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A Very Important Announcement From Perez

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In case you missed it…

Please watch the heartfelt, sincere video above in its entirety.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
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Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

689 comments to “A Very Important Announcement From Perez”

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  1. 301

    I am very happy to hear this Perez and you should be very proud of yourself for stepping up to the plate.I feel that everybody has the capacity to change. Whether it's you or Chris Brown, we all deserve that chance. It takes a lot for some people to realize when they may need to change in some areas in there lives. So good for you!

  2. 302

    This is very much appreciated. I too feel that you are the biggest internet bully out there. Yea they are celebrities but I am not, maybe I will be in the future. The terrible comments made about celebrities that are near perfect in my opinion can make someone like myself feel awefull. I really hope you make the effort. You have already gained much respect for admitting you made mistakes. Just try to keep it.

  3. 303

    Question: Those of you who have left hateful/hurtful comments to/about Perez - why do you visit the website and why do you take the time to leave a comment? If he hate him/site so much let it go and stay off the website. I get so tired of it.

    I am a fan of the site, enjoy the celebrity news and gossip - it's just entertainment people, get over yourselves. Thought the video was sincere and am glad he is going to try practice what he preaches - thanks Perez!!!

  4. 304


  5. 305

    you have inspired me. i'm going to STOP BULLYING TODAY.

  6. 7tizz says – reply to this


    I hope you have enough F-U money cause this is looking like the end. Sure, people will still stop by because they may have you favorite'd and it's just a click - but when they get bored, they'll remove it or not add your site on a new PC. I was never fond of seeing 10 negative posts a day about Lindsay, Demi, or Gaga (yes Gaga, you've made most of your viewers so bored with her, we hate her now). Also, for you to think you're not a bully is the funniest thing I've ever heard on your site. You may have single handedly ruined Misha Barton's chance at ever getting a real job again in Hollywood by your constant attacks, among many other celebrities. I hope you can sleep with that - I know I wouldn't, and couldn't.

  7. 307

    Dear Perez:
    I find this "new you" to be very refreshing, and I sincerely hope that you stick to the challenges that you have set for yourself. I think that like any "company", it starts out with a mission statement and then get off track. I'd like to think that this video is your mission and your vision statement. You should go back to it every so often to remind yourself why you're taking the path that you are. I hope your site traffic doesn't go down, and I honestly don't think it won't. Sassinees is sassiness, it just flows right out of you! I never comment on online boards, but I wanted you to know that I'm glad to see that you're turning PerezHilton down newer (possibly healthier?) path.

    From a gay/lesbian loving black female grad student kickin' it in Nashville, TN,

  8. 308


  9. 309

    don't listen to all the bad comments. keep it positive! we'll all help you!

  10. 310

    You don't see yourself as a bully??????

  11. 311

    I am so proud of you, Mario! I thought to myself this week- will this would be the point in which you changed the direction of PerezHilton.com. I'll still read everyday because you're the best out there. It'll be nice not to see people like Rumer Wills, a human with feelings, being made fun of. Every time I read what you would say about her, I would think of the Christina Aguilera song "Beautiful". Keep on keepin on, Perez. Your readers will still be here! :) Growing up brings changes and you'll find they suit you! Good luck!

  12. 312

    I am proud of you and think it's great what you've realized. I will visit your site even more now because of your willingness to take responsibility for your actions and make changes.

    You go girl!

    "take a look at yourself and make that change" -MJ

  13. 313

    I think it is very mature of you to own up to your actions and start practicing what your preaching. Good for you.

  14. 314

    Interesting, in your "sincere" statement you had time to plug you other 3 websites. You stopped being funny or controversial 2 years ago, you're just a bore now anyway.

  15. 315


  16. 316

    Would like to add … it's hard not to notice the bullies in here. WOW. Some of you people are the very definition of it. Pot … Kettle … Line 2.

  17. 317

    LOVE U!!! proud of u!!! great video. u are an inspiration. keep up the good work. i like that u have self reflection and can grow as a person.


  18. 318

    wow you look even more horrible than usual, when will you announce you have AIDS? it's all in your fugly PIGFACE!!

  19. 319

    Yeah for you, I'm really happy! Cruelty to your fellow man in taking their inventory is a cancer and you're taking an important step. You were a bully in some ways and celebrities are people too. In fact, being able to be a great site and not base it on being snarky and mean-spirited will encourage others to be kind too. Be the change you want to see. Yeah for you!

