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A Very Important Announcement From Perez

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In case you missed it…

Please watch the heartfelt, sincere video above in its entirety.

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689 comments to “A Very Important Announcement From Perez”

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  1. 101

    just read all the comments AND LET ME JUST SAY THIS::::




  2. 102

    Growing up, I always heard "Be the example, not the exception." Sometimes, we get slapped with a mirror and realize that we don't like our reflection very much. And some people actually have the balls to change. I live in rural Oklahoma and you are the only gay person I know. You've changed my perspective and my world view about others. And now you can use your influence even more, for a better, brighter future. Don't listen to the doubters, you can do it. You are doing it. Go change the world.

  3. 103


  4. 104

    Great. Now people will complain you're not mean enough. I never thought of Perez as a bully. Sure his comments were sometimes gasp inducing, but my main problem with him was how he held some celebrities to different standards than others. Madonna, GaGa, Bieber, etc. can do no wrong, but if anyone else does the same thing, they get shit for it. Other than that, I only come on this site for entertainment. There's really no need to take it all that seriously.

  5. 105

    Re: Jayinizer – this is the age of positivity! join us!

  6. Emesa says – reply to this


    I think it's great you've decided to take a more mature position on reporting celebrity gossip. I think bullying is something that really needs to be addressed, because it's not OK. Most of us know how it feels to be bullied and it's not pleasant, and in severe cases it can cause a person real harm.
    P.s d'you think you could maybe get your spelling and grammar up to scratch too? Some of your recent posts have been almost illegible.

  7. 107

    If you're being real, good for you. But I personally don't buy what you're saying. You take hypocrisy to a new level; if those suicides didn't touch you're heart, you would still be a huge bully. If it took people killing themselves over this subject for you to realize that hey calling Miley Cyrus "Slutty Cryus" is hurtful, then your a pathetic excuse for a human.
    I think its really ironic you think that you can have a "gossip" website and not think that's bullying in itself. Gossip is a form of bullying (mean girls is a perfect example).

  8. 108

    I'm gonna miss the Old Perez, but I'm especially gonna miss seeing Potatohead :-(

  9. 109


  10. 110

    Hi Perez,

    I've followed your blog for a number of years and have never been compelled to write in until now. I just read about your recent ellen appearance and your promise not to bully and to raise awareness of bullying of young gay teens. I'm not gay or a teen, but at 30yrs old, I still deal with the effects of bullying from a very young age. I commend you for what you are about to embark on. It will be very hard to go against the norm and not be mean and name names. But following what is right has never been easy. I will keep close watch in the coming weeks and months of your progress because us victims are also bullies too (I admit it) and I too plan to in my own life, cease with the negative remarks and name calling. Its a small step but I know you got my back..I got yours.

  11. 111

    I don't normally leave comments but… this is important
    I feel like you've finally gotten it and i really hope you act out on what you said in this video. I used to be a diehard Perez reader but when you started bullying my idol, Christina Aguilera… well… you lost me as a fan. (no pun intended with You Lost Me) You cruelly and purposely tried to bring her down every time you mentioned her. The name Floptina, the mocking, trashing her music - AND YOU USED TO BE FRIENDLY WITH HER! SHE SANG AT YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY! she didn't deserve that treatment. And then as soon as she does a movie with Cher, you jump on the bandwagon and support her. It was very 2-faced and I lost respect for you.

    But this video… you just told me everything I wanted to hear. And I'm not sure if I believe it because it seems to good to be true… (and you used to be an actor)… but i want to believe you. i really do. i think you can be a better person. I think you can inspire OTHER PEOPLE that support and follow you, to be better as well.

    We'll see what the future holds.
    But thank you for making an effort. You're readers, including me, appreciated this video

  12. 112

    Perez! You're awesome and i love u! I never considered u a bully, but i am starting to see that u r making the world a better place. I also love fitperez. i do hope ur still a little bit critical, but only to ppl who can take it ;)
    the nicknames u give r very similar to the uk tabloids, mayb they will change that too?

  13. 113

    Hey Perez,
    I never thought of you as a bully, but I understand and respect your need to change. Bravo to you for wanting to make a "change" in this world…..

