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A Very Important Announcement From Perez

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In case you missed it…

Please watch the heartfelt, sincere video above in its entirety.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

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  1. 401

    Awww Mario, im so proud of you. i'm glad you made this video. & just for the record ive always loved your website & never thought of you as a bully, but i am glad you are changing for the better. stay positive & good things will come your way. & dont listen to all the negativity. hugs & kisses to you too. Muahhh!!!

  2. 402

    Dear P, This is the woman who told you in Coronado that I love Orange Oprah. I still love that but I agree it's time to show the love. This world is can be so cold and you definitely make it warmer….keep on shining!

  3. 403

    Just remember Kiddo, it's not always Black or White, it's not always Gay or Hetero, but Hate will always be for all Humans and I am very Proud of YOU for stepping up to the plate and admitting you needed to Grow Up. I see great things in your future Love ;)

  4. 404

    I've been with from the beginning, you were wonderful then and even better now. I have watched you change and mature, mentally and physically. You are turning into a wonderful man. Love ya always
    ps…gimmie some bowie babe, need something on my man!

  5. 405

    good for you, perez! i really believe that you're trying to make a change. honestly, you've been a constant inspiration in my life-live up to my name, be the best/fittest that i can be, and most importantly, be myself. to everyone who doesn't believe that this is the "real you", fuck them.

    don't tolerate people's bullying, and that goes out to everyone. "tolerance of intolerance is cowardice." perez has realized that, guys. move on. stop targeting someone who's trying to do the exact opposite.

  6. 406

    I like this change. Save the bullying for the real villans like republicans,rightwing christo/fascists ,homophobes and racists. I guess the latter two where covered by the first two groups. Keep up the good change.

  7. 407

    To be honest I stopped reading your website for about a year. I had originally followed the for a couple years but it really got too nagative for me. I am not even a Kristen Stewart fan but you really picked that girl apart! My sister (who still reads your site) told me to watch the video. I'll give the site another chance because I did miss my favorite gossip website :) .

  8. 408

    Good! This is a growth period for you. No need to put others down to be cool.

  9. 409

    aww, good boy lol.
    that's good.

  10. 410

    I hope you are going to follow through. I felt bad about the things you said about Misha Barton's ass. Imagine the girls who are bigger than her and how they must have felt seeing that. I know if someone said that about me I would feel so bad. I hope you do change, I think you need it. Good luck though, for your sake and the sake of others.

  11. 411

    Perez, I knew exactly what you were going to say before watching the video, and I support you 100 percent, because like gay marriage and the end of don't ask don't tell, this is an idea whose time has come. I, too, struggle with how to be sassy, and real, and funny, and fun, without being a bitch or a bully. Even when I read your snarky comments half of me gets a wicked laugh out of it and the other half thinks you're acting like a snobby douche. The truth is this site is my—one of my—guilty pleasures. And you know and I know that even if you, or I, don't post every nasty thought that crosses our mind plenty of other people will, and those that come to this site looking for snark will surely still find it. p.s. you're looking sexy Perez, kindness always shines through into the outside. Good luck on your journey, and I look forward to continuing to grow and evolve—and laugh with you! This will just force you to be more creative, and think even more outside the box.

  12. 412

    You've made a career out of being a bully so that you can make up for all the bullying you received as a fat gay kid.

    Having been bullied and considered suicide I find you dubious at best…….. heartlessly exploitative at best.

    We'll see………..

  13. 413

    I'm proud of you. For someone who has such influence, this could be a really positive change for all. Bravo.

  14. 414

    Well Done! Thank-you for using your power and popularity in a positive way!

  15. 415

    IF you werent nasty then you wouldnt be famous right now.
    you can tone it down but itll just hurt your business.

    the rumer willins thing was super asshole-y of you though

  16. 416

    BIG Step, for the better. I'm proud of you.

  17. 417

    amazing perez… if we all try to be a little better then it will get better for everyone else… i will do the same xo

  18. 418

    Re: xhollax – LOL! If only he could be half as effective with his own daughter.

