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Perez on Ellen: Watch The Full Interview HERE!

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In case you missed it…

Watch our appearance on Ellen in its entirety above!

We know there are many skeptics, but we are being completely sincere, from the bottom of our heart.

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165 comments to “Perez on Ellen: Watch The Full Interview HERE!”

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  1. 1

    I believe you Mario! Everyone has a past. if you dont grow from it that becomes the problem. but you are making the decision to change and be a better person. i didnt like the nasty judgemental remarks that you would make cause it did hurt lots of peoples feelings! but, I say i believe you til you prove me wrong!

  2. 2



  3. 3

    good for you perez :) . i love you either way

  4. 4

    too fucking little
    too fucking late

  5. 5

    this is all good and well, but you should apologize to every single person you insulted over and over again on your website if you want to make things right, so start your list mario, its a long one…

  6. 6

    I had stopped reading your site a long time ago because I always felt scummy about myself afterwards. I am so happy for your self-revelation and look forward to getting good/cutting edge celeb news without the yucky aftertaste!!

  7. Laury says – reply to this


    I give you a lot of credit for doing this Perez. And I think it's great that you're finally growing up and really trying to become a better person, although it's kinda sad that it took a couple of gay teens killing themselves for you to realize that you were a bully yourself when your readers have been calling you out on that for quite a while now. But it's never too late to change and I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements on your website.

  8. 8

    I believe you …now. I was skeptical yesterday , but then i was shocked that you were being nice to Miley and K-stew, so now i have no doubts, hopefully you can keep it up though, you will feel happier when you don't have people who wanna punch you anymore.Good job .

  9. 9

    I am routing for you Perez. Good luck.

  10. 10

    SELF LOATHER!!!!!!

  11. 11

    I like that you admit that you've been bullying people. I also love that you say that you didn't realize that you were a bully, because a lot of people are that way. They don't realize that they are hurting people or they justify it with all kinds of excuses. Good job. Keep it up.

  12. 12

    i believe you 100%, but this interview makes it very apparent that ellen is NOTTTT a fan of yours. embarassing! she kept repeating that YOU asked HER to be on, as if trying to make it clear that she would never ask you to be on her show..

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Good for you. Your new attitude will have far more impact and bring you greater recognition and positivity than the previous one ever could have. Remember, performers signed up to have their work critiqued when they entered the arts, not their personal lives. As to non-artist celebrities, perhaps that's a phase in our social history that we'll see fade from prominence if folks like you look to their hearts and commit to spend their days in work that they can look back on with pride and a smile. Change is difficult, and old habits die hard. Each new morning is an opportunity to do better. Know you are loved.

  15. 15

    Actions speak louder than words so I will wait and see. You also look a lot better with the hair and clothes of a normal person.

  16. 16

    I will believe it when I see it. You have been such a mean-spirited person for so very long. It's tough for a tiger to change his stripes. I am not sure I believe you when you say you had no clue you were being a bully. You're either extremely naive and stupid or you are lying through your teeth.

    I am a gay man and I know for a fact that they gay community shuns you and is embarrassed by you. I have taken an active role in contacting the many advertisers that support your website and am happy to say that we have been successful in stopping some from returning and giving you more money.

    Time will tell if you are sincere or just out for publicity. Some say it's too little, too late but I think if you really do change and become an advocate for your own community and a person that your own community can be proud of instead of embarrassed by, then that will be a good thing.

    I know Jennifer Aniston, Myley Cyrus, LeeAmm Rimes — damn, the list goes on and on and on and on — must be very happy too.

  17. 17

    You accept your guilt. Congrats…..but only to not have to think about it and what you have done. I suggest you go through your posts, at least a year and make your list of whom you should apologize to and why. THEN, your change is sincere. Everything else till then is cheap publicity.

  18. 18

    Thank you. If there's anything we've learned lately, it's that our words can negatively affect people in more extreme ways than we imagine. It's never too late to change. This is such a positive step.

  19. 19

    Ellen doesn't seem impressed. She's usually funny and more outgoing with guests and doesn't announce that a guest asked to be on the show.

