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Is Miley's New Vid Too Sexy??

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The Parents Television Council thinks it is!

President of the organization, Tim Winter, is criticizing Miley Cyrus' new video Who Owns My Heart?, saying that it sends the wrong message to the pop star's young fans.

He continues:

"It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one. It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."

We do agree that the video is sexy and very adult for such a young star. But, then again, Miley has always been mature for her age.

We really like it! Plus, she's gonna be 18 next month!

What do U think??

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205 comments to “Is Miley's New Vid Too Sexy??”

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  1. 1

    honestly her video is fine for her age a lot of 18 year olds do worst shit then this parents need to get their panties out their ass

  2. 2

    oh please….they pick this video to crap on! it was sexy, and i personally loved it!, but it is not like she is 12, let her express herself as she wishes

  3. 3

    i think the video is hott. not too sexy. her party in the u.s.a wasn't exactly Rated-G if you wanna get technical. Parents are being ridiculous. If they don't like it, do what my aunt does, my cousin can listen to the music she just can't watch the videos

  4. 4

    I'm so over Miley….she's like 5 years old. Okay so she's not 5 obviously. But seriously….why do you want to grow up so fast?

  5. 5

    I loved it!
    P.S she puts on Gaga's MAC Lipstick!

  6. emzie says – reply to this


    cant take this girl seriously. I cant stand her voice. Very sad that my 9 year old niece will be watching this as she was a big fan of her show…. very sad. On a side note…. why is it ok legally to over sexualise a CHILD?? Or is it just ok if its for movies or film clips? If there were stills of this kind of stuff on some old perv's computer would he get done for being a pedophile? I guess this is ok cos her family are all for it, and it is show biz…. hmm wasn't there a case recently where the parents were pimping out their daughter…. not much different if you ask me..oh but then she wasn't famous so it couldn't be classified as show biz.

  7. 7

    How about those parents go teach their kids right and wrong rather then depending on someone who's just learning the same lesson herself?

  8. 8

    for the LOVE OF GOD….she is not 12 years old! She is a month away from being a legal adult. Who gives a crap if her video is sexy? It is not like it is child porn or something.

  9. 9

    She is about as sexy as a corny turd in a hot Porta Potty.

  10. 10

    of course its too sexy. miley thinks her only way of getting attention is by prancing around and writhing on a bed in her underwear. she just exploits her body in every way she can to maintain her relevancy. you dont have to sex up your image in order to broaden your fanbase - look at selena gomez or taylor swift - two of the classiest girls in the business who have never had to expose themselves for attention. and i hate the excuse that "everyone is like this at her age", because that is a complete lie, im 16 and never have i stooped to this low level and neither has anyone else in my school unless theyre a notorious whore, which is a very rare case. i hate to call people names but miley really lives up to the slut reputation.

  11. 11

    Whaaat? He can go piss off, there's nothing too sexy there, I was waiting for it….nothing. Miley looking good. Song is dated tho, like it's 90s or smth

  12. 12

    erk, the music is such crap… like 90's german techno..

  13. 13

    btw…the song is AMAZING and the video is too!

  14. 14

    its perfect let her grow up!!!

  15. 15

    why does it feel like she is aging quicker than i am?

  16. 16

    Just unSTYLISH….

  17. 17

    Easy for you to think it's ok when you don't have children of your own. Trust me, it will change your whole perspective….as will have a true relationship with God.
    Miley is so cliche….same old story of young goody, goody child star that gets a little older and thinks they invented sex and wants to show the world how grown up and "sexy" they are. BARF!! Boring!
    Besides….her voice is GRATING!

  18. JCPR says – reply to this


    she wants to move on from her disney shit so she's doing something different to get a different fan base. parents stop being so dramatic. icarly is still out there for your kids to see.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    I personally wouldn't call her a slut, but I think she's trying to hard to get rid of her Disney image. On the other hand I wouldn't be encouraging my three year old sister to continue following in Miley's footsteps (the other day she told me, "I wanna be like Hannah Montana when I'm older,) but that's my personal opinion. I think it's sad, that she's seventeen and already behaving like this, but the truth is there are seventeen year olds doing worse out there and we should be glad the worst thing she's doing right now is making "sexy" musiv videos.
    She's young, she's still learning. Let her be this way and make her mistakes. Nothing we do or say is gonna change her, as she's made that pretty clear. I don't think it's right to judge her parents because we really have no idea what goes on in the Cyrus household, and anyway didn't she buy her own house? Whatever.
    She does seem like a somewhat normal teen to me though, from the interviews I've seen and when she's out and about she's out with her boyfriend or her friends or shopping, not doing coke or hitting the clubs every night.

