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Whaaaaaaat?! In Touch Weekly is reporting that a former nanny of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's brood is opening up about her time with the family, and… Read more…

77 comments to “Does Angie Let Maddox Drink Wine?!”

  1. 1

    In Touch NEVER has any serious sources.
    Perez knows it.

  2. 2

    i believe this. i mean this is the woman who fucked her own brother. i'm pretty sure she lets her kids run wild.

  3. 3

    Wow, kids being kids. Who knew~

  4. 4

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

  5. 5

    to be honest, this wouldnt surprise me a whole lot. Realistically, a family with that many kids and two parents who are constantly working and travelling, there are bound to be behaviour issues and attention seeking. They also dont seem to be the type to discipline and these children seem to have literally no structure in their daily live. Having said that, i'm sure parts of this story are completely exagerated. I very much doubt Maddox drinks wine, but most of it is quite credible actually, in my opinion.

  6. 6

    In touch is SUCH a rag. And they have been on a serious jolie-pitt hating power trip for too long. gossipcop disproves them and calls them out on it ALL the time. They have no REAL sources.

  7. 7

    i have worked for families with busy moms and dads, just like this one. they are NEVER with their kids. it is normal for them to just see the kids for half an hour, at best, at the end of the day. The nannies raise the children, as the moms are too busy working, going to the gym, and shopping.
    Angelina makes movies and travels the world doing this 'save the weak' routine, when exactly do you think she has the time to maintain a regular schedule with her children? clearly they are NOT her priority in life.
    she pays people to do it for her, thats what anyone with a nanny is doing.
    are you people stupid or something?? when someone is this busy, and has nannies, who do you think is raising the child?

    this is not a crazy allegation to me at all. rich kids raised by nannies know they are the boss, not the nanny. i bet they swear at their nannies and throw things. throw temper tantrums and crap.
    i know exactly how these spoiled rich children grow up, i have nannied them.
    this report sounds perfectly accurate to me. not shocked at all.

  8. 8

    Yep…. every bit of it!!! Brad and Angie are ACTORS, for God's sake!!! They do this succesfully for a living. What you SEE and what you ACTUALLY GET are ALWAYS two different things!

  9. 9

    I told this reporter to get the hell out of my house! My husband and I are NOT the Joli-Pitts and so what if our kids are effing CRAZY! There are worse things for kids to do. Geez.

  10. 10

    Re: freyja – kids under 10 years old being kids drinking wine, driving a car and swearing?
    wow i hope you never have kids (if you don't have them already - poor kids if you do).

  11. 11

    She lives her life like there are no rules or boundaries so why would she set any for the kids? Story doesn't surprise me at all.

  12. 12

    It's nobody's fucking business

  13. Laury says – reply to this


    Why is it so hard for you to believe that Angelina is not as perfect as she seems to be? Do you not know that she used to lead a life of fucked-up debauchery? In Touch may not be the most reliable of sources, but I do believe that she's got some serious issues.

  14. 14

    This article doesn't sound like legitamate journalism…..

  15. 15

    I don't know how many wrongs this is. 1st , In european countries, the parents see no problem with the occational sip of wine. 2nd , f i had property that size i'd be teaching all the kids to drive eventually . 3rd, Having that many kids in a house at one time is sure to be chaotic. Swearing , well thats not something i agree with but how can i jusdge when i can let loose a few words every now and again. I'm not a fan of Angelina .

  16. 16

    Ever been to France?

  17. 17

    Perez..you're so up this woman's ass, it's pathetic. The bitch is always working..do you honestly think she's doing the dirty work of raising her SIX kids? Yeah okay..whatever

  18. 18


  19. 19

    always putting people on a pedestal…you are a fool Mario.

  20. 20

    IN TOUCH makes up alot of their stories OR copies and pastes, just like Perez, BUT, how often do you see Brangelina with ALL SIX KIDS? They normally do outings with one or two. AND LEAVE THE OTHERS WITH THE NANNIES. Normal people can't do that, because, lets face, we do not have the resources, like 5/6 nannies. BUT, of course, since it is Brangelina, it is all chaulked up to giving 'special time/individual time to that kid, not Brangelina not being able to handle all six kids, and WE KNOW, or at least MOST OF US, know, she does not like admitting she has NANNIES. So, she does this thing of not being photo'd with them. Like we think, when she and brad are out with 2 of them, the other 4 are home by themselves. Most of us are not THAT STUPID. Maybe Mario/Perez, but I AM HOPING MOST OF YOU AREN'T

  21. 21

    Re: erikasjammin
    you probably want to believe that about her so that you can justify all the family members that you bone - not to mention the family reunion where you meet your dates - Hows Daddy Princess ?