    Faithfully, a Perez Hilton Fan :)

  14. 114

    funny how you didn't mention how you are going to stop outing people or pushing them to come out when they are not ready…

  15. Dale says – reply to this


    Hi Perez! i have to say THANK YOU for posting this, you did good! and stop hating on Christina!!

  16. Linda says – reply to this


    So proud of you Perez!

  17. 117

    Another thing Perez. You need to stop writing shit about 5 years old kids. This is a celebrity website. kthx

  18. 118

    Whoa! I never really liked this site because of the reasons perez spoke about on the video, but a friend linked this to me, I think it takes a lot courage to admit things like that and try to change! If its sincere, then you've got another daily reader! xx

  19. 119

    Perez, I must say I'm in shock. This message has heart, maturity and reality to it. I did not expect that from. I will say that at the moment I am taking this idea with hope that you can change your website to a intelligent satire mixed into the celebrity news. You will have to put the actions behind your words. But I will be supporting you as you try, and hope that you come out on top at the other end.

  20. 120

    its funny how you promised tyra that you would stop with children… yea still waiting for that. i wonder how long this is going to last… something huge is going to happen and you'll crack.

  21. 121

    Perez (Mario) after reading the comments, most people are happy with your decision. I am as well and wish you the best. I wil continue to watch and read and let's hope someone else doesn't pick up on the old you and start of website like to old Perez Hilton.

    You have my support.

  22. 122

    I APPRECIATE this, and will come back around now. PLease stick to it, even if you lose popularity to come degree. Being true to yourself is a very powerful and profound thing. I believe your sincerity, and I'm usually quite the skeptic.

  23. 123

    i'm very proud of you perez,i truly believe you and admire you!
    your a great person,best of luck baby=)

  24. 124

    perezal as u know ive been here for years and its not because u called anniston maniston or rumer potatoe head or christina xtina its because u post the most interesting and coolest gossip after all this is a gossip site right!!

    the name calling was just a bonus but i admit ive become alot more caustic myself these last few months i think its the gaga influence and that u become so famous that it went to ur head but now u back!!

    im proud of u and love u or hate u im the former i love perez
    … but dont forget perez is perez u are u and not always perez is u
    if that makes sense

    in true style i am proud of u …. but dont lose anymore weight pleeeeeeese…..

  25. 125

    Okay, ladies and gents let's be nice and give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm one of those people that called you a hypocrite so I'm happy to hear this. Good for you.

  26. 126

    OH BS, we'll see how long this lasts before you are back to your old tricks. The only gay suicide we need now is your own!

  27. 127

    Good for you, Perez. I hope you find the best way to be funny without being boring.

  28. 128

    wow… thx!

  29. 129

    Wow I applaud you. Good for you.

  30. 130

    perez. you are beautiful inside and out. we know you have been bullied and we know sometimes you take things too far with the nicknames, but we know it is innocent. we love you.

  31. 131

    That was awesome. What a beautiful message, and it was well stated. I am a big proponent of personal growth of oneself and of others. You are doing right. Thank you for you. *HUGS*

  32. 132

    OK, cool of you to do this Perez…I'm gonna give you the chance you asked for…Let us see the new Perez…

  33. 133

    oh yes and ur not a bully and never were u were just the fat kid in the weird hoodies (sweat shirt with hood) who was trying to get his site off the ground well guess what it worked!! ur a star act like one

  34. 134

    I applaud your decision - it can be hard to own up to things we do that hurt people, even in the name of fun. Your cred has risen much higher in my book now.

  35. 135

    Retire, please.

  36. 136

    You already announced this on The Ellen Degeneres Show which aired earlier today and already today you trashed and made fun of Kristin Stewart once again, about her possibly saying that as an actress, she's kind of tired of playing the same character. SO WHAT IF SHE IS! You where CLEARLY bullying her again! Seriously, your nasty ass opinion is what you need to stop. Just report what's going on in the world of Entertainment. You're bitter childish bullying opinion is still not needed and never was needed. It truly is sad how much you hate women too. Oh and quite using exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 137


  38. 138

    I still don't beleive big head really created this site, he's just the gayface of it.

  39. 139

    you're so FAKE.

