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KStew Hates Twilight?!

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It's not like it comes as a HUGE surprise, but Summit is going to have a bone to pick with her for talking too much smack to non-Twilighters.

Kristen Stewart has a new movie coming out in November called Welcome to the Rileys. She shot the movie inbetween lovin' on Robert Pattinson in the Twilight flicks. While on set, she apparently told her Rileys director, Jake Scott, that she had grown tired of the franchise and was going to be happy when it was all over. Jake reveals:

"[Kristen]'s been playing this same character in—what?—two or three movies now, and that frustrates her…She wants to be taken seriously as an actress—and the crazy thing is, before Twilight, she was doing that kind of work…She's very proud of her work in this movie."

We're sure she is, but which movie pays her electric bill every month? Not yours!

We hope she realizes how, in the long run, being stuck in these movies will be nothing but good for her career. Everyone wants her, just like everyone wants RPatz and Tay Tay. Why? The devotion of Twi-Fans to the Holy Trinity!

Be grateful for Twilight, BB! It's put you on the path to a long, lucrative career. Nothing wrong with that!

[Image via WENN.]

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62 comments to “KStew Hates Twilight?!”

  1. 1

    Twilght hate her back!

    and t be honest…im sick of twilight already…

  2. 2

    I'd be embarrassed to have anything to do with twilight as well but it's a smart financial move. Sucking ever dollar out of the illiterate fools who enjoy the series. Who wouldn't want to rub that in their faces XD

  3. 3

    Why the fuck do you always say BB? That is the most retarted thing I have ever heard in my life..

  4. 4

    what?? in now where in that did she say she hates twilight. she didnt say anything, the director said it and pretty much all he said was that she liked playing different roles and characters and she had been playing the same character for years and years.
    geez you are a fucking idiot. leave her alone.

  5. 5

    bb ? Wow you really are getting nicer. You usually bash her like theres no tomorrow. I wonder what you'll say about Vanessa Hudgens.

  6. 6

    This girl is complete wet blanket. Why work in the industry and have so much attitude and contempt for it?

  7. 7

    like it or not, twilight put her on the map. it will be interesting to see how her career pans out in the future. o_O

  8. 8

    Perez, I don't believe anywhere in the context of Mr. Scott's statement is says Kristen said she is tired of twilight. I know you hate her but come on, facts are facts.

  9. ams05 says – reply to this


    UGH! She didn't SAY anything! The director of WTTR is saying this stuff, and he didn't say she HATES Twilight. She probably just enjoys the change and-yeah after Twilight people don't really take her a seriously as an actor because Twilight isn't a good franchise (it's rushed and poorly done). Why do you hate on her so much? Is it just because you're jealous of her? Grow up Perez.

  10. 10

    You need to stop BULLYING her. Hypocrite!

  11. 11



  12. 12

    he said she said ,moving on….

  13. 13

    She didn't say a word Perez. Jake Scott did. Gee….And by the way, I wouldn't blame her IF he had said it….Bella is not a good role. Actually Twilight is not good (movies and books).

  14. 14

    LOL seriously I can't blame her. No one will take her seriously after these movies. She's going to have to really prove herself.
    Twilight is lame lame lame. I would be horrified if I was asked to participate in any form of production of that dumb vamp shit.

  15. 15

    STFU Kristen Stewart. stop knocking the franchise that made you incredibly famous and in many senses, put on you the mainstream map. judging by how well the books sold, what the heck did you think was going to happen?? stop whining!! you knew the franchise was going to be as long as it is, so please. just keep your "i'm employed in a multi-million (billion?) dollar franchise" woes to yourself.

  16. 16

    What a spoiled brat. She's a multi-million who can probably never work another day in her life. Someone else her age is working their way through college hoping they can get a job when they graduate. GROW UP WHINER!

  17. 17

    ungrateful bitch

  18. 18

    Perez, please read the whole article! Taking snippets out like this reflect poorly on Kristen. She is not unappreciative of Twilight–because of my huge crush on her, I watch a lot of her interviews and I've seen her say how thankful she is for the fans of the movie.

  19. 19

    Before anyone hate.. she actually was amazing as an indie actress. Twilight was the worst thing that happened to her acting career.