  22. 22

    Not a big Angie fan but children drinking wine is not all that unusual in Europe

  23. 23

    Were Angelina my mom. I'd get drunk and fuck her daily!

  24. 24

    I learned to drive when I was 9. I was taught on the streets of Tucson, early in the AM with no traffic on the road.

    As for the wine drinking- in Europe wine is part of the culture. If he is drinking it, I'm pretty sure he isn't hugging a bottle of it while playing video games.

  25. 25

    Well, I've never thought she was this model of good mothering like you, Perez, but how old is Maddox? 10? In European countries, he would have been drinking wine by now. It's a cultural thing. Damn our conservative American sensibilities for judging!

  26. 26

    Do I believe the nanny? NO

  27. 27

    anyhoo….. in France, the kids DO drink wine with their families…. and most people have given small amts. to slightly older kids on holidays HERE, probably still do in some households. Not like you are doing shots with a 4 yo. and on farms, young kids drive way before the driving age, they aren't on roads. So, were either of them brought up on a french farm and never told us? (Maddox seems kind of short to drive the car) As for the movies, I am sure a lot of houses have kids watching 'R' movies. I watch movies ocassionally, and don't sometimes don't realize what they were rated, and if it is due to cursing, WHO CARES, they here it on the street. but at their age, I would not allow that language.

  28. 28

    I don't believe she slept with her brother.. Inappropriately made out!!! yes… I bet Maddox grabbed wine while his nanny's were supposed to be watching them!! You know they pay scads of money for these people to be nanny's.. i say watch them better you paid nannies..

    But I would probably get fired immediately cuz I would end up spanking those sassy kids..thats what the need… Yes, I said it..Im not Politically correct, thats why my kids are fabulous grownups..

  29. 29

    She has 6 kids works full time, they usually have only 1 parent available to them bc the other is working. You never really see or hear of them interacting with other kids besides their siblings. How do you expect them to be well adjusted kids? The answer is you don't. I'm sure she had all good intentions by adopting and having so many children, but kids need A LOT of attention. And when their parents are jetting them off all over the world frequently and working the crazy hours that actors do, that's just a breeding ground for the children to act out in need of attention.

  30. 30

    listen, in all other countries other than America, it is perfectly fine to let your child have a taste of wine. it's harmless, unless, of course, you go over board…then, that's just wrong. i'm betting brangelina lead a very european-inspired lifestyle, in which case, it would be considered normal.

  31. 31

    I think she is too busy saving the world to pay attention to all those children!

  32. 32

    I drank wine when I was a kid when I lived in Barcelona.
    It's not all day, just with dinner and watered down.
    Perhaps some sherry…one glass.
    It's not a big deal.
    After dinner, I effed my brother.
    I kid, I kid.
    I do think Angie would definitely do something like that though.

  33. 33

    Well, considering she's practically half-european now, I would say some of the stuff isn't really shocking to me. Europeans have a different understanding of parenting. And apparenly it's quite common for french kids to have diluted wine over dinner. Either way, better get them acquainted to alcohol in a safe setting than let them start binge drinking at the age of 16 because it's cool and oh so new. And I bet most kids whatever age swear, just maybe not when their parents are around. As for the driving, I'm sure it's supervised (heck, a kid that age wouldn't even see over the dashboard on his own nor reach the pedals) and I assume they have a heck of a back yard. And finally, do you have any idea how hard it is to stop kids that age watching material not fit for them? Impossible. If anything this shows what lousy babysitters they were for letting all that happen when obviously they were left in charge.

  34. 34

    Yup, I believe it.

  35. 35

    I'm sure there is more to the story, but I tell you, if I had the opportunity to lock myself in a room and get away from the kids for a while, I would…luckily they have enough money to have nannies, too bad that can't keep their fucking mouths shut!! I'm sure these kids are just FINE!

  36. 36

    Can he even reach the pedals..

  37. 37

    And also, if they spend so little time with their kids and nannies take care of them most of the time shouldnt kids be well behaved? After all they probabily have the best nannies and nannies should ideally know how to handle little brats.

  38. 38

    lol I am sure this happens everyday in France. All the french kids have wine… haha

  39. 39

    I wanna be a Jolie-Pitt kid!!!!

    And whats wrong with fucking your brother? She did?! I remember their juicy kiss, but that's all…hm. Actually, that would be hot. Kinky hot ;)

  40. 40

    Even if all of this is true, their kids will turn out better than the current batch of Hollywood trainwrecks.

  41. 41

    I hate the people that go and work with celebrities only to betray them later!!!

