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Demi Not Down With Dissing Miley!

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Those Disney Chanel girls stick together!

After announcing the nominations for the American Music Awards, Demi Lovato granted a select few her time for interviews.

What the reported didn't expect was how FIERCELY Demi would defend Miley Cyrus when she got a little snippy about her!

They both been dumped by JoBros! There's unity in that, peeps! Now, she's her best friend! (Selena who?)

Check Demi throw it down! (above)

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90 comments to “Demi Not Down With Dissing Miley!”

  1. 1

    hell ya! go Demi!

  2. 2

    EW! She was sooo rude to that reporter!!!

  3. 3

    Wooowww…. easy there DemI!

  4. 4

    That is how a true best friend should be :)

  5. 5

    Haha "best friend", I bet Miley doesn't give a crap about her.
    She said the same about Selena just a couple months ago..
    She's such a swinger.. no wonder she didn't have any friends..

  6. 6

    i thought that her whole defense for Miley was a little unnecessary. Although, if the reporter really DID makes snide remarks about Miley, THEN it would be okay to act like that. But anyway, good for demi for defending her best friend.

  7. 7

    Good for her :)

  8. 8

    i think her attitude towards the reporter was a little uncalled for. it's not like the reporter actually said nasty things about miley. but good for demi to stick up for her best friend anyways.

  9. 9

    Haha, good for her! She was not about to stoop to that reporter's level. She should defend her friend.

  10. 10

    Demi was right, it is well known that she and Miley are best friends. The reporter started to lay her “ ground work questions” Demi told her to be careful Miley was her best friend and the reporter still persisted in seeking a negative comment. Why would this reporter think it would be “okay “ to ask Demi a negative question about her friend on national TV? Sometimes we see reporters ask or comment the wrong question/statement to the wrong person at the wrong time and they think it is acceptable. Demi was more than polite, when the reporter pushed a 2nd time instead of saying…” Miley is my best friend and I will defend her to death …” I would have asked the reporter in the most polite manner the name of her best friend and to list the top 5 negative flaw and secrets on national TV.
    * Demi you did great*

  11. 11

    eww she did NOT have to be that rude. the reporter was just asking her questions, she never said that that was her opinion. demi is a bitch.

  12. 12

    Poor thing she has no personality! now she even has that HORRIBLE!! nassal sound when she talks like Miley, no wonder that jonas brothers dude dumped her ass!!

  13. 13

    Best Friend or not, the Reporter was only doing her job, Demi didn't have to be a snotty bitch about it. She could have been graceful and act like an ADULT bout it. She said the same shit about Selena Gomez and then betrayed her. Demi's a Bitch.

  14. 14

    I'm not so sure what to think about Demi's behavior towards that reporter, Although I will agree with others and say that the reporter should of thought twice before trying to get something negative about Miley from Demi. Demi was simply holding it down like a true friend. I would of said the same thing, Maybe in a more polite way though haha.

  15. 15

    Haha.. go Demi. She told that bitch straight up, if Miley was a bad person she wouldn't even be defending her so.. it's obvious Miley's a great person.

  16. 16

    The reporter only said true things about Miley…Demi wouldn't comment because she's knows it's true and would be lying to deny anything lol.

  17. 17

    How would you act if reporters are always talking shit about your friends? you would feel the same way. And plus we don't even know the status of Selena and Demi so quit saying oh demi did this before with selena and look what happened? have you asked about their status. Demi wasn't rude why was the reporter trying to start something?

  18. 18

    wont matter selena gomez is better than any of these bitches.

  19. Dale says – reply to this


    that was awesome! i have a friends like her and they mean the world to me!!!

    Miley is one lucky gal! i love how she kinda looked her up and down the second she brought up Miley. She was like "BITCH! …DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ME?!!" You go Demi! i dont really know who you are but that was a true moment captured!

    That "reporter?" was nothing but a shit digging trouble maker up for a story.

  20. 20

    I would want my best friend to stick up for me that way!! Just wondering tho if Demi and Selena are still besties??

  21. 21

    LOL!!! good on you Demi. cut that reporter down! ahahah.loved it!

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Why can't I see it?? Was it removed??

  24. 24

    ughhh, both of them are just ughhh.
    well im starting to like Miley alot better than Demi.
    Demi seems likee a Bitchhh, likee no jokee!
    && whats up withh the attitude? i know she was just
    trying to defend Miley, but really is the attitude necessary?!?

  25. 25

    hahahah! go demi!

