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Looks like Angelina Jolie may have to find another location for her directorial debut. On Wednesday, authorities revoked Angelina's permission to shoot p… Read more…

40 comments to “Bosnia Doesn't Want Angelina”

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    yeah, so yahoo, who is behind in everything, told me this about 2 hours ago…………

  2. 2

    see not everyone is like Perez, always kissing up to Angelina.

  3. 3

    Considering the fact that the film depicts an erroneous event and causes pain to Bosnian rape victims, I agree that they should not be permitted to film there. Simply because Angeline Jolie is spearheading the project does not give her the right to be insensitive to the women who have experienced such atrocities during the war!

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    My Father is Italian,my Mother is Croatian and i was watching a soccer game with him a couple days ago where Serbia and Italy were playing , let me just say, the Serbians basically were acting like barbarians in front of children and they were beating people and burning the stadium. So if people think this movie will make Serbians look bad, ALOT of things already do.They taunt Gay people [gay parade last week] .She should also Make a movie on The war between Serbians and Croatians ,Serbians and Slovenians,and Serbians with the Albanians.Why are they making a big deal out of it ?? its not like its a respectful country.

  5. 5

    I won't see this film, no matter where its filmed..Im so over Brad and AJ…do people still care about her and her films???? I don't get it!

  6. 6

    F#$ck em…shoot somewhere else!!!!

  7. 7

    i am bosnian and know victims of rape, i am very familiar with these stories. i support the bosnian officials.. a bosnian woman who falls for her rapist?!? this is a categorized as a LOVE STORY?? this is offensive to ALL rape victims. THIS MOVIE IS bulls***!!!if its what it sounds like i sincerely hope she doesn't do it or it isn't allowed to be made. it sounds like a complete misrepresentation of the war..

  8. 8

    UM, after she had her twins she wasn't gonna work anymore.

  9. 9

    I saw the same .. it was a reaql barbarci attitude from the Serbian fans .. :(

  10. 10

    freakin war movies… Everyone that gets involved with charities thinks they now need to spread some message about this or that war. Boooring, I cannot turn on the tv without listnenig to something about violence or war every 20 seconds. And you cannot expect that those people in Bosnia would be happy about it. Everyone that was a victim of war in their past has usually an extreme perspective of it that is mostly absolute and it is pointless arguing with them. They dont see people as people but theres them and then theres the enemy.

  11. 11

    Anyone else notice the filmaker did not say that it was not about a rapist and victim falling in love?

  12. 12

    countries DO NOT LIKE LOOKING BAD IN FILMS, WHO DOES MARIO??? How many films are shoot in the countries they are about? How many perez? most are shoot in another country. But NO!!!! Brangelina has to look and display authenic. If she is so DAMN GOOD, why can't she manage to bring that to us from another place? How come PEREZ? why does it have to be in Bosnia? There has to be other places that SEEM LIKE BOSNIA. Besides, almost all films in HOLLYWOOD take 'ARTISTIC LICENSE' or LIE as most of us call it. Or as politicians call it, MISSPOKE. Bosnia does not want to look bad, which she will make them, so at the very least, they are not letting her do it in their backyard. WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? Oh yeah, she is ANGELINA JOLIE, SAINT MOVIE STAR, GIVER,, HERDER OF CHILDREN, UP PEREZ'S ASS

  13. 13

    You know Mario/Perez, if this was Jennifer Anniston doing this, and Yes, I know, she really doesn't do this type of movie, but if she did, YOU WOULD BE CALLING HER A MORON FOR NOT KNOWING THAT BOSNIA WOULD BE THROWING HER OUT, TURNING HER DOWN FOR MAKING THEM LOOK BAD. THAT HER FILM WAS PROBABLY MADE UP, ALL LIES ANYWAY. BOY, SHE IS SOOO STUPID AND IT WILL NOT MAKE ANY MONEY ANYWAYS. You, Mario/Perez, would not even read the whole story before you would have it written up, because of your hate for her.

