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Stephenie Meyer Was Snubbed!

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stephen king is americas best author

According to a new unfair poll, Stephen King held onto the title of "America's favorite author."

He was followed by James Patterson, John Grisham, Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz, Danielle Steel and Dan Brown.

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer didn't even make the top 10! It seems the poll only questioned people 18 and over.

Figures! Who do U think should be on top?!

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99 comments to “Stephenie Meyer Was Snubbed!”

  1. 1

    Because Stephen King is the sh*t, duh

  2. 2

    Have you read the twilight book???? OF COURSE she didn't win she writes crap!! Vampires that sparkles…-_-

  3. 3

    Because she's a fucking hack who writes absolute shit and lucked out with idiotic tweens who do not know any better.

  4. 4

    Nora Roberts; Dean Koontz; Danielle Steel. Yay~ Good for them. =D

  5. 5

    ?Wheres JK Rowling

  6. 6

    maybe it's because she's the most successful HORRIBLE writer in the history of literature?

  7. 7

    You fucking moron. King writes for adults who appreciate quality literature.
    Meyers writes for teens & children. That's why you LOVE her. You're immature and have NO foresight. These authors have been writing for YEARS. Most of them have been at it longer than you've been a little ignorant bitch wanna-be celebritard. I know that King has been writing since you had your first period.
    And yes Wolfenstein, Stevie K is the shit!!!

  8. 8

    stephen king is the best, danielle steel is amazing too even when her books are a guilty pleasure lol
    i didnt even finished twilight book it sucked

  9. 9

    With Stephenie Meyer, I'd use the term "author" loosely.

  10. 10

    Perez, Stephen has dissed Stephanie for being a bad author.So i highly doubt he would put her on the list.And Stephanie is a terrible author so am glad she wasnt there.

  11. 11

    She did get robbed. This is FAVORITE authors, not best authors. Sure they aren't well written, but people love them.

  12. 12

    OF COURSE Stephen King is the favorite! He's great! Stephanie Meyer doesn't hold a candle to any of the authors listed above anyway.

  13. 13

    are your seriously try to compare someone that has written 4 books for teens to authors that have written way more books for a broader audience. WOW! really! you are an idiot…

  14. 14

    the poll consistly says it is for 18 and over. Now, Perez, how do YOU suggest that the "HARRIS POLL' would get in CONTACT WITH UNDER 18 Y.O.s?????? Harris polls pop up and you can invited to answer them, you think that teens would do it and if they did it, it would be acurate? NO, you would not get a realistic answer. the Harris Poll probably hit reading sites, Borders, barnes and noble, etc. Even that, it won't be totally acurate. Why don't they see what the sales are for books, kindle, etc. and you might get at least sales for the author. yes, some people pass books on, but alot don't.

  15. 15

    and she can take her 'snub' all the way LAUGHING to the BANK, and then possibly hire a personal chef and trainer. she 'celebrated way too much this past year. very unhealthy

  16. 16

    Are ou being sarcastic? Is this what you meant when you said you were going to be try to be clever and funny? Just because Twilight books sell does not mean that they are well written. And if they had asked people under 18 than that would be a whole different kind of poll.

  17. 17

    Re: OUCHCHARLAY – It's "America's favorite author." Read dude.

  18. 18

    I agree with Stephen King on Stefanie Meyer and are most people not aware that he was being sarcastic??? Sheesh when has he ever said she's an amazing writer. Though I am over 18 and I would have to go with JK Rowling and Dan Brown as my favorite living authors now dead authors totally different story.

  19. 19

    OMG?!! WHAT? I'M IN SHOCK RIGHT NOW!!!! STEPHENIE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THE TOP 10? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.. SOMETHING IS WRONG… THEY MADE AN ERROR.. Yeah I think that's what happened.. they made an error.. because Stephenie is SUCH a great author.. wow I'm always amazed by her crap I mean work.. :)

    Btw for those who think I'm serious,, I'm not.. just being sarcastic Stephenie Meyer is talentless…..

  20. 20

    I think they got it right. Stephen King is GOD in the writing world. Twilight is tripe shit.

