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Teen Mom In A LOT Of Trouble For Gary Shirley Attack

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teen mom may face felony charges after attacking gary shirley

Punching your fiance in front of your baby ON CAMERA was probably not a smart move, Amber!

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is in a lot of trouble for attacking her fiance, Gary Shirley, in front of her baby, because in Indiana, domestic violence in front of a child under 14 years of age can be a felony.

According to police in Anderson, Indiana, Amber may face felony charges in her case. Not only that, but Amber is also going to be investigated by the Department of Child Services (DCS).

DCS will interview people including friends, neighbors, and other witnesses, and they have the right to do so according to the following Indiana state law:

“Failure to report child abuse/neglect is a crime … Indiana law requires any person who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of abuse or neglect to make an immediate oral report to DCS or to law enforcement.”

Indiana's DCS is currently in the assessment phase of their investigation, but they'll be requesting interviews with everybody who knows Amber and Gary soon.

Sounds like a serious mess that Teen Mom's gotten herself into!

What do U think of Teen Mom's situation? Do U think she deserves felony charges?

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157 comments to “Teen Mom In A LOT Of Trouble For Gary Shirley Attack”

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  1. 1

    If MTV wasn't the powerful corporation it is, they should go down with her! FOR ALLOWING THAT TO GO ON WITHOUT STOPPING HER. Don't give a damn if they are supposed to let it be. They probably staged this for ratings. The way the advertise it over and over before it aired.

  2. 2

    Your site is now soooooooooooooo boring!

  3. 3

    How many times have we gone over this?? This child was not present when this attack occurred! She still deserves to lose her child for a long long time. She's a wreckless pig

  4. 4

    she deserves something thats for sure. that kind of crap doesn't fly when the gender roles are reversed and for him to stay so calm and not retaliate just shows that he's a better person. bitch is stupid for doing it infront of her child and for even doing it at all.

  5. 5

    Yes, she deserves a felony charge! If this was the other way around Gary would have gotten shipped to jail right there. Abuse either way is wrong.

  6. 6

    yes Finally I hate Amber shes a dumb Girl She thinks shes always right God throw her in jail

  7. 7

    THAT BABY NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HER!! That poor child (Leah)… Thank god someone is stepping in and hopefully that little girl will be put in her dad's custody.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    she is seriously terrible. she definately deserves to get charged with a felony. someone needs to take their kid. she doesn't even watch her kid, or do much of anything with her. and who moves a guy in their house after dating him for a couple of weeks. wtf?

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Of course. Would you still be asking this question if it was a MALE hitting a FEMALE in front of his kids??

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I find this repulsive. Never ever ever is it ok to put your hands on another human like that. I cannot believe she did this infront of her own daughter. I understand that a lot of these shows are edited for ratings, but hitting, and kicking someone is awful and she should have her child taken away from her. Not JUST because she is violent, but if you watch the show, everytime they show amder with her daughter, she is either yelling at someone, throwing fists, SLEEPING, or ignoring her daughter completely. The tension in the air shows all of her that little babies face and demeanor. I understand being a young mother is hard, i understand that she is still a baby in many ways herself, but grow up, close your legs and lead by example. Unfortunately unless something changes in that house, history will repeat itself.

  14. 14

    YESS!! Take Leah away from her!!! That poor child. Amber needs a lot of serious help and is not fit to raise a child. Thank GOD someone is finally doing something about this!!

    and 'Mad Dog' this site isn't boring now. He just decided to finally grow up..

  15. 15

    no way she should face felony charges. its her first offense, she needs anger management and counseling. taking her child away would only hurt the child.

  16. 16

    Amber deserves getting charged for Domestic violence what the hell was she thinking punching Gary on national televison with million of viewers and especially teenagers and preteens who watch 16 and pregnant and Teen mom like come on Amber grow up.

  17. 17

    good ,i hope she gets punished severely as law dictates. if it was a guy in her same situation he would be locked up and the whole net angry at him with pitch forks and fire. Hopefully she gets help with her anger problem and maybe be a proper mother to her child .