  14. 14

    Wow, just another reason to make Serbia look bad. This country is trying hard to rebuild itself after years of struggle and things like this make people refuse to change the perception that the media has laid out for them. BlahBlah12 - the actions of extremist groups do not dictate what the citizens of a country are like, that is beyond prejudiced, especially since the government is taking a hard stance against these groups because they want to distance themselves from the dictatorship from the past and move towards a democracy.

  15. 15

    "This is misleading history. Among thousands of testimonies by women raped during the war, there is not a single one that tells of a love story between a victim and her rapist."

    ITS A MOVIE!!! Gosh… sure it might cause pain but then no single movie with violance or raping scenes should be shot/shown there.

  16. 16

    Why won't anyone call her anorexic? Look at pictures of her from 10 years ago, we don't get thinner and thinner as we get older…

  17. Keksi says – reply to this


    So how will she prepare for a movie to make it more "authentic"?

    Will she get raped by squad of drunk serbian soldiers to make it look real?

  18. Emesa says – reply to this


    Re: aida56 – I completely agree with you. If it's true, this story is disrespectful to ANY victim of rape.
    I can't beleive how arrogant these movie stars are. If it is, as they claim, a movie about a Bosnian victim falling in love with her Serbian rapist, what could possibly make it OK for Angelina to tell these brave women that they need to back off HER? Have some respect Angelina!

  19. 19

    women don't forget women that go after married men
    I am not a fan of Jen Aniston ….yet, it is blatantly clear that Angelina destroyed that marriage…

  20. 20

    those poor women, i hope they dont let her shoot there. She's a homewrecker perez, dont forget that part, your always quick to judge someone else for their dirt, dont forget about her's, and she's got alot.

  21. 21

    Re: Keksi
    really. maybe that mite work

  22. 22

    Re: Emesa – It's hard for Angelina to have respect, because she doesn't seem to respect other women. Ever see her with a girlfriend, or her kids with any other kids for that matter?

  23. 23

    Well, you can't blame the Bosnians. What went down during the war was pretty gnarly. The serbs basically took the muslim and ethnic female population as sex slaves during the war, from girls to older women. The soldiers had these houses like an officers club that basically served up women who were being held captive and killed at random. It was pretty heinous and not to be made light of. Angelina should take on the real story of perhaps the few women that managed to escape.

  24. 24

    Re: cdagrl – I agree , the extremists need to stop, there is alot of tension in the Balkans without them already.

  25. 25

    Angelia Voight directing a rape/love story in Bosnia? That sounds about right. Pull your head out of her ass for a second Perez. She needs to stick to subjects she knows about. Remind me what those are??? Let me guess…she's probably also the "STAR" of the movie as well. I wish she would go away. She needs to corral her kids and stay home and be a mother. Nobody in the former Yugoslavia wants her around talking about things she knows nothing about.

  26. 26

    I am currently living here and I'll let you know that they do not need a sensationalized Hollywood movie about their plight. They already have tones of Bosnian movies that are all played during the Sarajevo Film Festival that are actually realistic. Stay out Angelina. Unless you want me as an extra…ha ha

  27. tan71 says – reply to this


    for thoes people who think they know who and what serbian / bosnian people went through and for thoes who think they know why they are the way they are today, ask your self what you would be like today if you literlly watched your whole family ither die/get raped / or kidnapped infront of your own very eyes, what kind of person would you be like today ? So to thoes people who say well it`s just a movie who cares… the people who had to live through that .. the people who left there country to come to a safer one… thoes people care. Don`t be to quick to judge who we have become today. and to the blah blah person serbian people arnt the only people who cause fights, poke fun at gay people and have a bad name. I can only guess that, that was the only soccer game you`ve seen… alot of soccer games end in fights and serbs/bosnians arn`t the only ones who make fun of gays that being said i believe that they are people too just like us they should not be poked at but in this life sad to say they are and not just by serbian / bosnian people almost everyone has one thing to say about someone being gay

  28. 28

    Serial home wreckers hate other women…read Andrew Morton's biography on her.