  21. 21

    Um, to say she was "snubbed" would imply that she had the talent to even associate with these authors.
    Stehpen is my King. He is prolific without losing quality, and his books will withstnad time.
    And while I love reading YA books, there are plenty of other people I would choose over Meyer, who is shallow, insipid, and has created one of the worst female lead characters I've ever encountered.

  22. 22

  23. 23

    HAAAAAA!!!! Is this a joke? While Twilight is a story for every 13 year old's wet fantasy, and has a good story overall, Stephanie Meyer is actually a horrible author. Her writing is very juvenile. Compare her books to any other real author… you can't tell me her writing is that great. It's verrrry adolescent & very babyish

  24. 24

    Nicholas Sparks definitely needs to be in the top 10 list, I think

  25. 25

    Nope, I think they got it right. If it was 18 and over in the poll they were right to do so. Twilight is for young kids who really don't understand well written books. Stephen King, and I'm paraphrasing here, even called Stephnie Meyer's ability to write not very good. (If I'm wrong I'll own up to it, but there is something along those lines that was said to have been from Stephen King) so I'm gonna go with that.

  26. 26

    My thought on this is that Stephanie Meyer was writing the TWILIGHT series for adults, but her writing style is so sophmoric, that no one would believe it to be anything other than classified as "young adult" (teen).

    By the way, in case you didn't notice, there' s a bunch of people out there called "baby boomers" who make up a large percentage of the American population. No matter how many under 18s they poll, they won't outnumber the boomers, and Stephanie Meyer is still a less than mediocre writer.

    Weird that you didn't know over 18s outnumber under 18s. Weird that you didn't know that people like me (somewhat over 18) are educated enough to know an inexperienced/poor writer when we read one. Getting through that first Twilight book was a chore, but I did it to see what the fuss was about. On the other hand as a teenager I found Stephen King a challenging read and couldn't put his books down.

    In all seriousness, Dr. Suess how more staying power than Stephanie Meyer. A grown up today could pick up one of his books and find something they missed 20 years ago. I doubt Ms. Meyer's current fans will be able to do the same.

  27. 27

    Thank God she wasnt on the list…She may have sold a ton of books but the Twilight series is garbage, poorly written teenage sap!

  28. 28

    Re: OUCHCHARLAY – JK is british

  29. 29

    Why is that even surprising? I don't get it!

  30. 30

    I thought "Twilight" was one of the most childishly written books I've ever read. Stephen King (along with Koontz) is the master of what he does.

  31. 31

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would be OUTRAGED if she did win!!! JK Rowling should be on there WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before StephMorman!

  32. 32

    You're kidding, right? Are you seriously comparing Stephen motherfucking King to Stephenie Meyer? You have to be fucking joking. Stephanie Meyer is a fad, a joke. She will be old news, just wait till all those shitty movies are done with.

    If you're not joking, thanks for the joke. I needed a laugh.

  33. 33

    oooooops just saw that this is for America's authors! Scratch JK then…but I'm still glad StephMeyer didn't make it!!!! Her writing is amateur, meant for teens and younger! That will never match up to the likes of King or Brown!

  34. 34

    No, she wouldn't be on top. Not even close.

  35. 35

    Who cares about Stephanie Meyer… Where's JK Rowling?!

  36. 36

    JK Rowling should be on there. She inspired a generation of children to star reading again. She's made such an impact and everyone loves Harry Potter. Anybody who says they don't is just a liar.

  37. 37

    Stephenie Meyer should never be in the same sentence as John Grisham and Stephen King.

  38. 38

    JK Rowling tied with JRR Tolkein in the poll. Click the link, retards.

  39. 39

    =) Of course, Stephanie Meyer didn't make the list. She has only written 6 books during her whole career as a "author". While, the other writers like Stephen King and Nora Roberts have written 100s of books for a much longer time. Plus, her writing skills are horrible and her stories have multiple pot holes.

  40. 40

    Ok just so you can understand it stephen is god meyer is a fat talentless piece of shit with shitty books dont even compare my king with that weird mormon stephen knows how to write he make incredible books he's very different from meyer who will always be a mediocre author…

  41. 41

    Stephanie Meyer has only written 5 best sellers so far (thats if the short second life of bree tanner was a best seller) but shes not that amazing, i could ABSOLTULEY understand why that would be the result Stephen King is AMAZING he's been writing since before i was born and most definately before rob or kstew were born, he has talent and thats why over 5 titles have been made into Hollywood Movies!!! stephanie meyer wrote one good series and the whole time i read it i was thinking about how i prefered the way harry potter was written, Stephanie Meyes isnt the best writer, shes only new at it compaired to a Writing GIANT like Stephen King… wow perez your normally much more smarter than this? i get that twilights a huge fad (the movies not the books) but it doesnt make Stephanie Meyer USA's best writer? not by a long shot.