  42. 42

    It's called TEACHING YOU CHILD RESPONSIBLE DRINKING HABITS; unlike in the USA teaching your kid to drink responsibly is called A FELONY!

  43. 43

    I believe this 100%!! Brad is the stable one in the relationship. Jon Voight called her crazy, she used all sorts of drugs (including heroin) and she wants the world to think that she is the "shit". Well, in my book, I cannot stand looking at her. She is a dispicable human being..I mean, just look at her actions (screwing MANY MARRIED MEN, kissing her brother on the lips (sexually), doing hard core drugs, being anorexic, and being a pathetic actress. She can only play one type of role in her films (oh, sorry, two.. a SKINNY, wanna-be bad ass and a sexy, provocative whore).
    As you can see, I am NO fan of this woman, she is NOT a role model for these kids today. I don't care how much money she "gives" to charities. All she cares about is whether she looks good. Notice how the cameraman is always around when she is "do-gooding".
    PEREZ—-WHY THE HELL DO YOU "LOVE" HER? WHAT IS THERE TO LOVE? Oh, on another note, she has NO friends….so that has to say something about her character, right???
    Peace– :)

  44. 44

    I know being a parent is never easy, I have 4 children ages 17, 14, 12, & 10 but they have never behaved the way hers do when in public. My oldest is joining the Navy & in advanced classes as a senior. They all have a gpa between 3.87 and 3.64. They are respectful and get special recognition at school for helping other students and being on the student council. They didn't become this way by being raised by nannies, my husband & I have consistently been involved in their lives. Children need attention and boundaries not over indulgence. We've all seen what that type of parenting has done for Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton! I don't care if it's common in Europe for children to drink wine because she's an American & should obey the same laws the rest of America must obey.

  45. 45

    Ugly gossip. Everyone's kid utters swear words, etc. Paleeze.

  46. 46

    Re: crazyny – that was a stupid response. how is that even relevent? totally random too. obviously you were offended by my comment and had nothing else to say but that. your comment was amusing but not very clever.

  47. 47

    Brad wanted kids … well now he has them

  48. 48

    BFD. Lots of kids have a drink of wine. So what if he drives the car, my son has been driving our tractor since he was 8. Swearing? Uh… define swearing… my son said "oh god" one day and the neighbor said "don't swear!" R rated movies? Like what? terminator? bfd. My 6 year old has been watching pg 13 since he was 3. Talk to them about what's in the movie. Those frigging ratings are so arbitrary anyway. Kids fighting??? oh the HORROR!!!

    nanny just wants a payday, kids probably didn't like her.

  49. 49

    The kids will still be fine when they grow up. I watched R-rated movies when I was like 9 years old lol big deal. Im not a psycho-sexual harasser or anything that type. And here in Denmark is quite normal kids drink since small, obviously not huge amounts, but isnt really something bad seen.
    About the children going wild, what you can expect?. The parents work all the time. I would be actually more worried if the kids didnt move at all… thats the call for some serious depression.

  50. 50

    I don't believe this crap. I don't worship Angie like Perez does and I don't think she is that great, but I've seen enough of these crap stories to not believe everyone that I see.

    Jolie probably let Maddox drank grape juice out of a wine glass to look like the adults (adults did this for me a couple times when I was little) and the nanny just saw the end result and assumed. In Touch Weekly reports a new ridiculous concocted story about the Jolie-Pitts at least once a month. According to them Angelina and Brad should've broken up like 100 times by now, Brad should be re-married to Jen, they should have 8 more children and the kids should be in foster care.

    Not to mention that I watched R rated movies with my dad when I was little (Predator, the Warriors and Terminator come to mind), but somehow I got good grades, went to college, got a respectable job, moved out and I don't have a criminal record. Crazy right?

    P.S. These nanny's are always so concerned for the children AFTER they are fired or lose their job, but never while they work there. Coincidence?

  51. 51

    Idk about all that now, but I do think it is hard for them to take good care of all of them. The problem is there are 6 very young children. I noticed that Shiloh is already loosing her teeth which I thought was not normal, but when I do see pictures of them they are always eating junk food even when they were very young. I also suspect favoritism. It seems that the only one who really gets attention is Maddox.

  52. 52

    I drove a car around our house when I was 8 and I tasted wine at 10. I fought with my sibling and it's all good now, we're all at college and doing well…being a kid is fun.

  53. 53

    I believe it. As a former nanny, the wealthiest families tend to have the worst kids. The kids are given way too much material stuff and too much freedom to make up for the absentee parenting. It's totally sick.

