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Perez on Ellen: Watch The Full Interview HERE!

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In case you missed it…

Watch our appearance on Ellen in its entirety above!

We know there are many skeptics, but we are being completely sincere, from the bottom of our heart.

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165 comments to “Perez on Ellen: Watch The Full Interview HERE!”

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  1. 101

    The whole thing is fake. Publicity stunt to get back advertisers.

  2. 102

    You know what? I cried watching this interview. I love you, Perez! I think you have a big heart and you really care about people. You care about Britney, Lindsay, Betty White, etc. You really gave these three women a lot of space in your website. I recognized that and I salute you, my dear! I don't think you are a bully, but I am glad that you are going to be more careful to express your opinions, because at the end of the day your opinion really matters and you got that :)

    Lots of love,

    your big fan!!!!

  3. kat27 says – reply to this


    Yah Perez! I know you can do it! I'm sure it won't be easy and it may take some time to figure out how to bring in the same amount of traffic but you are smart enough to make it work.

  4. 104

    sounds like a good new start:) we'll see:)

  5. 105

    perez I have always loved you and will continue to do so! I'm happy you decided to go on Ellen to clear up anything you felt you had to. I will keep supporting you for the years to come

  6. 106

    Ellen can see through BS, and she clearly wanted to slap you the whole time. This apology is as fake as the promise you made to Tyra that if she let you ugly up her show, you'd stop blogging about children for a month. It didn't even last a day. You are a heartless, hateful pig incapable of caring about anyone else unless they promote you. You are the most homophobic gay man I've ever encountered. You are a bully in your pathetic excuse for a heart.

  7. 107

    Re: Mimsi – A review of an album is one thing…but to label that artist "Floptina" is another! Some peeps enjoyed the album, but that's beside the point. Perez Tweeted and posted very mean remarks about Christina Aguilera on a daily basis as if it were a competition with Lady Gaga. The promotion was beyond ridiculous!

  8. 108

    Only time will tell if a leopard can change his spots. You said the same thing to Tyra and you didn't last 1 month. Milk it while you can Mario. Because when you fail, you're done!!

  9. 109

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – For someone who doesnt like Perez, you sure have a LOT to say. And it looks like you pretty much LIVE on his website.

  10. 110

    GREAT interview! I didnt care for the way Ellen treated you, but who gives a shit, at least you got your message out there! Way to go - xoxoxo

  11. 111

    I loved your before this change and I will love you after. Don't forget to stay true to you bb… Some people have the ability to be mean and funny… and i LOVE that about you. Personally idk why you have to go on to Ellen who was clearly not a fan to get your point across… I saw you video you posted and I thought it was great but just remember to be you! You are the reason your site is so huge! who cares if random people say things about you. I support you(:

  12. 112

    i really hope this is sincere! for a long time i absolutely LOVED your site (my friends would make fun of me for the amount i would look at it), but then for a very very long time i stopped visiting because of how mean you were to so many celebrities! i believe in you perez make us all proud!

  13. 113

    Why do people who do not support you go through all the trouble to make an account just to bad mouth you? They are the ones who need to take a look at themselves and realize they are bulling you!
    Love you

  14. 114


    You have taken the first step and I congratulate you for that. Now you must personally by video, phone, email, text, etc . apologize to those celebs you have repeatedly bullied. If you are as sincere as you say you are this has to be the next step. Good luck to you and I wish you luck on your new outlook. It took guts and I commend you.

  15. 115

    Hopefully you do this. Lets find out what you mean by 'sass'…..

  16. 116

    Perez, some love from South Africa. You are amazing, you provide up to date, critical celeb news. Ive been a fan for many years! Dont ever stop!

  17. 117

    Re: Big Girl – you CRIED over something MARIO said? wow, you're waaay too emotional, seek help. don't be one of the teens committing suicide, please.
    betty white, ok. but britney and lindsay? lindsay he trashes her on daily basis. and britney when she was out of control all he did was trash her. now he kisses her ass cause she's doing all great. he doesn't care about anyone but himself. if he was a good person he would have much more supporters and much less haters.

  18. 118

    Bravo Mario,

    wish you the best on your new journey. Ignore all the negative comments on here.. just keep your chin up, kiddo. You're on the right path.