  20. 20

    and twilights sick of you. why are you such a hypocrit? i mean if you have nothing to say, dont say it! dont get your underwear in a knot just because perez posted something about Kristen hating Twilight! omg.

  21. 21

    Boo fucking hoo Kristen. Don't worry, you're time is almost up! Once the last Twilight movie has died out, you can go back to your lip biting roles in movies NO ONE sees

  22. 22

    God you people, she didn't say it but it is IMPLIED.
    I think she will do well if she takes acting lessons or does method stuff, or just simply study the actors around her.
    It wasn't a smart move to be in the second film, but it did get her jobs. She must be embarrassed to be Twilight , it is like being in a boy band.

  23. 23

    Were she not gay, she'd have Patz's dick in her mouth and she wouldn't be able to spout off like this!

  24. 24

    you really cant resist talking smack on this girl eh? Even after your big boohoo video you're still an ass. The comment said nothing about her talking shit on Twilight, just that she wanted to persue other roles and earn her popularity in hollywood for her body of work not just because the franchise is so popular. She is itching to prove herself.

  25. 25


    you posted that heartfelt promise at the top of you website
    honor what you said there.

    you take little pieces of interviews where she could be misquoted, or something that paints her badly.
    you come here,post it,only using nice words.

    still a bully.

    guess what?
    She`s still making love/fucking Robert Pattinson. and He likes it.
    She's still giving interviews where she's not only THANKFUL, but nice.
    She'sdressing better, smiling a lot.

    She improved. Do the same.

  26. 26

    1) she never said that she hated it…..

    2) this is word of mouth

    3) i honestly believe that people dont take her seriously because of a hit teewn/teen movie that made her the mega-star she is…. any major franchise star is gonna feel like that.

  27. 27

    I can understand her frustration and she can vent. But she should watch who she talks to. All the people out of work and scraping by. Maybe she should donate some of that money she made playing Belle. If she continues to take her good fortune for granted people will feel she is completely out of touch. I mean she is a good actress and was an amazing Jone Jett but come on a lot of people could have played Belle.

  28. 28

    wow the new perez is really shining thru … no jizz on her mouth no kstew or sourface … she prob didnt know the losers would tell what she said to everyone … of course she has to whine about it shes going to end up like mischa exciting to pursue greater interests and end up vomiting somewhere with her head in the toilette while a zlister holds her hair back

    im missing the old perez already …..

  29. 29

    Ugh since Perez is now so intent on being "nice" I guess it's gonna be up to us to start thrashing these celebrities. That being said this bitch can't act for shit and she looks like a chipmunk in these picture…just saying.

  30. 30

    man u guys need 2 leave perezalone if u dont f****n like him then y do u have an account here…and shes so stupid this is the best thing that ever happen 2 her she should b thankful cuz she met r patz…..and she pretty much was trying 2 say that she just tried 2 say it in a nice way…they sould have replaced her as 4 someone better! and F**k all of u twilight is the best

  31. 31

    Hey Perez,
    I saw you on Ellen today and believed what you said about no more bullying. I have visited your site once before but left when I saw all the hate. I'm back out of curiousity. But now you're just lying??

    The title of this article says "Kstew hates Twilight?" when it is claimed that she said it frustrates her. It said nothing about her hating it or her hating the success it has given her but thats what you've implied throughout your whole article. You are distorting the truth and causing people to hate her for something she never said. That is bullying.

    You should have titled it "Twilight frustrates Kstew" with none of the implied hate throughout. She loves what Twilight has brought has. She has mentioned it in countless interviews. Welcome to the Rileys would not have been made without her success in Twilight and she has stated how thankful she is for it.

    Congrats on resisting the urge to call her Stewie Puss puss. I'd still like to see more change from you.

  32. 32

    Not a huge fan of KStew, but I do like Twilight, books more then movie, but honestly I think you are reading far too much into what she says Perez, she is trying to grow in her profession and with the Twilight thing she has been playing Bella for years, repetative…

  33. 33

    I doesn't sound to me as if she is being disrespectful. It sounds like she's simply ready to move on. I doubt she can truly hare a series of movies that helped to make her rich and introduced her to her yummy boyfriend.

