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The Situation Is The "Best Partner" Karina Has Ever Had, Says Karina

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Take that Aaron Carter… and Mario Lopez… and Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

Seems the producers at DWTS did an excellent job of pairing contestants this year, as Karina Smirnoff is proving to be an excellent match for The Situation.

She's learned to pump his ego like no other!

Even though they were voted last in the competition last night, Karina told sources this morning that the guido is ranking as her "best partner ever."

And we can't tell if she's serious or not! She told sources:

"Honestly, I'm having such a blast this season. I'm trying things with Mike that I would never even attempt to try with anyone else. Definitely the best partner ever. I would never ask for anyone different."

Really? Was she watching the same show we were last night? (Check out their performance above!)


P.S. - Tune in next week when they do the pachanga to Drake's Best I Ever Had!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “The Situation Is The "Best Partner" Karina Has Ever Had, Says Karina”

  1. 1

    I smell sex.

  2. 2

    Just because he cant dance doesn't mean he is a bad partner. He seems to be really trying hard and is sincere in wanting to know the steps. At least he is willing to try and has a great attitude. A lot of people wold just give up. So they may not win but it seems like they are having fun together and he seems like a very sweet guy. At least he isnt as boring and uptight as Bristol good lord she needs to lighten up!

  3. 3

    She IS a teacher and HE has progressed the past four weeks. He may not be a good dancer but, like him or not, he gets KUDOS for the effort!!!

  4. 4

    wtf was wrong with that?? that wasnt too bad it was actually pretty decent && it looked like he was trying

  5. 5

    Look at the way she FLIRTS with him during rehearsal…I have a feeling that when she said he's the "best partner" she's had, she wasn't referring to DANCING!!

  6. 6

    I like The Situation the way they did that 360 blew my mind. I mean they did jumps and everything and the judges still wwere not happy. I hope he makes back for next week. He is trying hard.

  7. 7

    Re: Paris France – *were

  8. 8

    I think he is giving it his all. He gets an A for effort.

  9. 9

    His dances are ENTERTAINING. He has no dance experience but you cannot stop watching the performance because you do not want to miss what he will do next. The LIFTS WERE AMAZING!!! The judges were really bitchy last night.

  10. 10

    …I lost faith in humanity once a guido started getting paid to erm be a guido and actually became famous due to it. I also loved how idiotic magazines and what not was giving Bristol Palin thousands..for just having a kid at a decently young age..but now this girl is a celebrity solely because her BIMBO mom (seriously the girl is legally mentally handicapped.) ran for governor all because she was decent looking so Hollyweird picked up on her, which made her career thanks to 75% of America's obsession with celebrities..No wonder the middle east wants us to die in a fire.

  11. 11

    I saw more acrobatics than real tango, she moved her feet more than what he accompanied her with the feet. But then again, tango is a truly hard dance, overall for those who dont know how to dance or are starting, I think he did ok for what the "coreography" was, at least he didnt look ridiculous and seemed to effort.

  12. 12

    Does Karina have it in her contract with DWTS that she only hooks up with gay men? I mean Mario, Aaron, Maks? Come on, all closet cases!

  13. 13

    So they smushed, right?

  14. 14

    Too Smart you are right on the $$$$$$$$$$. And now the brain dead, unattractive, no talent Guido. The man had NO sense of rhythm, a very pigeon toed left foot, and the worst attitude. This guy really thinks he is a celeb., WTF is that about? His 15 minutes is way overdue, just go AWAY, please!!!!