  19. 119

    i think it's really nice that u r doing this i just hope u gonna find a way to make people still wanna come to your site!! u should tell us it change de ratings!

  20. 120

    I used to leave your site whenever you used hurtful nicknames for people in your posts. Now, I've noticed a difference in the last few days and I now check in more often. Way to go! I notice a difference and now I'm a fan (who really wasn't one before). You may lose others but you've gained at least one. :)

  21. 121

    as much i as liked that interview, i love perez more!! i love your website! i never considered you a bully. i constantly visit this website because of your wit and humor, not even to read about celebrity gossip.

  22. 122

    Okay…..so he made fun of celebrities….called them horrible names……isnt that why most people go on this site?? Shock value? And I agree that he was never hurtful or mean to the GLBT community…..celebrities pay him to talk about them….duh……You keep being awesome Perez ;)

  23. 123

    Ellen is sort of a hypocrite herself…watch her do stand up, she makes fun of people left and right…

  24. 124

    Peace :) I'm a long-time reader and first time commenter. I never commented before because I didn't fully support the site. How could I? It was often a dirty, grimmy place to haunt rather than a light-filled uplifting visit.

    Perez, you are a very smart, talented, funny, honest, business-savvy man. Keep to this path (of making people feel better rather than worse for having visited your site) and you'll go far. I'm pulling for you!

  25. 125

    I knew there was a reason why I liked you and your website. It is true, I used to come to your site more often and realized that I has stopped visiting for a while, only from time to time.
    It is nice you've decided to toned down a little. It is never too late to try to be a better person all around, although I've the opportunity to have met you in 2 opportunities and you seemed like a sweet person. In this case, you are trying your Perez character to be a better one and I applaud that.

    I wish you good luck on this new chapter of the website. You're setting a great example to your true fans, and that is "it is never too late to try to correct your mistakes." Your mom must feel so proud of you!

  26. 126

    Really proud of you, Perez.

  27. 127

    Thank you Perez. I truly admire you for accepting your guilt. I have just accepted huge amounts of respect for you. Way to take a stand :)

  28. 128

    Perez, I just watched this and I have to say it almost made me emotional. Reading some of the negative comments sort of pissed me off though, and quite frankly they often do. Keep your chin up and ignore the haters. If you keep on this path you have no where to go but up. I have to say many of the things you would say on your blog would often be a bit nasty toward people and sometimes I would try to just let it go, but sometimes it would get a bit much. Once in a while I would think it was justified for certain people though so I don't know maybe I can be a jerk too, but so can a lot of people, and is anyone perfect?? You just keep up the good work on your weight and your new found attitude and don't let the haters get you.

  29. 129

    I think one of the main things here that I really appreciate about this change is that you'll now have the freedom to get out there and raise awareness against bullying without the restrictions of being called a hypocrite. - That's the thing I respect the most. People will listen to you and take you seriously. I didn't think you were a bully before, to be honest, but the fact that you're changing is bringing it to people's attention that bullying happens and it's not ok.
    I see a lot of people being skeptical and still calling you a bully and whatnot, but they're completely missing the big picture here…The fact that this is going to help people, because Perez is a huge influence in today's modern culture, it will no doubt impact greatly on how today's youths treat each other. We've all seen how he influences people…There's no denying that.
    We all know bullying is bad, but when it's brought to your attention the way it has in the past couple of weeks, it really puts things into perspective. Bullying not only impacts people's confidence, it can make someone so seriously depressed where they'd actually consider taking their own lives.
    The fact that Perez is willing to change something that he's made a career out of and has relied on for page views for years (like every other gossip columnist, tabloid, blogger) is just such an amazing and brave thing to do.

  30. 130

    Re: curiousred – Get back advertisers? He makes enough money as it is…If anything he's going to LOSE money and lose readers. It's also a coinsidence that he decided to change around the time that bullying seemed to be at it's peak? C'mon…I'm sure you're smarter than that.