  20. 20

    Good for you honey!!! I will support you :) ))

  21. bobob says – reply to this


    Perez, I am SO proud of you and the courage it takes to do the right thing. I think going through something like what you're going through is a lot what like celebrities go through when they're growing in the public eye under scrutiny. People want to see other people fail because its evolutionary, survival of the fittest. But we can evolve our race to support each other with love and positivity. If we focus on that, we'll all be happier. Again, congrats and I'm very proud of you! xoxo

  22. 22

    notice how ellen didn't like hug him and stuff when he first came on…oooh she don't like him hahaha. ive always been a fan of the site and i'll still be visiting a few times a day like i always have.

  23. 23

    I must say, I used to enjoy coming to this website for the fun gossip about celebs. I started really disliking coming here when I saw your relentless "bullying" of Christina Aguilera and her new album. I've never seen anything like that whole "campaign" against an artist and their work. I hope you remain "sassy", but not mean and bullyish. I hope it sticks!

  24. 24

    the downfall has officially begun….

  25. 25

    why do you shout dumbass. BTW the Damage is already done! you calling ppl name has made me realize that you are a piece of crap!

  26. 26

    Then I'll give you the benefit of the doubt..

  27. 27

    We will be Watching Perez

  28. 28

    Will you please stop making fun of Shiloh Jolie, then? That bothers me. She's a little fucking kid.

  29. 29

    Let's hope you've changed

  30. 30

    You interrupted Ellen every time she tried to get a word in. I understand that you were trying to get your word out and have everyone hear you and you were nervous. But to be honest this is a little to late. If you want to change just do it, you don't need to let the world know you have changed just change. People will respect that more then if you go tell the world that you want to change. Do it for YOU not for anyone else.

    PS i wonder if you ever actually read these comments or take them to heart…..

  31. 31

    I'm really glad you have decided to go towards a more positive route. Thank you Perez for finally realizing that you went too far and you are going to change, I think that it shows you have charisma. Good luck :-)

  32. 32

    This is so awesome of you buddy! So proud of you! Be the change!! xo

  33. 33

    Don't believe a word you say. A leopard can't doesn't change it's spots. You're as big a liar and phony as ever, you're probably wishing this whole anti-bullying campaign never started so you could continue being the mean and childish prick you always were.

  34. 34

    Very kewl perez. And f*ck those that say too late, that is the most stupid retarded cr*p anyone can say. Change is the nature of everything, with every thought, action or something that we have learned comes the chance to change. We do it constantly, sadly most people have too big egos and are too stuck in their cycles plus afraid that they just do not change nor seek it. Way to go !

  35. 35

    Wow Perez, i think you are taking the right step and I am sure everyone agrees…i have been reading your site for years now, but had stopped after noticing that you randomly target celebrities who you have personal issues with and abuse them every single day…on the other hand if you love someone ( Gaga) then you will not stop praising them to the skies every single day…people come on your site to read celeb gossip…not your biased opinions…i think what you are doing now is great and i wish you the best of luck! I for one will definitely keep coming on to your site….proud of you Perez!:)

  36. 36

    We're with you Perez!!! Leading by example ;)

  37. 37

    The only reason you're famous is because you made fun of celebrities. You haven't had fresh gossip in a long time.

  38. 38

    We shall see Perez. I hope you CAN change. My stomach will be a lot happier.

  39. 39

    It’s very easy for Perez to be remorseful AFTER he has made his name and fortune from the suffering of others. What people don’t realize is that it is due SOLELY to Perez’ nastiness, bullying, heterophobia and misogyny that he is known…that he is invited to parties (by those few he hasn’t bullied or those AFRAID of his potential bullying or those bullied by him who just want it to stop). His bullying made him famous and rich. And NOW he wants to stop? LOL. How self-serving. He only wants to stop b/c he sees that his bullying has taken him as far as it will and he must now reinvent himself if he wants to keep his career going. Witness that Perez’ site has been generating VERY FEW comments lately. Perez “apologizes” and PRESTO – tons of comments again….an interview on Ellen….and more media “apologies” to come. It’s all spin most probably suggested by a publicist.

