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New My Chemical Romance!

| Filed under: Gerard Way

Check out their just-released video for Na Na Na (above)!


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16 comments to “New My Chemical Romance!”

  1. 1

    this was on the web yesterday….boring…..no band at their peak should take 3 years to come out with new material. this music sounds dated already

  2. 2

    dude… this has been out for a while now… its too damn campy for me to sit through it with a staright face though

  3. 3

    Loooved it

  4. 4

    Too bad it doesn't live up to their old stuff..

    Every new album the singer has to have a new hair style/new hair colour

    Seems to be more important than the music…….

  5. 5

    Umm maybe you two don't actually know anything about mcr? They are a thematic band, as in they create concepts with their music to elevate it and give it further meaning. Perhaps if you actually paid attention to them, rather than just judge them in passing you'd realize that. They change their look to become part of that concept, and there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe if Gerard Way were a celebrity his appearance would matter, but since he isn't, it is all about the music. And how dare they take time to have children and settle down before they come out with an album that is bound to be fantastic as their past work. They change their sound with every album but keep their personality in the lyrics, something many artists can't even attempt. Use you brains and appreciate their art.

  6. 6

    Its OK. I'm a big MCR fan, but this song really isn't doing it for me. They are quite gimicky. I hope the rest of the album proves to be better.

  7. 7

    Love it.♥

  8. 8

    I Love It!

  9. 9

    Re: ZandraCassandra – I concur. This song is already stuck in my head. I do hope they don't lose too much of their old selves, though. Bring back the days of Cemetary Drive and The Ghost of You!!!

  10. 10

    i like the song more than the video… :)

  11. 11

    Kick-ass song and video!!! But I miss Bob. :-(

  12. 12

    Re: ZandraCassandra – Amen. Anyone who REALLY knows anything about MCR has always known that they are a conceptual band. However their looks & sound may have changed they still have a strong rock theme. I love this video. PPl who don't get it prob haven't watched VH1 (hystercal); they are re-creating the campy vids of that era. I think it's hillarious. This is just the first song in an album that will eventually tell a fictional story. If one doesn't understand that genre - just don't listen, but keep your opinions to yourself until you do the research and find out what a conceptual album is. I think they'd be surprised to find out how many great bands did this (ahem, "The Wall", "Tommy", anyone? I also think it's great that Gerard didn't allow his faced to be plastered over & above all his other bandmates. I will most def download this. They aren't children. Their music will evolve and change as they do.

  13. 13

    Love it ♥♥

  14. 14

    Always been a MCR fan - LOVED IT! It takes a real band to produce new music each time without it sounding like the last! Rock On MCR!

  15. 15

    Just because its not like their previous stuff doesn't mean it's not good. I have to admit their oldest stuff will always reign supreme but this isn't bad in my opinion…

  16. 16

    HATE the video, LOVE the song!!!!