  26. 26

    Good for Demi, that's how it should be. And who else thinks that Demi is kind of trying to be like Miley? Looks like her, talks like her…

  27. 27

    Im liking this chic LESS AND LESS! WHY DA F;' DOES SHE SOUND JUST LIKE MILEY..the annoying nasal voice and all…she has no personality whatsoever…she prolly was f'n that jobro and he dumped her…i WAS trying to let her slide (as a fellow Texan) with her denying her Mexican side and referring to herself as "latin" her dads Mex n her moms 1/2 irish/ital….she was RUDE to that reporter who was stating facts, not personal opinion.very childish..she'll realize how stupid she is years from now and her careerdoesnt take off as she expected

  28. 28

    um…of course Demi will defend her friends. And for those bitches who call Demi a bitch for ditching Selena? Yeah, you bitches don't even know what down between them.

  29. 29

    Oh plEEEASe!This girls voice is annoying as hell!!!

  30. 30

    She's hardly being rude to the reporter, she just keeps repeating "She is my best friend and I will defend her". It would've been more rude if she threw in a couple of swear words or started yelling.

  31. 31

    that was awesome.

  32. 32

    She probably just said that because she's dating miley's brother

  33. 33

    what a rude little twat

  34. 34

    wow way to be rude. The reporter was just stating that miley had gotten in a bit of trouble with organization, that was NOT the reporter's opinion. Mz Demi-attitude Lovato needs to tone it down. She can defend her friend all she wants without being rude!

  35. 35

    Re: Her Majesty – THis has to be the dumbest response I have yet to see. I like how all of you act like you have the inside scoop of what is going on within the private lives of these young stars. I mean you all act like you know who she is friends with and what not, when in reality you're just as clueless as Perez Hilton is.

  36. 36

    Re: Laura Magaret Mcneish[/re] Yeah…damn her for sticking up for a friend who seems to be the butt of all the jokes that are coming her way. Who does she think she is a…person?

  37. 37

    Re: Htownspitfire – Holy crap! I nearly had a seizure reading your drivel. I mean you probably never spent a day in school in your entire life have you? I guess this isn't as bad as your whole “She's being rude” bit going on. Are you that socially inept to NOT know what rude means? You're such a tool lol.

  38. 38

    Re: perrytheplatapus12 – Wow…you are so fucking stupid its not even funny.

  39. 39

    Re: latashajames – And you're a rude little idiot. It balances out.

  40. 40

    Re: lalagirl17 – THat's not rude. SHe was just saying she was going to defend her. What are you retarded?

  41. 41

    Re: Htownspitfire – WHat I find more offensive is that you took this as a sign of being rude when in fact it's someone sticking up for someone else. Especially when that person wasn't present. Frankly I find your idiotic attempt at trying to dissect her origin more offending than anything else. If anyone is childish, it's you for opening your ignorant mouth and writing this post that is just filled with non legible bull shit. Do the world a favor and beat your brains in with a grammar book. You might not sound like an idiot that way.

  42. 42

    Re: ibellxo – Yeah! Damn her for being friends with someone and defending them when they weren't there. Who the heck does she think she is getting all defensive when a reporter was about to attack someone? How dare she sticks up for a friend. What kind friend does that?

    You're an idiot kid.

  43. 43

    Re: NYCity Girl – I'd give you a proper response, but seeing as how you're too stupid to know ONE voice from another…i'll just leave it at that and call you a moron.

  44. 44

    hm weird… her voice kinda sounds like miley

  45. 45

    I have to agree that her defense was a bit uncalled for. People get asked about their opinions about other people all the time, so what's so different about this?

    There was no need for the finger pointing, Demi, you could have handled that with more grace.

  46. 46

    I have to agree that her defense was a bit uncalled for. People get asked about their opinions about other people all the time, so what's so different about this?

    There was no need for the finger pointing, Demi. She could have handled this more gracefully.

  47. 47

    she's trying too hard to be like Miley, her hair, her makeup, she even talks, LAUGH and gestures like Miley —- ANNNNNOYING!!!!!!!

  48. sanaa says – reply to this


    this is the problem demi is a KID that woman is an ADULT they shouldnt even be interacting. that reporter shouldnt have to report on babysitter disney music and and demi should not talk to adults other than her parents and teachers. The world is messed up now with this new gross tween generation disgusting.

  49. 49

    GO DIME!!! :D now that it's what a true driend does for you!!!

  50. 50

    Off topic but; I CANNOT stop staring at her butt chin!

    Demi was unnecessarily defensive. The reporter barely mentioned that Miley was trying to break out of her Disney image and Demi looked like she was ready to take off her earrings.

    For a public figure, she's not a very eloquent speaker either.