  40. 140

    Perez, thanks so much for this. It takes a good person to realize things like that (we all have something to learn), and especially in front of such a huge audience. I know I will enjoy your site a lot more now. You've always had a unique spirit, which I think is why your site is so popular, and any nastiness honestly just seemed like a distraction from that. Maybe you will be surprised and your traffic will go up. I think it will :)

  41. 141

    Awww perez, I'm soooo glad to see, you are growing up and finaly be a mature person, because I believe, after seeing this video that u have a heart, and i really, appreciate you, it's never to late to change, take care ;)

  42. 142


  43. 143

    You know what, I have been coming to this site for years now, and there have been numerous posts that outraged me, made me smile, laugh, etc.
    and this is the first time something was posted on your site that actually touched me enough to want to create an account here just so I could comment on this. I actually felt that this was sincere and heartfelt, and touched because I know what it's like to have been bullied as a kid, and also to have been depressed.

    Good for you Perez. In all honesty, I used to always think you were a malicious person judging by many of your former posts, but I see I may have misjudged you. Thank you for this video, and I hope many of your younger readers watch this. I hope you continue on your "path of enlightenment" and keep growing as you are. Positivity brings back positivity. So remember that your readers that see this and keep coming back, are coming back for the right reasons.
    Here's to a world filled with more love, acceptance and understanding one day.

  44. 144

    case in point. about 2 weeks ago, Perez said he wasn't going to post any more about gay teen suicides as he didn't want to contribute to the problem. A day or 2 might have gone by before he started posting more suicides.

    it wont last. but way to be an attention whore.

  45. 145

    Is it April fools already? goodbye perez

  46. 146

    And it's not just the gay kids and the goth kids. Think of the Fat kids too. You are always talking about people being fat who aren't anywhere close to fat, and it's insulting. You just need to be nice, Perez.

  47. 147

    Drama queen. But i'll keep reading :]

  48. 148

    Does this mean you're going to stop commenting about politics and forcing your uninformed opinions on your readers, who just want to know about what their favorite actor or actress has been up to? Are you going to stop brutally attacking politicians who you happen to disagree with and kissing the asses of Obama and others that you support? And are you going to stop spewing hate at politicians and their kids (cough cough Megan McCain) who ARE NOT hollywood celebrities and shouldn't even be discussed on a "celebrity gossip" blog? You want to talk politics? Create another site like you did for animal issues (Teddy Hilton) and fashion (Coco Perez) and keep that shit off of here.

  49. 149

    why can't we see the COMMENTS???????? grrrrrrrr

  50. 150

    Very well said Perez! Bravo! I'm about the same age as you and I can truly empathize with you about the changes you feel need to be made.

    Don't listen to all the haters in these comments, they're either too young or too emotionally insecure to understand where this is coming from.

    Best of luck to you Perez!!! xoxoxo

  51. 151

    Glad to hear this.The only traffic you'd lose by cutting out the name-calling are bullies…and good riddance to them. You don't have to be cruel to be entertaining. I'm happy you responded to the criticism. Looking forward to the change.

  52. 152

    I'm really glad you decided to do this. Good for you Perez! everyone deserves a second chance. :)

  53. fogee says – reply to this


    I threw up in my mouth a little when you said "I want to be a dad"

    it's bad enough that gay people want to adopt, but YOU??

    it's not a pet you know.. you can't put pictures of it on a t shirt and sell them on your site.

    you're such a revoltingly shallow person, you just don't realise it yet.

    People can't change one day to the next.

    Remember what you wrote about Michael Jackson when he died, remember what you wrote about brittany Murphy before she died?
    Evan rachel whore? slutty cyrus? floptina?

    You're a fake and you exploit people, disgusting.

  54. 154

    You always seemed so sincere and kind on your videos — but your blogs can get downright nasty. I'm so proud to see your evolution as a human being. I hope it sticks–because I think you would have sooooo many more fans/friends if you were to act how you truly are in life.

    You have our attention–so tell us the dish in the most neutral way possible. Keep it positive, because, you DO have the power to influence others. At the end of the day, everything is about equality. Be the change that you want to see –and people will follow. Good luck and God bless.