  31. 131

    Wow, I'm really glad you're trying to change! I don't think you're a bad person, I just think you liked the fame a bit too much and forgot that celebrities are persons too. but it's great you came around and I think I'm going to start liking your blog again :D

  32. 132

    I was on the brink of stopping visiting your website due to your nastiness, especially towards women and their sizes, beauty, etc. I do believe you see the light, or at least are trying to see it. I'll give you another chance, because I've come to be fond of you and your site after years of reading it.

  33. 133

    Time to change the script. You can't say the exact same things as on your vlog on national television and not expect people to be sceptical. Also why are you speaking so loud? I guess it could be nerves, but it just seemed so rehursed and scripted. That being said - i have seen a difference on your website, so well done for making immediate changes. I just hope that in 9 months when the topic dies down and you're onto something new, you will continue your promise.

  34. 134

    dude u can do it :) I believe ya and fair play to you for admitting ur wrongs…that takes guts :) il still be following and i think everyone else will too and im sure we will all keep u in check if u go over board lol xxxx good luck xxxx love from ireland xxxx

  35. 135

    Perez, what did you do wrong? You have opinions, so does everyone? I usually agree with you. I can name dozens of "news" outlets that spew lies and hate. You don't even belong anywhere near that category! If people don't want to read what you have to say, they don't have to come to your website. I read your website at least once a day. I love it. It makes me laugh and allows me to escape my daily stresses. It is celebrity gossip! Not hard hitting news. I read the newspaper for news and an attempt at objective reporting. I read Perez because I want to hear what YOU have to say, because you're real. And honestly, sometimes the news is too depressing and I want something else to read. You run a celebrity gossip site that does a lot of good things like high light charities and new artists. It isn't like you advertise yourself as the paragon of good and unbiased news. I say be you as you are. You are a good person who loves his Mom and his dog–that much is clear. Simple as that.

  36. 136

    Re: poprockslovesperez – AGREED. If you don't like him, don't read his stuff!

  37. 137

    umm just wondering why the hell is Perez even considered important enough to be on Ellen ? I didn't know he was a celebrity

  38. 138

    Muy bien,!!! solo piensa que todos tienen su corazoncito como tu y lastima.

  39. 139

    Re: perezhateswomen – Wich actually means u hate PEREZ so now u go and change.

  40. 140

    Love it!!!

  41. 141

    I hope this includes terms like…FILED UNDER OLD PEOPLE which are completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  42. 142

    Bravo to Perez! I also hope to hear less and less of the F word too. xoxox

  43. 143

    when one is being sincere they don't say 'our' when they are referring to themselves. they say 'i' or 'me'. c'mon man. enough with that shit.

  44. 144

    Let's face it: The only reason Perez is taking this new stance is because he has nothing to lose. He has been called out publicly on his hypocrisy, and traffic on this site has dropped off dramatically. This is definitely a marketing ploy (at best).

  45. 145

    Re: cbfangirl123 – Damn right I have a lot to say you dumb gullible C&NT. And that's b/c I have been coming to this site since it was pagesixsixsix. I work in the biz and I come on here to vent all my frustrations ANONYMOUSLY. And for that, PerezHilton is useful. But ONLY for that. It's my guilty pleasure :) And again NO ONE in Hollywood believes Perez Prick is sincere. No one. Everyone hates him and this new "change" LMAO is only making people realize how desperate to stay relevant Perez has become. His "apology" is an act of desperation and that's EXACTLY how it's seen by the Hollywood industry. Just watch, you dumb gullible C&NT and I'll be proven right. :) Peace!!

  46. 146

    I really hope you stick to these changes. I, for one, will even be more inclined to visit your site. I'm glad something struck with you to give you a wake up call, P.

  47. 147

    I am amazed and will love it if you actually come through with what you say. But based on how long it took you to get back to bullying celebrity children after your agreement with Tyra, actions speak louder than words. I think if the readership goes down, you will go back to your old ways in a flash. I will wait and see.

    To all those saying too little too late. Its never too late and people do change. I have seen it happen personally. He may not be able to take back what he has already done, but if he changes for the better and works to make up for it, then good for him. I don't see anything wrong with that.

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – Are you insane? If you forgive someone for making nasty comments then you would forgive someone for being a Nazi or a murderer? What a ridiculous and absurd statement. Those things aren't even close to the same. Not advocating bullying in anyway, but wow are your thoughts distorted.

