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A Very Important Announcement From Perez

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In case you missed it…

Please watch the heartfelt, sincere video above in its entirety.

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689 comments to “A Very Important Announcement From Perez”

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  1. 501

    …. post numbers have dropped heaps. But look how many of us have posted on this.

  2. 502

    1. LIAR!

  3. 503

    Perez, I think this WAS a really heartfelt video and I believe that you do really want to change and I think that is fantastic. That was really very mature and big of you to fully acknowledge that you were a bully sometimes. Although some of the meaner comments are really entertaining, I know a lot of people that won't read your website because of them. But I will definiately be back for more, especially for a nice perez!

  4. 504

    … been lookin like a meth head for a while now

  5. 505

    Dear Perez, you are probably not even going to read my comment anymore. But I just wanted to express my own heartfelt joy that you have finally stepped up to the plate and decided to enter into a new phase. You have become such a major person and personality..the past was good..it brought you where you are now..but its time to move on now..and put your strenghts to work. This time needs anyone of us to take a deep breath and look in the mirror. Bashing, making fun of misery isnt fun anymore..everyone should feel disgusted..being critical isnt bad..just find your own strenght in this and way to portray YOU..and you will get even more followers. Show the new you..act the new you..be the new you. Lets all be authentic for a change..and stop the bS. So for me..I felt your message. Thank you for this Precious..

  6. 506

    Wow. I'm glad you are owning it. Maybe others who have participated in bully behavior will do the same.

  7. 507

    Kudos, Perez, for stepping up, looking at your own actions, and seeing you can be a force for change in the world. I'll admit, I used to love your site, but hadn't been back in many months, as I'd had enough of your bashing young stars. But that's the past & today is a new day. All the best to you.

  8. 508

    You have made a fortune on being mean.. why should I believe you will stop now? You've been doing it for 7 years and now you are using the recent tragedies of the gay bullying and suicides to "change your ways".. You know you were a bully, people would call you out on it all the time and you brushed it off. How dare you use the last week and a half as an excuse.. you have always been the type to me that is wide eyed and looking for a ticket to ride.. your ride was up a long time ago. You are a mean and heartless man.

    I think, you are a plague among the gay community and a disgrace to celebrity journalism. If you really want to change your ways, you should give a formal apology to all the people you have outed and openly insulted on your website and then completely pull your site off of the internet… If these word hurt, just think of the hundreds you destroyed through similar words on this very site.

    -Garyl Jones

  9. 509

    Perez, I saw you on Ellen yesterday making your announcement. She did not seem very convinced that you were sincere but was willing to give you a chance because as she said everyone deserves a second chance. She made a great point when she mentioned that she was on the receiving end of mean comments that reporters made about her when she first came out years ago. I hope you were impressed by what she said Perez. I'm not going to be as magnanimous as her.

    I do commend you for being honest and owning up to the hurt you have caused but my instincts tell me it's all an act and a pr stunt. I hope you prove me wrong. Remember that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

    I visited your site very seldom because I just could not handle the negative and mean spirited comments that were on display and most of those times it's because I was linked here via a friend.

    Good luck with your intentions for an improved kinder Perez…..

  10. 510

    Perez perez perez, in the past i was addicted to your site, now i m not so into it, sorry but only one person you love is lady gaga, everyone else in nothing for you, you start be be BLIND, please open your eyes and don ´t be such a douchebag !!!

  11. 511

    Way to go. I'm proud of you. Brought a tear to my eye since you look so sincere. We will keep you real. Don't forget that!

  12. 512

    This is good news. It remains to be seen how sincere and heartfelt your announcement will turn out to be Perez, everybody is watching you. I'm rooting for you, I think you can turn things around and right some of the wrongs you have made. Personally, I would start by apologising to Mischa Barton, Vanessa Hudgens etc.
    Good for you if you stick to your resolutions. Remember your own words; "part of the solution, not part of the problem".

