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Since he went on Howard Stern to address his breakup with Courteney Cox, David Arquette has been dragged through the mud for his honesty. But Howard defendsRead more…

25 comments to “Howard Defends David Arquette”

  1. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Yeah “““““““ David had sex with the town TRAMP!!!! He must be “ REAL proud!! Personally,, IMO ““ He's a complete douche and I hope Courtney gives him ““““ THE BIG D!!!!

  2. 2

    All these chicks that marry a guy then try to change them can suck my balls, David and Jason will emerge with class while their X's will show how shallow they really are. I say if your a man to stand behind them and not buy a xina CD or watch Couger town too teach these bitches a lesson. PS - FU Joanna Whitt you herpie packing bitch

  3. 3

    listen to the whole interview before you comment! everyone hears sound bites and makes assumptions… i heard it live and he was honest and truly heartbroken and thats what you gossip hounds live for so what is the problem??

  4. 4

    perez why don't u get a better picture of howard - he looks soooo red……

  5. 5

    He sounded drunk. and stupid.

  6. 6

    Perez, just yesterday you were so proud of Gwen Stefani's husband for announcing to the world that he had sex with a man. But today, you are saying David Arquette was wrong for announcing to the world that he had sex with a woman. Once again it comes back to "As long as its gay, its all OK."

  7. 7

    I agree 100% with howard!

  8. 8

    Re: 6one9
    How unfair to say so sarcastically…. He must be “ REAL proud!! She was the one seen looking very friendly with her co-star. She is the one how ended her relationship with David, she was the one who told him to get sex elsewhere after 4 months of withholding sex from her husband. Because he told the truth about what was going on instead of letting tabloids make it up or twist things (as they are doing now) hes the bad guy …give your little head a shake.You would know this if you had heard the interview…but no …you just jump to conclusions.

  9. zoey says – reply to this


    Howard is right ….I agree as well .

    David was just trying to set it straight for his family and that's all that matters !

  10. 10

    Stern Rules! BaBa Booey!

  11. Roz says – reply to this


    what bedroom deets?!?!?! wtf are you talking about? he talked about how they werent having sex for months!!!!!!!! he didnt go talking about what kinda sex they had when they were together. i wonder why kinda shit you and all the other tabloids woudlve printed or commented on if he didnt go on howard.

  12. 12

    I like David , I am glad for him :)

  13. 13

    I heard the whole interview- David Arquette was basically just telling the facts about how a marriage breaks down and the problems they had. It was nothing so explosive or dirty the way the other press outlets are trying to make it sound. They are also HUGE hypocrites- any one of them would have bent over backwards to try and get that interview, but because it is Howard Stern they have to trash it? In addition, so many people in Hollywood lie out their teeth and everyone finds out the truth most of the time-Arquette was just putting the truth out there. Plus he had nothing but the best of things to say about Courtney Cox. He clearly adores her, but sometimes marriages just don't work out. Also, Oprah can talk about her vagina all day but Howard mentions one and everyone calls him filthy. Puh-Lease.

  14. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Re: sookie2
    You know what““` Courtney left him b/c he acts “` like a child “ She's tired of being “ his mommy. Okay “` No biggie “` right.. Then David goes out and fucks “ THE TOWN TRAMP “ then brags about it. Come on now. He could have sex with anyone “` anyone ““ but NO “` he prefers “ sloppy seconds“ thirds “`and fourths “` then brags about it.. Typical fucking MAN!! He has a kid “` WHOM will hear about this “ someday. David should have admitted that he's having sex,, I HAVE NO PROBS WITH THAT““ But with the town WHORE, when he has a child “` is STUPID!! That's all!!

  15. 15

    RECALL when brad left jennifer… David went on Howard Stern and blasted Brad for sleeping on his wife and called him all kinds of names…. hmmm what goes around comes around.. Howard needs to replay that call!

  16. 16

    Perez you are one to judge on what is correct or incorrect! David was very honest and wanted to clarify gossip that was already out there, and he decided to do it with a friend, someone he trust. It was a wonderful interview, and anyone who listen to it, only got out of it how much he loves his wife and waould love to be with her than anyone one else!

  17. 17

    Ya because what little kid doesn't love knowing that daddy fucked a woman that wasn't mommy. What a ridiculous thing for Stern to say, but I wouldn't expect much from that immoral creep.

  18. 18

    ok, so he may have gone a bit overboard with the honesty, but i love his work so much, im totally willing to look past it!!!! seems sad though that they met on scream, and finished on scream. he has done the legend of hallowdega, but has she done any films lately, or just cougar town?

  19. 19

    Re: 6one9
    Oh so your only gripe is that you don't like the woman he was sleeping with?
    Your funny. Should he get his dates approved by you first. Give me a fricken break.
    Yes his daughter may hear about it one day ..just like she may well hear her Mommy decided to go out side the marriage first. That Mommy ended the marriage. That Mommy told Daddy to go out and find sex somewhere else.
    Does she need to get approved of her partners too?

  20. 20

    Really? Because the normal and noble thing to do is to go on a sleazy radio show and talk about your sex life?

  21. 21

    Re: Lilygirl27
    "Perez, just yesterday you were so proud of Gwen Stefani's husband for announcing to the world that he had sex with a man. But today, you are saying David Arquette was wrong for announcing to the world that he had sex with a woman. Once again it comes back to "As long as its gay, its all OK." "
    There is a difference in that Gavin had sex with another BEFORE marriage - David had sex with another WHILE married. I hate to defend Perez, but these are two separate situations.

  22. 22

    Re: mankymonkey – Can you explain exactly what you find about Howard Stern that is amoral? He was faithful to his first wife, they grew apart and got a divorce and are still friends, and he is in a happy marriage where he does not stray. If anything, he points out the extreme hypocrisies every day of people who pretend to be so moral and then lie and do the opposite. Think of all those disgusting religious leaders that preach to so many people about being moral, take their hard earned cash, and are either having affairs, stealing money, or having homosexual affairs when they preach so hard against it…hypocrites all.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Courteney has self-esteem, self-worth issues for marrying David to begin with. Plus she has control issues. He has maturity issues. She's a mother hen. He's an idiot. LOL… poor Coco. Courteney is poking her CougarTown co-star. She's like a monkey, wouldn't leave her tree until she had another tree to jump to. In EVERY picture of these two together throughout their entire marriage, she walked in front whilst he headed up the rear (and not in the good way). It's too bad they spawned a child that we hope won't be as confused, reckless and immature as her parents are.

  25. 25

    At least David was honest about what happened. People should leave him and his wife alone to try to work things out.