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Jessica And Joe Simpson Snub Veterans!

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jessica and joe simpson cancel veterans performance

After inviting The 4Troops, a singing group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, to join Jessica Simpson onstage during the taping of her PBS Christmas special in NYC on Thursday, the vets were uninvited because of their wardrobe.

They needed to be in their finest of silks and it seems that their camos wouldn't do it!

A source claims:

"Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson, effectively kicked them off the show because he didn't like what they were wearing. They were in camo pants and blazers, the same outfits they wore to sing for Gen. David Petraeus on the USS Intrepid. They were told they couldn't perform unless they were wearing tuxedos.

They waited for six hours until midnight only to be told their number with Jessica had been cut from the show. The irony was Jessica was on stage saying how much she supports and admires the troops, and the veterans were stuck in a room in the basement. Instead of enduring more humiliation, the veterans left."

And the group is pissed!

A spokeswoman for 4Troops said, "Joe should be ashamed of himself."

Jessica is denying that cutting the song was a personal issue, but they never did receive an apology!

The singer's rep said:

"The song was cut due to time. Jessica wasn't even aware. She is wholeheartedly devoted to the troops. She just returned from the Persian Gulf where she performed for and met with service men and women stationed at several different locations. The military was the source of inspiration for her entire Christmas album, so much so that she recorded a duet for the album with a USS Harry Truman sailor."

Riiiiiight. Tell that to Sgt. Daniel Jens!

Jens divulged, "I am so disappointed and angry, I threw up when I got back to my room."

Awwww. They deserve better than that!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Jessica And Joe Simpson Snub Veterans!”

  1. 1

    Jessica & Joe Simpson are ALL about portraying Jessica in the best light possible.
    Joe is a Asshole and Jessica is fucking stupid to have let go of Nick; She is still a little girl who refuses to grow up.

    Jessica should have fired Joe a LONG time ago. Sick of this leech and his little Slut Puppy.

  2. 2

    I believe this represents the problems with the two daughters careers- the father -former minister or assist. min.- is a know it all and has instilled his ego driven ideas about things into their characters. A real business manager hopefully would try to keep it real.
    I suppose they enjoy making fools of themselves; unfortunately it isn't entertaining or intelligent…

  3. 3

    I don't believe you. This sounds completely false and from another one of your unreliable sources.

  4. 4

    Jessica & Joe should be EXTREMELY ashamed of themselves!! They must not grasp the concept that it's THOSE SOLDIERS who makes sure she stays an idiot, he stays an asshole, and the mother remains blissfully ignorant!! Hey Joe Simpson and family - IF YOU CAN'T STAND BEHIND US AND SUPPORT US, PLEASE BY ALL MEANS STAND IN FRONT!!!

  5. 5

    Do u mean when we see this that…she couldn't cut one of those mindless skits she does or one of her awful songs for them….man she and her people are dumb

  6. 6

    The Simpsons should be ashamed of themselves. This isn't going to improve Jessica's PR…

  7. 7

    When have these two EVER been relevant? The troops should get their own mini show without the dead weight.

  8. 8

    …why did he throw up though? that seems a little extreme

  9. 9

    I'm surprised you idiots haven't seen through all their lies & scams; THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY. They don't give a rats about the troops, the country….FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, ASSLEE & CUM-DUMP-ESCA LIP-SYNC their songs BECAUSE THEY CAN'T SING!


  10. 10

    I'm not supporting PBS anymore; putting this Ho before Troops……NO WAY!

  11. 11

    Does this suck?? You bet!
    Why are we surprised??
    It isn't like this is the first time Joe Simpson has pushed people about to get what he thinks is important.

  12. Mon says – reply to this


    This is what happens when you let someone like Joe Simpson be a manager, considering he has no background or knowledge of what he is doing. This is totally unacceptable!!! Who does this jackass think he is - GOD!! Of course Jessica is playing the dumb blonde act real well - not having any knowledge of what happened - I CALL B.S. on her & her reps. These guys are over there fighting a war & putting their lives on the line eveyday and you want them to dress in tuxedos to perform, please. Get your heads out of your butt!! Jessica Simpson & Joe Simpson are completely lame and there is no excuse for either of you or what you did these gentlemen. Shame On You!!