  13. 513

    Perez…life is about learning, and I think that in our 30s we do some of the biggest growing spiritually. I commend you on your wanting to do better and not to be vicious. I am a fan because of who you are and how you have fun with celebrities and the industry in general. I often tell myself…always strive to do good things…and when you strive to do good, you will. Have no regrets but learn from your past and you will grow into a better person. Keep up the great work and embrace every life experience as a lesson to become a better person. xoxoxo

  14. 514


  15. 515

    Re: cat2890 – OOPS. did not mean to thumbs down this. i got confused. Cat, i think your post was great!

  16. A313 says – reply to this


    Nice plug on your new sites. I really wanted to and DID believe you were being sincere up until that point. Really? Was it necessary to advertise your other websites in your "sincere" apology video? A simple "I am doing positive things on my other sites" would have worked, sans BLATANT plug. What can I say, I do hope you really mean what you said. Nobody comes here FOR your rude comments, they come here DESPITE them. You will continue to lose readers for as long as you can't spell correctly on your posts, for as long as you are WAY behind everyone else in updating the site, and for as long as everyone knows and can tell that you no longer write your own posts. Change, or the readers you have lost will be nothing compared to the readers you will lose.

  17. Betzy says – reply to this


    Youre great, Perez!!!! Lots of Love xoxo

  18. 518

    Yes, you were a major bully, but I've already noticed some small changes the last couple of weeks. You're not being too hard on yourself, as some people have commented. You're doing exactly what you should, and I'm really happy to see it. I'll keep coming to your site (and feel a lot better about it). You definitely seem sincere about this. Way to go!! Positivity is the new black. Negative Nellies, go spread your hate elsewhere.

  19. 519

    Bravo!!! I hated all the negative stuff. U crossed the line sometimes. I'll love ur site just as much without all that rubbish :) And uv gone up in my estimation with this post. Keep ur promise and Best of luck. I know I'll keep visiting the site cos I love ur sweet posts and u can have opinions without being a bully. Go Perez!!

  20. 520

    Personal growth is a wonderful thing Mario. I hope you mean it. However if you REALLY want to OWN it, you need to write an apology to those people you have hounded over the last few years. Most of them were women and the question always arose: why all the hate on women? I called you a MEAN GIRL in my last post (re: Micahel Lohan) and you deserved it. Now teen suicides among young gay folk are ringing your bell? ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!! However, the compassion and sorrow you are expressing over young gay boys ending their lives needlessly should be extended to the rest of humanity. ALL PEOPLE deserve respect, love and compassion. The ball's in your court Mario. If you're real, let's see it in practice. Here's looking at YOU, kid.

  21. 521

    I've never felt the need to comment before, but felt it was important to show support for what I feel is a very worthy change in your outlook. Good good good for you! I've had the same thoughts about you being a hypocrite in the past week, and have even noticed a bit of this "Kinder, Gentler Perez" lately. The whole point of life is to learn and evolve into the person you're supposed to be. Good luck on your journey and remember that kindness and thoughtfulness may not be the popular position, but it will uplift you and those around you.

  22. 522

    big hug back to you perez. keep going and going and going

  23. 523

    I like you just the way you are - you shoot straight from the hip and put some realism into the bizzare world of celebrityville. Especially the mistresses etc, who get their 15 minutes of fame and it goes to their head. You are what they all need to make them realise they are all just human and are the reality check they need. Dont feel bad about saying what alot of people actually think about "celebrities"

  24. 524

    I think it's great that you want to turn over a new leaf and try to be more positive instead of being so salacious. However, it's true that celebs put themselves out there in the public eye and do get scrutininzed on a daily basis for it. You're not bullying people who are the underdogs, you are making fun and light of people who have millions of dollars and can pay for a shrink if you say something too harsh about them. I'm just saying, I think you can tone it down, but at the same time, I don't think you're causing any celebs to jump of a bridge. Famous people need to be able to laugh at themselves and I think you encourage them to take themselves less seriously. I was bullied a lot in my youth, so I know what it's like to be on the receving end. But if I had a million dollars, I would have just moved away from the hick town where I grew up. Don't blame yourself for those tragedies of suicide, but do try to be more creative in your "poking fun" at people and situations. I still want you to stay sassy!

