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A Very Important Announcement From Perez

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In case you missed it…

Please watch the heartfelt, sincere video above in its entirety.

Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
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Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

689 comments to “A Very Important Announcement From Perez”

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  1. 601

    Re: djnv2009 – - shame on you for your comment….

  2. 602

    Very good perez!!! dont hate! :3

  3. 603

    I actually stopped reading your site a little over a year ago because it just got too mean. I'll come back if you're nicer!

  4. 604

    Perez, I've been reading your blog for over two years now. There have been many times that I wanted to sign-up for an account on your site to leave a comment about how unfair your posts are to others. However, me calling you a name wouldn't help the fact of you calling others names. After watching your video I wanted to sign-up and get an account to tell you how proud I am that you made this video. I know some people think you can't change, but I believe you can and will. It takes a lot to say you're wrong, but to make a video and do it for thousands of people to watch takes a lot of guts. Thank you for posting this!

  5. 605

    extremily inspiring perez!! i will continue to love your site regardless.. what i loved about it in the first place the fact that you were always the first to inform me of anything pop culture related, whether it'd about a new single, movie trailer, important world events that affect us all. can't wait to see how this change in attitude will reflect on your blog! keep up the good work!!

  6. 606

    i believe your sincerity. I wish you well in your endeavors. Nice to see maturity . Getting rid of so much negativity will make your soul happy. Just a suggestion, you might send some apologies to the ones you have been the meanest to. Enjoyng someone else's misfortune is a very twisted thing.

  7. cymro says – reply to this


    Perez, I hope you read this - I could cry for the way you've treated Christina Aguilera - You took such pride in being pivotal to her comeback going so badly. Every single move she made, you laughed at and encouraged others to. You went out of your way to destroy her career and your words hurt ME so I really can't imagine how they've hurt her - no wonder she's just hidden away. I would like you to own up to that - you've gone for countless other INNOCENT (mostly) WOMEN in such an evil way that you've blackened the names of everyone who you now support. You've got a long way to go to prove yourself and naming Fergie, Xtina, Jennifer Aniston and so many others in a REAL apology will be the first step. I'm glad to see this though but so much damage has already been done.

  8. 608

    Perez, there are so many comments here on this subject. I hope you'll read all of them…..the good and the bad. I've see you on many TV shows. I've always thought that you were a really funny, nice guy when you're on TV. This persona you've created for yourself on your website though was not you. I'm glad you've seen the light. I do hope that you really have changed. You know that we'll all be watching you. Good luck!

  9. 609

    GOOD FOR YOU! And for your business btw…it's been known for years that being nice, positive and respectful sells more than being nasty. And by changing your attitude, hopfully you'll encourage others to stop being bullies, and lives wil be saved. Bullying is a crime. It's not funny, it's as a bad as rape, as bad as assault, and it should be stopped.

  10. 610

    It's a nice effort. You are trying to do. But some one else faced more than bullying who was innocent and faced death for you and me. For the people who even at least once, are a liar, steal anything at all big or small called thiefs. For those whom if they hated even once they are a murder at heart, if they wanted anything that wasn't theirs they are a covetor. If they have lusted after any one an adulterer at heart they are. By these sins we are guilty and would be judged by God unto hell, because we broke his law. But if you are like me, like I said some one faced death on our behalf although he was innocent. He bore the sins of the world past and present and whatever will be. His name is Jesus Christ. He died so that we could live. In the sense that if we turn from our sin and put our trust in His sacrifice for sin we will be born again spiritually. Mr. Perez Hilton you are trying to clean what you can't clean yourself, your heart. Only God can do that, by his sacrifice on the cross. If you really want to change, turn from your sin and put your trust in the God that died for you and what He did and then you will truly be changed and instead of the punishment for all sin, no matter what it is, which is hell. You shall receive forgiveness and go to heaven when you die. It's like you said you are getting older and we all don't know how much time we got. 150,000 people die everyday. Want more detail? See: www.needgod.com.