    P.S. Your wifey must be sooooo proud:D

  55. 155

    still a liar. Don't believe it for a moment. It's the only game he's got. Once revenue starts going down he'll go back to his ways of bullying and hate. Nobody ever changes that quickly…

  56. 156

    Thank You Perez. In the past I've been a bit ashamed that I do check out your site because its been so mean at times. I think I'll check it out more in the future. Can I say I'm proud of you…

  57. 157

    I support you 100%. I am so inspired by you.

  58. Bboss says – reply to this


    First off I will say, it's about time. I think it's great that you finally are taking a step in the right direction. But it's too sad that you've already done so much damage to youth and adults in the world and were constantly breeding hate and hypocracy. It's truly sad that it took these suicides to make you see how hateful and hurtful and cruel you are. It's like the drunk driver that had 15 DUI's then on the 16th killed a child crossing the street and said, i'm sorry, i'll stop now, i'll never drink and drive again. The damage is already done.
    That said….I hope you stick to this and it's not just a ploy to get attention. I will give you the benefit of doubt and say I wish you my best and hope to God that you stick by your WORDS.

  59. 159

    I'm really glad to hear you say this because I've always thought you were a horrible bully.

    I hope you stick to this decision of yours and that you're able to run your site without making any personal attacks on everyone around you.

  60. 160

    I want to commend you on your recent decision. Sometimes it takes something that you are passionate about (gay bullying) to understand others are suffering in the same way but from different issues. I have always loved reading your site but never understood why you picked on certain people as that is not any different than what you have always wanted for yourself and the gay community. Now that you are well known this is your chance to make a difference and I think you will do that now. Good luck!

  61. 161

    Good for you, Perez! It takes a very big person to admit their wrongs. I believe you are a good person, despite your outrageous persona. It's hard to make a change in this world, but I'll be praying for you :)

  62. 162

    Good for you Perez!~ I'll still visit five times a day!

  63. 163

    that's good, hope it's permanet, we Kristen Stewart fans will be watching you closely.

  64. 164

    I knew there was something more than nastiness….Mario, I would like to say how proud that made me feel listening to your video. How refreshing it is to hear about someone who is willing to stop and be introspective and realize how their behavior affects relationships etc. The fact that you have made yourself accountable, rather than place blame on circumstances or others is very honorable, ethical and moral. Great big hugs to you for owning the part you play!

  65. 165

    Oh Perez, you fell for it!!! There is no reason for you to change anything!!! Celebrities put themselves out there, and being made fun of is just part of the big machine! DON'T BACK DOWN!!! CELEBRITIES DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY'RE GETTING!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME, THEY ARE NOT BEING BULLIED!!! THEY LOVE THE ATTENTION!!!!

  66. binda says – reply to this


    Good on you… I'll still be here.

  67. 6one9 says – reply to this



  68. 168

    Yay Perez/aka Mario- One question though- does this mean no more open letters to lindsay?

  69. 169

    It's about time!! I have been begging for you to be decent human being for a long time. Actually, stopped coming and commenting because you are so evil!! I'm glad, finally you are going to stop calling people names and being a bully. Maybe, you just saved a life! You did just earn back this reader! But, I'm holding you to it and if you mess up, I'm outting you!!

  70. Fizza says – reply to this


    ABOUT TIME! Love the gossip but have always CRINGED at your mean comments about Miley Cyrus, Ali Lohan, Rumor Willis and that girlfriend of Zac Efron.
    In fact I stopped coming here for a long time because of your constant cruel jibes at these young people and others. DONT lose your edge though Perez.
    Most of the stuff you say is very funny and I dont think you will lose hits because you are being HUMANE …AT LAST.

  71. 171

    I think when you apologize to all the celebs you were SO mean to, I will believe you, including Will i am. That would make a believer out of me…but I am definitely watching and will be coming back. Everyone in my family stopped coming to your site, except me, but if you do make this change for real, and don't do "sassy" as you said on Ellen, I'll be a follower for life. Time will tell.

  72. 172

    Right on, man. So much to say to you. Thank you for modeling what transformation can look like. "Being the change" really is just a choice, and if more people made it, the world will naturally be a better place, so thanks for showing people how it's done.

    As a longtime activist for kindness, I'm excited about the possibility your transformation holds for all the people whose lives you're going to touch in the years to come.