  25. 525

    Nice try douche bag but I do not buy it! You're a pig and all the things you have said in the past about some awesome celebs really hurt and those comments will never be forgotten. To me you're always going to be that a-hole who was always opinionated! You just love dishing out criticism and you really cannot take it back…you're an evil person and I hope you burn in hell!!

  26. 526

    YES P-Rez!
    I was one who called you a hypocrite, but if you are willing to change you CAN change. You can be sassy AND classy, P-Rez, without the trash. I know you can do it.
    You have such a strong personality so whatever you do WILL MAKE AN IMPACT - so be that 'change' you speak of - positivity is just as infectious as negativity, remember that! You can deliver the celeb deets AND deliver a good message to your readers.
    You have my support!!!

  27. 527

    Thumbs up!

  28. 528

    Re: zil26 – The majority of his commenters on this post disagree with you. Actors and musicians are people with real feelings, just like yourself. Why should they be trashed just because of their profession? It doesn't make any sense, and hopefully you will see that when you grow up. I think he will gain readers in the long run for changing his attitude. You should think about changing yours too. Toodles!

  29. 529

    Love the fact that you had the courage to say this and do this. You did the right thing, Perez!

  30. 530

    You're posting this again!? Just proves this is all about you and that you're truly worried about your reputation. You should be! You've been a mean, nasty jerk to everyone!! I hope this is for real, but I tend to think its more shameless self-promotion!

  31. 531

    Translation: I am realizing that people do hate me for being a bully and that it has an effect on the sponsors, who do not want their brands associated with my name anymore, thus, less money in my pocket. Hate doesn't sell so much anymore, so let's try something else!

  32. 532

    I think that's a step in the right direction…good for you…

    NOW, it's time for a very public apology to Jennifer Love Hewitt…you have terrorized the poor girl…

  33. 533

    Re: Pervert Perez – I realize you have your hate on for Perez and you're happy in that place … but to ridicule what prompted him to come to this decisions, weather he follows through or not, is stupid. We all have something affect and change our direction in life. Why wouldn't he?

  34. 534

    I just doesn't matter…. Just look in the mirror you nasty fuck……Nothing you do will change the fact that you were born ugly (Physically and Mentally) as Hell……..People read your crap once in a while because it can be very funny…….Now on you being Gay ,,who cares,,,But the problem is you are so Goddamn ugly,,who in the hell would want to sleep with you?? No plastic surgery in the world could ever fix your face,, This is not to make you mad,,No one really cares,,you make your money that's great..But in real life…..Enjoy the rest of your time on earth alone …. never being able to enjoy making love because your are just way way too fucking ugly to look at………I guess you can hire little boys but for you it will always be a one way street……………..Oh well enjoy the money it is all you will ever have……Ps…..You must have some really ugly fucking parents……….

  35. 535

    Suicide is a cheap way out. Age of accountability is at the age of 8. And if Perez cared at all about how others felt, he's top being the worlds biggest and WORST bully everywhere. Anyone who had a concience wouldn't even allow a website like this to exist. They'd pull it down, and never discuss it again. YOur a GIANT hypocrite.

  36. 536


  37. 537

    HMMM…. you appear to be sincere, time will tell. I do applaud your efforts to get the anti-bullying message out there. just remember that actions speak louder than words.
    so go ahead start being kinder, there are plenty of us that will still be nasty. And the rest of you giving him shit are no better than what you're accusing him of, so shut the fuck up until you're personally reconciled with every person you said an unkind to.
    we can't undo the past, we can only own up to it and move on… good luck perez, the world is watching.

  38. 538

    Well done. I'm really glad you're doing this. I had stopped coming to your site because it became uncomfortable to watch someone destroying young vulnerable people lie Lindsay Lohan and Rumer Willis with words. It was horrible to see you idolize your friends like Lady Gaga and trash others who you weren;t buddys with. It was like watching the cool kids in high school relentlessly harrass the kids from the wrong side of the tracks. I'm really glad that you are changing your tack. I am still interested in celebrities but I think that your new approac will still feed everyones interest without the maliciousness. Bravo to you. I'm really glad people change and take responsibility for their past actions. x

  39. 539


  40. 540

    i feel so bad for your mother, you are one unfortunate looking creature.