  21. 21

    Re: FearlessLi – Thank you, oh my god! These "parents" need to get lives worry about THEIR PARENTING!

  22. 22

    The Parents Television Council needs to be consistent if they're going to complain about young stars being too sexual in music videos. I don't recall anyone getting upset about Lil' Bow Wow being a young boy rapping about girls with teenage girls dancing in the background and he was younger than Miley in her video. Fact of the matter, sex sells. Parents of both artists mentioned above are involved and allowed their children to produce these videos.

  23. 23

    i love it!! i think everyone just needs to back off and let her do her thing.

  24. 24

    to everyone commenting say 'she's a child it's wrong' blah blah blah. she's almost 18. if you dont want your child to watch the video, don't let them. they can still listen.
    plus if you as a parent are reliant on famous people to be role models and for your child to look up to you've failed as a parent already.
    why does it matter what your child watches in a music video, if you are any good at parenting you can clearly say, 'dont act like this ever/until you are older'

  25. 25

    if she wants to act like a 30 year old whore… thats her problem…. but I do think its a wrong message for teenagers….

  26. 26


  27. 27

    She looks like an evil gremlin or gollum in that still pic above..she wants to eat your soul

  28. 28

    i personally think how everyone is putting her under fire for her video's and outfits is lame. it's, in my opinion, no different then how britney spears use to represent herself. people now days are just more sensitive to how ppl dress and present themselves in public. parents need to calm down and consider things like this before they open their mouths.

  29. 29

    let her be the awesome hot chick she is and thats it

    love you miley !

  30. 30

    The video is not even gonna air in the US, so come on all the parents need to calm down and if theyre letting theire 8 year olds watch mtv or youtube then it's their parenting problem it's not like they're gonna play it on the Disney channel like Selena and Demi. Her new cd is not aimed for the like 6-14 age group

  31. 31

    Re: erinlovesRPATTZ – Dancing in your underwear makes you a slut? Wow, hun…you need to get off your high horse and stop being such prude. I'm not saying that you have to be sexual to get fame, but that choice SHOULD be left up to the individual. Being so judgemental and calling people sluts does not make you moral.

  32. 32

    shes not 13. shes not going to make videos with the teletubbies just to please little kids. its time to let her grow up, shes not hannah montana anymore.

  33. 33

    some people are so naive. does tim winter say this to every 17/18 year old girl he meets? coz i'm 17 (nearly 18, like Miley) and that video is true to the behaviour and style of myself and my peers. i love this video, and wish people like tim winter would realise that the artist is miley not hannah these days.

  34. 34

    well there goes her integrity. this video shows that she wants to be thought of as just another slutty clubbing girl. not original or creative AT ALL. pretty boring and a little too mature for her. she's trying WAY too hard. lost a lot of respect on this one.

  35. 35

    Billy Ray must be rubbing a few out as we discuss this right now. No ?

  36. 36

    TOO SEXY????????????? HOW ABOUT JUST PLAIN AWFUL!!!! This chick should stick to what made her because she will never attract an adult audience. She can't sing, she can't dance and who cares if the video is considered to sexy, its just not any good. People always said Britney's songs and video's were too sexy(remember she was 16 in a school girl outfit) but at least Britney could sing and was singing decent songs.

  37. 37

    I have Miley bashed b4 but I think that there is nothing wrong wrong with that video. She is not trying to reach the young Disney aged children anymore. It's obvious and now parents have to do their job as parents and PARENT THEIR CHILDREN! I don't think that they are playing this on the Disney channel and if their kids are watching it else where then set some boundaries folks. I just love it when my friends with 7yr olds let them watch R rated movies because they have older siblings. PARENT YOUR CHILD! Leave Miley alone on this one.

  38. 38

    they need to realize this girl isnt 12 anymore..she'll be 18 next month.
    what shes doing now is no different then what any popstar in the 90's did when they got older. i have no idea why they pick on Miley. Britney did it too…but no one cared then…why care now?

  39. 39

    hahah its funny cause do you think miley really cares about what the parents council says i mean theyre just wasting their time she wont stop (:

  40. 40

    I think she looks like a little slut. It's not that she is 18 and too young to be acting like this, it's just that she is trying to isolate herself from what she was known for, a wholesome sweet girl. Ok, we get it, you're growing up but why act like such a slut about about?