  42. 42

    Wally Lamb should be on the list. He is a genius.

  43. 43

    hmmm churning out piles of steaming been there done that over years of making original masterpieces…..I'm gonna go with stephen

  44. 44

    as much as a love the movies and yes i did enjoy the books…. they were so easy to read, each one took less than a day…because they are on a grade school level of writing!!! hello?!!?

  45. 45

    Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park, Disclosure, Rising Sun, Timeline, Congo, Andromeda Strain, A Case of Need. Created ER. He's the best to me.

    John Grisham, Dan Brown, Robert Heinlein and JK all make my Top 5.

    Twilight. You gotta be kidding me.

  46. 46

    PART 1- So Perez today you started the campaign that you were not going to be a bully anymore. Well if that is true you also have to be truthful. 1st- Stephen King is one of the best novelists ever and the GOD OF HORROR. I have read almost every one of his books and they are some of the best. Most recently I read Under the Dome and it was amazing. I was given a copy of Misery when I was 12 and it made me a reader of all books for the rest of my life. He deserves the title of America's favourite author and I hope he knows it

  47. 47

    PART 2ND- . 2nd- Nora Roberts (who writes under the pseudonym J.D. Robb) is the most deserving woman listed in this category. I never thought I would like books written in the category of “Suspense-Romance”- but they have captivated me and I await every release. She can pull you in and you will never let go. 3rd-

  48. 48

    PART THREE- 3rd- ANNE RICE is the GOD of VAMPIRE (and all writing). She is not on the list and is the only one worth mentioning. She writes with such knowledge of history, religion and culture that it draws you into each and every character. You can never forget the story no matter how long ago you read it. I have read every single book she has ever written, including all of her “Christ the Lord” and “Songs of the Seraphim” novels and she is the undisputed Queen of Vampire, which includes history and religion at its best. (I am not religious at all)

  49. 49

    PART 4- The fact that you state-Twilight author Stepheine Meyer didn't even make the top 10! It seems the poll only questioned people 18 and over. Figures! Who do U think should be on top?!- The answer is- Always and forever Anne Rice and she will bring out an HBO or Showcase show that will kill all the other shit you mention on this biased website. (HELLO ALLAN BALL!!!) I would love to start Perezbooks for you. I own it as of now J Call me.
    This is so funny considering that today you boasted the fact that you were 33 (almost) who the hell is still captivated by this awful writing when they are that old. I am 30 and have never been tempted to read that. VAMPIRES will never sparkle in the sun, sorry. (This is the 2nd time I have written this as it got rejected for being to long when it was first submitted.) ANNE RICE & STEPHEN KING SHOULD HAVE HAD A LOVE CHILD IT WOULD = THE BEST WRITER EVER) Posting again it 2 segments. Yah Books!!!!

  50. 50

    She didn't win because those authors fully deserve it.

  51. 51

    well just because she got lucky fame with her books doesn't mean she should be on the list. Stephen King is in a whole different class of writing than she is, and anyone would agree. Danielle Steel is amazing too.

  52. 52

    where is JK Rowling on this list???

  53. 53

    Um, not Stephenie Mayer! How could you even compare her to Stephen King? She wrote a few shitty books that caught on with dumb adolescents who can't tell a vampire from a fairy, King is a LEGEND!!

  54. 54

    Well, no offense to massive Twilight fans but her work is not ranking up there in the greats. I mean, it just isnt. Yah, they were entertaining books but it was an over used topic (vampire falls in love with human) and there are hundreds of books like it out there. Decent books, not stellar. In regards to King, he IS a great author. Earned his due. Most people who read Twilight and think she is better then King…ok, dont mean to sound like a b*tch but those people generally dont read detailed books that involve much thought. More like fluff books (generally Young Adult book section and can be read through very quickly) I guess. Now I read these books cause I read all sorts of books. I like ones with more detail but just because tweens and soccer moms made Twilight a huge movie sucess does not mean she deserves this title. King is a fav by so many people, it would take more then quick success by one author to kick him off his thrown. Especially someone like Meyer. I liked the books but they dont rank with these other authors. Sorry. No amount of protesting will change that.