  41. 541

    Perez, you are totally heartfelt and we all sympathize thank you for realising and all is forgiven, your still one of my favorite stars ! XOXO !

  42. 542

    If the person you're poking fun at isn't laughing, then it's not just a joke and it's not at all very funny. Good for you, Perez. I believe you are sincere.

  43. 543

    Thank you. Best wishes. You have just broken a link in the chain of hate.

    Be proud.

  44. 544

    As people hate you, I accept your apology and I know you can change. I was the subject of bullying and beatings when I was a kid. I know you are a great person, and support you……be yourself, love yourself and keep your chin-up. I am a fan and will always be a fan…..

  45. 545

    Re: Beth Wilson – Hey look I dont knw you and Im not trying to be mean, nor am I saying some of what you are saying is wrong, I'm just saying, if you hate perez so much and want him to burn in hell , then why are you on his website ? Yes hes opinionated but now he will be doing it in a good way, !

  46. 546

    You go Perez, I think it's a great decision on your part. To the haters if you think he was so awful to begin w/ wth are you even doing on his site.

  47. 547

    I hope you are able to do this, because I truly did feel that you were incredibly hypocritical in your comments about gay bullying when you were constantly verbally bullying celebrities. I equally wish you would get off your bully pulpit and allow people in the closet to stay in the closet, and not drag them out with your accusations (regardless of whether they are true). I sincerely hope that you, too, are sincere in this change.

  48. 548

    Hypocrite? Seriously? How can celebrities compare themselves with teens who have been struggling to understand where they fit into this world? Those kids have gone through Hell!!
    I don't feel bad for the celebrities who make millions out there. They wanted to be in the public eye? Then they need to deal with whatever burden comes with that job.
    You need to stay true to yourself Perez…don't change anything (well maybe you can proofread before posting stuff! Ha!)

  49. 549

    Too little too late Perez . Smells like someone is trying to cover his ass. What will you do now to draw attention to yourself?

  50. 550


  51. 551


  52. 552


  53. 553

    Re: Danielle Peters Friedman – I could not agree more! Why make a profile and read the posts if you don't like what the site is about??? Some people are only spreading negativity and hate….don't read this site if you have an issue with Perez and what he is doing! Grow up! Love the video and thought behind it Perez! Great job :)

  54. 554


  55. 555

    Note: since posting this on the front page You have made one post. About cartoon voice actors.

  56. 556

    Good for you!
    A big HUG from me to you. :)

  57. 557

    Also when ellen said to you, ” you know your going to loose money right? and u said ” i dont care” BULL SHIT, YOU DO CARE, DONT GIVE EVERYONE THIS WHOLE I'M GOING TO CHANGE, I GIVE IT ABOUT A WEEEK TILL YOU GO BACK YOUR OLD WAY.S

  58. 558

    love you perez! proud of you bb! u can definately inspire people now…

  59. 559

    Like my name says…I am not really a fan of you or your website. However, I applaud you for leaving this video. I have noticed (since my wife is a fan and comes to your website a lot) that over the years you've become more active in good causes, and this is yet one more. Somehow I wonder over time if this change will stick, but in the here and now, I absolutely applaud you for it, as the here and now is all that matters. When you said "I need to be the change I want to see" that truly impressed me. There's something like that in just about any book about living a positive, successful life out there. Congrats. Who knows, maybe someday I'll change my name to "AlmostAFan"…lol.

  60. 560

    I'm proud of you oPerez! There will always be hateful spiteful people out there and I'm glad you're not going to be one of them anymore. Misery loves company and you won't be in it anymore! Karma is a bitch for all the negative peeps!

  61. 561

    Not interested.

  62. 562

    Perez, your facade has fallen. Now everyone will know your the opposite of this mean character you've been portraying. Glad your giving it up, vicious gay guys are a dime a dozen.

  63. 563

    Don't believe it. You just want a job on American Idol.

