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Mischa Barton Lashes Out At Fearne Cotton!

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Mischa Barton is apparently livid over the way she was portrayed during her appearance on Fearne Cotton's show, and is now lashing out at the British TV personality!

She says:

"I think Fearne Cotton's show is a joke and she's a joke. I can't hear Fearne's name without seeing red. I wish I hadn't done it and that's bad because there are enough misconceptions about me in the press. She's got nothing to lose if she makes a more salacious story, she's only got everything to gain. I just find her messed up, to be honest. Fearne never let on that she was irritated about waiting. She acts like everything's so great and she loves you and they cut it together and make it seem like it was a terribly painful experience for them. I don't want to start a feud with her, it's not worth it to me. She likes the fame, it doesn't affect her like it affects the people she's documenting."

Sorry, bb, but that's the risk you take when you sign up to do a show like that!

And we doubt that Fearne could have spinned it THAT much - in fact, we think that you're just mad that she didn't spin it in your FAVOR!

Sour grapes!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Mischa Barton Lashes Out At Fearne Cotton!”

  1. 1

    Does she honestly think Fearne edits the show?

  2. 2

    Fearne Cotton is a bitch and has no tallent. Everyone who has seen the show or heard of her antics knows this. Perez, shut up about things you have no idea about!

  3. 3

    perhaps if she didn't keep fearne waiting for several hours outside her front door, she may have come off better in the documentary. first rule for looking good - don't be a dick.

  4. onid says – reply to this


    Why was she even on a show? What has she done?

  5. malko says – reply to this


    Having watched the show when it was screened in the UK, Mischa did come across as being terrible with time keeping. How come Mischa is only complaining now about the show when it was aired back in September?

  6. 6

    She should just be happy some one gave her work. What has she done since the OC except get fat?

  7. 7

    What the hell kind of name is Fearne???? Is it like Fern? Why on earth would anyone name their child Fear ne? Dumbasses. I also don't know who any of these two are.

  8. 8

    For those of you who haven't watched the show here's what happened:
    Fearen had flown all the way to La to make a documentry about Mischa Barton (like Mischa Barton is really that important). She also spent time with her in London for few days shooting the show (Fearne and Mischa).

    Now this arrogant nobody, Mischa Barton, acted for the whole show like she's doing someone a favour and as if she's minimum the president of the USA.

    What Mischa Barton is angry about is that throghout the whole show the viewers could see what a dumb bitch she really is.

    On each and every scheduled interview and meetup she kept Fearne waiting for hours and hours. She left her standing outside her house for hours while she was inside and pretended like she wasn't in. She left Fearne standing for hours in some corner of the garden while she was re doing her makeup, for hours. And the viewrs simply saw what a pompous nobody that Mischa Barton really is so of course she would not be happy about it.

    With fairness, when Fearne did the show about Perez he was much more friendly, let her in everywhere into his life (and his bed) and didn't act like a snob.

  9. 9

    oh wow hehe mischa isn't the smartest girly around is she? fearne has more talent and charm in her little finger than mischa barton can hope for… what i dont get is why fearne asked her to do the show in the first place? its not as if mischa barton is relevant at all now is she?

  10. 10

    I watched the show and loved it , however yes the timekeeping of mischa was appalling, she should be glad of the publicity though, i loved her in OC and dont remember her in anything else since, apart from a dodgy horror film on the horror channel the other night. Fearne is great and all her shows were brilliant especially the Perez one !

  11. 11

    i love mischa, i feel so bad for her the way people and the press can't stop harassing her and calling her "fat" (if she's "fat" then the majority of women out there are whales, wtf??!) - she' gorgeous and she's perfectly lovely. ignore them, mischa - seriously. they don't know you and they never will. fuck 'em!

  12. 12

    Sour Grapes indeed! I watched the show and Mischa did come across as annoying to be honest, she was rude making Fearne wait so long just to see her, when it comes down to it it's just about having good manners that's all plain and simple. Mischa also came across as being incredibly focused on being seen as this bohemian cool girl, but it was all a tad bit too try hard if you know what I mean? That's just the impression I personally got anyway. I've quite enjoyed the 'Fearne and…' series, although the Paris Hilton eps was a bit kiss arse to be honest, other than that I think Fearne is fab I love 'Celebrity Juice' especially Rufus Hound and Fearne together! Keith Lemon is hilarious just my kinda random humour!

  13. 13

    the only reason it doesnt 'affect her like the people she's documenting' is because she isn't a bellend like you. you loved the press when it was all in your favour but the second you fucked up you hated it. can't have it both ways.
    and it's not that she loves the fame and span it to suit her, just look at the first series and other peoples. show up and then there is no 'misconception'

  14. 14

    SPUN - not spinned.
    Learn English.

  15. 15

    Well I'm not surprised it has taken Mischa this long to complain about it…judging by the pace she goes at in life. 4 hours to do her make up and answer the door and a further hour to re-do her make up? Several days to call back people particularly people she had agreed to do an interview with and who had flown all the way to LA for that purpose. I doubt her phone is ringing of the hook with film/tv offers. She can't be THAT busy to return a call.

  16. 16

    Is this Fearne Cotton woman trying to become the next Martin Bashir or something?

  17. 17

    its not fearnes fault. she wouldnt exactly say it to her face either would she. i love mischa but she did keep fearne waiting a hell of a long time. no one should agree to do a show then just not turn up cause of course i mean it wastes money and time. like i say, love the girl but she needs to realise that it was partly her doing.