  40. 40

    A person’s character and personality does not change. But okay okay you think I’m a “skeptic”. I’ll tell you what would convince me. If Perez felt so horrible for what he has done that he said…NOT ONLY is he “sorry” but he will take himself OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE and donate ALL of the money he made from bullying others to a CHARITY TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE BULLIED. Then, after Perez disappeared into obscurity and was poor for 10 years…then I would believe that he is SINCERE. Now….he’s an obvious FRAUD who is playing his phony apology for everything he can get. Kinda like those super rich “old money” families who made their wealth through illegal means and now….contributing to charities, schools, and fundraisers. Actually, not even like that since Perez GIVES NONE OF HIS MONEY AWAY TO CHARITY….he only rags on those who don’t.

  41. 41

    the more/most difficult route ALWAYS bares good results, think revolutions! you will see your site getting more interests, not less. really do challenge yourself to comment intelligently. that's what was unique about your site all those years ago and made me fan then. the "mean girl" persona that you adopted afterwards was awkward at best and severely harmful at worst. you're not a little girl chasing after little teenie boppers boys and hating on other little girls because they are pretty and successful. remember, you're a 30 something, educated gay may with a mind for business. and you deep down want to make positive change in the world. i always believed that. now you have to make the world believe it with your actions. good luck. won't be easy.

  42. 42

    I, too, believe in second chances to a point. I'm willing to keep coming to this website if for no other reason than to see if you're following through with what you've claimed. You seem very sincere, Perez, and I hope that's the case. I know that teens come to this website because it's always been "naughty" and I'm sure it was fun for them to read such mean-spirited things and put that into practice. I'd like to think that teens can come here now and learn something positive. I'll be watching, Perez!

  43. 43

    perez, to come out on national tv and say that about yourself is such a hard thing to do, but its so good that you have done it! now all that you need to do is give christina aguilera THE BIGGEST SINCERE APOLOGY EVER!!! as i feel that she is the one who took most of your abuse!^^ xx

  44. vw88 says – reply to this


    I'm going to say something hoping that Perez and/or one of his staff members will read it. Perez, I have been a long time supporter of your website. I have gone to it religiously over the past couple of years. As of late, I have not visited your site as much due to the fact that I did find you to be somewhat of a hypocrite. You would say such hateful and hurtful things about a celebrity, i.e.; Mischa Barton. You would comment on her weight/size and her looks. (CONT.)

  45. vw88 says – reply to this


    Days later you would then post something regarding her depression and you would have something sincere and thoughtful to say towards her and towards her situation. That's so incredibly hypocritical it's almost unbearable to read. There is no reason you should have to knock others down in order to bring yourself up (fame, money, etc.). It does not have to be like that, just like you mentioned in your interview. (CONT.)

  46. vw88 says – reply to this


    Nobody is perfect, including yourself. Please stick true to your words and realize that people come to your website for entertainment purposes, not to read articles in which you trash talk "celebrities" and their life. I will continue to come to your website every couple of days in order to catch up on my celebrity gossip. However, if things do not change, I will no longer visit your website. Please be aware that there are SEVERAL other media gossip sites that are visited daily by the same readers that come to your site. (CONT.)

  47. vw88 says – reply to this


    In the blink of an eye, you can be deleted from someone's "favorites' and they'll add a new website to that list. Keep up the good work as far as the "It Gets Better" campaign. I will definitely be a supporter of the campaign and will do my part in this world to make sure EVERYONE, not just gays/transgender/etc., know that things will get better, no matter who says otherwise. In closing, I would like to bring up a quick point. You are posting the videos of the celebrities that are participating in your "It Gets Better" campaign, however, not everyone that could benefit from seeing the videos visit your website. You should look into venturing out and somehow making the videos more available to those who do not visit your website. Best of luck and I hope to see a change in your view and your website. Thank you.

  48. 48

    who's "we"? it's just you, dude.