    What if, for instance, you started following all the impact celebrities are having in the world through their work with causes? Instead of the f'd up, how about shining a light on all the good impact people are having with their celebrity? Not just dollars raised, but y'know, like wells drilled and schools built and mosquito nets delivered. Tell the stories of celebrities creating change. You'd not only promote those causes, but I'm sure you'd provoke even more celebs to get even more active and engaged for good. Using your superpower for good!

    I'm having a trippy moment writing to you, right now, Perez. As a longtime webgeek and culturewatcher, your success has not caught me by surprise. But as an activist for kindness, I've also had your blog as one of the indicators of what's gone wrong in the world. And now here I am writing to offer my support.

    Rock on, and if you EVER need support around staying true to your purpose, drop me a line.

  73. 173

    This is so great of you. I myself am very proud, and was inspired. The world gives you a big hug right back, man. Big love. :)

  74. 174

    Some people need to shut up and accept your apology and change. Yeah, you were a bully to some but you're trying to make a change and I will give you Mario the benefit of the doubt. Leave the past behind and try to make yourself a better person is all about growing up. Of course we do have to learn about our mistakes but shit some people here are way to critical. I think kids today even in elementary are bullied which makes me sick! I was bullied as a child and it's not a joke. Suicide is not the answer and I hope these kids get help because life is so precious.

  75. 175

    he looks weird, like he's on meth or something. Look at the blotchy looking skin, like his skin is peeling off. Also, very bony looking. Even teeth look weird now.
    Partying with Lindsanity much?

  76. 176

    I think you talk the talk but don't walk the walk. You love to be scandalous and report on trash and this movement is beyond your moral scope. email me personally if I am wrong.

  77. 177

    im not sure if you read your comments, maybe you do.

    i do think that you have been a bully in the past, and things you say are a lot of the times, hypocritical. you have often made jokes and unnecessary comments about people that aren't needed.

    i REALLY hope that you follow through with this.

    i HONESTLY believe that if you STOP making those rude comments your site trafficking will go UP not DOWN. i think a lot of people DONT come to perez because of the things you say and the way you label people.

    not every person is perfect, and im sure you arent a horrible person. i dont hate you or anything but you really dont come off on the best foot for impressions, and thats probally because of the comments you make. im sure in person you are a nice person, not perfect, but no one is. and i know that for a lot of people it is SO much easier to say things on the computer than in real life. everyone does it. you need to get away from the mentality that its okay to say things because its on the internet, surely you would not go up to Jennifer Anniston and call her Maniston, but online you would.

    im sure if you be real and be positive and dont single out people who you dont like, your site will begin to have more viewers. not instantly but once people begin to realize that you have changed.

    so, i really hope you do change and strive away from the negativity and the essential 'cyber bullying' and show how you can be a good person.

    its in you.

  78. 178

    This a great start. Thank you.

  79. 179

    Love this! Please do what you're talking about..there are so many people who go to your website..you have the forum to make a difference. Use this to your advantage!!

  80. 180

    I want to say FINALLY…. but I know it's only a matter of time before you bash Sarah Palin again.. We are going into a very important two years with politics, and I admire that you proclaim you're not going to bully anymore, but in addition, if you can't really state a REAL reason why you don't like a politician please be quiet… and just because they are pro-life or pro man/woman marriage doesn't mean they are against civil unions and all forms of birth control… which are common sense solutions…

  81. 181

    I hope you actually do make some changes. You have always come across as being extremely self-absorbed and, although you've always felt the right to degrade other people and their views, you've always made a point to bully those who don't agree with you. You are a huge example of why our society is so filled with hatred (i.e. lack of respect and dignity towards others)…you have contributed to that and I hope you actually acknowledge that…instead of just being all talk.

  82. 182

    wow, bravo perez. i'm sure making this video took a lot of courage so props!

  83. 183

    While this is very grown up of Perez we'll see if he really stops bullying people like Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, Sarah Palin, John Mayer, Rumor Willis, Kesha, Kirstin Dunst, Jennifer Aniston and many many others. He can report gossip without being vicious, sexist and hateful or having an agenda. If he is sincere then good for him. He still has a LOT of apologizing to do to the people he has hurt.