  55. 55

    stephanie meyer…an author of childrens books and unrealistic crap for teens!
    her writing should neverrrr be compared to steven king and the likes!

  56. 56

    It's like telling a dog that the crap they shit in the back yard smells like fuckin' roses.

    This woman is being paid to write novels that suck more than emo middle school journal-writing.

    She makes me want to light myself on fire and jump out a window.

  57. 57

    Twilight is badly written. It's a harlequin romance.

  58. 58

    Lets see because Twilight while it has a good story line, Stephanie Meyer is a god awful writer.

  59. 59

    Okay this time I'm done, any fuck head who actually has the audacity to even try to put Meyer in the same category as Stephen King is not worth my time/

    Fuck you
    Fuck Gaga
    Fuck Katy Perry
    and fuck this shitty site with no real news. Do the whole gay community a favor and get a real job!!

  60. 60

    stephanie meyer wrote a few books. stephen, dean & danielle have wrote hundreds of books and have a fan base much larger than stephanie. ive grown up with stephen king. my parents have almost ever copy of his books. same with dean. they deserve to be on that list. she doesnt deserve jack shiit. just because her books were made into movies (as well as stephen's) doesnt mean shes anybody special. doesnt mean shes a better writer than them. i grew up with IT, the stand & langoliers. and most recently, the mist (which wasnt that good). same with dan brown. 2 of his books were made into box office hits. even tho they were protrayed in a different order than the books were written, but hes had books before them and after. what else does stephanie have.. NOTHING. because the 4 books she wrote were lucky enough to get a movie deal. ive read the 4 installments of odd thomas by dean koontz and im a fan not because they were made into movies but because i like the story. ugh this makes me mad that ppl feel she deserves to be on this list bc of the success of the movies based on her novels. about rowling? shes not on the list and her movies grossed more than twilights!!? stephen king and dean koontz are uhmazing writers. they deserve their ranking.

  61. lolli says – reply to this



  62. 62

    Nice but where is ANNE RICE ???????

  63. 63

    Do you even read above an 8th grade level? Oh wait, i read your site, never mind, carry on shitheels.

  64. 64

    Even the Twilight readers can admit the Host SUCKED. One of the worst written steaming piles of shit ever written. This has nothing to do with the horrible/not well thought out post above.

    And why are you sucking Meyer's dick? And what's wrong with asking adults their favorite books? Go to scholastic to find what children like best. This site is becoming garbage. :(

  65. china says – reply to this


    maybe because stephenie meyer is a joke of an author?
    have you ever tried to read this crap? this twilight-bullshit is famous for robert pattinson not because it`s worth reading.

  66. 66

    Well, most adults with reading experience beyond gossip magazines and newspapers actually prefer to read authors who can actually WRITE, as opposed to talentless, sexually-dissatisfied hacks who push their juvenile fantasies as real literature.

  67. 67

    Have you ever suffered through one of those horrid Twilight books? Rather have a root canal.

  68. 68

    Considering I'm not a 13 year old girl (or Perez), I gotta say, Twilight is not my favourite novel nor is Meyer my favourite author. There is so much amazing american literature out there, why waste your time on books whose primary message to young girls is that it is more important to get the boy than to be your own person.

  69. 69

    Stephanie Meyer had a good story and plot, but the writing for the Twilight series was bad.

  70. 70

    Perhaps people don't really like the books, but they do like the movies!

  71. 71

    Stephen King is obviously the best !!!!!!

  72. 72

    Meyer crap is for little teens and their lonely desperate moms. King and the other writers are the real masters. Twilight sega is shit.

  73. 73

    Meyer can't write, I tried to read Twilight but I actually couldnt, her writing style is awful, at leat JK Rowling's books were readable. I can't believe people could actually read that Twilight shit.

    And Stephen King is one of the most famous writers of today - why? Because he writes good books.

  74. 74

    One hit does not a great author make. King has a lot more longevity and does quality writing.