  49. 49

    Good for you Perez :)

  50. 50

    The only thing I can hope for is that after all the hoopla from this phony “apology” dies down…Perez will have played himself out. After all, Perez’ “wit”is a direct result of bullying others. Perez has no talent whatsoever to speak of. He is not musical. He is not stylish. He is not creative. What he was good at was basically bringing cyber-bullying to the forefront and generating income from it. That is Perez’ contribution to society. That is how he made his living. That is how he made a name for himself. By generating income and fame from cyber-bullying. And anyone who “forgives” that would probably also forgive the Nazis of Nazi Germany, serial killers, pedophiles. As long as they apologized, of course. I’m sorry, but some things are just not forgivable. No matter how many apologies are proffered. Bullying, like sexual abuse, is one of those things that is NOT forgivable. Bullying ends lives. Bullying ruins lives. Just look at Perez. Both a victim and a perpetrator of bullying. He is like the sexually abused little boy that becomes a sexual abuser of little boys when he grows up. The sympathy is with the little boy who was abused…NOT the adult man who he has now become. Dumb people don’t realize this. Which is a shame

  51. 51

    i am glad that you are changing your ways….. better to be a part of the solution than the problem….. i still love ya and myself as well as my friends will continue to read your articles……

  52. Waboo says – reply to this


    I believe you, I think anyone can make a change in attitude if they want to. Though no more mean crap, means no more controversy, which means less site traffic. But I guess a few thousand more or less won't change much in revenue.

  53. 53

    Hey Mario! Absolutely proud of you! You will continue to grow and thrive, just believe. You where a force to be reckoned with, with the mean comments…so watch out world here you come with all the good! :-) Always have been a fan…but truly die hard now! It took a lot of courage to go on Ellen and admit your wrong doing! Your awesome and I know momma Perez is proud!

  54. 54

    FINALLY!!!!!! You must have hired a stylist, amaaaazing outfit! You look hip, modern, and AGE APPROPRIATE and not like a Gaga wanna be. Kudos from a stylist.

  55. 55

    she can't stand your gay ass…………HAHA!!!!

  56. 56

    Ellen really doesn't like you :o i've never seen her act like that on her show.

  57. 57

    Several things: First, you look marvelous, darling. Second, I disagree with Ellen, I don't think you'll lose money, I think you'll make more. You will gain more celebrity trust to be able to bring exclusives to your public instead of warmed up left overs. More advertisers will be on board after they see you are making good on your word. Third, your meaness could have been a defense and revenge mechanism. You insulated your soft insides with extra weight which caused you to be a target for rude remarks, so you fought back. Now that you are svelte, your confidence has emerged and it's now safe to allow your real self to come forward. Fourth, since you no longer need your alter ego, P-Nasty, kill him off. A symbolic burial might help him stay dead. Best of luck in your new direction.

  58. nikta says – reply to this


    I never thought I'm gonna say this: I'm sooo proud of you! I think it's a wonderful thing.
    You have the opportunity to show other blogers and gossip sites, that this can be done without being mean and hurtful. I wish you good luck and keep your head up!

  59. 59

    I had noticed before you made your announcement. It's a good thing. Keep it up :)

  60. 60

    Riiight.. just like when u said u would stop pickin on the young girls ( pre teen and teens ) and the next week you started back with the "potato head" BULLSHIT.. Yore a skanky ugly balding LIAR. You may charade this lie for a bit, but slowly youll slime your maggotness back to this website

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Its so sad that it takes numerous tragedies for you to say something nice. I still think deep down you are a true piece of shit. You will fool some people but not the smart ones

  63. 63

    Sick and tired of your:I,I,I,me,me,me!Slowly but surely you are starting to loose your edge,I hope you will slowly fade into irrelevance!

  64. KKL says – reply to this


    So you promise not to bag on Maniston anymore? How bout Avril? And of course, the question begs to be asked - Lo-Loca-han

  65. 65

    Good for you - I hope this means you'll stop berating Sarah and Bristol Palin, just because you disagree with their politics. That was always really mean and low-class.

  66. 66

    awesome.:) better to be a part of the solution

  67. 67

    Perez, Good for you! Now, here is a tough question, when you say that you are not going to be mean and nasty, does that carry for everyone??