  19. 419

    You are finally getting it! Bullying comes in many different forms. You have been mean and nasty to a variety of good people that have harmed no one. Maybe I will read your site more now, because I want no part of be hateful to anyone.

  20. 420

    its your site-do as you please, ive been here since 04…i did stop for a while because you bashed Fergie so much, i never knew why…and she's got some Latina in her which made me more sad..pero lo que piensas que te va ayudar, haclo…one i must admit when u put her on blast is Miley..she's so fake and calculated and u called her out EVERY TIME..PLZ COME UP WITH A CLEVER WAY TO STILL CALL HER BS OUT. SUERTE CHICO!

  21. 421

    way to go!

  22. 422

    Good for you perez I hope you are a better person I always thought you where funny now that your going to change I hope you are still funny but not a cyberbully and a hypocrite. thats what people want they want you to be funny and not call other celebrities bad names.

  23. IVIV says – reply to this


    Bums me out that any of you actually believe this. The only reason Perez got "famous" is because of this website which he created to make cracks at celebrities, draw fake dicks coming out of their mouths & be a BULLY. Being a bully is the reason his blog exists & the reason he exists to any of us. He built this all on bullying. he's biased, hypocritical, desperate, & gets paid to say good things about certain celebs (lady gaga, britney) & to trash others. his comments have been going way down, the backlash began because he dug his own hole. Now he realizes it, & churns out this load of crap. Look at the things he's done & said over the years, really. This website is a gathering of hate. The comments on here have been some of the most hateful, because he bred it. He breeds hate, & now he's facing the jury. Everyone start thinking for yourselves please! Don't believe something just b/c Perez says it.

  24. 424

    good for you, P!

  25. 425

    We all need to reflect on how we can help to create a kinder, gentler society whether that be in celebrity gossip and politics or in our daily lives. May we all take the time you have to figure out how we can do better too. Best wishes Perez!

  26. 426

    i think who you owe the biggest apology is to christina aguilera years ago there where pictures of you with her and now you call her names like floptina and how she sucks and she worst artist ever etc. thats completely cyber bully and hyprocrite now I hope you are a changed man and give a good example to the Gay community and then peopl will start liking you again.

  27. 427

    i think this is just great perez! be a light in a dark world! i still will still read your blog every night before i go to bed as part of my internet ritual.

  28. 428

    Re: buckets8 – Same goes for yourself. Why do you care, why do you comment about us if you think we're petty, ridiculous and rude? We were either pointing out Mario's hypocrisy with bullying or our skepticism of his promise to change his ways.

  29. 429

    Good, because I was getting sick of you. Which is amazing in itself because I am one bored son of a bitch with a ton of time on my hands. But I'm very glad. Not only is this a much better influence on the kids, but you will be much happier also. I bet you already feel a lot better.

  30. 430

    aw how sweet
    ill believe it when i read it!
    someone should save this to repost it
    when he decides to be a hypocritical coward again… lol

  31. 431

    I hope to see from now on a funnier blog a blog where people can go see the ltest gossip and just have a good time reading your blog and having a good laugh I love you perez and many of your readers still do. No more bashing on christina aguilera.

  32. 432

    You know what I can never understand? I'll tell you. 95% of comments left on this website are total hater, "I never read your site" nonsense. First of all, if you "never read this site" how are you on here to comment? Hello? Second, if Perez is SO bad, why do you keep coming back to read? None of you have any right or justification to slam Perez when you are doing exactly what you are condemning for. Just sayin'.

  33. 433

    Dear Perez,

    I think youre amazing and i love you!

  34. freak says – reply to this




  35. Fia says – reply to this


    First way to start, take the comments off of your posts.

  36. 436

    yay! perez, i'm glad you did this. i respect this and i respect you a lot more.

  37. 437

    an amazing post perez. please continue to ignore the stupid jealous haters and continue to keep it personal. it really does mean a lot to us when you post these messages. LOVE!!