  51. Eris says – reply to this


    She pretty much shows what an ignorant uneducated Bimbo she is; the way she talks and acts and her weird fake facial expressions are plain annoying. And she even proven to the rest of the world that she isn't able to rational think of a decent answer; i.e. of answering the question the report asked very politely in a manner that isn't hurtful to her friend and at the same time showing that she is more than just a pretty face, but well she failed! Get an education, your show biz career ain't going nowhere anyway.

  52. 52

    haha defend her to death? Bet she said that about Selena Gomez as well!!

  53. 53

    Re: prettydew – You are either blind or an idiot if you think they sound alike. They look and sound NOTHING like each other. Please jump off a building.

  54. 54

    Re: Eris – I like how you talk about being uneducated and being a Bimbo when you, yourself act like a pseudo intellectual jack ass who thinks they know what is going on when it comes to the Hollywood celebs in this world. Obviously you probably never had a friend or anyone CLOSE to you in your life that seems to be under attack. Which is why you made a post like this. It was clear that her friend is being under attack these days and that the reporter was about to say something negative. This is shown by how the reporter was trying to think up a “word” to say near the end of the interview. This has nothing to do with irrationality, this has to do with someone trying to make an insulting question sound “less” insulting with clever wording. If you call someone an idiot by calling them “Less intelligent” is that not the same? If anyone failed, it's you, who doesn't even KNOW anything about hollywood in general. Do the world a favor and keep your ignorant trap away from concepts like “education” and what not. You clearly know nothing about it.

  55. lm_x says – reply to this


    She apparently sticks up for her friends yet she is happy to openly slate Selena and tell the whole word and anyone that would listen they were having problems.
    I think she has seriously let herself down and made herself look like a silly little girl.
    Whatever happened between the two they were best friends for years and you would think that alone would warrant some respect and privacy.
    She shot herself in the foot with her catty comments as she just highlighted how elegant and graceful and 100 times more Mature Selena is than Demi.
    After everything Demi said Selena categorically refused to enter in to a slanging match and was always nothing but respectful towards her.
    Selena is a true Role Model

  56. 56

    Why did she get so bitchy?!

  57. 57

    I'sorry but i could just NOT concentrate on wat she was sayin'.. HER VOICE IS SOO WEIRDDD

  58. 58

    i think demi is a classy girl & super talented…but i don't think there was any reason to attack the reporter. i'm glad she believes in standing up for friends but it was a bit harsh. then again, maybe she'd had a rough day. either way, still a fan :-)

  59. 59

    Re: lm_x – First off no. She's not a role model. Selena Gomez is NOT a role model. She's an entertainer. Simple as that. These are ALL entertainers they are NOT role models. So get your facts straight on that my simple minded friend. Second there is nothing wrong with telling people that they had a falling out. I mean just because she said they weren't as close as they were means that she's automatically wrong? That's the dumbest thing to say. And she even SAID they were still friends so your entire post here is one massive contradiction. Also I don't see how Selena is more mature than Demi just because Demi stated that they weren't as close as they use to be. If something happened between you two, and that bond of privacy is broken, I see no reason why anyone should owe anyone anything. Selena isn't more mature than Demi. She's more cowardly than Dem. Big difference. However if I chose to see someone who is NOT mature, it would be the dumb ass I am responding to.

  60. 60

    Re: lilalo – Well how would you react if someone was gonna slam your friend? "Oh it's ok. You can slam her all you want. I'm just gonna sit back here with my iphone and text some people. Feel free to insult and belittle one of my fellow disney co workers all you want." please…

  61. 61

    Re: lm_x – One more thing. One can argue that Selena's choice in wardrobe is a little risque as well. As she gets older, her taste is going to mature. Her "Wet and wild" look in her last video pretty much is an indication of things to come. One can argue that THAT imaging isn't very "role modelish" which further proves my point that entertainers are not and SHOULD not be role models. Again you lose and common sense wins.

  62. 62

    she didnt have to be a bitch about it. she could've said she had no comment or something.

  63. 63

    You know what I like about people like Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus? They go against the status quo and pretty much say “fuck you, I don't do that.” And that's what makes them fun. I mean Selena Gomez, is a cute girl and she's got a good voice, but I'd chose Demi and Miley over Selena Gomez any day of the week. Not because I am fans of their music and shows but because they make things interesting. More so Miley than Demi though. I mean last time I checked, someone talking about a falling out they had with someone who was their one time friend wasn't edgy or “misbehaving”. In fact it's quite natural to get something off your chest. Not to mention Defending a friend from a potential attack from a reporter is not really considered anything special or bad to begin with. I guess the lot of you want your disney starlets to be squeeky clean right? Sorry that's not the case. I'd rather have someone who will flip off the status quo than someone who will act like its always sunny outside. Give me a Demi Lovato and a Vanessa Hudgens any day of the week over a Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice or a Miranda Cosgrove. In fact fuck Miranda Cosgrove and her goody too shoe ways. Icarly sucks.