  84. 184

    Okay you lost me when you said you're not gonna call Rumer Willis "Potato Head" anymore. BOOOO-RING! It looks like I'm gonna be starting my OWN celebrity blog soon in order to pick up where you left off! WTF is the point of visiting this site if you're just gonna be all nice 'n shit? Gag me with a spoon. A blog that doesn't make fun of Potato Head Willis is no blog for me. See y'all on the flip side!

  85. 185

    I'm proud of you for doing the right thing, young man! Mean is everywhere and we need to redefine what is truly laughable, according to celebrity standards — which affects the entire culture of youth. I have no doubt you'll be a frontrunner on the new one, and remain relevant while still sticking it to the stupid ones — who deserve it!

  86. 186

    that's good- figured it was coming to this…but dang….I liked the bitchy perez….

  87. 187

    To Mario (not Perez - you find it easy to separate from who you are for "entertainment" value if you take on an identity, but its not so easy sometimes), I hope this is true and not fluff. It is always easy to fall back to old ways, eh? Keep a few things in mind: 1.) It is often more difficult to be positive. People draw on the negative more easily like a cancer it grows. 2.) Others will rise up to be what you used to be. Don't be tempted by their success. 3.) You will face more criticism than you ever gave anyone.

    I've hoped for this for a long time. I hope it's true. You can be the change you want to see in the world. I recall a young daytime host that hosted one of those daily talk shows that aimed to shock until one day she had a crisis of conscience. She would call this an a-ha moment.

  88. 188

    Good for you Perez. You can really do what you say, you just have to keep your resolve. I have confidence that you will be just as sassy and more fun to read without the negative bs.

    BTW, to all of you who made disparaging comments about Perez expressing his desire to make positive change, way to encourage someone to be nicer and more kind to people. WTF?

  89. 189

    perez, you are a beautiful person and i support you!

  90. 190

    I honestly look at your site to see what is going on in celebrities world. I dont view your site as comedic. So I will still look at your site.

  91. 191

    good Job PEREZ! I had actually stopped looking at ur page because the negativity was taking over and I do think you have the chance now to still have ur fun site but not hurt people ur not mother theresa so we don't expect u to be perfect but negative all the time gets old. good job and good luck!

  92. 192

    very nice video :) congrats

  93. 193


  94. 194

    Amazing. I wish you the best of luck. I think this is a really meaningful message about bullying and its nice to see you making an effort too. It will make your own message stronger and it will make your blog stronger. Good luck!!!

  95. 195

    awesomeness Perez…everyone grows, but not everyone matures with growth..and im glad you're both becoming (or coming off to be more mature) and caring as compared to in the past/. wel all have our downfalls…some longer or worse than others, but i send you my ♥

  96. 196

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    Your avatar haunts me, I really cannot take it off my mind.

    Perez it is really never too late to change, I hope you genuinely want to.
    Hate really never takes you anywhere, you will have to prove to those ones who tell you that you would not change and that you will always be a bully.

  97. 197

    thanks for posting this. you are in a position where your actions can inspire change. if you can do it, perhaps you will influence others.

  98. Feste says – reply to this


    Good for you, Perez. The world needs a little more positivity! :)

  99. 199

    First question: If you guys hate him so much, WHY in the world do you keep logging on to his site and commenting? If you want him gone, DON'T GIVE HIM THE PUBLICITY. Duh.

    Second question: Why do you care? If you dislike him, you dislike him. End of story. They're celebrities. Don't you think they hear this shit everyday from people other than Perez Hilton? It's a WEBSITE. Get over it.

    I weep for the society that finds it necessary to kick someone while they're down. What gain do you have from posting nasty things about him when he is recognizing his mistakes for all the world to see? Even if you don't believe him, others might and it could inspire them. So basically, if anyone was at first motivated by this video to be a better person, you've obliterated that. Good job.

    To anyone struggling with being bullied or tormented, it does get better. Rise above it, because not everyone is an idiot. Stay who you are, because I guarantee there's someone who loves you for it.

  100. 200

    all that video did was make me fully aware of how much of a bully you really are. you created this site to make fun of celebrities. and you are so hypocritical when it comes to talking about LGBTQ issues.
    I come here to look for interesting news about celebrities, and have gotten caught up in the hate. I am embarrassed. I am not a hateful person. I got my fix through you, who has open license to hate. I am ashamed to have ever reposted anything from your site.

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