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Pay Up, Screech! Saved By The Bell Alum Facing Foreclosure AGAIN!

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dustin diamonds house faces foreclosure saved by the bells screech

We bet you're seriously beating yourself up over not doing that Saved By The Bell reunion photoshoot now, huh buddy?!

Samuel Screech Powers was a pretty smart guy, but Dustin Diamond seems to be as clueless as they come, at least when it comes to his finances. For the third time in five years, his house is facing foreclosure. In this most recent filing by Wells Fargo, the bank claims Dustin owes them $278,309 since May of this year. As this is the third time the property has faced foreclosure, the bank wants to make it a done deal and recoup their losses by kicking Screech to the curb.

So far, no word or statement from Dustin, but really, what is there to be said? (Other than "Please someone pay me to do something???)

Poor guy!

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16 comments to “Pay Up, Screech! Saved By The Bell Alum Facing Foreclosure AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    What happened to all his porn money? . . . He is such an angry person!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I don't think those t-shirts he sold that one time to help him get money will help him this time around. I think everyone realizes what a douchebag he is now, and I can't imagine anyone giving him a dime. With all his antics on those fitness shows, the porn tape, etc, I don't think anyone will have any sympathy for him. I sure as hell don't. Learn how to spend you money wisely, dude.

  4. 4

    I sure as hell won't be buying a "Save Screech's House" tshirt THIS time!

  5. 5

    I never liked this guy. NEVER!! When he was on Celebrity Fit Club he threatened law suits all over the place. The guy is just not nice or humble. How on earth he is broke is beyond comprehension, but honestly I don't care. I would, however love to see him on a new Vh1 Surreal Life if they ever make it and have someone there to punch the living crap out of this turd.

  6. 6

    Get a job loser. Everyone else has to work, why should he get a handout? Pathitic little jew.

  7. 7

    lol why not just live in an apartment if you can't afford a house

  8. 8

    Poor Guy??? Really why do you feel bad for a piece of garbage like him? He has made money and he still cant pay his house bill than he deserves to live on the streets. No I dont feel bad for him he is worthless and should fade into oblivion.

  9. 9

    Re: QuirkyFuzzball – It was dumb to buy them the first time.

  10. 10

    It must not be easy having a face like that. I'm sure Perez understands

  11. 11

    The guy is a dick. The first time I heard him on the radio crying about his house, I went on his website to check out the t-shirts. What do I see on there? An ad to buy foreclosures. So he doesn't want to lose his house, but he'll help it happen to others. Fuck him.

  12. 12

    He lives in Port Washington, get a job in Milwaukee its not that hard!! I got a picture of me in front of his house its not like its huge or anything!

  13. 13

    And PS maybe he should stop going to the bar Foxxys in Port Washington and blowing all of his money!

  14. 14

    He is not a "poor guy" except that he has no money. He deserves to be bankrupt. He is a terrible, terrible person and an absolute jerk.

  15. 15

    Three words Dustin: Gay For Pay. Nail a few blond bottoms and get yourself back on track.

  16. 16

    Who fucking cares. He's an angry LOSER!!!