  54. 54

    HAHA i watched R rated films when i was a little kid.I think its good because it helps you mature more,you know?And for god sakes do you expect the kids to never fight?And who dint use the 4 letter word when they were young?…..But i really dont think angelina lets the kids drive…thats just dum..And i dont think maddox drinks wine,which kid likes wine?

  55. 55

    Re: Maiden35 – I agree theres nothing wrong with just a little wine.

  56. 56

    maddox driving is the only one that really bothers me, a car in the wrong hands is a deadly weapon

  57. 57

    Yeah, and like In Touch magazine posts any relevant and reliable sources. I wonder what they're going to make up next.

  58. 58

    Of course it is true. This woman is now and always has been a nut job who just happens to be beautiful. Everything she does is for herself and not for anybody else. Attention whore.

  59. 59

    I was driving around my family's ranch before I was 9. I had seen an R rated movie by the age of 9, even tho my mother was all for PG-13 means you have to be 13! I had a taste or two of alcohol. I sure as hell was fighting with my sister, and sure as f*ck was cussing. I was allowed to drive to town from the ranch when I was 12. SO, BS on the story, and how is this news?

  60. 60

    i don't think most of this is true, but regarding the wine… it possibly could be. but in europe that would be rather normal. i'm not talking about glass after glass of wine but a sip here and there is no biggie.

  61. 61


  62. 62

    I was rasied by nannies, governesses and surrounded by servants.
    Our life was like the social soirees as depicted in, 'The English Patient', men dressing in tuxes and women in gowns and jewelry for dinner. At least 3 parties a week at home or nearby at an Embassy.
    My brother and I were introduced to the guests like in Sound of Music w/o the singing schtick. We were proud of our parents.
    My mom and dad had huge social schedules but made time for my brother and me. My mom came to everything at school, Brownie stuff, dressed like a movie star. Like Ava Gardner.
    We loved our "caretakers" who were very good to us and we loved our mom and dad. We always had to say, 'please' or 'thank you' and treat them with respect.
    It was great!

  63. 63

    The wine thing is stupid and bogus.

  64. 64

    If this is all true (which I highly doubt) then the nanny is a piece of shit too for letting this all go on. If she would rather call InTouch than Social Services, then she's no better.

  65. 65

    I think I'd let my kids have a bit of wine with dinner, I have a bit of a European sensibility and it would remove some of the "forbidden fruit" aspect of it later, red wine in moderation is really good for you— and this sounds like bullshit!

  66. 66

    Hahah swear in French? Oh the horror!

  67. 67

    TO: poorlittlerichiegirl - Maddox driving a car 'bothers' you? How about getting a life yourself… LOL! And a car in the wrong hands is a dangerous weapon? No shit Sherlock! How about a drunk or a druggie or a spinster like you behind the wheel?! Now THAT's bothersome!

  68. 68

    Angelina is a bitch

  69. 69

    Pfft, sounds like complete BS to me. As for the wine, even it's true, I congratulate them for being mature, responsible parents. My parents never forbade me to drink alcohol at family gatherings and dinner and as a result, I didn't grow up with the idea that it's some kind of super interesting forbidden fruit that I need to gorge myself on when I was finally legal to actually drink it. The only time I do so now is a few sips on New Year and my birthday.

  70. 70

    Kids drinking wine…it's a European thing. Kids swearing…so nu? Kids eating junk food…so nu again? Kids in a big family fighting…this is getting boring. Watching R rated movies? My boyfriend grew up watching whatever and he turned out fine. Driving around the property…sweet! Being a parent ain't easy and how many kids do they have?

  71. 71

    Re: takeresponsibility
    and yet here you are on this site -your kids turning out okay must be the grandparents doing - You have no idea what this family is like yet fel free to judge and bore us all with how perfect you kid's suposedly are

  72. 72

    Re: sierra22
    you just mad she's doing Brad

  73. 73

    Re: samdavid
    The fact is nobody knows . It's easy to judge . I think your experienmce colors your opinion . I also hope you don't work for anyone anymore . You are throwing the people that paid you under the bus . I can only imagine what you taught the children about their parents . It's scary that people trusted you with their children while they were working

  74. 74

    Re: erikasjammin
    you know what amuses me ? That you feel qualified to make that assesment .

  75. 75

    They dont sound so serious to me. I was allowed to watch R rated movies when I was a kid, said the occasional curse word, fought with my brother, and my mom was holed up in her room most of the time too. lol… welcome to the typical american family.

  76. 76

    they give kids a sip of wine with a meal on the continent all the time it gives them a better mentality about alcohol so they dont go mad when they can finally drink

  77. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: takeresponsibility – Good for you. Kids need a framework of dependability and routine to feel safe and cared for, and it sounds as though you provide it.