  29. 29

    Re: tan71 – They were burning an Albanian flag,and harassing Italians, that doesn't sound racist to you ??

  30. D-S says – reply to this


    ok i will see this film because i'm very interested how this story is going to go because in 1997 when the civil war started it was a hell of a disaster and trust me that's still a lot of hate inside my people so it's going to be a very interesting movie to watch ;-)

  31. 31

    Re: Whimsical101 – re=5392418]Re: aida56[/re] It says the Bosnian press reported the wrong script story. The filmmakers had to send the script over there because of the press reporting the wrong script. The filmmakers say its just a love story, nothing having to do with someone falling in love with a rapist.

    As I am sure you know by now, the press doesn't always tell the truth.

  32. 32

    wow "don't judge me until you see the film" I can't believe she said that! For someone who is such a 'humanitarian' she is extremely detached from the actual pain and suffering these ppl feel. To depict the horrific pain a rape causes a human being as a fucking love story is deplorable. It kinds feels like the initial rape is justified bc they end up falling in love. I for one am glad they won't let her film it and if this is the plot for the movie I truly hope she never gets a chance to film it. Some ppl are so full of themselves that they confuse something that is just so completely offensive and harming as 'art'. The Bosnian war caused soooo much pain that ppl are still dealing with, for this clueless woman to come along and try to show the world their pain in such a way is so disheartening.

  33. 33

    Re: LizzyMay
    You are so right. That would be a much more moving story and relevant story.

  34. 34

    Re: For Every Sprinkle I Find…
    I truly hope that's the truth, bc is this is true it is actually very sickening.

  35. 35

    bosnia is not the only one that doesnt want her anymore

  36. 36

    They shouldnt glorify acts of violence by linking it with love..

  37. 37

    has anyone really confirmed that the supposed serbian character is indeed a rapist??? concrete facts would be nice… before we all get our panties in a twist over this film.
    British hooligans have nothing on Serbian hooligans… them people are freaks. O_O

  38. 38

    nobody wants Angelina so please JUST GO THE FUCK AWAY! didn't this homewrecking bitch say like 2 years ago that she was going to quit acting??? ummmmm…still waiting!!!!!!

  39. 39

    Re: YaYaYa – No truer words have ever been spoken–"women don't forget women who go after married men" Yet Perez calls her "Santa Angelina" are you kidding me?!!? He sucks up tp certain celebs..does more articles, praises even their flops..he is so bias..I can't believe he refers to himself as MEDIA! Its an insult to REAL JOURNALISTS. not to mention he doesn't report sh*t..he copies from other websites and hates on celebs that RIGHTFULLY don't like him. No amount of charity will make me have respect for Angelina. same with Fantasia, Leann Rimes, ALCIA KEYS (which perez didn't even report.) UGH

  40. 40

    Ok, first of all, as an American married to a Serbian, people's arrogent comments are SO infuriating! I am currently in Serbia with my husband visiting friends and family. This country is absolutely nothing, NOTHING like media makes them to seem! Why does Serbia ALWAYS have to look bad in films…why does the Serbian have to be the rapist? I have been here for both the gay parade riots and the Italy/Serbia soccer game. Everyone thinks, these acts were of the Serbian people…well that is not true. This is ONE, one Political radical group who is causing trouble, NOT Serbia. I have been here to watch the news. Serbia is embarrased and ashamed of these people. These people are not Serbia. We have tons of radical groups in the U.S. Groups we are not proud of, people who are arrogent, close minded and hurt others. Maybe as American's we need to stop pointing the finger at others and take some responsibility for ourselves. I am in Serbia reading about all of these young beautiful gay people killing themselves. Why are they doing that, because of the people around them. So it is not only Serbs who have bad people. Yes they have an ugly past, but so does the U.S. Please get your facts straight before you let media guide your opinions. As for Anglelina, she should consider the sensitivity of both countries and not just Bosnia.