  64. 564

    The reason I subscribe to Parezhilton.com isn't for the stupid names or the silly drawings on people's pictures, those posts I generally skip right past, I love the news, todays media LOVES a celebrity, everything they do is documented. Not everybody thinks it's right to talk about them like they are a "them" but we're still all fascinated. I felt that the video was extrememly genuine, anybody that is still saying you are the problem, clearly has their own issues. Just because you said things about people on this platform, doesn't make it right for people to bad mouth you in the comments. It's the EXACT same. Bullying going around in circles.

    I don't think you should blame yourself for following the path that you had subconsciously taken, trust me, I have read FAR worse than a nickname or a drawing.

    I'm glad you're growing, you certainly haven't lost me as a follower and if you do lose a tonne who gives a shit, the idiots who comment above or below this one with hateful remarks are only as bad as the next one, and with less money and popularity and growth as you.

    Everybody changes in their lives. That's the biggest message we can send to kids and adults who feel like their lives will always be that way, it won't, it's a temporary time.

    Good luck.

  65. 565

    hello I'm from France , Orleans, first I want to say that I've been following this website for 2 years now and I don't think you are so nasty! remember , you are talking about Show Business right! it's not like the end of the word, and second, when you talk about serious problems like teen suicides you do it very well, so go on, be as good as you can be but don't change I mean the good is inside you but it was already there yesterday. and as we say in french : chasser le naturel , il revient au galop,
    au revoir

  66. 566


  67. 567

    Your actions will speak louder than your words, Perez. Bravo to you for realizing it's time for a change. Be a role model, not a bully.

  68. 568

    What is wrong with you people for putting him down for this!?! YOU ARE THE BULLIES! I for one am happy with the "new" Perez attitude and I hope he keeps it!

  69. 569

    You are admirable. You are strong. You are an example. Thank you for looking at yourself. We all should. So many of us don't realize how we bully… it doesn't feel intentional and yet we do it. Not maliciously, but for humor. That's where we blur…
    You are awesome. You do draw attention to things that matter… you don't base your sites on cheap bullying. But bless you for recognizing how easy it is to go for the cheap jokes…
    Perez, you are a good person… when I watched this video, my first thought was "awww, Perez you are such a sweet punkin"
    Take care sweetie. You are wonderful!

  70. 570

    Good for you Perez, i'm very glad you have finally come to your senses!!! Being a jerk to people even if they are celebrities brings no good to anyone, all things you do eventually catch up with you! You are in a position to do great things, use what u have built and use it for the greater good, forget the losers who thrive on reading negative and hurtful gossip, you can definately make a positive difference and impact, dont waste your life on superficial insignificant nonsense. A tip: why not portray the positive side of celebrities and maybe even awesome things regular people do. I dont know just a thought, i would definately come here to see that and im sure a lot of people would too. Dont be afraid, you will do great!!!!

  71. 571

    i come to this site to catch up on the latest as part of the office chatter - for the most part. the violence surprised me at first but i've learned to skim through to find lighter, fun stuff. hope your planned transformation is something you can sustain. also hope people around you let you change.

  72. emhay says – reply to this


    It's ballsy to admit you were wrong and decide to change in such a public way. Remember this momentum when you have an inevitable urge to speculate or casually rip on someone who may not deserve it. This has been a nasty forum for quite some time, with some of the most outrageous, disheartening comments on the internet. Good for you for making a change for the better and reaching out to other bullies. Plus, celebrities seem to have awful psychological reactions to constant scrutiny, worse than non-celebrities since their identity is tied to public approval. What you've been doing is not as unimportant as it might seem, so keep this promise to yourself and to us to be better :) . Glad your heart is in the right place.

  73. Sane1 says – reply to this


    Hallelujah! Thank you! You're worried about people leaving because you're not as nasty? I can't tell you how many times I wondered why I'm still on your site, even though you trash my favorite celebs. That's some HUGE fanbases you're been insulting on a regular basis. Plus, you're growing up - so are your readers. Thank you for making a positive change and PLEASE STICK WITH IT!!!

