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More GaGa In Greece!

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And it's getting insane!

Watch Greek news coverage about Lady GaGa's visit to their fine country.

The photogs are so aggressive that her bodyguard picks her up in order to run away from the press.

Stay safe, honey!

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34 comments to “More GaGa In Greece!”

  1. 1

    Wow, they are filming her feet…really? Are they that interested in her? Thats kinda creepy

  2. 2

    No one was being aggressive! Bitch doesn't know how to walk in such high heels!!!

  3. 3

    Damn, she's the biggest star in the world.

  4. 4

    I love her, but why did they cover her arse with the shirt? If she's going out dressed like that why bother trying to cover her up?! It seems as though they only picked her up to keep her arse covered as well.
    I know this is going to stink of hypocrisy cos I use this site, but I fucking hate it when Paparazzi just don't get that people don't want their photos taken at that time, I don't see why being a celebrated performer entitles people to see every inch of their non-performing life.

  5. 5

    Well, i know that it might be a shocker but Greek people aren't obsessed with Gaga or that much interested for her.I'm Greek, that's why i know that.
    The footage is taken from Star Channel, a greek channel that is specialized in gossip and such things. This is their usual way of making a news report.
    They are annoying as hell, but not aggressive.Not in the least.

    Besides, Mykonos isn't exactly the place to walk on heels.

  6. 6

    Lady Gaga will be the celebrity that finally changes the LAWS regarding celebrity stalking, because come on let's face it, that is exactly what is happening. She is not a piece of meat! We (her fans) love her enough to NOT want to see thousands of photos of her and having her being stalked to sell magazines, etc.
    We will all come to realize that there needs to be MUTUAL RESPECT between our artist and their public. Leave her be. Let her create and have her artistic experience without the constant badgering and invasion. The aggressive photographers are now influencing her perceptions and her art will become about THEM and not about her experience of the more intimate details of humanity and the human experience. We are all to blame for this, but we can also be the healing that needs to occur.

  7. 7

    I think they are covering her u because that might be a new clothing item for something secret! I love you gaga

  8. 8

    lmao-it'd be funny if the bodyguard wouldve busted his ass. sorry, it's true.

  9. 9

    why is she soooo shy??? whatever…

  10. 10

    That guy is huge…maybe if she didn't have those 6 inch heels on she could run a little faster!..lol…and uh oh it's that crazy guy again…

  11. 11

    And if that was Mariah you'd call her a diva.

  12. 12

    Honey, when you walk around backstreets in greek islands it is unacceptable to wear high heels! Only chic flat sandals, like the way Jackie O and princess Soraya used to walk around these islands. Anything else is trash.

  13. 13

    I lo-lo-LOVE gaga
    but there were days when miley cyrus was pissed off by paparrazi and you insult her for that…but gaga wasn't really friendly to…and he isn't a paparazzi either
    he's a reporter…;)
    I don't want to say it's wrong of gaga…i mean i would be angry too if someone follows be all the time…but don't blame miley for the same thing BITCH!

  14. 14

    What's so insane or aggressive? It looked like she just couldn't walk in those ridiculous heels. I'd hate to be her…money or no money. It's not worth the exhausting effort to keep up that fake freaky facade.

  15. 15

    Where are the paps? Have you ever seen Britney/Jamie Lynn "Get the F out of the Neighborhood?" I have more paparazzi than this, I think. Perez, you are supposed to be her friend, but it makes her look stupid when you promote her saying, "World Domination," when that's clearly Madonna blueprint 101, and it was original when she said it. It looks like you can't stand her when you show a video of her running to her save her life from reports who are nowhere in site. She is no danger of them even getting a good photo, as the only one in the video is behind her. Is it a joke, because, first, I love you, dude, but second, this stuff works to discredit her rather than promoter her. And she's your wifey glowstick sister wonder twin.

  16. 16

    why is she running away from her fans??

  17. 17

    Re: KiiTTyCat19

  18. 18

    he waz just covering her she didnt knw and plus i dnt blam her cuz she waz walking fast and it prob up her azz lol bt i love gaga and to BreeNYC hello she cn walk in steletos k iam sure u couldnt so bck the fuck off k i would like 2 c u do wat she doez k well anywayz iam sure she loved tht ride lol i wonder whoz idea tht waz well her body gaurd is strong so yha lil monster

  19. 19

    Lady Gaga is a household name in Greece. Fact. Even my grandma knows Gaga. Also, it was so stupid of hers to wear high heels in Myconos, its one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world and it s well known it s the place for tradition greek flat sandals. That's chic, the rest is trash. She made a huge fashion mistake there that showed ignorance. Also greek paparazzis are not agressive like american ones but they def do a good job or at least better that rest of the world. Gaga didnt know that. Actually this channel is the only one that managed to show footage of Madonnas concert, live when she was rehersing with a hidden camera. U get it.

  20. 20

    Yawn. Can we all just get over her already. Eck.

  21. 21

    Greek people don't obsess over Gaga. Most are not really interested in her.
    It was NOT crazy with the "photogs" nor did it get insane.
    In Greece, we only have one "trash channel" from which the footage you are watching came from.
    In Greece, we also do NOT have paparazzi's. just a couple of crazy reporters that work for the above chanel.
    Nobody was chasing her. It was just one reporter with his camera man lol

  22. 22

    yeah and I don't understand why she was acting this way.
    she screams about her little monsters but fans were saying just hello and she was ignoring everyone.
    It was really not that crazy. Nor do we obsess over celebrities like americans do.

