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He always seems to be right on the mark when he speaks about these matters! Elton John has come forward to express his dismay and disappointment not only… Read more…

14 comments to “Elton John Promotes Tolerance In Light Of Gay Suicides!”

  1. 1

    Yes I'm amaze of the ignorance of these kids these days… Parents don't know how to be parents for sure…..How boring it would be if we all of us do the same thing….
    I'm glad there are straight people as gay people, white people as black people, tall people as short people…. American stop that non-sense hate and be more productive otherwise we are going to continue in this shit-hole as we are now !

  2. 2

    Perez I hope you've learned something from Sir Elton….the word is TOLERANCE.

  3. 3

    At first when I started reading about all these suicides I thought wow great that it's getting all this attention. But you know what shouldn't we be having a dialogue about suicide in general and where people can turn for help. My best friend committed suicide and not cuz she was gay but because she bullied by her husband, a victim of domestic abuse. Where's the discussion about how high suicide rates are amongst young asians. Suicide has no gender, race, or lifestyle preference. We can preach tolerance all day long but at the end of the day everyone isn't gonna get on board and to some extent we've all bullied someone or not been as nice as we could have. So instead of focusing on just these gay teens we should really be trying to reach out to everyone.

  4. 4

    Um, wasn't he married and living a straight lifestyle for awhile, worried professionally that he would not be accepted as a gay man? He didn't come out until the 80s. If it was such a loving country back then, why didn't he come out sooner? And Jesus Christ teaches tolerance? Is that why so many gay-hating Christians are always saying being gay is a sin? Look, Elton isn't wrong at all–just a bit hypocritical and backwards in his explanation.

  5. 5

    Elton has zero credible with the gay community. We have no patience for his bullshit (unless your name is Perez….)

  6. 6

    I love Elton John, but if he is going to use Jesus Christ as an example he should be willing to accept God's law as well. It is true we should be compassionate, forgive and understand, but we shouldn't not condone that which is unnatural. God spoke against homosexual acts…

  7. 7

    Re: Adibobea9 – God didn't write the bible, people wrote the bible. God sent Jesus to show us how to live. If Jesus saw a gay person he would not beat him or hate him, he would not make him feel less of a human. Jesus would love the gay person because he would know that God has a plan for everyone and created us in his own image. I don't understand how people can think God would make us gay and ask us to live a life against how he made us.

  8. 8

    Always the STYLISH gentleman….

  9. 9

    Re: wiseguy
    Obviously you didn't read my whole post as I said we should love, forgive and understand. I am against hate crimes and I don't beat or hate homosexuals for their beliefs, just as I would expect others to treat me. I even mentioned my love for Elton John.

    However God did not make anyone gay. It is true people have feelings for the same sex, but it is a trial one must overcome. I have an addiction to pornography, but it isn't right even though the world claims it's ok. It corrupts the family unit and the natural conceptions of the human mind. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it right. You've probably heard that as a child and it still stands today…

  10. tasha says – reply to this


    At the end of the day, we all don't have to agree with one another, but there is no reason and no excuse for anyone to make anyone else feel as if they are any less of a human being, or treat them as such!

    It's time to not only promote tolerance, but also respect!

    You make celebrities feel like less of a human being and treat them like they are less all the time. This same statement you just made goes towards all aspects of life not just about being gay. You really need to do as you say instead of just the opposite.

  11. 11

    Re: wiseguy – … You just nailed it buddy !

  12. 12

    I do not agree with Mr. Elton John. There is something to be said for Tolerance, and there is the point where Tolerance ends, when people shout out loud that they're all for equality, but just not total equality. screw Elton John and Rush Limbaugh and their big bags of B.S.

  13. 13

    It seems like a common theme for republican tv/radio hosts to put on an act to snatch up an ignorant audience.

  14. 14

    I don't care how charming Rush was to Elton at his wedding. He is no friend of the gay community and no champion of tolerance under any circumstances. Elton John should certainly know better and so should you, Perez. Just listen to Limbaugh's poison radio rants for 5 minutes and you'll know what kind of man he is. Shame on you for getting snookered by the hateful weasel.