  74. 574

    BTW I am a teacher in two residential homes. The first one is for kiddos who have been physically, sexually,emotionally abused and/or neglected. The second is for young women who have been court appointed… You want to talk about bullying?
    Step off haters. You have no idea. My kids have been raped, sodomized, beaten, neglected, and bullied in the cruelest of ways.
    I admire Perez. For those of you who trivialize his commitment, what are YOU doing to change the tide of abuse? You're on the internet already, why not find a place where you can make a difference while you're slamming gossip whores?
    Don't bitch about something if you don't have a solution.

  75. 575

    Re: DIE PEREZ HILTON! – What kind of idiot are you? Seriously, listen to what he says… have a compassionate heart… lack of that is what causes these bullying/suicide situations… Perez is stepping back and admitting mistakes, how else is change supposed to happen?

  76. 576

    Good for you!!!!!!!!!

  77. 577

    It's always easier to go for the low-hanging fruit, the easy insult, or the quick catchy snark. That's what gets the most laughs. That's why it's called 'common'.

    I applaud and admire anyone who steps out of the madness and becomes uncommon, especially when it's for the common good. I'm impressed even more when they know it won't be easy, and they know they will be mocked yet they accept the responsibility because they know that it is right. It's called maturity. Few have it. It is 'un' common.

    I won't be going away. I believe you can do it and I'm eager to see what comes next. Not to say I didn't find guilty pleasure in the 'before', but I'll be a lot happier to enjoy your site without the guilt!

    Bravo Perez!

  78. 578

    Re: johnbooth – and you're not being a bully now?

  79. 579


  80. 580

    Eldridge Cleaver.
    You forgot some thing off your list.
    1. Support LGBT Groups to the highest ability.
    2. Support well worthy charities, (Both large and small organisations)
    3. Show gratitude to people who are his fans/follow him.
    4. Have a gifted ability to spot new talent.
    5. Introduce that talent, whether it is new music/actors/producers/writers/fashion, to the world.
    6. Be honest.
    7. Be a determined business minded writer.
    8. Take everybody else's bullying and remarks towards you.
    9. Always have a positive outlook, that will take constant scrutinising.
    10. Be yourself and never change despite the fame/money/haters/lovers.

    Perez, I think this message takes guts and I'm so proud to say that I read your website everyday without fail. Not just for the juicyness but for the news, the issues you bring up and mainly because we have quite similar views on celebrities.

    You say what everyone else thinks.

    Just someone people get hurt because they are fanboys/girls.
    As for the celebrities themselves. They have to hear this stuff from everywhere else. The media should take a leaf from your book.

    I say you're very brave and well maybe this change will help people see what I have seen since the beginning. :)
    Keep your chin up and don't let the idiots get you down.

  81. 581

    Re: joiningtobitch – and you're NOT a bully?

  82. 582

    your looking more skinner then ever are you doing crack with your dear caca ? you are a bully asshole admit it ass kisser. why you lie to yourself ? I don't believe you for one bit I think you got bullied yourself that's why your like that. and mario stop being making vids about that your a good person which we all know that your not we'll not stupid you are douchbag.

  83. 583

    I read through the comments and can't believe how many people ARE bullying and deny it. Perez is a public figure. He is prone to disdain… but not bullying. Take a look at yourself people. Be angry. Disagree. But don't threaten…

  84. 584

    Finally! Farewell 'Maniston' that's always pissed me off so glad to see the back of it! Proud of you Perez :) maybe channel your new found positive energy into some kind of charity or organisation for gay teens who need some guidance from someone who's gone through what they have

  85. 585

    Way to go, Perez! I don't really ever leave comments, but this post deserved one. Proud of your decision!

  86. 586

    it takes a lot to own up to our mistakes, and you did a good thing! And if there are people out there that are still hating on you, well….then I guess they are the hypocrites now.

  87. 587

    I'll still be coming around. I'm addicted to gossip and watching celebs and reading about them is one of my drugs.