  11. 611

    Oh puhleez…if gay bullying/suicides weren't making headlines, and you weren't being called out on your hypocrisy, you'd be the same ole Perez. I give it 6 months.

  12. 612

    Good. I hope you mean it! I look forward to the new changes!

  13. 613

    Well said. Still with ya, baby.

  14. 614

    Before you can change you have to admit that you are a bully and accept the behavioral impact your bullying has made on the readers of your site. Many of those readers are impressionable minors who don't have fully developed brains and underdeveloped reasoning so they cannot distinguish between the targets of cruelty being a celebrity or the gay kid who sits next to them in Science class. You've taught them how to be cruel and having no celebrities as targets they target their own peers. I stopped reading your blog long ago because it was nothing but mean. You must realize you've made a name for yourself by being mean. You gained your bully power by making celebrities squirm and having your reader bystanders giggle along with you.
    You may not be acting like a bully now but you have been nothing but a bully up to now. Here's the dictionary definition…"A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people." Only when you accept what you've done will the world believe you. It's time to wash the blood of those kids off your hands. I hope you'll stand by your words.

  15. 615

    I just saw on the news that you are vowing to change. I recently banned you from my life after being devoted for 5+ years. Your comments about Angelina from the Jersey Shore finally sent me over the edge. I am sooo happy you are making the right steps. Welcome back!

  16. 616

    I used to love the fact that you get great stories but hated that you were an asshole about it….. i'm glad to see this.

  17. 617

    I send you love right back Perez. I loved your message, and I will still visit your websites daily. Nice job!

  18. 618

    I have to say I am proud of you and admire your courage to stand up for what is right. I have two sisters who are gay and I have seen their fair share of bullying and it needs to STOP now! They are two of the most wonderful, compassionate, smart, loving, giving, funny women that I know and just because we put a label on them, people treat them with not only ignorance, but total disregard as if they do not matter as a human being at all. It's disgusting, ignorant, and most of all inhumane! Let's get rid of labels and just take care of each other. Life is too short.

  19. 619

    If this is truly sincere, then I think this is GREAT.

    I am one of the people who has said you are a major hypocrite for all the shit talking you do on here, and I think this would be a very positive change for you.

    I, personally, would come to your page more if I saw more positive comments on your end.

    So good for you! I hope you stick to your word on this issue. It really is an important one.

  20. 620

    Saw this on CNN. Good luck!

    FWIW, and I hope this could help you stick with it: one day a couple years ago I decided to stop visiting your site. I had refreshed your site several times a day for years, and I realized, suddenly, I felt too ugly reading it. So I decided to stop being a bully by, uh, just cutting your website out of my life.

    What I'm saying is, you might get some of your old readership back. Best wishes with your new angle and your better intentions.

  21. 621

    June 21, 2009 - Perez Hilton to Will.I.Am - (screaming in the guy's face) "YOU FUCKING FA@@OT!!!"
    Cum, piss, dicks, all kinds of shit all over pictures. Calling adolescent girls whores, calling them ugly, mocking people in the throes of some very dark mental illness, having a very unhealthy desire for young boys …
    A tiger doesn't change its stripes.

  22. 622

    Very brave for you to step up to the plate, Perez. I'm a big fan.
    Two things you need to do to help gay people and yourself:

    #1. Stop calling suspected closeted gays "gay-face" - it won't help them come out. If they are closeted - it's because they are scared.

    #2. Stop indicating people sucking cock as a negative comment. It makes it seem as if it is a shameful thing. It is not shameful or dirty.

  23. 623

    This seems a little weird for me to be writing this being younger than you but I want to let you know how much good you are doing.
    I know it isn’t easy finding fault in yourself; when others point it out it hurts but once you find that it’s true you can better yourself. You have done that. I must commend you for stepping up and now becoming someone worthy of the title ‘role model’.
    I won’t lie to you and tell you I’ve followed you, or even agreed with you on many things but I’ve always known your heart was in the right place. It’s wonderful that you can use your star power to bring attention to such a terrible rash of bullying. If you lose any viewers or followers or fans it will be their loss because you are inspiring.
    You are making the world a better place.
    You are showing that people can change and that love overcomes any kind of hate.