  38. 438

    did he say he wants to be a dad? god help that poor child if he ever gets to have one. i can't believe i sat through close to 7 minutes of that shit.

  39. 439

    Sung to the tune of “Puttin’ On The Ritz.”
    He’s the gossip encyclopedia,
    Perez is The Queen Of All Media,
    Perez gets -
    All the website hits!
    He has spies in all the right places,
    Catching stars loose lips and red faces,
    He gives fits,
    Telling on their slips!
    When Perez comes the stars hide their faces,
    They know he will tattle their disgraces,
    He’s a Queen with Aces!
    Those in the know all go to his website,
    To see stars that just can not act right,
    Perez whips,
    All the hypocrites,
    Shows their naughty bits,
    Gettin’ all the hits!
    Written by Rash Manly

  40. 440

    Saying and doing are two different things. I can't even believe the one that I love until I SEE his effort for change right now so this video does nothing for me. When I see it, I'll believe it.

  41. 441

    Good for you!

  42. sofey says – reply to this


    It takes serious balls to admit when you're being a 'bully' or when you're in the wrong.
    I'm proud of you and I say well done and that I hope, for your sake, you can keep it up.
    And to all the people that come here themselves and attack the video, they're bullies too, you're taking the high road and owning up to your faults while they're sitting back thinking they're tough. I don't understand, if you hate him so much, why are you here? Why watch the video? Why even have a profile on his site?
    Why discourage when it's just as easy, if not easier to encourage?

  43. 443

    YES pereZ!!! you are awesome. I have at times avoided your website because I feel bombarded by negativity and kind of depleted after reading. Im SO glad you are making this change… way to stay true to yourself (especially when its such a difficult choice), and give the world more positive energy!!!!

  44. vaaka says – reply to this



  45. 445

    He's deleting non-supportive comments. The horror! LOL!

  46. 446

    People are so negative! All you negative bastards suck! That's why no one tries to make a difference in the world b/c you are mostly assholes! Good for you Perez! You know there will be some backlash, F em! Do your thing and follow your instincts!

  47. 447


  48. 448

    PEREZ!!!! I am SOOOOO excited about this!! I think you are terribly funny and used to read your website daily to enjoy your humor but eventually could not take the "mean"ness and negativity anymore ie towards Kirsten Stewart, Jennifer Aniston etc, also the outing of celebrities… I had stopped visiting your site a few months but to hear this announcement today…
    I am happy for you, you are genuinely talented and I KNOW that you will continue to flourish with your great wit!!
    Light always prevails over darkness

  49. 449

    Perez, I'm going to try and keep this short, what you do is not exactly bullying, in my opinion. In fact I have heard and seen way worse then what you post on this site. But, when linked to the recent suicides, I completely agree with toning some of the comments down. Most people come here to get a laugh and catch up on celeb gossip just to escape normal boring life; If you turn this site into a big ass sap fest then no one will enjoy it. I feel as though there is a fine line between HATE and HILARIOUS, find the line and all will be well. Good Luck.

  50. 450

    I honestly believe everything you have just said in your video, I have been a fan for a long time, and yeah sometimes I would say "wow, he is being really mean" everyone realizes differently when they have to make a change in their own life. You dont have to be an ass in order to get people to visit your site, if they are trully a fan they will visit either way. Good for you for making this change, best of luck :)

  51. 451

    Thank you Perez! I'll still be here everyday!! You took the high road and I love that! I'm so proud of you! :o )

  52. gface says – reply to this


    thank you, seriously. i have been reading your site for years.. it's one of my biggest guilty pleasures.. but the other day i was talking to my brother about how toxic some of your comments are and how i feel dirty contributing to your fame. as someone who struggled with an eating disorder for several years, it makes me sad to see someone with so much influence say such damaging things about women (weight, appearance, etc.) i realized that i cannot consider myself an advocate of feminism AND support your site at the same time. i decided to stop reading it and find my celeb pictures elsewhere, but i happened to see you on ellen and i am so grateful for this apology. now i can go back to reading your site without feeling like a hypocrite for contributing to something so hateful. i truly appreciate it so i hope you keep this up!