  68. 68

    Re: vw88 – he doesn't have a staff. and if you wanna write something this huge, just write him an e-mail. he reads them all and sometimes answers.

  69. KKL says – reply to this


    So you promise not to bag on Maniston anymore? \
    How bout Avril?
    And of course, the question begs to be asked
    How bout LL

  70. Mimsi says – reply to this


    Re: West Coast Bitch – It's not bullying to say that album sucked cuz it didi.

  71. 71

    I believe you Perez!!!

  72. 72

    For those people on here who say that stopped coming to your website bc you lude, etc, what brought u back today? I thought the issue here was bullying the gay and lesbein community, and as far as i can tell, Perez has never done so. I never seen him single out any minority group at all. People want to be happy that your not "bullying" but im sure theyve been here doing that themselves. Perez, i enjoy your website very much, because i can get a good laugh at it. And sometimes people such as mel gibson deserve the shit you throw at them. But it also takes a big person, to beleive he has done something wrong and get in front of millions of people and say so. Dont let anyone bully you into thinking your doing things wrong. If they dont like it dont look at it. Stay stron perez, im with you man.

  73. 73

    Hey Perez, I've always taught my children right from wrong! And I beleive in second chances, and I beleive when you've hurt someone, you must apologize! As others have said, your list is long. Someone suggested you start with Christina Aguliar, how about I suggest the second on your list be Carrie Prejean. You did her wrong! You know you did. If you insist on being accepted regardless of your orientation, then you must, and rightly so, accept others for thiers. If you want to be accepted and respected for your point of view, than you must do the same to others. If you were at all serious about what you stated on The Ellen Show, than it is time to get started on those apologies. May I suggest you start on the ones most difficult. They will only get easier from there.

  74. 74

    I think you need to make an apology to all those people that you have insulted and called names…
    Its pathetic that it took you 7 years to realize what you have been doing…for gods sake you were 26 when you started this site…unless you had the mental capacity of a 12 year old it stilll doesn't justify it one bit…
    Ellen didn't like you, she still finds your motives questionable as do we all, I mean you say what you say now, you will not name call and everything, but we'll see how long that lasts for. I also love the fact that ellen pointed out that perez asked to be on the show, and that she didn't ask you to be on the show, and i also love that she admitted to not WANTING you on the show…
    You seem as if you have no sincerity to the people that you've hurt, in the end it still seems to be all about you…how bout you apologize to the people you've hurt…I mean did you see how hurt ellen was talking about what she went through…
    Ellens incredibly famous world wide…and she NEVER had to step on ANYONE to get there…she never needed to ridicule anyone to make herself look better or feel better…yet you did that EVERYDAY for 7 years….shameful….

  75. 75

    only time will tell. ellen doesnt seem a fan.

  76. 76

    I give you credit Perez, you're going onto a HUGE TV show and owning up to what you've done…I think it's huge. People will be skeptical, I've had a situation in my life I'm very proud of where people were skeptical of me, MANY people, I'm not sure I had anyone who actually believed in me. You know what I did though? I proved the skeptics wrong, not only did I proved them wrong, I did it with flying colors. So Perez, I think you know what I'm saying, prove em wrong! I do agree with a previous post, and I think you should try and reconcile with people you've hurt. I DID notice you were much kinder with a post that included Jennifer Aniston (either yesterday or the day before), good on you! Now let up on KStew :P . You may lose money here, but the people who walk away from you for this, do you really want involvement with them in the first place?

  77. karrr says – reply to this


    definitely on board to support this new you
    personally i never respected you since you torn people down all the time and wanted to stop going to your site but now that this has been said and i do believe it i'll be sticking around:)

  78. 78

    Rumer Willis can rest easy now!

  79. 79

    she so hates him.

  80. 80

    I totally did not expect to hear this, but I am very glad I did. I was ashamed to admit that I came to your website often because I had to dig through so much nastiness to get to the celebrity news I wanted. I hope this works out for you

  81. 81

    Praise God. Good for you for opening up your eyes ;)

  82. 82

    This really pisses me off because i think that now is when he's being fake. He shouldn't change, that's the way he is and people have to accept him wether they like it or not. I don't think he's a bully, he just says what whe all think from time to time. This really sucks, he shouldn't have apologized for anything!……I wouldn't have!!!!!!!