  24. 624

    FINALLY you see what we've all wanted all along….the gossip without the high school bullying….

  25. 625

    Perez darlin' you are the chubby girl that constantly talked bad about the cheerleaders, then lost weight and now desperately wants to BE a cheerleader.

    Thats all. But you did a good job selling it! And using the teen suicides was a crazy nice touch. And the best part is, now that you said SORRY… you can go try and hang out with stars! Yay for you!

  26. 626

    I'm proud of you Mario!! I know more than a few times I've wondered what made you so angry towards people and so malicious. I've even posted on here as to what an asshole you are…but everyone deserves to prove they've changed and I wish you the best. You are growing up!!

  27. 627

    I already commented once but, felt the need to come back as I watched my dvr'd Ellen interview with you. Wow, she made it clear, she does not like you or your site and wouldn't even hug you. She's giving you a second chance as I said, I would. Also, after reading today's stories on your site, MUCH BETTER!! I love it and please, don't go back to your old ways. Ellen mentioned you possibly losing money, personally, I think you will make more money this way. You'll definitely gain respect. I like this Perez so much better and want to keep coming back. I said it before and I'll say it again, you may have saved a life out there somewhere, maybe more. Keep it up, I'm proud of you!! To all, STOP THE BULLYING and let's unite for this wonderful cause!

  28. 628


  29. 629

    Mr. Perez,
    It is refreshing seeing you grow up in front of my very eyes. What you do is great,but who you are is even better. I think you have evolved into a fine young man, who is not afraid to say I am sorry. Good luck to you,you will do better than ever before….
    Lovin my perez….

  30. 630

    I watched your interview with Fren here in UK… and I know you said you don't read the comments so I donno what's the point of having them here and to be honest, I have NEVER in my life wrote a comment anywhere like this…But look.. I don't wanna be a bully and horrible to anyone, I don't want to be like you… So I don't want to say anything horrible here. But if you really wanna change and make a change… JUST DO IT! Stop blogging about how you gonna or talk on talkshows about have you wanna…Just simply do it! And good luck with that and don't let yourself down. All the best! xx

  31. 631

    you have alot to make up for. make the most of the second chance people are giving you.
    i think you should do a compilation apology to your targeted victims. good luck.

  32. 632

    You seem sincere enough so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt…Congratulations on this! :)

    I just hope it lasts..

  33. 633

    Awesome thing to do Perez!!!Im behind you!!!!Good job!!!

  34. 634

    much respect for that! good luck!

  35. 635

    Well done Perez. It takes a big person to admit your mistakes.

    And if you think Perez is full of shit people, good for you. Now fucking leave!!! Go away!!! Nobody needs you!!! Fucking trolls.

  36. 636

    You have been an egomaniacal bully for years. If this change is sincere, I applaud you and wish you only the best.

  37. 637

    You are looking great, and your video today is wonderful, I think you deserve any success and happiness you have been afforded. I have to say in your defense, you did nothing different in terms of creating nicknames and parodied stories than some of the true great of the industry, Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons. I have always loved you and your work. Watch Malice in Wonderland one day if you have never watched it, and watch the bite in which Elizabeth Taylor Plays Louellla, whom she hated personally

  38. 638

    Okay, Perez, I actually like you today. I hope you will live up to this.

  39. 639


  40. 640


  41. 641

    I'm glad you've finally realized how MEAN you can be! And yes it IS hypocritical for you to basically cyber bully celebs (they are still people too), when gay teens are being bullied!

  42. 642

    You are hilarious! I read your site a few times a day. You've made a huge footprint in media and entertainment. Yes, you have said things that were mean and rude but it is humorous and you really are just saying what everyone else is thinking.

    If this is what you have to do to feel better about yourself. Then do it! I love your site and I think you have done a lot of great things for some amazing causes.