  20. 320

    Love you Perez! Been with you since the beginning. This is the time for all of us to Evolve.
    Peace Love Happiness

  21. 321

    It's great to hear that Perez; it makes me respect you much MUCH more and thank you, but being a person who used to be suicidal… no one ever learns until it's too late… That's even more hurtful.

    No one that picked on me ever learned how it effects people and wouldn't unless I was dead; but obviously… I never killed myself. No lessons learned.

    These suicides should NOT be learning lessons… and this SHOULD be talked about in school. Every day if it needs to be. Something needs to change and NOW!!!


  22. 322


    God bless all the poor souls. And to others contemplating suicide, we love you, please stay strong. It is so worth it!!! Take it from someone who was very lost for a while. It does get better sweethearts!
    And please people… if you want to think bad things about people… keep it under your breath where people cant hear whats being said about them! I know no one is perfect. I've said some mean things about people, and still do; only for good reasons… but I would never say cruel things to peoples faces. Because I know how that feels.

    Please PLEASE think, people! Words hurt very bad. Every one has feelings and no matter who you are… we are weak creatures deep down.
    Killing yourself is a sad thing, your life is so bad that you go to gruesome measures to end your life… think about that… Mentally; It's worse than killing someone else! I've been to a few suicide funerals and they are NOT pretty, and even if you think "they will notice me now or they will feel bad"… you arent there to experience that. You're gone, and not coming back =(
    PLEASE save your life and others! Be shitty all you want, but don't make it so public.

  23. 323

    Mario- I stopped reading your website on a regular basis a while back because it made me sad to see you use words like "celebutard" and the r- word. Glad to see you are making a change and I hope you NEVER use either of these words again. Thanks!

  24. 324

    keep your head up!

  25. 325

    OMFG!!! he wants to be a dad? here we go, he's gonna announce he adopted an asian kid!! holy fuck!!

  26. 326


  27. 327

    so so so proud of you

  28. 328

    for all the people saying perez is fake crying

    u people are a disgrace perez has really shown his strength the last few weeks sticking up for gay youth and its hit home to him that maybe hes bullied or harassed a few people now u accuse him of fake crying …

    hes human hes not a robot he has emotions and feelings just because he makes a website doesnt mean he isnt real and doesnt cry or show anguish perez has NEVER posted anything like this before this is a true cry of anguish of wanting to change and hoping we all understand hes NOT CRYING WOLF and if ur too stupid to work that out then umay look at why u are bullying perez on his own site …

    im hoping he still hates on oksana but will wait and see …. xxxx

  29. Bytch says – reply to this


    I'm impressed. I almost didn't watch this, but glad I did. I look forward to actually enjoying reading this site rather than seeing pics, because I honestly have never enjoyed reading it. You can be funny without being a malicious dick. D listed is funny without having to insult people. This made me want to like you. We'll see how it pans out.

  30. 330

    love it!

  31. 331

    See, good always comes out of bad. I never thought I would see this day, but I'm sure neither did you and your critics. This is a special day. Be proud of yourself. End with quote…Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
    by Dalai Lama

  32. 332

    great to see you on tv, too!

  33. 333


  34. 334

    Re: AshleyMarie86 – And that comment justifies anything. I still don't respect him still because suicides should not be a learning lesson. But at least he sees it. You're just making yourself be a bully by acting like that.

    Tip your hat and be done.

  35. 335

    It is time to change.

  36. 336

    I was so hoping you you say something like this! Good job, Perez! Now I can browse without guilt! God bless you!

  37. 337

    a) Good for you, Mario
    b) It's about f-ing time, but better late than never
    c) You still need to get over your tragic state of denial. Read the first three comments on any article you've posted in years and it should have been clear to you that you were indeed a bully of the worst kind. I hope no one has hurt themselves because of you.
    d) Live up to your word, and you will only lose those visitors who come here for the sole purpose of giving you an attitude adjustment in the comments sections. Brace for the fact that this could be a large portion of your traffic. Eventually, some of the thousands who stopped coming here because you were such an ass will return and fill the void.
    e) You can take this one step further, by learning how to give a genuine apology when you screw up. I doubt I need to remind you that you constantly screw up and never have you been able to admit it and sincerely apologize. PR 101 and a basic rule of being a human being.