  53. 453

    Thank goodness for the change. I like coming to this site for news on the happenings in the celebrity world but I've always been bothered by the negativity, especially towards women. So many mean and hateful things are said and just because you have a crush on Zac Efron doesn't make it right to go crossing out his beautiful girlfriend's face everywhere and call her ugly. As a female reader I've been really put off by all the negativity towards women so I really hope this effort to reduce the bullying nature of the site endures.

  54. 454

    I appluad you and your bold move. I will enjoy visiting your website even more now!

  55. 455

    Thats amazing of you wow, whilst it doesnt excuse your past bitchyness i think its defs a change for the better. but can perez hilton really change? lets see…

  56. 456

    Good for you, Perez! Don't listen to these cynical people. Anyone that has been paying attention these last few months has noticed the evolution in your website. Some of the greatest saints in history got their start as villains, so don't be too hard on yourself. What is important is that you are trying to make a difference right now. I will continue to visit your website and I welcome the changes to come.

  57. 457

    Perez, I believe you had an epiphany. We are all merely human and I think everyone forgets that words we say can be deeply hurtful. It doesn't matter if we are gay or straight. Misha Barton has had a very dismal couple years and we forget that we add to her insecurities and feelings of doubt when we make fun of her misfortunes. That was just one example. I think everyone can be more zen and I think it makes us feel better when we are kinder to each other.

  58. 458

    bravo perez! you do write a lot of entertaining and interesting articles, opinions, news, etc. what i did before with your blog was read the ones that didn't start with maniston, lindsanity, slutty cyrus, gayface so and so and others. now, because of your vow to be a changed person (bullying wise), i'll be able to read thru your blog. thank you.

    thanks for your help to the youth suffering from bullying. you have such a big heart (not on your crotch) after all. most of your blog are really entertaining.

  59. 459

    You didn't see yourself as a bully or what you did as bullying, are you serious? I would believe you more if you hadn't gone on Tyra made a deal to leave celeb kids out of it just to get on her show, only to turn around after you got on ANTM, you returned to rag on the kids again.
    You nicknamed a child "Slutty" a CHILD. You say "Oh I was being funny" How is calling a 15 year old girl slutty funny?
    Or how about how you went after Will.I.Am and called him a Fa**ot because he supposedly dissed you. But it's ok because you were mad and are gay so it's ok.
    You ragged on Kristen Stewart for dating Rob Pattinson and she's 19, she was 18 when they started dating, you think that was being funny?
    You said you were sorry for calling Jennifer Aniston "Maniston" and pretended to be upset with yourself for doing it, yet you never apologized to Kirsten Dunst, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and the many other female celebs you decided weren't good enough for the "Almighty Perez."
    I might also take you more seriously if you took the "Welcome to PerezHilton.com. Hollywoods most hated website!" down.

  60. 460

    WOW!! Good on you Perez! I have actually noticed that over about the last 1-2 weeks there hasn't actually been any full on nasty comments like there used to be. I'm also fully impressed that you actually read the comments people leave - some of them are pretty nasty! Deffo still keep visiting your site and thanks for posting the well wishes for the NZ earthquake - i logged in a few hours after and saw - very appreciated!

  61. 461

    Nah. I'll believe it when I see it still in action a month, or a year from now. Mario often makes these emotional promises/statements and then reneges the next day.

    Mario, I don't think you are aware of how incredibly damaging and horrific your bad behavior has been and you haven't care one bit for the people you hurt — and you hurt alot of people when they were at their most vulnerable. That's unforgivable. I suspect this post will disappear like my other ones. Truth hurts. I support honest goodness. You are neither honest nor good. You are self-serving delusional.

    I love the gossip content of the site as much as the next guy, when it isn't hate-filled vitriol, and if you can turn your self around I will be the first to stand up and applaud. I just have very justifiable doubts that you have the strength of character necessary to carry it through.

  62. 462

    Cool Beans. :)

  63. 463

    Proud of you.