    I wish you would join us on the conservative side, but that's my only complaint. You're great! Don't let people get you down :)

  43. 643

    i'm proud of you for standing up! I thought your comments towards Rumor WIllis were pretty mean, but I can see how you were trying to be funny. You're human and I relate to you on things too. I think it's shows that you are a strong person for apologizing and doing the right thing! GOOD FOR YOU!

  44. 644

    this is a very exciting post perez and is very much appreciated! since this post, the rest of your posts have been much more pleasant than before and this is reassuring. that just goes to show you can definitely continue doing what you love without the unneccessary nastiness! :P everybody deserves a second chance and i think you're very brave and inspiring for making a public apology and an effort to change. good luck, i'm sure your blog will be a much easier read from now on and you'll sleep much better! :) xxx

  45. 645

    Perez, I am very happy to hear about the changes you plan to make for this site. I enjoy the info, skimming your blog is one of my fav morning routines… but I would always skip past the items that I thought were too harsh, or crossed the line from gossipy to malicious. I am so looking forward to a new, more mature gossip site from Perez! I absolutely think you can do with style and dishyness!

    Go ahead and rag on people's clothes, acting/writing ability and trashing their stupid antics. Because those are all things people can change or work on - it's the public face that people put out there for exactly the purpose of getting noticed. But the private elements of a person - their sexuality, their weight, etc. - yes, please be more sensitive and courteous.

    I'm really excited to see you find the balance, I know you can.

    For all the rest of your commenters who are doubting his sincerity or don't think people are capable of acknowledging mistakes and doing better - why are you even here? Why would you even read this site if you so hate what he does? Answer: because you love it. You just can't admit it. You love the trash talk and hateful gossip, probably makes you feel better about yourselves. And what you're hating on most right now is that if Perez cleans up his act then where will you get your daily fix of hating? Grow up people! Let a man improve himself would you please!

  46. 646

    Re: freak – it's exactly comments like this that i do NOT understand… why are you even here if you "hate" what he does so much. because you still want the trash, even tho you won't admit it. and now you (and all the people like you) are pissed cuz you won't be getting your junky gossip fix. oh well, how sad, too bad. perez is moving onto to bigger and better! he'll be better off without readers like you!

  47. 647

    You just gained a reader. Way to go, Perez.

  48. 648

    Thank God you are finally having a change of heart and realizing that the little boy who got bullied was bullying others when he grew into a man. Stop the cycle. Good on you. :)

  49. 649

    Perez! You have finally arrived and become a true human being. I will be following and seeing if you indeed have seen the cruelty of your words and if you now do your best to encourage and uplift others.

  50. 650

    well see

  51. 651


    I have to say that I adore you and that I'm excited that you are working on being a better person.

    …However, I must admit that when I am at work committing time-theft I most definitely enjoy indulging in reading your site ESPECIALLY when you draw cum on people's faces and call celebrities hilarious names. The more rude-crude-and-socially-unacceptable, the better as far as I'm concerned.

    But I'm happy for you on a personal note, that you are finding ways to gain self-improvement and gaining integrity in doing so.


  52. kat27 says – reply to this


    So refreshing and such a great reminder that we should all be looking to ourselves for change!

  53. 653

    It's okay Perez, let's grow up !
    I'll be supportive if you trie to be a better person but I already love you, just as you are!

  54. 654




  55. 655

    Kudos Perez! I saw you on Ellen and if she will give you a chance to show you have changed we also should.

  56. 656

    Perez, I think you are smart and creative and will find a way to be saucy without bullying. Bravo!

  57. 657


  58. 658

    you have my full support! I read every day and I think its great your making this change!!!

  59. 659


  60. 660

    First I do not think you are a bully, you are tring to make a living. Second you did not make it trhough one day thanks to Bill O.

  61. 661

    Re: schoolyard bully – PEREZ! Why do you allow posts like this on your site. This is the same kind of crap that caused that young man to jump off of that bridge. You should block this kind of abusive posts.!