  64. 64

    if she really wanted to defend her friend she would have listened to the questions and answered them adequately…. the reporter wasnt being rude about miley, she was stating fact, asking a legitimate question. Demi seems like a very difficult person to interview and to be honest, she was quite rude, making the reporter out to be attacking her friend when all she wanted was to get an opinion on the reaction of the parents council. She also seems a bit vacuous… I had to laugh when she thought that her hair being "a little bit blonder" constituted and image change! :P

  65. 65

    Re: designatedferret – attack on someone's character and that's usually a sign that the question was going to be negative. Kinda like how Perez Hilton was going to insult Vanessa Hudgens when he interviewed Nicole…whatever her last name was. Like I said before, do you expect her to just let people insult her friend? I guess it helps to know what it is like to have friends. That goes a long way. More than I can say for most people here.

  66. Eris says – reply to this


    Re: ThePerezHater – And from your continuous posts for every negative post on this blog about Demi, you clearly show you don't have a life and you are a moron of all morons because you idolise a girl who has practically done nothing spectacular in her life, apart from playing the same characters on the Disney Channel. I didn't say she shouldn't stick up for her friend, but in this case the reporter was merely stating a fact and wasn't saying anything negative about miley, she just wanted to know what Demi's opinion was on the matter in general and not her friend specifically. Both you and Demi need to listen more before you talk from your ass. And it isn't a matter of "Hollywood" knowledge but rather trying and listen first before answer, if you relisten to the clip Demi didn't even let the reporter finish the question properly since as soon as Miley's name was mentioned she became defensive and didn't allow the reporter to finish the question. So yes both of you need an education, an education of manners!

  67. 67

    Damn as soon as she mentioned Miley Demi kinda looks the reporter up and down like, 'bitch best be careful'

  68. 68

    Dang lol Sassy

  69. 69

    Re: Eris – Lol. Oh you make me laugh. You and your pseudo intelligence truly does amaze me. First off I don't “Idolize” her. I admit that I am a fan. Again not of her music or her “Talent” but of “Her” her self. I stated before that celebrities like her and Miley Cyrus makes things interesting. Rather than seeing a teenage celeb act all sweet and innocent, we get to see them in their true catty nature. Also You probably missed the part where I pointed out where the REPORTER was trying to rephrase a question to make it sound LESS offensive. Which is in a way an attack on someone. Calling someone less intelligence is still calling someone an idiot. So it was obvious HOW the question was going to be asked and what the nature was. Asking someone “How do you feel that your friend is corrupting the youth of our nation.” is still an attack. THAT is a fact. Not your mickey mouse equivalent take on it. I really do find it funny that you claim I need to listen more when you clearly haven't heard a word I was saying. And I also find it funny that you say I Need an education when you're here claiming that people who post here need lives, yet you some how respond to a post of mine…yeah you might want to work on that education bit yourself sweetheart. Because that statement alone is a faux pas in it's self. lol

  70. Lumie says – reply to this


    She's so pathetic. There was no need to be so rude and unprofessional. This girl is such a fake. She probably hangs out with Miley because she's famous. Can't stand Demi.

  71. 71

    Re: ThePerezHater – People have different opinions. They can think she's rude, they can think she isn't. Please respect it. It's not nice to attack other peoples opinions because you think another way. Calling them an idiot, stupid, or a moron is not going to change their minds. You don't think she's rude, fine. I don't think so either, so don't think that just because I am replying to you, I don't agree because I do agree with you. Just please don't attack others. :/

  72. 72

    I just watched it over again! I don't think Demi was being rude at all! The reporter asked something at first and Demi was like "She's my best friend, so you better watch it." And yet still the reporter was like "So you don't think.." trying to get something out of her. Plus Demi was like half smiling.. And even in the end the reporter was like "I know honey, I know." If you knew, then why'd you ask? LOL.

  73. 73

    Re: Lumie – I'm sorry but calling her a fake and defending other teen starlets is the biggest hypocritical move I have seen ANYONE make. Also you really can't call her a FAKE seeing as how she showed that she defended her friend. Especially from a media that's made their fortune by attacking her fellow Disney Co-worker. But I like How you assume that everyone who hangs out with someone like Miley Cyrus is someone who is just using their fame to push their own. Hate to burst your bubble deary but you celeb gossipers don't have the inside scoop of what is going down in tinsel town.