  75. Waboo says – reply to this


    I think Stephanie Meyer doesn't deserve to be on any list. Maybe the unemployment list, but a list for serious authors… no. Please, her grammar is seriously flawed. And the storytelling is AWFUL. Thank baby jesus they did snub her.

  76. kmcv says – reply to this


    she didn't get mentioned because she is a formula driven bore. her books should not be thought of as being in league with Stephen King or JK Rowling. her style and level have much more in common with Harlequin Romance Novels.

  77. 77

    i like koontz better…………but that's my opinion which often differs from most…………..

  78. 78

    No, no she wasn't. See, Steven King, James Patterson, Tom Clancy, Danielle Steel…they're AUTHORS. That write BOOKS. Books that people ENJOY. These are actual works of literature that compare to the classic writers of old…maybe not Dan Brown, but certainly the rest of them. Stephanie Meyer eats a keg's worth of Haagen Daaz Ice Cream and vomits pre-teen vampire erotica that makes Bela Lugosi (Dracula for all you Twilight fans, a REAL vampire) spin in his grave.

    Also for whoever asked about JK Rowling, fair question, but she's not technically an American author. She was probably left off of this because she's British. Anyway, yeah, Stephanie Meyer couldn't write her way out of a paper bag.

  79. 79

    I think that's the way it should be. Twilight is nothing more than a Vampire fanfiction and they should be asking people who read books that take more than a 5th grade education.

  80. 80

    You need to cut it off at some point unless they wanted 10 year olds calling in and voting for Dr Seuss. Since 18 is the legal age I suppose they wanted it to be an adult poll.

  81. 81

    Re: FaFa Fooey – real vampires, huh……………

  82. 82

    WHAT ABOUT J.K. ROWLING? Screw "Twilight".

  83. 83

    Re: mswilde – Good one!

  84. 84

    She wasn't in the top ten because she is not a good author. Sorry, but it's true, she is a writer of preteen level reading. She will never hold a candle to the REAL writers out there.

  85. 85

    Re: bich45 – What the hell are you talking about?

  86. 86

    She doesnt yet deserve that award. Twilight books for some reason are unique in the fact that they have touched the hearts of a million lonely girls. I got so captivated by those books, and yes the writing is CRAP. There are so many other noteworthy authors, Stephanie Meyer is only credible in the fact that she wrote a love story that somehow managed to get girls from the age of 11-35 swooning over fictional characters.

  87. 87

    If you poll people about reading you shouldn't really ask 13 year old Girls. WTF

  88. 88

    Although Danielle Steel should also not be included in a list of "good" authors

  89. 89

    Oh barf. Those are all awful. Where's Vladimir Nabokov? He saw himself as an American. Or how about Chuck Palahniuk or Bret Easton Ellis?

  90. 90

    There is nothing shocking about that… all of these authors have been a around for a long time and written a lot of novels. Stephanie Myers has written like 5 tween novels- I don't see JK Rowling on the list either and the Harry Potter series was way better than Twilight!

  91. 91

    ok first off, have you read the books? Her writing skills are maybe a tad better then VC Andrew's (god rest her soul). The books are intertaining, I read them all… But to put her anywhere near Stephen King or any of the other authors named is just dumb. She lucked out with your kids that really don't know good writing from bad, and followed up with mildly entertaining movies to go with it. She was not snubed just kept where she belongs.

  92. 92

    Stephanie Meyers is a terrible writer. I am happy to see deserving writers on the list.

  93. 93

    Re: LLJade7308 – americas favourite author =/= favourite american author

  94. 94

    Oh please. If they let people younger than 18 vote, then JK Rowling would have killed her.

  95. 95

    Since this is "favorite" authors and not "best" I'm really surprised meyer isn't on that list. I mean, twilight has a lot of fans. I mean, lots and lots. But still, stephen king has been around for much longer and apparently fans are still loyal to him, which is great.

  96. 96

    I would say and I hope J.K Rowling is on there well above Stephanie Meyers.

  97. 97

    DEAN KOONTZ! is my favorite!

  98. 98

    I always prefer Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, John Grisham and all the others over a Stephanie Meyer

  99. ass says – reply to this


    Twilight is a piece of shit, and even mentioning the author's name with these other names is an insult.