  83. 83

    Re: perezhateswomen – forgiveness is the first step.

  84. 84

    Does this mean you'll also start citing your sources and helping out others? Because you've also been bullying in that regard for years.

  85. 85

    You think this is a good interview? She goes out of her way to paint you as a complete low life. How embarrassing

  86. 86

    I believe you mario. i'm going to keep coming here!

  87. 87

    Hi Perez,
    Congratulations. It is hard to look within but I think you truly have done that. I used to hate how you would "out" people. In High School I was outed before I was ready and it truly was difficult. The quality of your reporting has improved over the past two days, and I think it will continue to get better. You are better than a cheap shot, you have talent-use that instead. As a gay person, and a special education teacher, I can tell you that your words have impact. Often they are repeated in the classroom–now they will have a positive effect. You will help so many kids this way. Thank you.

  88. 88


  89. 89

    I noticed that you were kinder to Miley and lets say that I was shocked but Im proud of u now and …be the change you want to see in the world.

  90. 90

    Good for you! You can make a positive difference!!

  91. 91

    This is all a ploy to market your other sites. You are changing business wise with FitPerez, etc and now realize that perezhilton.com is a liability now. You won't lose money, you are hoping to make more money by cleaning up your act. It has nothing to do with sincerity, it's everything to do with business. Why not man up an admit that? You would get more respect that way.

  92. 92

    I'm glad Ellen did this for you, because she definitely seemed like she wasn't a fan. I'm glad you're making a change. Good luck!

  93. 93

    this isnt gonna last. youre fake. and im glad ellen outed you in a way. ure just scared to lose your readers cuz all the comments were about u being a hypocrie hahahha

  94. 94

    The best contribution you could make to society would be to disappear. I am not just saying that because I cannot stand your looks, voice etc.. Even if you change now you will always be the guy who made it to infamy through the hate you spewed on this site. You cannot undo six years of the vomit you spewed through your keyboard. I do believe you are sincere in wanting to change, I don't buy that it's only to "be a better person". Your claim that you didn't realize what you were doing is complete BS, there were literally hundreds of thousands of comment on your site telling you how wrong you were, no one, not even you can be that ignorant. Your change will mean nothing unless you are willing to give it up, your money and "fame" are tainted. It's almost like you committed a crime and expect to get away with it without paying the price.

  95. 95

    You made my day, Perez,
    and do not worry, you will not loose money - or maybe temporarily (karma) but in the lonk run, you will be better than ever!!!

  96. 96

    My vote is to shut perezhilton.com down and kill/retire the whole "Perez Hilton" moniker/persona (the whole name was a slam on Paris and a way for you to capitalize on someone else). Use your real name and see if you can make it on your own.

  97. 97

    I LOVE ELLEN!!!!

  98. LadyM says – reply to this


    I have always loved your site but I took a step away after the whole Carrie Prejean issue. The negative and obssessiveness that came after was beneath you and left a sour taste after reading. I did not agree with the girl either but she had the right to her beliefs and I felt like you went on a total smear campaign to destroy a 22 year old girl. Instead of taking the opportunity to educate her you blasted the poor kid to the ground. I am happy you have decided to put more positivity into the world. You have a keen wicked wit and should remain catty but not cruel. Your site is at its best when you report the gossip and not become it.

  99. 99

    Dont give up, Perez! Its amazing the things you do to make people aware. Be yourself, dont listen to people that want to bring you down! We all have the right to change the chapters in our book. We all have done things we arent proud of doesn't mean, WE ALL GO BACK AND APOLOGIZE, your doing a big thing! I hope as a society we can all come together to stop hate!

  100. 100

    Perez, good for you. I really enjoy your site, but couldn't figure out how one side of you brought awareness to very important issues, and then one side of you was crude and mean to these celebrities. I have a feeling that you struggled with your hypocrisy for awhile now. I believe that good things happen to good people. If this is how you truly feel, then you and your site will continue to be successful. Good luck from Canada!

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