    Buena Suerte.

  38. 338

    Good for you!!!

  39. 339

    yes perez. yes. i'll tell everyone i know to start going on your site. xo

  40. 340

    Bravo! Good on you!

  41. 341

    you go perez !

  42. 342

    this is a very good gesture and a show of growth….

    i hope you can stick to your word because i think that it could really improve the site and bring readers back

  43. 343

    But, but..how are you going to post about Lindsay Lohan without being mean and degrading. I am happy you finally saw the light of day and realised you were a bully unlike any other…..

  44. 344

    Everyone on the internet needs to follow his advice

  45. 345

    I'll still read don't worry. Seeing this side of you is good. In the past I would think it would be scary to meet you in person because of how judgy you come off. I am fan of your blog but not of your image but maybe now I can be both.

  46. SuFu says – reply to this


    Way to promote your new websites. Totally lost any sense of credibility.

  47. 347

    Don't listen to the haters, Perez. They're just as imperfect as the rest of us. Good for you! You're maturing, and hopefully my generation will overcome our obsession with cruelty for the sake of humor and mature with you. People who refuse to see the sincerity in your eyes have their own hate to work through.

  48. 348

    som comments are really mean!!! It's good to see the real you, congrats for having the courage!! :) Best wishes for you!

    Pura vida! from Costa Rica

  49. 349

    Good work Perez, really… I can tell you've been seriously affected and you're taking at least some responsibility.

  50. 350

    I only read this for the crude humor. Im sorry but these kids are soft. Everyone gets made fun of, its what makes you a stronger person, welcome to the real world kids.

  51. 351

    Thanks Perez. It always did hurt me to hear u criticize ppl and I once have wanted to hurt myself from things I would read on this site its not just u its the comments too. U should pay attention to some of the stuff ppl say here about others. Making fun of women and how we look that is another serious thing. Just like Gay ppl feeling they don't belong. Its a hard world right now and I hope u really change but be u at the same time.

  52. 352

    Wow Perez. I respect this so much. Good for you! I have been a reader from the very begining, and honestly I have been starting to lose respect for you, and this made you gain a lot of that back. way to go. I am so proud of you.

  53. 353

    Good job, Mario.

  54. 354

    You're not as retarded as I thought you were.

  55. 355

    Oh Please, the celebs egos need to be taken down a notch.

  56. 356

    OH PLEASE. This is just for you to get some press. You're a liar. Once this "blows over" you'll be back to being your vile, heinous self. You don't fool anyone. You didn't use enough fake tears in this either. At least do a better job at that! You are an attention whore, sociopath, ego maniac who will take any situation and make it about YOU. That's all you did. You are trying to profit off of these suicides. That's simply because you will do ANYTHING for attention. You're pathetic. Go away.

  57. 357

    why is everyone trashing him on his won website… if you dont like him dont read it…..?

  58. MEPP says – reply to this


    Bravo Mario!!! :-)
    Thanks for trying to be better!
    I'm so happy and proud of you!
    I wish you all the best! ;-)

  59. 359

    as much as i thought that that was a sincere apology that took courage and self reflection, i will not accept it until you prove that you have changed. i hope you do.

  60. 360

    I think its great that you are owning your mistakes and that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions, this new step you're taking is definitely a positive thing and a great way to start fixing this problem. No one should be bullied for loving someone.

  61. 361

    Congratulations to you on this Perez, my biggest issue with your website in recent months has been its hateful tone but if you are going to make an effort to change your ways, I support it.
    One question however, does this mean that you will actually be applying this new philosophy to people with addictions issues such as Lindsay Lohan?
    I would like to see you take a less acrid tone to those who are indeed suffering from something that is medically defined as a disease.
    I have often wondered if all that you have been posting on her has had any positive impact on her or those in the same boat as Lohan, which is millions of people worldwide.
    Bless you for your efforts!

  62. 362


    How's the coke treating you? Take a good hard look in the mirror. After you notice your red rimmed nostrils I hope what you see is a big "Too little, too late.". You are what you are. Deal with it.

  63. Dusss says – reply to this


    FAKE! Really not sincere…


  64. 364

    wonderful. you are a total inspiration.