  48. MEPP says – reply to this


    Never is too late!
    Keep up with that great decision!
    Thumbs up for ya! ;-)

  49. 149

    Re: For Every Sprinkle I Find… – Insane? Thoughts distorted? You are very shortsighted. You do realize that bullying can cause people to commit SUICIDE and at the very least scar people for life, right? Causing (by way of intentionally tormenting) someone to commit suicide is akin to genocide and murder in my books. And I believe that in a few years there will be laws to uphold that. And though you may not be advocating bullying, you sure are belittling it's tragic ramifications. Shame.

  50. MGD5 says – reply to this


    i believe that YOU believe what you are saying and you may try to follow it for a minute, but your entire webiste it is based on making fun of celebrities…..it will not stop. ellen was a fool to hav to you her show, she is a class act and you are not!

  51. 151

    Too all you people saying things like "a leopard can't change their spots" need to stop being hypocrites by being so judgmental yourselves! EVERY person who realizes the err of their ways can change for the better. No one in this world in perfect by any measure and learning from mistakes and making amends through change is the number one most valuable lesson in life. Good for Perez for taking his first steps to do this. How miserable some of you must be to try and take that away from someone who is trying to be a better person! People have been conditioned to want others to fail at whatever they do in life and that's really sad. No one wants to see someone do something good with their life. We would rather tear each other down than encourage positive change.

  52. 152

    Good grief, Ellen. Shut the fuck up about your hangups and let the man speak.

  53. 153

    If you are serious about this,stop being so mean to Kristen stewart. Saw your last article about her, you were so mean, trying to put her in a bad place, trying to hurt her carrier. We al love her. And you have been so mean to her in the past.

  54. 154

    I wish you would just stick to your guns. Don't change just because a bunch of fucking hypocrites call you a hypocrite. It's called showbiz baby and fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. I for one will miss the old bitch.

  55. 155

    Oh my gosh… NO ONE CARES! Perez, you are so self-absorbed it's disgusting! Who cares what YOU are going to do and what YOU feel YOU need to do. It is NOT all about YOU Perez! You had to beg to be on Ellen for this!?!? As I write this, a child died of hunger some place in the world. As I write this, an innocent animal was abused. That's what matters in the world Perez… NOT YOU and your absurd gossip!

  56. 156

    Commendable. I hope this plays out.
    The best people are the ones who have lived through those grave mistakes, either having made them or seen it close at hand.
    Good luck and congrats on the change of heart. The negativity is poison and you'll feel better every day that you continue on this path of being decent.

  57. 157

    Perez, all the money you made from being mean is like blood money - all of it should be donated to charities to help perhaps gay children and other bashed kids / people. You're gonna keep living high on the hog from being mean the past 7 years? You're not in it for the money? Prove it by giving it away to a worthy cause that neutralizes your past meanness then!

  58. 158

    Really even the NAME you built up for yourself being mean should be canceled out. Time to call yourself Mario or pick another fake name and profession.

  59. 159

    Good job PEREZ :)

  60. 160

    Oh thank goodness. Now I don't have to close your site each time you say such mean things about kids, weight, etc… I just so didn't need the negative tone in my day.

  61. 161

    I believe you! =)

  62. 162

    Bravo Perez!

  63. 163

    you are going to be so BORING
    i dont know why all you delusional incoherentass bitches are excited about this

  64. ss_ks says – reply to this


    you say you were 26 when you started … i'm sorry, but most people are fully grown and completely mature well before they turn 26, and they're able to recognize when they're hurting others, especially when they're so blatantly criticizing and degrading other human beings. you're an idiot perez, and until you actually prove yourself and stay true to your word, few people will respect you.

  65. 165

    i came on your website simply to leave a message; the last time i was on this website was about a year ago and, after sending you an email during this time which consisted strictly of text, you responded with profanities referring to me as a 'fat bitch' when i am all of 110 pounds soaking wet. you're fake, you're a hypocrite, and you deserve none of this attention you are getting. you've ridiculed children and made yourself look like an ass. sometimes it's simply too fucking little,too fucking late. you're a bully, and are the DEFINITION of a hypocrite.

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