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X Factor Contestant Facing Deportation Afraid Of What Her Former Government Will Do To Her If She Returns!

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Poor thing! This has become such a mess!

Recently eliminated X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu, whose family is currently facing deportation from Scotland, reportedly has to fear for her life if she returns to Zimbabwe because of the attention her noteriety brings to the government!

She explains:

"I've been in the public eye now and people there know I've fled Mugabe's regime. They will punish us if we go back. They're going to know where we are. There's a firing squad waiting for us there and they're putting me in front of it. I'm a total mess. People want to know if I'm OK - well, I'm definitely not OK. I don't understand. I'm a good person, what have I done to deserve this? I feel so responsible I have put my family through all this. My two brothers have had to be kept out of school because they are so upset and it's all my fault. If I hadn't applied for the X Factor none of this would ever have happened."

Just awful. We can't imagine she could have anticipated all of this when she signed up for the competition!

Meanwhile, despite support from fans and her lawyer attempting to appeal the forced deportation, Labour leader Ed Miliband doesn't think anything can be done for Nhengu.

He explains:

"I feel very sorry for Gamu but I think you do have to have the proper rules enforced, you can't make an exception for someone because she was on the X Factor, so I think the authorities have to make their own decisions in the normal way."

What an incredibly difficult position to be in! Our hearts really go out to you, bb, and hopefully something can be done to help you and your family!

Please try and keep your chin up!

Your presence on X Factor touched so many people, and they are all rooting for you!

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23 comments to “X Factor Contestant Facing Deportation Afraid Of What Her Former Government Will Do To Her If She Returns!”

  1. 1

    Why did she go on the X-factor when she wasnt in the country legally? If she didnt want to be noticed why go public? Sounds like she thought she would get an exception.

  2. 2

    There is no firing squad waiting for them … the girl is just full of it.
    Their visa was denied because her mother was claiming benefits she wasn't entitled to.
    This has been blown way out of proportion because everybody loves an underdog and they are afraid of being labelled as racists.

  3. 3

    I love this! Teacher says, every time an illegal alien gets deported an angel gets his wings.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Well if they let her stay they will have to change the rules for everyone and well that isnt fair and everyone that comes from a poor place say if they get sent back they will be shot well that just isnt true they just want to get a vote to stay and i think if you are willing to try and stay on a visa that has run out go back and face the music your not really going to get shot!

  6. 6

    I'm pretty sure she knew what she was getting into by going on a hit TV show. Deport her, I could care less what the consequences are - she knew them before she tried out!

  7. 7

    Follow the rules of the country you are entering and stuff like this wont happen. Why people feel the rules don't apply to them is beyond me. And above all - at least respect the country you are fleeing to.
    I know she is talented and is on "Wow" Factor but there are many others facing the same thing because they didn't follow rules. Plain and simple. No special treatment should be afforded,

  8. 8

    who fucking cares? get the fuck out of my country you immagrant!

  9. 9

    these illegals. they always have a sob story. why? cause it usually works on weak liberal suckers who dont foot the bill anyway.

    its a country of laws girl.

    next time plop a few babies out on the publics dime and cry that they are going to separate you from you anchor babys. that one works well over here…..

  10. 10

    If they actually fled Mugabe's regime, they should have been in the UK on an asylum seeker's visa. Her mother shouldn't have claimed benefits she wasn't entitled to!!!
    I came to the UK legally and paid my (ridiculously high) visa fees and followed the rules. WHY should these benefits thieves get to stay when people like myself followed the rules, paid taxes and didn't claim benefits?!?
    Scotland doesn't deport people, the UK does, Mario.
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – The only thing we agree on is immigration, Eldridge.
    Re: LetttyB – Yes, but the USA-UK border is a bit difficult to cross.

  11. 11

    sound like BS. And we cannot just let anyone in the country. theres not enough work for people as it is and theres too many of them as it is

  12. 12

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – LOL If we can find common ground on the issue of illegal immigration, well, that's all it takes for you to be a pal o' mine. Take care :)

  13. 13

    Go Gamu! i support you and really hope the firing squad isnt true, but ive worked with immigration and stuff like that definitely happens.

    Hope it gets sorted soon!

  14. 14

    Re: Babycakes!!! – she was legal at the time but her visa just ran out.

  15. 15

    Re: Mancunian – Stop defending her. Her mother claimed benefits she wasn't entitled to!
    Every immigrant being deported claims they'll be murdered when they return home. Unfortunately, when they make those claims, immigration has to delay their deportation and investigate their claims.
    Re: bobo99 – We don't do anchor babies here, thank goodness! And I'm a liberal who is pissed off at people like this that steal my tax money.

  16. Dov says – reply to this


    Ilegal IS ilegal no matter who you are, See ya……

  17. 17

    When I saw this story, I wondered why she hadn't filed for asylum if her family's lives were in danger, but reading on further I guess they came on a legal visa, it expired, and they didn't follow protocol? I'm not sure I fully understand the situation, but I think I understand why she's speaking the way she is - either for legal reasons to stay in the UK or public sympathy. One way or another, there's no way she'll be killed if she goes back - if the regime is so concerned about PR that they would kill her for leaving, they certainly wouldn't kill her for coming back with all the media attention on her… I'm probably missing key points, because I've never stayed in a foreign country on a visa.

  18. 18

    Oh my you people are so heartless! I would love for one of you people privileged enough to be born in the UK to be put in her position. Gamu please come to America!

  19. 19

    A lot of you are extremely ignorant. Firstly, as it stands she is not in the UK illegally. Her mother applied for a student visa to study in Scotland, which is currently coming to an end. They've had the request to renew the Visa declined. They are entitled to appeal against this decision. Zimbabwe is an extremely volatile country with very different opinions on what is acceptable compared to the West. You can understand Gamu's concern now that she has had some press and attention- she's only a young girl after all.

  20. 20

    Re: miss_who1 – Finally, someone with sense comments on this thread.

  21. 21

    Re: miss_who1 – Her mother's visa came to an end a few months ago, if it was just a simple case of forgetting to update the visa there would not be a problem. However, her mother has claimed thousands of pound of benefits that she was not legally entitled to. If you can not live by the rules of a country and steal from the very country that has given you a chance in life then you should have to deal with the consequences..
    I do empathise with how the young girl feels as zimbabwe is not a nice country but her mother knew full well what she was doing, stealing money from us hard working people that dont get a penny back. Why should she be allowed to take all my money?

  22. Mynah says – reply to this


    Re: miss_who1 – Unfortunately you are the ignorant one. You act as if you even know where Zimbabwe is. Maybe try googling articles from the Southern African region regarding Gamu. You will discover that yes Zimbabweans are pretty irratated with Gamu - not because she wants to live in the UK? But because she threw the country under the bus to achieve that goal. Mugabe and his cronies don't give a noodle about Gamu. She and her parents are just citizens of that country not political opponents.

    Most amusing is the firing squad she keeps crying about while her mother drives a Rover, goes on shopping sprees and smiling at the papparazzi. Meanwhile back in Zimbabwe her grandparents are being told by Gamu and her family that they are being deported because the Brits are racist.

    Gamu's mother was given a visa for herself and the children so she could study nursing in the UK on a scholarship so that these needed skills could be brought back to the impoverished nation. Gamu and her mother are now living in the spotlight and have no intent of actually going nursing in Zimbabwe, so Gamu cries like a beggar in Central Park for an extension of their visa.

    Gamu is more likely to win an Oscar than a Grammy!

  23. 23

    I was born and bred in Zimbabwe, there's no firing squad - she's lying through her teeth! If you do something wrong you have to live with the consequences.