  65. 365

    I'm pretty sure he's only saying this bs so that the media and other people lay off him a little for, you know, being a bully (the very thing he claims to despise). He says he supposedly going to change, but I don't buy it. Once the page hits go down and no one wants to buy ad space, he'll go back to drawing cum on people's faces, giving them degrading nicknames, and trying to pressure and out people who he thinks are gay. He's been getting a lot of heat recently, and I think this is only to come off as a changed man to his critics. He's all talk and no walk.

  66. 366

    Way to go!!!! I'm so proud of you. And I, for one, will be visiting your site WAY MORE now that I know it won't be so mean. I've always enjoyed aspects of your site, but I've stopped visiting from time to time because I didn't like the negative attitude and the way it made me feel. I'm so excited to see the new, more positive (yet still interesting) Perez.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  67. 367

    Re: fogee – Wow! You’re incredibly rude and childish! How dare you call him “revoltingly shallow”!! You know nothing of the real guy… NOTHING!! All you see of him is the character he portrays…. Yes, that’s right a CHARACTER! If you think that’s all there is to Mario you’re a complete and utter fucking idiot! Everyone has the right to be a parent… especially Perez! We need more fathers in this world like him.

    And yes, people can change “one day to the next”, it happens all the time you fool! I commend Perez for taking a stand about this publicly; it needs to happen more often.
    @fogee - Just go and delete your user account so you won’t have to be subjected to such a “disgusting person”!!

  68. 368

    Bravo! I've been a fan of your site for six years and I look forward to the changes.

  69. 369


  70. 370

    Am i the only bitch out there whos gonna miss Perez being mean? Sure i didnt always agree with everything he said, and sometimes he took it over board. but for the most part he always kept me laughing, mean or not. He said what most people where thinking. He had the guts to say what we all were too scared to. I personally am proud that you have decided to make a change that YOU feel is right. but i am going to miss your mean side.

  71. 371

    team perez!

  72. 372

    Very admirable!! Good job! I read your site for info, but hated a lot of what you said about people. I hope thins go well for you… Ill be changing my name, and I will keep reading!!

  73. 373

    i'll stand by your choices Perez. Be a good role model!!

  74. 374

    Using your power/influence for good is very inspiring. Good luck, and I'll still be checking my daily Perez. Stay true to yourself.

  75. 375

    Please do not listen to the haters, good job dear, and some of us will try to be better people because of it. It is when we give up trying to evolve all hope is lost.

  76. 376

    Please stay true to this. I have been coming to your site for quite awhile. Peculiarly, you have pretty good taste in music. Between that and random tidbits of information, I really enjoy coming to your site, but I have felt that you've been a bit mean to certain people. Rather than get my panties in a bunch over it, I skip it and read the next thing. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I look forward to this new and (IMHO) improved attitude on your site! Thanks again!

  77. 377

    Yeah! Now if you would just stop using the annoying "royal we" I would know you have finally grown up.

  78. 378

    with great power comes great responsibility, perez. i believe you and i'm very happy to hear you figured it out. congratulations :)

  79. 379

    well RIGHT ON PEREZ!! but please DON'T STOP picking on those who encourage hate and discrimination!! YES, I'm talking about Repubs and Tea Party'ers!!!

  80. 380

    PEREZ, YOU ARE THE BEST! A true role model for this day and age.

  81. 381

    So proud of you!! xoxo

  82. 382

    Very awesome Perez. Glad to see you own up to your mistakes which shows you are the bigger man for doing it. :)

  83. zil26 says – reply to this


    no! these people are celebrities, they put themselves out there, its their problem! they get critiqued by critics for their crappy movies, why cant regular people judge them too? however, when celebs are clearly sick, like britney spears was, or lindsay lohan is, they deserve privacy free from ridicule. plz dont stop talking about how slutty miley cyrus is, or how "edgy" that little girl from gossip girl is, or any of that. hollywood isnt all rainbows & sunshine & people want dirt! thats what makes money!

  84. 384

    I applaud the fact you had the thought Mario… but the real question here is, can the tiger really change his stripes? If so, then a bravo and good on you, but, well it's going to take a lot of work, and less self promotion. For instance, labeling your video "heartfelt, sincere video" - well it's kind of pompous in my humble opinion. Shouldn't your audience the be to use those nouns if they so feel your statement comes across as that?

  85. 385

    Never heard of you until I saw you on Ellen. I believe adults with platforms in show biz contribute to the problem of bullying.