  34. 34

    How ungrateful is she, infairnes I think she is a fairly useless at acting anyway, a plank would be more entertaining to watch she couldnt even get the character of bella right the girl is headstrong, and kinda foolish like any normal teeneger yet Kstew makes her seem terrified and weak. Would love to see someone else act her

  35. 35

    Read some interviews with Kristen herself. She IS thankful for Twilight, and dedicated to the character of Bella. I think she probably cares more than anyone does, which is why she has such a hard time getting answers out when she's asked about it. I'm sure what's frustrating for her about it is that SO many people judge her acting skills based on those movies alone, which is unfair to her, and unfortunate for them, because she really does have a lot of talent that doesn't always shine through the Twilight scripts.

  36. 36

    I hope that Twilight was a fad and will go away soon. I think that it was and will be gone shortly. This girl and her fugly boy toy should disappear. They can't act and are fugly as hell. She doesn't respect the business that she is in and so she should just go to Taco Bell and apply for a job. She would fit right in there.

  37. 37

    I can understand that she is over it, I am a Twilight fan and I am kind of over it too. She does need to keep her mouth shut about her annoyance though, this franchise is engraving her in Hollywood.

  38. 38

    So, she's not proud of her work in Twilight? She's much too young to understand the impact of Twilight on her life. How many actors get signed on for several films at a time? Not many. Plus, this is giving her money and attention. Otherwise I would never have known who she was. Maybe she should have a chat with Leo DiCaprio about how he handled his sudden fame and the fan interest. Then again, maybe she shouldn't. He didn't handle himself very well at first either.

  39. 39

    She didn't say she hated Twilight.
    From what I understood is that she wants to be taken as an actress and not as Bella in Twilight.
    She has said she is grateful that she has gotten a part in Twilight because now more people watches her movies and that is what she wants.

  40. 40

    I did enjoy twilight but not new moon or eclipse didnt like them at all. But of something I'm sure she sucks anyways, I can't stand her if you dont want to be famous if you dont want to be approach quit you are stupid anyways you dont even radiate a personality. I think she doesnt act she is just being herself.

  41. 41

    Re: Dhanya C.Re: pammibRe: CasperladyRe: richbaker – She didn't say this. But she has said herself that she is grateful for being in the Twilight saga. She didn't say this so don't take this as an excuse to hate her.

    Re: CJLOVE23 – I see her movies and I saw them before Twilight and I will continue to watch them. She is the only reason I still watch them too. Once this is over she will continue on with the acting and people will still watch her movies. She will be and actress and people will see her movies, you don't have to if you don't want to, there is no point in hating you know.

  42. 42

    Re: buggadaboo – I hope that Twilight was a fad and will go away soon. I think that it was and will be gone shortly. This girl and her fugly boy toy should disappear. They can't act and are fugly as hell. She doesn't respect the business that she is in and so she should just go to Taco Bell and apply for a job. She would fit right in there.

    She isn't fugly, maybe you are to other as well as I am to others. I think she is hot as hell (not gay).
    She doesn't respect the business with all the words are almost every time twisted to make it sound bad, stalked and rumors about you almost very week? Her words where twisted in this and she didn't even say them, she has said she is grateful of being in Twilight. She is staring to get used to being stalked but she is still annoyed with having cameras showed up in her fans when she goes out. Rumors, she has said she laughs at them because she knows her self that it isn't true.
    So why don't you get back to your work at Taco Bell instead of complaining yourself and hating (jealousy?).

  43. 43

    Kristen Stewart needs to stop complaining. She's been doing the Twilight movies for just a couple of years. Look at the Harry Potter kids: they've been doing HP since 2000! Suck on that, KStew. In my opinion, the Twilight movies are over and done with. It was just a phase, and Kristen's really going to miss all the $$$ she'd be getting if Stephenie Meyer had only written 7 books. Which, to be honest, I think we're all glad that she didn't!


  44. 44

    this women is not a very smart person

  45. 45

    "She wants to be taken seriously as an actress"

    Oh I can understand this, but if you want to be taken seriously as an actress you have to learn this job. Because you come in front of a camera and you speak a couple of lines does not make you an actress. It is about learning learning learning, maybe taking acting lessons (a lot of them) and work every second in your life on it.

  46. 46

    All she said is that she is ready to move on to something else….and by the way, the movies she was in before Twilight paid the bills too. There is no need to downplay her career when she was actually doing pretty well.