  41. 41

    geeze it wasnt the video that was offensive it was the song…
    ugh those lyrics
    who tries too hard? that'd be you miles

  42. 42

    Uh, it's a bad video. Nobody would follow it's example. Not because it's sexy, but because her weave at the end couldn't be faker, and it looks like her stylist marinated her legs in olive oil and Snookie sweat. I normally love Miley's stuff, but Can't Be Tamed onward has just proved that people with talent can still release terrible music.

  43. 43

    people cant compare her to britney spears, britney was that age being sexy but britney did not have the babyface that miley has nor did britney gain her fame of a show like hannah montana, yea she was on the mickey mouse club for a little while when she was a kid n but years later when she came back people didnt even remember the mickey mouse club as much as hannah montana (which is still on the air and has had a movie). i dont blame her for wanting to show the world "hey im not gonna be 14 forever" but shes trying to push it too much too soon. yea taylor swift might not be sexy but at the same time she didnt gain fame like she did and in her case its kind of annoying how innocent she portrays herself when she is 21years old and here's miley a 17yr old going on 18 acting like she's 25.

  44. 44

    I think her video is awesome. Parents need to start realizing that the singers that their children listen to are human and they do mature and grow up; they can't expect the celebrities to stay young and act young. Miley is 18 years old and wants to be sexy, nothing wrong with that. If they have such an issue with her videos, then they shouldn't let their kids watch it or explain to them what's going on. Lol miley is not going to be the hannah montana forever lol. Britney spears and christina aguilera did the same thing.. parents shouldn't be so "over" protective of their children.

  45. 45

    she's wearing lady gagas viva glam lipstick, smart girl.

  46. 46

    Age aside, does anyone notice when she dances alone she looks a bit lit Elaine from Seinfeld dancing?

  47. 47

    Oh please. The Parents Television Council needs to get over it and accept the fact that Miley isn't Hannah Montana bubblegum anymore.

  48. 48

    Girl is growing up and exploring her sexuality. It is very very normal, the only difference is she is doing it in the public eye. Christina did it, Britney did it. People need to take a chill pill. She seems very grounded and has a good head on her shoulders. She could be Taylor Momsen for goodness sake!

  49. 49

    I think that what a lot of people forget is that she has fans that have grown up with her and are not long little kids. people spend so much time criticizing her for leaving behind her fans when if she stays and continues being Hannah Montana and other project similar to it then she'll be leaving behind the fans that she's had since the beginning. As for the video i think its fine, its not aimed at little kids and wont be played on channel or websites that little kids are on, or should be on. shes not doing anything in it that a normal teenager doesn't do.

  50. 50

    of course the video is sexy and adult…that is what she is becoming. there is a reason she stopped making CDs as Hannah Montana…so she could do her own thing and mature. her video is smokin' and i love it!

  51. 51

    Since when does Perez think that Miley is "so mature for her age"? Doesn't he normally rag on her for being all provocative?

  52. 52

    I think it's inappropriate for a teenage celebrity with tween and teens fans to act like this, then again… she IS a teen and she should go through all the fases that every teen goes through. I mean… at least she's not getting pregnant. I think it's great for her to be living the life of a normal teenager. GOOD FOR HER & the song in amazing.

  53. 53

    If miley is a Christian then she better start acting like it.

  54. 54

    Honestly, she is no sluttier than any other 17 year old on the street. And yeah she originally had a "younger fan base", but those girls are going to grow up, too. Every artist grows and evolves over time.

  55. 55

    Oh, but her hair was pretty terrible and her twitchy dancing, too, but overall I'm impressed with the song.

  56. 56

    this is the publicity she wanted, she wants to be britney spears, she is NEVER gonna be her, stop paying attention to her!

  57. 57

    when you were 18 did you want to hang out with 9 year olds? The only thing offensive about this is that it's a blantant copy off of Britney's "In the Zone" and everything that Lady Gaga has ever put out. I still like it. Oh Miley, just keep being Miley!

  58. 58

    its not too sexy but wateva miley did worse things when she was 15!!! for some reason i just cant stand her she changed

  59. 59

    I just think she's trying to hard to be sexy, and she doesn't have to. She's a beautiful girl…

  60. 60

    wow she cant be sexy even if she tried!!!! she's not pretty at all and her voice sucks. she sounds like she's 12. the tone of it is terrible. im not saying she can't hit the notes is just the way it comes out sounds like real crap. oh yeah and the song is terrible as well. fail!