  23. 23

    shut up perez it happens to all celebriry. so watch madonna videos in greece for example. she barely can get of street. all the papz and fans all over her.

  24. 24

    Re: LoveLoveLoveisallyouneed – ahaha delusional. check madonna videos in all europe or japan and u see madness. she droped to the floor cause there were so many fans.
    madonna is the biggest star ever. gaga sucks. noone cares dear.

  25. 25

    Re: Søtíяis Bacàlis – so what. europe hates gaga. in my country her show isnt sold out. madonna came here 2 years ago and she performed for 75 thousand ppl and everytime M comes to europe its madness. all the press and all her fans around her all the time. i dont get why the hell perez shows that!! its for gaga fans think shes the best? everybody knows madonna, everybody. gaga is delusional that thinks she is madonna. ppl still crazy for M even after 30 years. noone will crazy for gaga in 30 years. she cant even sell out her tickets. M is the most

    face it.popular ever. gaga is like brit. if brit went to greece it would be like that

  26. 26

    greece like europe doesnt care about gaga. its a small part of population that is there,. if it was madonna like happened last year ppl were around M all the time. M is queen everywhere. shes like god when she arrives in europe or south america or asia.its insane.

  27. 27

    omg this is nothing compared to the amount of paps and people who follow britney around. seriously gaga and perez ur so dumb and teaming up with each other for publicity is even dumber

  28. 28

    as much as i adore LADY GAGA.. ( I LIKED HER BEFORE YOU PPL EVEN KNEW WHO SHE WAS.. ?) SHE GETS ALL THIS CREDIT FOR BEING UNIQUE .. but the moment i saw her i imediatly thought .. wow SHE is alot like MADONNA , GRACE JONES,ELTON JOHN, LINA MORGANA, ROSIN MURRPHY, CHRISTINA AGUILERA.. AND OTHERS …ALL ROLLED UP IN ONE .. COOL I THOUGHT .. but now that you all think that she is so original.. that she INVENTED the FART… i am begining to lose my taste for her… you idiots who say that christina copies gaga.. need to get your heads outta your asses and go back and re think why you have become such lemmings .. and waggoneers.. (jumping onto the band waggon ) of the latest hot fad.. and realize the truth you ?(christina ) cant be copying some1 else (gaga) when you were doing your own controversial thing .. long before (gaga) ever decided she wanted to become a singer /artist.. after watching … christina , rosin , grace jones and elton john.. on tv.. .. btw .. when steffani germ.. was a privallage manhattan.. prep school girl .. going to school with the likes of NIKKI HILTON.. and other privallaged shool brats.. CHRISTINA WAS DOING HER WIERD THANG in videos like Fighter … WHILE STEFFANI WATCHED AND DREAMED OF DOING THE SAME THANG .. ON TV..

  29. 29

    .. also steffani was hired to write songs for LINA MORGANNA who dressed alot like GAGA does today with all the wigs and wird clothes and LINA had the EXACT SAME STYLE OF MUSIC , DANCE , AND SINGING STYLE AS WELL AS FASHION SENSE.. as gaga does today.. just so you know … steffani became GAGA LESS THAN 1 MONTH AFTER .. LINA MORGANNA ALEDGEDDLEY JUMPED TO HER DEATH..! before that stepphani was brunette boing average dresser like you and me .. SEEMS SHE STOLE LINA MORGGANA IDENTITY … TOO.. DID ANY1 QUESTION STEFFANI's WHERABOUTS WHEN LINA SUPPOSSEDLY "JUMPED " TO HER DEATH .???

  30. 30

    I am from greece and I saw this interview on star channel, he is a star

  31. 31

    Re: MadonnaLive – seriously kid, we get it: you're a teen who's a madonna freak but actually knows nothing of her past, you hate gaga though you obsess over her on her posts, and you're immature and ignorant as fuck.

    now STFU.

  32. 32

    You should never ever ever, -no matter how glamorous you might be, wear heels on a Greek island.You'll just end up walking barefoot, or in our case being carried…
    What did she expect? that she would walk around without being recognised?? I mean she who she is… The guy following her around is from a tv channel that mostly deals with gossips and celebs.. he is really annoying but not just with Lady gaga, he does it all the time with everyone! He would stalk a dog if that were the case. They have been banned to send reporters to the Eurovision song contest for that reason… But i didn't find it aggressive at all..
    What do you think ppl? that Greece doesn't have a clue about Hollywood? Of course we know each and every one of you! so beware :P
    At the end of the video the guy says that she went to dine in his restaurant where coincidentally, a wedding reception was taking place. She saw the photographers and bailed! So, who's acting crazy now? right? Anyway she's awesome! If you want a translation just say the word. ;)

  33. 33

    The reason for covering might be the fact that her Born this way tattoo is not there. Can not see it in the shop either.

  34. china says – reply to this


    please someone give us a law to throw ugly skanks like this off our beautiful continent. for a caca-free europe!