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And they're at it again! Lindsay Lohan, who is currently losing against Tom Arnold in marathon game of Connect 4 at the Betty Ford Center, might have the… Read more…

14 comments to “Living Lohan: Dina Vs Michael! (Who Else?!)”

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    'Michael is trying to ruin my family' well, dina, they are his family too. BUT, in fact, he hasn't been able to see any of you and the two of you are just arguing in the press, so how is he ruining YOUR LIFE? All dina would have to do is say' No Comment' but unfortunately, dina has never met a camera, mike, etc that she couldn't resist jumping in front of and acting like an asshole.

  2. 2

    Look up the word enabler in the dictionary… and there is Dina Lohan's orange ugly face next to it :P

  3. 3

    I think both parents are idiots, but Dina is only looking for the next paycheck, which makes her a lot worse than her douchy daddy….

  4. 4

    It doesn't matter what either of them say anymore. Their past actions have shown both of them to be more concerned with money and their own fame than with Lindsay. I hope Lindsay can distance herself from both of them.

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    These people al of them are such children in their behavior…First off Lindsay Lohan is an adult so I wish people would stop making it like it's her parents fault! Next her dad is a douche fame whore and not a good oen as all his fame is as a shitty husband, business man and father so that's him in a nutshell… Dina another "oh a camera sure I will comment" God this is garbage all of these people need to tep back and actually examine themselves and they would see how pathetic they are…

  7. 7

    These two imbeciles couldn't be civil with eachother if their lives depended on it. How difficult is it to keep your hole shut and keep these matters private? No need to wonder where Lindsay gets her lack of dignity from.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Michael gives vultures a bad name.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lindsay needs to distance herself from both of them and put some professionals in charge when she's done with her tryst with the justice system. At her age it's long past due. She needs to surround herself with healthy people.

  10. 10

    I need paris and lohan to move to atlanta ga .zone 3 and 6 area . Yall a be good hanging down here in my hood . Email me ladys .michael .I would love to shot a movie with paris and lohan '. The movie a be call baby moma drama , ill have a child by both of the star* ladys .- But the end of the movie will make u say wow! . 2 stars having phone fights over me onto they **** , hahahahahah .

  11. 11

    Overheard at alliance bancorp .oak brook and ca .and sue the pants off wellsfargo bank .and country wide mortgage corp .

  12. 12

    We better start looking at the , bank fraud for a second , that looks like it a huge deal .that taking place in the world today who and how did somebody steel ,or commited fraud on something like that . Lasalle bank na . United financial mortgage corp .let's get to paris, and lohan ,later and michael ! Somebody trying to destory all the banking and financial companies .

  13. 13

    Can't you two Shut the Hell Up!!

  14. 14

    Michael grimes - wellsfargo na , bank of italy na . My dad never saw that coming . All he new was , to get the arrest made for burlergy for his office being robbed for over 7 million documents that gos to 236 companies he own . And to recover the office paper work back from the rest too . But unfortunely , that never took place , gloria jean mayes never hit the jail for that , onto 3years laters , what was weird about that dad death was he was a sick man out the doctor , why would u , have his phone off the hook all nite onto 730 am . When death cert says he died 330 am . Why didn't the arrest get mad . Who took him to his office , they had to had killed him , because their was a arrest made for the office break in .I ask gloria jean mayes for the million of papers she took , what so weird about this crazy stuff , is her name is on the fraud at fulton county probate court , for fraud on citizen trust bank ,aka unitedbank inc .under james grimes and michael grimes , she didn't no my dob or ss # , or my mailing address , that fraud need to go down for a funny joke , I mean this fraud is unreal , who can get full power on a person and ,global banking &comapnies , with no I'd . And then she hollows out , its was your brother who took your stuff , but wants again they name , not on the fraud paper , onless their paper I haven't seen yet .can somebody ckeck this out , banker trust of cal .united companies lending corp .