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So Sassy!!!

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Love THIS!!!
Love THIS!!!
Love THIS!!!

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One comment to “So Sassy!!!”

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    great another .. generic wanna be pop star .. that is auto tuned.. like we NEED ANOTHER ONE OF THEM.. how can this be. that really honest to goodness great singers like CHRISTINA AGUILERA , ARETHA, ETTA JAMES, and WHITNEY.. are getting left behind in the dust of music industry .. fodder.. of auto tuned PERFORMERS like trahy kei$ha , katy, britney, well ok brit is a great performer but she wont sing to save her life… and katy is cute so people like looking at her and she sings really off key but does so in a fun way that we forgive her for . but what happened to real singers real music real tallent.. they are getting lost in hollywod music fodder the dumbing down of society has gotten so low… that we have come to accept lame assed hacks the likes of Kie$ha . as the correct dirrection popular music should be taking so industry executives are looking for those types of "artist "… (i use that term losely)… to back instead of true artistic ingenues like CHRISTINA AGUILERA, PRINCE , and new newest upcoming versions of them..

    trully a very sad comentary .. on the direction of popular music.