  62. 662

    DOes ThiS meAn CasTRo is Really reALLy REalllYYY deAd This tImE??? No Name CAllinG But KEEp on SpreAding LOvely Rumors DoucHe. MuaH. Cash CasH CAsh in DoucHe

  63. 663

    i feel cheated… move on to the next thing. your late already. you filth

  64. 664

    Re: thenewperez13 – You buy this? Really?

  65. 665

    Re: buckets8 – Why do we respond? Because if we didn't, there would only be people pushing Perez further to bully and do what he does. Isn't it better to hear from both sides? To get a dose of realty now and then? Though sadly the dose can come to myself when I read comments by people who are so obviously uneducated, it's a pity. And you would be SO bored without us to respond to my darling.

  66. 666

    Re: cymro – Wow, very well said, very well said.

  67. IVIV says – reply to this


    It's disgusting ppl are so easily praising his crocodile tears after all he's done/said/destroyed, yet you'll still go on calling celebs the worst of names, pry into their lives & judge them in the nastiest ways, bc of posts Perez has made/will still make. Or is it ok now that he won't be photoshopping dicks & making up names? Did THEY bully YOU, or ANYONE, do anything close to what Perez has done? Yet THEY are the bad guys? you bully, speak vile words about, not every celeb is perfect amazing problem free but they made their names for acting/singingetc…NOT by being a PROFESSIONAL BULLY who breeds hate, ENCOURAGES followers to act as vile& laugh at the 1s he bullies. Yet you hate THEM, refuse to ever think they could actually be decent ppl. This fake apology does not erase damage, hypocrisy, personal vendettas, blatant LIES, the existance of perezhilton was built on bullying, "hollywoods most hated website" hm wonder why. To the ppl saying ppl who don't like Perez are stupid for posting & then call US bullies, we come here to STICK UP for the ppl he wrongfully goes after, sticking up for ppl makes US the bullies? I don't think enough of you remember the things he's said/done, the only reason you know of him is b/c he's a bully

  68. IVIV says – reply to this


    He kicks ppl when their down. Posts false stories, takes $ to post good things about certain celebs or negative about others. Forces gay ppl to come out. the nicknames, drawings, women hating, copy/paste from other sites, makes fun of ppls weight, looks, children, these are the reasons he lost $ & hits, the reason hes trying to save face now. Yet if this was a real celeb, he'd be making fun of them for doing this & you'd all be leaving vile comments of agreeance. For his bullying to end he'd have to stop doing this site. & even that won't erase the damage he's done & encouraged. he called will.i.am a f*ggot, only after he decided against the N word (he admitted that himself, look it up). You seriously think his bullying doesn't hurt or effect them at all just b/c they're famous? You think he's never made some1 cry with his words? Ask yourself how you'd feel about him if YOU were a celeb on his sh*t list.

  69. IVIV says – reply to this


    Bullying is bullying. lies are lies. nasty words are nasty words. damage is done. suicides are all unfortunate whether gay or not. a man in his 30s just now "realizing" hes a bully, is that a joke? Bullying is his INTENTIONAL profession. he's been sued over things he writes, punched, none of that made him question "hmm, maybe I should stop"? Why did he even START? Ppl commit suicide everyday gay & straight, he only recently started posting about gay suicides & used it as his epiphany, he won't "lose $" he's already lost it that's why he's doing this. This website is like the burn book from Mean Girls except Perez makes sure everyone knows its him writing the pages. Has tried to justify it all these years, now he says hes a bully, so now everything's ok? Takes a certain kind of person to do things he's done, think about that. The things he's done & said, to make a professional image off of it, to become famous off of it. I could never do that, would ever even THINK of doing that. Bullying is his chosen profession, seems even he forgets that.

  70. 670

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Slutty Cyrus is gonna be eighteen in about a month. That's almost three years older than fifteen. just sayin'

  71. 671

    it's funny how all those people, instead of giving perez a second chance, call him names and tell him to fuck off because he's a bully and won't ever change, are bullying him.
    You've become what you hate or you hate what you've become?

  72. 672

    Perez, you have bullied so many people on your site/s - you seem to skirt around this issue in this video. It's been pretty sick…

    You are so lucky that a celebrity didn't commit suicide becuase of your nasty and vindicitive harassment, because your career (and life) would have crumbled….