    Remember this rule: Garbage in, Garbage out.
    (Meaning that whatever goes into your head comes out your mouth)

    And remember that your WORDS ARE A REFLECTION OF ONE'S HEART.

    Good luck with changing….hope you succeed–I'll pray for you (really). You should consider apologizing to the people you've offended.

  86. 386

    Interesting response to a clearly sincere statement. I wanted to think on this longer than an hour but an hour was all I needed. Those of us who have indeed been bullied, beaten, berated, bashed and bludgeoned because of WHO and WHAT we are very often guilty of the same behaviours which were/are victim of. I myself have told myself that it was OK to slam someone because of what I had gone through. If you've never gone through it, if you've never been tormented to the point of NEEDING to throw yourself off of a bridge, you really just have to take OUR word for it.

  87. 387

    i love u so much perez!! iv followed u since 2006!!! ur the man! :)

  88. 388

    Perez I really hope this is true. I have stopped coming to your website as much because it seemed like you actually hate most women. Also when you outed Bethanny Frankel's pregnancy and she had to tell her husbands family before her first trimester ended, I thought wow, he really would take her health and the health of her baby into his hands by doing this.

    I hope you stick to this new outlook.

  89. 389

    So while I could indeed launch into my well-rehearsed rant on why haters are wrong, I shall, for now, agree with Perez. I beleive he is sincere and I KNOW I am. Bottom line: Be nice. Play nice. Step up. Step out. Rise above. We don't have much other choice if we want to keep those kids who are RIGHT NOW on the ledge from stepping back and knowing there is hope and sincerity to be had. Haters need not respond.

  90. 390

    Good for you. I read your site because it's entertaining and I like hearing the news- not because I find it humorous to kick people when they're down. Now you realize you don't need to do that. More people can take this example.

  91. 391

    Okay, fine, but absolutely stop referring to women as sluts…dare I remind you that you were sad enough to refer to someone's SIX YEAR OLD daughter as a 'slut in training'?

  92. 392

    Definitely one of the people who considered you a hypocrite and bully. I look forward to this new you a lot and am very happy you owned up to your past behavior. I think you'll get a lot more traffic now because the only times I heard of people leaving your site was because you were too mean. So good luck and be true to yourself.

  93. 393

    Kudos to you Perez!!! Good luck with the new u, it all needs to start somewhere. Ignore the ppl. who will continue to make smart ass comments and know that there are ppl./readers here who come here because they like you and enjoy your site..WTG!!

  94. MEPP says – reply to this


    You're starting to make the world better with this huge step!
    THANKS a bunch precious!
    I BIG hug back at ya!
    I love you too!! :-)

  95. 395

    perez i launched my site www.iwillbeokay.com , its a site where people like us who have been bullied for who we are, can share our story of how we overcame it , so it gives hope to these teens and kids that think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to know if you could join forces with me to make this site a success. craigvanity@yahoo.com

  96. 396

    I really hope you stick to it and mean it because the old you was as bad a bully as they come!!!

  97. 397

    Like some of the others here I have stopped reading before because I didn't like to read nasty things about people, so seeing this has made me more loyal, not less! Good on you :) it's really heartwarming to see.

  98. 398

    So what now you feel bad because of all of the suicides lately within the gay community? Honestly, you are no different than all of the people who picked on them. You wanna make this change and you have made a career out of trashing people so how do you expect to change? You are into the habit of bullying and there is no way you will be able to change your career to just applauding people. You made your bed now your stuck laying in it.

  99. 399

    Im soo happy for you perez… u are a role model to me… i do believe u are speaking from the heart.. we all make mistakes and i wouldnt stop reading ur blog.. i hope ill meet u one day and work with u… u inspire me to be creative.. im bi and u stand us for us to.. im happy to have a spokeperson like u… :)

  100. 400

    TO Re: brat93111Re: Eldridge CleaverRe: KeeperOfEdwardsSexualityRe: AshleyMarie86 freak – AND MANY MORE: YOU ARE ALL RIDICULOUS! Why on EARTH do you have accounts, respond, read or watch Perez's posts if you can't stand him so much? If you think he is so rude and awful, why did you sign up? Grow up, stop being just as rude as you say he is, and STOP READING IT. Stop commenting, stop caring… go on with your obviously petty lives.

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