  64. 464

    I am so proud of you. The mark of true leader is one who inspires and you hit the mark my friend. Thank you for inspiring me.

  65. 465

    Everyone deserves a second chance…. I give you a nod that you said this publicly.

    **Now** Send flowers to Rumer for being such a prat.

  66. 466

    Sheeple. LOL!

  67. 467

    admirable! but i have to say, if you no longer give me hilarious updates i will be a bit sad…

  68. 468

    Hi Perez i never comment on you stuff and was not joined to your sight but i heard about this video and i had to comment on it. I really truly respect your decision to change or grow up, it takes a lot of guts doing it. of course people are going to say you are fake and are doing it for attention and are going to say some pretty mean stuff but they are the ones who clearly want the attention and are bullies themselves, but yet they are the ones taking time out of their life to comment on your website which is pretty ironic. Perez you truly are an inspiration, obviously not to everyone but to me you are. This will really be great for you, i wouldnt be worried about losing numbers Perez you will gain them! people will respect you much more now. You have an amazing heart and its obvious by you making us aware of these teen suicides and other problems in the world. i never really knew about the gay community and how they get unfairly treated but thanks to you i am aware now, it truly does makes me sick. I cant wait to see more of your stuff. Thank you for this message us readers really needed to hear this side of you. Keep it up Xx

  69. 469

    so here is the deal I have hoping and praying that eventually you would see the errors of your ways may god bless you in your new journey and I love you and keep your chin up and maintaining new changes in our lives takes time ok love

  70. 470

    You know one of the first signs to tell if someone is lying is they look up and too the left…Watch this video again and see how many times he does it…I do not believe him for a second

  71. 471

    Jump that shark Perez! Jump it good and hard. Nice attempt to ride that wave of "Tolerance" right now following the unfortunate deaths of those openly gay college students. No matter how you conduct yourself now, you will always be that self-loathing insecure little man you started out as back in those days when you wore all pink and sat in the Sunset BLVD Starbucks ripping apart the very celebs that you wished to be among.

  72. 472






  73. 473

    as long as you keep calling out celebs and their antics good for you!

  74. 474

    Good for you, Perez. Glad to see you are going to start taking the high road. Hey hit me up if you want a theme song. I would love to make one for you! -Mason (www.rapforme.com)

  75. 475

    Very brave step. I've been waiting for this.

  76. 476

    The most dangerous bully is one with a fan base. Perez, think how many people have read your crap over these years and have been thinking it is OK to say or do most anything - insulting and harmful, and it must be funny too. You and Kathy Griffin are guilty of corrupting thousands of people. Just read some of them posting here. It's still OK for them. Just keep it funny. Leno is also very guilty. Think what you did to Clay Aiken. I believe he was the first victim for you. Year after year, I believe. A very good thing he is as strong and resolved as any man. I don't feel sorry for you.

  77. 477

    Mario: good for you! You can be you without being mean. You can be such a force for change. but your voice gets drowned out by your awful treatment of others. but, i respect this.

  78. 478

    Perez, Ive been following your site from the begining when you were doing it from the coffee shop in your spare time. Over the years I have felt that you had become overly mean at times, taking stabs at people that werent needed to get the story across and to be honest, it has turned me off of your site in the past. When you asked celebs to make It Gets Better Videos, I could not help but think that it was hypocritical as you have made your living on bullying people, celebs or not. This video shows that you have put thought in it and shows you want to change your ways. I respect you greatly for that. It isnt just gays that get bullied. Anyone who is considered different growing up is subject to it. By using your actions to lead the way is very respectable. Best of luck. xxx

  79. 479

    This is sort of funny. Traffic will go down. He's a critic, a nasty one at times. No one gets noticed if they're too nice. Doesn't make for a good blogger to spread and not good for TV either.

    Also I have heard he is a super dick in person. I know people that have worked with him and they haven't said one nice thing. There are a load of other true celebrities in higher slots that are way more cool to be around.

    Good luck.