  13. 13

    Everyone gets all over Michael Lohan, but this guy is S-L-I-M-E. Jessica should have distanced herself and hired a new manager a long time ago. Firing the group because of their outfit? They SHOULD be in uniform. I probably wouldn't have watched it anyway, but now I know I won't.

  14. 14

    Re: ProudCombatVETERAN
    You got a BIG thumbs up from me on this one.

  15. 15

    Re: AJSummer – Why did he throw up? How about the combo of nerves and disgust?

  16. 16

    The troops actually should be thankful that they don't get to perform on a show with a has-been. The troops are more revelant than she will ever be.

  17. 17

    & U perez need to check facts or everything you say would change will not & this would be a good start.
    Do you seriously think JOE would have a final say? Secondly Jess was just awarded Sat by the military Silver star for all her work with Children of lost soldiers. Further more the nite of her special she gave 50 thousand dollars to them. Next you should know that any production makes cuts & to assume a cut was made because of wardrobe is plain silly. Jessica has done tremendous work for the troops for over 10 years & there children. Thsi is a great disservice to Jessica also. You didn't check nothing on facts but 4 people upset because they didn'ty get 5 minutes of fame.

    Yoru changes are not happening PEREZ.

  18. Emesa says – reply to this


    Re: ProudCombatVETERAN – I agree with you. Joe Simpson is disgusting. I was happy to see Jessica on the Navy Ship visiting the troops, now I'm sure it was all just for publicity.

  19. 19

    NOT buying her shit album.

  20. 20

    So….my neice sat with her cheerleading squad, in uniform, in a 10 X 12 room for 3 hours at her High School in Park City, UT for Justin Timberlake to shove his piehole in and say hello, for about 2 minutes. To them it was worth it.

  21. 21

    Re: buzzybee – Yes, I DO think Joe has the final say because Jessica lets him run her life.

    Do you honestly think Jessica is doing this all out of the goodness of her heart?
    She's ONLY doing it for the publicity. She's been doing this for YEARS.

    It's all about the publicity for Joe & Jessica

  22. 22

    Joe Simpson is a perv. If Jessica wants a career she might want to fire her dad and hire a real manager. Who cares what the soldiers wore? Seriously, they are willing to fight and die for his hoe bag daughters freedom. Joe Simpson is nothing but an asshole who has a sick obsession with Jessica's boobs.

  23. 23

    Whether Joe and Jessica are a-holes or not, no US vet should go out anywhere in camo pants and a blazer. It's disrespectful to the uniform. If you don't wear it in the way it was created to be worn, don't wear it at all!

  24. 24

    I bet those two get it on..they look alittle "odd" together. lol Didn't he say something about the size of Jessica's boobs. Yeah..they smosh smosh.

  25. lyly says – reply to this


    If this is true….I do not care if she was unaware. Jessica hires those that are around her and if this is how they want to do business than maybe she should be firing some. I believe if she doesn't fire anyone than she is okay with what happened.

  26. 26

    Her daddy is more concerned about getting hilights in his hair than about the troops! Who even cares about Jessica any more? She is a has-been.

  27. 27

    Joe Simpson is disgusting. At the last minute he refused to allow 4Troops to perform on stage with Jessica Simpson, simply because they were in Army Fatigues, not tuxedos. Jessica herself isnt much better, she didnt even acknowledge 4Troops during the whole time they were there. Perhaps the biggest irony, is whilst Jessica was on stage waxing lyrical about her devotion to the soldiers, how much she supports and admires the troops, her team had the veterans stuck in a room in the basement.

  28. CocoK says – reply to this


    This guy seriously gives me the willies. What a creeper.

  29. 29

    A soldier can still be a soldier wearing a tux. Cops or firemen don't wear their work uniforms to black tie events. It's kind of fascist for military personnel to wear fatigues off duty anyways. Either that or self satisfying to the soldier who gets attention for wearing them.