  88. 588

    I think this is a great idea. I love your site, and I could sense that you were trying to transition from snarky gossip dude into something more in the last few months. Don't listen to the naysayers! It's never too late to be kind! Good for you!!!

  89. 589

    You know what? Good for you. I visit perezhilton.com every day to clear my brain with some fun and have always enjoyed your schtick, because I knew it did not come from a malicious place. But you're right - it is a good time to set an example and change.
    Bullying is being discussed everywhere and I have been following with interest. I was listening to an interview with Author Myla Goldberg on NPR yesterday, regarding her new book, "The False Friend." It's a novel, which isn't usually my thing, but this is a very interesting read already. Bullying is an underlying theme in the book, and I just downloaded it and began reading last night. At the beginning of the book there is a quote that is something along the lines of (forgive me, I don't have the exact wording) - one cannot become the person one wants to be by discounting the person one was in the past. What you are doing is owning up to your personality and your past, not blocking it out and pretending it does not exist. You are using your old self as a platform from which to grow and set an example because you have that advantage - liked by many or not, you are well known within the public and if you will scale back your writing (but as you say, still be sassy and have opinions), you will be setting a good example. You are being responsible.
    Just count me in as one behind you and I'm looking forward to seeing how you will grow.

  90. 590

    Honestly, I feel that negative comments criticizing you are ridiculous. Of course there will be negativity, but what I have never understood is why people who are so critical of what you do are still READING WHAT YOU WRITE. You don't like it? Fine, get off the site. There are plenty of other places to get your kicks on the internet.

  91. 591

    I hope you are sincere…I have not visited this site b/c of the nastiness…now, I will give it another try…making fun of celebs is kinda fun, I can admit that…but I think there are limits…you bullied the Miss Universe/America woman as well…I am not a fan of hers, but she is entitled to her opinion and I think you bullied her out of the title as well…bullying goes both ways…just like minorities CAN be prejudiced towards whites…goes both ways.

  92. jdrox says – reply to this


    While I really respect the sentiment, I couldn't help waiting for the punchline. It's beyond unfortunate that lives are being lost due to cyber-bullying, but I disagree that your site counts as such. I view your site for it's irreverence and entertainment value, however crude it can sometimes be. And I highly doubt that any of your comments or photos would make any celebrity commit suicide. I think this may be a case of taking yourself too seriously. And unfortunately that wasn't what perez hilton was about.

  93. 593

    Well done. While I love you in all your snarkiness, I admire you for actually taking the steps to be the kind of man you want to be publicly. It's brave and honorable.

  94. 594

    i really am surprised and delighted and hope you will continue with this progressive way of running your website. Although my opinion is small and not worth much, I am so impressed with your statement and I believe you can continue a successful, more positive website.

  95. 595

    I hope you keep your promise. I look forward to the changes you are making in your life and in your work. Cheers Perez! I love you and i hope you inspire other people (public people) to take a moral inventory of themselves and be as honest as you were.

  96. 596

    Good for you Perez! Although I am old enough to be your mother, I am glad you have done alot of soul searching and have come to an understanding about yourself and why you bullied. It was clearly a defense mechanism. I don't remember being bullied in high school but I was a cute young girl. The bullyiing in schools are out of control. There should be harassment laws on the books just like in the workplace for adults. Sadly, because of the 'broken family' syndrome, teenagers today need more attention than ever. I was lucky and got alot of help from my family and my son was never 'home alone' alot and good alot of attention from the adults around him. I would have pulled my child out of the school and he or she would have never gone back there.

  97. 597

    I'm crying.

    I can tell that was VERY genuine, and Perez I want you to be that role model you are.

    Thank you for that video.

  98. 598

    I LOVE PEREZ AND WOULD NEVER STOP READING, I feel like alot of it is to show us that celebrities are regular old people just like you and I and am rarely offended by your words …. Its nice to see such a heartfelt message tho… LOVE you PEREZ!!!!

  99. 599

    It takes a big man to say what you said, Perez! You'll always have my loyalty

  100. 600

    there's no one else for you to piss off or out or call names, thats why your changing and besides your sight is tanking big tim, from 300 something down into the 900 range.

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