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Simon And Cheryl NOT Feuding!!

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Guess Simon Cowell isn't such a meanie after all!

Despite reports that Simon and fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Tweedy were feuding over contestant Gamu Nhengu, Simon is setting the record straight:

"No. Cheryl and I haven’t had a fight, yet!

And I certainly couldn’t tell her what to do even if I wanted to. We are helping Gamu and her family as much as possible and have lawyers working with her lawyers, not because we have to but because I really feel for their situation, and that’s outside of the show.

We were unaware there would be any problem with her visa until this week."

Contestant Gamu was a viewer's favorite, but rumors were swirling that Simon ordered Cheryl to not pick her because she had deportation issues. However, Cheryl is saying that it was her own decision to get rid of Gamu, even though she was "sad" about what happened. She continued:

"I just want to set the record straight and tell everyone that the three girls I have chosen to take through to the live shows were chosen by me and Will, and the final choice was, and always is, my decision.

I understand completely why everybody felt so strongly towards Gamu. I thought she was great too, like all eight girls. But what the public saw was an edited version of what the audition process actually involves.

It is always a tough decision and for me personally, the part I enjoy the least. I would have loved to take all of the girls.

I was not aware of Gamu’s situation outside of the competition and I am incredibly sad for both her and her family. But I have to stress that it did not have any influence over my choice."

Glad Cheryl and Simon remain friends.

What do U think?? Were you a Gamu fan?

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15 comments to “Simon And Cheryl NOT Feuding!!”

  1. 1

    I think Cheryl is a piece of shit… All the judges fell in love with Gamu and her cover of make you feel my love by Adele was unbelievable… X factor made a big mistake getting rid of her for that talentless Cher Lloyd…. Simon needs to get this show together… 2 SNAPS

  2. 2

    So what happened to her angle of blaming the producers for her poor choices? Giess that didn't work and the producers told her to own up to her mistake. (LOL) Chezza is just wishy washy.

  3. 3

    nrhwywi ym ms 46 b

  4. 4

    Personally am glad that Gamu was not chosen. People can't be chosen for their sob-story and hers was massive!! Lots of the other girls had tons of talent and I can't believe Cheryl would be pushed around by anyone. Good riddance xx

  5. 5

    fuck these these british nobodies, people come here to read HOLLYWOOD gossip, not lame british talent shows hosted by people no ones ever even heard of

  6. 6

    Oh who cares. Both her and Cher sucked. None of them would win anyways

  7. 7

    Really who cares…. Who in the hell is Cheryl and why do we care who she is or what she is doing.

  8. 8

    Who cares and who is Cheryl… We want good gossip. This site is becoming boring.

  9. 9

    After last nights performances how can you argue that Cheryl didn't make the right choice putting through Cher and Katie? Yeah I loved Gamu too, but Cheryl had a gut feeling about those two girls and she stuck with it so who can blame her? And all of you who don't know who Cheryl is or don't care about her, I think you might want to start because theres rumors she's coming to America and that she'll be huge.

  10. 10

    Perez, are you Cheryl's press agent in the USA? As an english person, I notice no other USA celebrity sites have even noticed who Cheryl is, let alone writing a daily story on her as you do. Also you support everything she does, including her weak singing and crappy records and slag off Nadine (obviously at Cheryl's whim).

    It is very very transparent!! Try and be objective???

  11. 11

    I think he wants a job on x-factor, hence the butt licking. It is very obvious. Well, shes losing popularity by the day in the uk. I love it when a plan dose'nt come together.

  12. 12

    its a case of cant do right for doing wrong…. i mean if cheryl had put gamu through people would have said that it was so predictable.
    at the end of the day, it was cheryls choice to pick whomever she wanted, i cant believe people really take this kind of thing to heart… nobody has died for gods sake! its a freaking competition!! yes Gamu`s situation is very sad but she cant blame that on a talent show!!

  13. 13

    if only Senoir Simon could stop drooling everytime a young soft lookin' gay boy sings on his stage….

    I can't believe he doesn't just come out of his 'closet'…honey old school gays are over, this ain't Serbia dear..and your businesses won't suffer. COME OUT COME OUT….the drooooooolllllling is rather unattractive and creepy at this point.

    by the way what the heck or who is GAMU ??

  14. 14

    simon likes to drooool over young soft males on his show. As a gay person i find this extremely creepy, considering he has declared himself straight. Hardly straight Simon. What the hell is a Gamu ray?

    I just say Simon play the real Game, not Gamu, it is Game…boy have some gay game, and stop the creepy drooling over naive young males …..seriously when is THAT book coming out.

  15. 15

    Is'nt that photo from last year?