  47. 47

    Why do these idiots take parts in movies they think are stupid. Take a pass next time asshole and let someone else have the part that would actually appreciate it. So many chicks are out there sucking dick to try and get a part and you look like you are being 'raped' (your words) all the time. Get over yourself!!!

  48. 48

    bb??? Srsly Perez?? SRSLY??? Man, I hope the fairy of kindness that bit you dies!! We want the old Perez, WRF??? This is one ungrateful b*tch, she told the director how we already know she feels, the real bummer here is that this guy spilled the beans!!

  49. 49

    this is so mean, stop being a jackass. She never said this,the director said this. We all now she is grateful and She is a big twilight fan. And that she loves the fans. stop spreading this roomers about her beeing ungreatful. Stop trying to hurt her carrier.
    you can totally see that you havent change perez. You are a fucking idiot. You are just jealous of her and her boyfriend rob. I love kristen, and am her biggest supporter.

  50. 50

    Re: marialucia – She has also said she is grateful of Twilight but she wants' to be taken serious as an actress and not just what she has been in. There is more than her that feels like that.
    To bad you didn't get bitten too, it seems like you need more than one bite.

  51. 51

    Re: lindamichelle1

  52. 52

    Re: MrsHawkins – She never said she thought Twilight was stupid, she never said this. She has said she thought the fans was crazy but that was before the first movie came out and she wasn't the only one that said it; and when they said it was crazy they meant it was crazy fans was already screaming after them when they hadn't even seen the movie yet.
    She has said she is very grateful for Twilight because now more people will watch her movies and that is what she wants as well as the other cast.
    When she said rape she didn't mean rape has forced sex; she meant it as some sort of abuse because 10 papz is in her face and screaming. Also, she said she was sorry and it was the wrong choice of words so get over it.
    Also, get over it, she is out there doing her thing and she gets amazing critics for it, you are just one other jealous little hater so yeah once again, get over it. (your words)

  53. 53

    yeah it sucks for her, in eevery nmovie shes in im gonna keepp thinking when r the vampires gonna come in… and im sure if she wanted to be taken seriously she would have taken a more serious role before twilight

  54. 54

    Re: vtakougang – She did.

  55. 55

    I'm so tired of her…. she should just go away!!!!

  56. 56

    Re: Satellite Heart – Or maybe you should stop bothering yourself instead. Everyone is not tired of her, but I'm tired of haters.

    Re: monikakaiser – Learn the job? She know the job, a hell a lot more than you do at least. There is a reason she is there and you aren't. When you just speak in front of a camera doesn't make you an actress but she acts too and she is good, gets amazing reviews by critics that has been in the business for years. Don't blame her because Twilight (movie) was bad, she is great in other movies. Most stars in Hollywood still takes acting lessons for certain parts and I think she does that too. Just because you are a movie star doesn't mean you won't have anymore acting lessons but just because you have lessons doesn't make you bad. She know what she does and she does it great. Stop with the hate and stop bothering yourself and respect her fans.

  57. 57

    Re: roei914 – Facts are facts, but you really don't expect anything but dancing around innuendo here, do you?

  58. 58

    Re: K-StewFan – maybe on that would have gottten her more mainstream. ive seen her other movies and they are good, but like i said more mainstream

  59. 59

    Re: vtakougang – Hey, she picks the one she likes and do het thing.

  60. 60

    Re: K-StewFan
    Stop with the hate and stop bothering yourself and respect her fans.

    The only thing I start to hate is you. Shut your stupid mouth, hell!!! and spend your time doing your homeworks, instead of spending hours and hours here replying to ever comment you don't like, because other people have another opinion.

  61. 61

    Re: monikakaiser – Well said monikakaiser!

  62. 62

    Re: monikakaiser – Well at least I only show my hate on other haters to people that don't deserve it. To comment on someone and expressing you hate on some one is a really big waste of your time but I will keep defending people because that is just who I am, deal with it. Someone that is writing hateful things should get away with it, at least in my opinion.
    I spend And when I'm writing I'm not hateful first.
    So I think you should learn how to not hate other people, I respect other peoples opinion but not when it comes to hate and I also like to argue but only with people that makes any sense.
    Do you really think it's okay to hate and say false things about someone, it doesn't matter if that person is famous, do you think it's okay if that person hasn't done anything? WOW, I so don't want to be your friend then.