotion for Madonna, and guess what…they don't have to either.

  41. 41

    I thought that her husband Guy had custody of their son. I thought I read that he told her that she could not take their son back to America to live. Her daughter is not his child legally. I don't know what happened to the baby she adopted (or whether he legally adopted it).

  42. 42

    wtf…please she loves NYC… england..yeah right

  43. 6one9 says – reply to this


    M just wants to use her ““““““ FAKE accent again!! LOL

  44. 44

    Re: Sean Knowlingers – Yeah but Madonna isn't a grandmother, OK, so that's the point (duh). Just because she's in her 50s doesn't make her a grandmother or some kind of senior citizen. Trust me hun, when you get up in age your not going to like it when people call you "grandpa" and your really not. Just saying. ;)

  45. 45

    Re: Eyes Crying Purple Tears
    Please! Stop taking everything so seriously, especially when it pertains to this woman. People call her Grandmadonna because it's just an expression. And yes, people WILL call me Grandpa when I'm 52..that's the point. Some of her Stans try to pretend she's not old, that "she looks like she's in her 30s," yet act so ageist when it comes to other people.

  46. 46

    She should gain some weight….. and stop the weight lifting or whatever shes doing to her arms… also her hair would look much better in a darker blond since shes at her 50s… I love Madonna but I know she's not perfect, when it comes to her career haters stop trying to make it look bad, any female singer right now would kill to have her curriculum!!