    I look forward to a less hate filled site. I come here for news and new music - not to be a spectator of cyber bullying

  73. 673

    I'm so proud of you Perez!! Keep up the good work

  74. 674

    This has come as a nice surprise. I read your website daily, but it was only last week I became tired of the nastiness. At times it was very funny. But, for example, the constant negative crap about lindsey lohan…you always wished her well but continued to post so much negative crap about her. I actually posted a comment saying this. And it's nice that only a week later you are wanting actual change.

  75. 675

    I hope you keep your word. Sadly I don't think you will, but at least you can acknowledge you have been a bully and a cruel human being over the last few years. I hope you will change your ways but I can't say my hopes are too high.

  76. 676

    Thank you Perez, that was so sweet aend sincere, I knew all along you were a good person down deep, I'm so glad to hear you will approach subjects and people differently, even though some people do need a kick in the ass for some of the things they done, we still have to be nice and considerate. Thank you again, and I hope these young people whom were born differently, as my son was will listen and get advice before they do something really bad, even it will save one life that would be such a blessing. God Bless you Perez and all the gays. God loves you the same no matter what……

  77. 677

    Yay Perez!!! I'm so happy you're changing for the better. I'm still going to come to your site :) I think you can share fun gossip without being mean :)

  78. 678

    Very insightful. I respect you immensly for posting this and having the courage to take a look at yourself honestly in the hopes of becoming a better person. "Use your talents to make a difference." Like you said, be the change you want to see. Bravo and God bless you :)

  79. 679

    And for all the haters leaving negative comments: Change doesn't come overnight. The fact that he even recognizes the negative things he's done and takes responsibility for them and wants to change for the better is huge. It's easy to hate so that's what the weak do. Perez, you are in my prayers- keep strong, your soul is not worth this momentary fame.

  80. 680

    how much blow did u do before you made this video fucktard?

  81. 681

    glad you're making the change. i had noticed you were being nice for about the last 8-9 days or so. good. i was tired of you always making snarky remarks about Jennifer Aniston or Mischa Barton… and many others. hope you continue on this new path… otherwise, you'll be loosing a lot of readers.
    stop posting old photos of Peter Doherty and hope you don't say anymore horrible things about him. Makes me sad! :( and mad. ò_Ó

  82. 682

    I really hope you stick with this Perez. I read your site starting 2005 and stopped this year because your posts were getting extremely vicious and negative. Some of the posts were blatant lies and malicious at their very core (i.e. Kristen Stewart is a lesbian?! Honestly, just stop with that because not only is it baseless, but lets say hypothetically that it were the truth - that is blatant homophobia!) If you stick with this, then I will resume reading your site daily once more.

  83. @v@ says – reply to this


    With your slightly used and formerly roughed up but good brain and heart, I always knew you'd arrive at this place. I simply wondered how you might handle it once you got here. Now I know. It'll work. Just keep looking ahead while you drive.

  84. 684

    Re: vanity_vicious – He named her Slutty Cyrus when she was 15. Nearly 3 years ago.

  85. 685

    Laaaaame. If I wanted nice, I'd watch Oprah or The View. Fuck this, Perez. If you're going carebear on us, I'm unsubscribing.

  86. 686

    Good for you Perez, you know the site will lose money and you are still doing it, to me that makes you genuine. I for one will stick around and im sure many more will. Still be fun, still be sassy, still say whats on your mind, just stop the nastiness. Good for you x

  87. 687

    Perez Hilton, I really hope you do stick to this. I honestly think that it will do you good, and viewers on here good.
    Be the change!
    Love you, Perez!

  88. 688

    A laughable, self-pitying pathetic attempt to rebrand a flagging career. Pompous Pilate trying to wash his bloody hands.

  89. 689

    Yeah! REAL SINCERE! I particularly enjoyed the other PerezHilton website plugs. Really gave it a heartfelt, warm and fuzzy feel… You are what you are. The end

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