  74. 74

    Re: ILoveMCyrus – I see what you are saying I really do. And I respect it (more than anyone else here). But my problem is that these opinions are formed out of petty spite they have for someone they barely know. I mean they call her rude because she was telling someone to watch what they say about a friend and co/worker when anyone else would've done the same for their own friend. And I'm not trying to change minds. I'm simply stating what is. That's all. Having said that I thank you for your response and…hopefully you'll see what I am saying here. Maybe I was a little too harsh and a little volatile. I agree with you on that.

  75. 75

    love her!!! I love that they are best friends!

  76. 76

    She was completely right to defend her friend. However, she did not handle the situation all that well. I think she snapped just a bit too much where she should have let the reporter-lady finish her questions and THEN answered them honestly and in support of Miley - calmly and rationally.

  77. 77

    LOOOOOOOL that got awkward

  78. lm_x says – reply to this


    Re Perezhater
    Everyone has a different point of view.
    Your a fan, I'm not that's fine. You disagree with me and think I'm wrong, that's also cool.
    However its not ok that you attacked me, in such a vicious way me over me expressing my opinion even if you think it's wrong. I would never attack you or your opinions as I respect everyone has one. Just a Thought. Sorry if you felt it warranted such a response.

  79. 79

    she wasnt rude to the reporter. shes sticking up for her friend. anybody would act like that if they kept trying to tlk shit about somone they cared about. go demi!

  80. 80

    Re: lm_x – YOu know what? You're right. That was wrong and presumptuous of me to do when I attacked you. And for that I do apologize. Having said that and admitting that I shouldn't have attacked you, don't you think you're doing the same with your post? I mean your making a harsh accusation about someone you don't know personally and you're involving yourself in a matter that you know nothing of or the personal details. Don't you think thats just being a LITTLE hypocritical?

  81. 81

    what was wrong with that?? the reporter obviously had something negative to say about miley and demi was basically saying don't bother even thinking your going to get me to say something negative. i'd do the same for my best friend anyday. miley gets a lot of crap and she deserves someone to defend her.

  82. 82

    demi lovato is awesome haha!

  83. 83

    Demi Lovato did the right thing, I mean, even her should have noticed how too mature Miley's new music video is so she rather not give any comment. She already told the reporter like twice and the reporter still keeps on pushing through her question which is too much though.

    Anyway, regarding Demi and Selena, yes they're still best friends. Demi even mentioned Selena's name in one of her concerts. I guess, they have already confronted each other :)

  84. 84

    Hmm… Is it a coincidence that her voice sounds like a deeper version of Cyrus' there? I clicked away while listening to this, and almost thought it could be Miley herself. Oh well. They've all got marginal talent, so they have to learn to stick together to stay in the limelight.

  85. 85

    Demi needed to calm down. I mean I understand that Miley is her best friend, but she was starting to get rude. It wasn't called for at all. The reporter was just doing her job and she wasn't saying anything negative. She was just pointing out the facts and looking for an opinion.

  86. 86

    She's my best friend and I'll defend her for the rest of my life? Please. Teenage girls, especially spoiled rotten ones like Miley Cyrus, DON'T work that way. Demi is just making herself look stupid…

  87. 87

    She didn't have to be so rude! When are these over-rated, no-talent, Disney sluts going to disappear back to the trailer parks they came from?
    Whatever happened to good music? The world has been taken over by these brats.

  88. 88

    why can't i see it? :(

  89. 89

    lol I LOVE IT!! i would so do this for my friend and i would hope they would do the same for me

  90. 90

    Anyone who wants to see the video can do a search on youtube.com for "Demi Lovato Defends Miley Cyrus". I can't believe that any objective person could call Ms. Lovato rude. The reporter, after having been politely warned by Lovato that Cyrus is her "best friend," continued with a question that was in fact really a false statement, not a question at all. The reporter said that Miley Cyrus had "gotten into trouble with her fans and with the Parents Television Council…" At that point, Demi Lovato, having already heard this dishonest reporter lie about her friend simply shut the reporter down, saying she would defend her friend for life. Personally, I think Demi Lovato showed a lot of grace under fire. If it had been me and someone was dissing my best friend with lies like that, I would have spit in the reporter's face and walked away. Miley Cyrus' fans are sticking with her and she's not in trouble with them. The Parents Television Council is a group of old prudes who belong in the middle ages, not in the 21st century. In fact, it's the PTC that's in trouble, not Miley Cyrus. The New York Times this week did an article about how the PTC is on its last legs and no one listens to their rightwing rants any more.