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When Teachers Go Wild!

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Wow! Was this really necessary?

Check out this video sent to us of a teacher losing his cool with his class full of students!!! (above)

Total meltdown!!!

Learn to walk away, sir! Or at least the power of throwing the rowdy kids out and sending them to the principal.

No need to get violent!

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19 comments to “When Teachers Go Wild!”

  1. 1

    I had an elementary teacher that reportedly threw a desk at the chalkboard - hence the crack down the middle of it. I did experience her throwing a book across the room and picking up a kids desk so everything fell out of it and then made him pick it all back up (he was a BIG troublemaker). However, most children minded their P's & Q's while in her classroom.
    p.s. the video's been removed because you stole it from someone

  2. 2

    I live in this school's community and I feel terribly sorry for this teacher. That school is out of control. Students just run all over the teachers. I believe he should have handled the situation differently, but I cannot say that I blame him for going off the way he did!

  3. 3

    I would punch him in the face,walk out of class, go home and take a long nap, atleast i'll have an excuse for skipping. This guy is insane.

  4. buck says – reply to this


    the sad part is liberals won't let us fire him…their solution is pour more money into the failed system under the false pretence that its all for the kids.

  5. 5

    He's been teaching for 21 years. Kids today are WAY disrespectful. I don't know how teachers don't go off all the time with the morons in their classrooms. Are you kidding me?

  6. 6

    Seriously? My my my, how the pot loves to call the kettle black. When pushed, what exactly do you do, Mr. Lavendeira? Call people names? Yell? Scream?
    this teacher was a dedicated and knowledgeable man who was pushed over the human limit of tolerance. McGavock is rated as one of the worst performing schools in the district, and for almost 20 years he has put up with the relentless attitudes of out of control teens. Do some research before throwing stones, and you might just see that MOST of the blame goes on the students and the DAMN PARENTS who can't instill one iota of respect in their kids for authority, much less the want or desrire to learn at a higher level. Geez, makes me wonder why I bother with you schmuck.

  7. 7

    My brother has recently become a teacher and because of this I can totally see where this guy is coming from. Although I am in the UK the problem children run rampant. They threaten teachers with knives, show little to no respect for anyone and their main objective is to become another jobless lay about.
    Teachers are people and this is their job, they should feel safe and secure in their place of work and right now that isn't possible so harsher punishments should be imposed on these kids (like immediate expulsion or something worse).

    These kids need to be taught a lesson that will actually stick with them!

  8. 8

    Most people, especially parents, have NO IDEA, how much crap a teacher has to put up with. In what job would you tolerate the disrespect, indifference and distain (from parents, students and administrators) that a teacher has too. How would you feel to have someone enter your workplace and dictate to you, on a daily basis, how to do your job and criticize everything you do and hold you responsible for what they (parents, students etc.) don't do. Teachers are scapegoats for the lack of parenting of these students and for society ills in general. I propose that they get rid of elementary public education totally and return full responsibility to the parents. Students could only enter HS after passing an entrance exam and the standards need to be high. Those that don’t pass should be sent to a trade school.

  9. Wrenn says – reply to this


    I had a male teacher in junior high that had a major Napoleon complex and the only people who could feel physically superior to were kids. He would fly into these rages cussing and throw this big ring of keys across the room hitting the back wall in order to scare us. Once he hit a student in the face when he threw the keys. He was a major nut job. A few years ago I read where he had committed suicide.

  10. 10

    I had friends who were teachers and not one is still a teacher. Most kids are dumb now. Rude. And punks. Many parents did a horrible job in raising kids. Way to go, moms. woo hoo

  11. 11

    This teacher had a legitimate nervous breakdown. It's not even really fair to say that he should have handled the situation differently because this likely resulted from a medical problem. He was taken away from the school in an ambulance, and last I heard, he was still in the hospital. There is such a thing as a breaking point, and this teacher reached his. It is very clear to me that the students of this class were egging him on and pushing him. How else do you explain that a student had his cell phone camera ready to record the impending outburst?

  12. 12

    I taught at McGavock with this teacher. He was always calm. The students there are horrible and the principals give you no support whatsoever. A person who dedicates their life to teaching students who do not want to be taught, and who will curse you out in a second, can only be pushed so much.

  13. 13

    I feel bad for the teacher. A human being can only take so much, yet all the parents who have kids here will blame the teacher for not controlling the class OR himself. Well kids today need to be disciplined, they are a bunch of ungrateful self-centered brats who deserve to have the strap across their hand until they learn to respect. Our society today is so dysfunctional it's utterly disgusting. Our Country is an embarrassment in so many ways, and education is one of them, not because the teachers suck, but because the kids were not disciplined and therefore do not FEEL they need to show respect and therefore learn absolutely nothing. What a sad sad state we live in, and until the PARENTS start smartening the fuck up, then we will continue on this bullshit downward spiral.
    So many rights have been taken away from teachers that NEED to be in place while students are in class….. For instance one teacher I know said that if a student is hurt in class, the parent is immediately called, and the teacher is NOT allowed to help. Want to know why? Because the FUCKED UP parents will somehow find a way to BLAME the teacher and SUE the school. This country is so saturated with Policy and we are so constricted on what we can do now, we might as well be living under a hitler government..

  14. 14

    This is why Americans are now behind other countries as far as education is concerned and that's real sad for our children.

  15. 15

    my sister and a couple of my cousins went to McGavock. and there are some bad ass kids at that school.

  16. 16

    People have absolutely NO idea what teachers have to deal with. Specially with the youth of oday feeling entitled and spoiled.
    Go teacher go.

  17. 17

    the students are jerks and someone should stick up for the teacher. teachers put up with alot.

  18. 18

    i feel bad for the teacher, at my college most of the students paying a lot to go there are the most disrespectful people you will ever see

  19. 19

    Teachers have to put up with so much disrespect these days and it shouldn't be happening. Parents need to teach their children to respect authority. I know this because I work with troubled youth and know a good thing or two by working with these types of kids AND their parents. Parents are partly to blame for their irresponsibility to these kids! This should have never happened. I hope this teacher gets some well needed rest and help. He should sue the school for not providing adequate security when needed and not looking out for HIS well-being!!!