  80. 480

    We've heard THIS before. It's interesting that he does this as he loses readership/viewers. Yes, his latest results show him dropping big time. Hmm. Just sayin'


    Oh, and CHECK OUT THIS latest video from me on the Cigar Baby!!!!! You'll love it!

  81. 481

    I hope you follow through. You actually can make a difference in the lives of a few people. Good luck and best wishes to you.


  82. 482

    Perez, I never thought of you as a bully. I think this is a huge…MASSIVE step for you to take and there'll no doubt be a lot of positive feedback rather than negative feedback, which in the end I think is going to make you feel better about yourself anyways.
    I watched the Ellen show today where you were on and I had to explain to my mum that you weren't as bad as what Ellen was making you out to be. I don't think she really knew enough about you to judge you, she was just going off of what other celebrities (the annoying ones) have probably said. You're going to be the only Hollywood gossipist that is friendly and kind. Maybe people will follow you with that. Either way I am so happy for you and I think you're great as a meany pants, or great as a nicey pants lol. Stay happy. *BIG HUG!*

  83. 483


  84. 484

    love you Prezo we are ready to grow with you :)

  85. 485

    Hi to everyone, would Perez really b a hit if all of you didnt
    get off on him talking shit and posting the most stuff to entertain u. So no he is not the hipocrate u r. at least he is owing up and trying to make a difference.

  86. 486

    good job

  87. 487

    Perez, I don't know if you'll actually get to read these comments or not - but I hope so! That was immensely inspiring and wonderful what you said. I think it took a lot of courage to face the world and do that. And personally, it gives me more respect for you and I feel more compelled to come to your site. Please don't listen to the comments by people who are doubting that you are sincere. It was obvious by the look in your eyes that you meant what you said. I was very moved. All the best to you. Keep up the good work!! :) :)

  88. 488

    I refuse to listen to your annoying voice. From comments I have read you are still an ass. Bet you will not change.

  89. 489

    It's obvious you are drunk or on some kind of meds while doing this video!Oh you whiney attention w***e!As for changing:here goes your meal ticket and willl see how long you will stay relevant!Ahahaha!

  90. lolli says – reply to this



  91. 491

    you're not inspiring. you're not the solution. ever.

  92. 492

    MARIO: ya era hora de que lo entendieras de esta manera, siempre haz hablado muy mal de la gente, has dibujado cosas indebidas sobre los famosos, sin importarte que algun nino este viendo tu pagina, al escribir eres muy agresivo y grosero, pones nicknames horribles a personas aun siendo menores de edad, lo que te convierte en bully, y por fin, abres los ojos y te retractas, espero ke todo salga bien y ke seas honesto con lo ke dijiste! YO SI TE CREO!

  93. 493

    You video made me cry !!! I love you for who you are and what you do ! Keep your head high ! All these haters are stupid, do not listen ! What you do is most of times bring the truth in front of everything ! So you do good and I would love you to realize this !

  94. 494

    Perez, I support your decision for change 100%. You are making a difference in the world by promoting the "It Gets Better" campaign by making things better yourself. Keep it up, I know you can. & For all those disbelievers, take your disbelief and rattle it off somewhere else. Say what you have to say, in the end this man is doing a really great thing.

  95. 495

    The sad thing about this? That it has taken you 6 years to come to this conclusion Perez. You say you're about to turn 33 which means that 6 years ago you were 26 years old. An adult. Back then you should have known better. It's really pathetic that it has taken you this long to realize you can't bully people, call them names whether they are celebrities or not.

  96. 496

    well, bully boy was trained as an actor……

  97. 497

    And on another note, the fact that you are making this 'change' after a few gay teens have decided to kill themselves just shows how hypocritical you are. Do other people who commit suicide not matter? Am guessing not otherwise you would have made this change a whole lot sooner.

  98. 498

    It sounds like you mean well, good luck!!!

  99. 499

    I think this is a great next step for you. I'm very proud of you making this decision. Well done.

  100. 500

    I thought that was incredibly brave, congratulations and every best wish to you!

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