  61. 61

    She's really trying to change her image from innocent disney star to who she wants to be known as

  62. VGirl says – reply to this


    I do think it's too much for her. Yeah I remember the days were Britney was a teen and being called to sexy but she waited until aftr she was 18 and I thihnk even 21 to be in her underwear and in bed in a video (maybe not photoshoots) and being touched by female and male dancers. Yeah maybe girls her age andveeven younger are worst but that does not meanthat it should be encouraged. And for her it looks like too much too soon, like forced and it is awkard to wtch. Anyway that's my opinion but there are two trhings that are fact: 1. It is unusual that Perez had a change of heart with her. and 2. She is so focused (or "her people" is too focused) on being controversial and changing her image to "more mature" (which btw IDK why nowdays mature means sexy) that they've forgotten about her music. It's mediocre. Her songs are hits now because she has a name for herself already.

  63. 63

    "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one. It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."

    That's because Disney knows that parents out there like these retards exist. So they will exploit religion and anything else they can to gain money from the parents. If the tween is obsessing over something and if they parent is decent they will get involved..If they see that the person is "wholesome" they will blindly buy w/e they can of them. So it's funny to see parents that care so much to actually start an organization..but then they turn around and make kids like that rich. Narrow minded idiotic parents. It amazes me..98% of the population has sex at some point in their lives..and ask the majority of adults they will say they lost their virginity around 16..ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. People make mountains out of molehills all the time. Stop blaming the media/entertainment industries or a specific person. Blame yourselves for being bad parents.

  64. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: erinlovesRPATTZ – Amen! LOL may I say YOU are very mature for your age and you don't need to be "sexy" to be mature. And I couldn't think of an example before but Selena gomez and Taylor are great examples. I'm 24 and I enjoy talor's music. She has been able to exapand her fan base to adults w/o trying toi be sexy or "mature." If that's Miley cCyrus personality fine, but we all know she is doing it b/c she thinks that's the way she can "reinvent" her image. Sad

  65. 65

    i think parents should stop being so dramatic. and to the woman who said your perspective will change once you have a kid and a relationship with god…uhhh how about you just dont let your kids watch her videos and get over it. Little kids everywhere love hannah montana, they can still be in love with her and keep miley cyrus seperate. shes 18 in a month and obviously growing up. get over it.

    I think the video is amazing! Kesha should take some pointers and learn how to make a video…

  66. VGirl says – reply to this


    Re: fracture – LOL!!!!

  67. 67

    She looks like a whore… plain and simple. She's 17, if my 17 year old daughter was acting like that I would be pretty mortified.

    She purely relies on this stuff to keep her album sales up, it's pathetic! She should realise soon enough…

  68. 68

    I don't have kids and if I did my expectations would be much higher. I am scared of the people who pretend this behavior is normal but whatever. I guess that is why so many sluts are raised, parents have no/low expectations. What is the big rush ? Besides I see her fan base vanishing. What age group besides 9 years of age checking for Miley Cyrus lol

  69. 69

    Wait, Perez.. it's just me or.. you are.. defending Miley Cyrus? I'm proud of you.

  70. 70

    STFU! This is her EUROPEAN singles so let the european parents worry about it, and you go and raise your child instead of sticking your nose where you shouldn't.

  71. 71

    At this point they should be happy shes wearing some sort of clothing. It's not shocking anymore, honestly the girl is smart. She keeps doing crazy and wild things, and there she gets her video all over the place. Free publicity.

  72. 72

    I think the video is racy for her age…but if parents don't like it…then don't let your kids watch TV!

  73. 73

    The PTC are making a fuss over nothing. I grew up watching Britney & Christina videos and just because Christina wore a denim skirt that could have been a belt in the "Dirrrty" video or assless chaps didn't mean I did *rolls eyes*

    The look of thise video kind of reminds me of Britney's "My Perogative" video.

  74. 74

    in this still she looks like a little hobbit

  75. 75

    Well at least the production value is up. Does anyone remember Fly On the Wall that video was horrible this one at least looks like it was shot better though the editing is odd…what's the story line? Look at me shake ya'll. Otherwise I like the song even if some people think it sounds 90's I'm a fan of the 90's it's where my childhood went to die haha I miss those days.

  76. 76

    I dont even think you can consider this a song. It's purely auto-tune, & SEXY?! It's not sexy at all. It's just a 17 year old half girl, half horse prancing around with no pants on so ….

  77. 77

    I don't think it's too sexy, I think Tim Winter is worried because his little girls are looking up to Hannah Montana (Miley) and he doesn't want them to see her go from "sweet blonde tween pop sensation" to "sexy pop star". Parents once said these things about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and it didn't hurt their careers, so I doubt it'll hurt Miley's. I don't like her or her music, but I won't criticize where it doesn't belong.

  78. 78

    I love it!!!!

  79. 79

    This po' lil ol' skank need to quit shakin' her tail and gets herself an edumacation.

  80. 80

    yeah i wear way worse than this probably but im not 17 and have a disney channel show with a fan base of little girls from ages 6-13. She is trying WAY too hard to be sexy and get attention. she is trying to bring the shock value and shes just making herself look like a washed up country skank who can't even sing, the only reason she is famous is bc her father was at one time many years ago famous. she needs to take it down a notch and remember what made her famous in the first place, and that was being LITTLE GIRLS 'heroes not a stanky whore rolling in a bed in her underwear humping everything she can. shes trying to remain relevant by skanking herself up, too bad it still isn't working.

  81. 81

    i love her & i liked the video. she's a very pretty girl & i will be glad when she is 18 so people STFU about her.

  82. 82

    Re: VGirl – glad someone else noticed

  83. 83

    I think if she's still a Disney star then she shouldn't be doing videos like this, if she isn't than what she does in her videos is up to her and her fan base should be growing up with her.
    But if she's still Hannah Montana and coming out with new songs under that name she has to watch what she does in both areas.

  84. 84

    Britney Spears was her age when she came out. I feel bad for pop stars that grow up in the spot light in front of the crazy media we have. We become such hypocrites..

  85. 85

    and the song grew on me.

  86. 86

    Well I don't like Mylie. I think she is full of shit and is just trying to find new ways to escape her teenie bopper persona. She is just trying to pull a Britney. I mean first she starts fighting with paps, and now she is trying to act like a vixen when to me she looks ridiculous. The beat got me in the beginning, but seeing her sitting on the tub, then hearing the words… I was over it. She looked like a wobbly bony legged hooker. She is full of it and she needs to come to the understanding she is done.

  87. 87

    so….despite the underwear, I don't think she is attractive in this video. it seems a little silly. did ke$ha do her hair?

  88. 88

    Mature for her age? Lol… all 17 year olds act like this. The mature ones are the ones that realize you don't have to be an attention whore, because that only attracts dickheads.

  89. 89

    perez! like 5 seconds ago you were anti-miley, and now you seem like you are all for her! pleaaaase just decide if you like her or not.

  90. 90

    I'm sorry but Miley is not sexy in anyway I never thought she was that pretty to begin with and to honest because she is a disney star that video is a little creep.

  91. 91

    Miley = ZZZZZZZZ

    Been a million just like her in the past and will be a million more just like her in the future.

  92. 92

    This video is what is referred to as hairography. The reason why Mylie Cyrus and other questionable pop tarts have to result to such obvious self explotation is because they are void of any real talent. All the gyrating and scantily clad outfits doesn't overshadow her lack of talent.

  93. 93

    Re: erinlovesRPATTZ – You know what everyone does in your high school? BULLSHIT. People hide things VERY well, sweetie. Oh, and they make up these things called rumors too.

    You should experience the real world outside of your little bubble.

  94. 94

    Re: fracture – LOL that was funny!

  95. 95

    i loved the video its cleaner than ur average teenager

  96. 96

    I don't think this video is TOO sexy. First of all, she may have built her career on the "backs of young girls" but damn, she was like 14. Miley is growing up, she's about to be 18. I mean, look at Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears (because they are the only 2 in this category I can think of at this moment). Baby… One More Time and other songs from her first album were definitely different than let's say "Toxic", "Slave 4 U" etc. Same for XTina, big jump from "Genie in a Bottle" to "Dirrty". So, she's growing up… leave her alone! It's called life. I know I've changed a whole lot since I was 14, especially now being 22. Let her do her.

  97. 97

    I don't get the scenes with that thing on her head…

  98. 98

    Mileys soon going to be 18, shes no longer on hannah montana let her move on and be a mature girl. she isnt doing anything wrong by acting older, let her express herself its who she is accept it. if you dont want your young kids watching/listening to her then dont let them. miley has an older stable fan base that ranges from 16-21. who are LIKING her more mature side :)

  99. 99

    Oh puhleeze…How many young celebs are photographed with white powder around their noses, or falling out of clubs totally drunk even though they're underaged, or showing off their crotches for all the world to see? To our knowledge Miley has not done any of those things and she seems to have led a pretty clean life so far. Is she getting a little more racy than her days as a Disney princess? Of course but the girl is almost 18. I'd be more concerned if she was still acting like she was 12. Let's cut her some slack and allow her to find her way as she completes her transition from girl to woman. I think she's done a good job so far.

  100. 100

    Can't say it's too sexsy, but this is the wave for furture for the entire clan. Godd,holsom will only play so long. Look for other Cyrus clan to follow.

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