  18. 18

    It would be soooo sad for Leah to have to stay with that mother. Gary should have full custody, and Amber needs to be mentally evaluated!

  19. 19

    I seriously feel bad for Gary. Poor guy has gone through hell and back with Amber!

  20. 20

    she's a dirty excuse for a woman. something needs to be done to her. she's a crazy psycho.

  21. 21

    If you watch the show he is perfectly normal and nice. And she is a psychotic b****

  22. 22

    She is RIDICULOUS! She is either trying to kick Gary's ass, or she is laying around in her own filth. She is a horrible mom, and I wish Gary could just take poor Leah.

    I mean she even let that creepy new guy change her baby's diapers.


  23. 23

    the kid will be a stripper drug addict criminal or……teen mom. nice cycle. ive never seen the show, but ill bet this girl has amazing parents. thats where she got the skill set to raise her own. and rewarded with a tv show…only in america!

  24. 24

    Yes. I hate her. She is absolutely ridiculous. There's no vitamins to make her smarter and there's no difference between men and women being abusers. She should have gone to jail last season. She kicked him in the back this season! White trash!

  25. 25

    Felony? I would have said no, but then I think about if the situation were reversed I definitely would have said yes. So, yes she does deserve it. Women should be just as responsible as men when it comes to violence. No kid should grow up in an abusive home and Amber needs to be taught to react differently. If she doesn't get help now she'll end up doing the same thing to the kid one day. Without Gary (who is also an idiot from what I've seen), she'll need a new punching bag.

  26. 26

    DCS, Indiana……. Never a good thing. DCS is a complete pain in the u know what especially in Indiana.. I have seen how they work and trust me they do not care about helping the parents get their children back once they are taken away. I do agree that Amber should get in some sort of trouble for the way she behaved and I also agree that she needs help when it comes to her parenting. But, if DCS does step in, my advice to her would be if she cares anything at all about her child, she needs to keep a very very close eye on the things DCS is doing. My family has been torn apart due to a bad caseworker who doesn't have the best interest of the children (not mine by the way) in mind, but whatever is easier for her!!! That child deserves better then what she has, but her mother also deserves a chance to show she can grow up if the correct help is provided!!!

  27. garyH says – reply to this


    Re: kimmiebuns

    If you watched the first or second season, you'd know this isn't her first time hitting Gary. She does need to go to jail. He NEVER once laid a hand on her and believe me, if it was the other way around, he'd be in jail and never see that baby again. Being a female doesn't change what she did. She should face the same felony anyone else would. If you watch MTV now, she's boo-hooing to Dr. Drew that she needs help. Why???? Because she's fuckin crazy and needs to have that baby taken from her and knows she probably will. It's called DAMAGE CONTROL!!!! She doesn't want to be a mother. She wants to be a careless teen who has sex with convicts (as shown this season) and have him care for her daughter, all while she sleeps.

  28. 28

    I sure do! she is trash! she is psychotic! she says she "cant remember" well what if one day she beats that little girl and "cant remember" I think she should have lea taken away, and Gray should get full custody!

  29. 29

    Is everybody missing the same thing???? THE KID WASN'T THERE!!!! The kid was not in the room when amber hit gary!

  30. 30

    that dumb bitch needs to be put away for this. its unacceptable for any violence towards a partner even if its a girl hitting a guy.

  31. 31

    Leah should be in her fathers care! He should fight her for full custody. If she is that abusive to Gary, god knows what the hell she's done to that kid behind closed doors. GARY DESERVES BETTER!

  32. 32

    yes!!! GOOD she needs to have that adorable baby girl taken away and let Gary have custody.

  33. 33

    She definitely deserves to be taught some type of lesson…crazy b*tch

  34. 34

    she is a fat crazy bitch.

  35. 35

    she deserves some sort of punishment regardless if she is in therapy now! their daughter wasn't there this time but has been present before (remember when she chocked gary last season?) she definitely has some anger issues and if she has been working on them, good for her. however, she still deserves some punishment. hitting your spouse is not right and she shouldn't get a slap on the wrist! and MTV should have stepped in. they have done so on other shows such as the real world when ruthie was drinking and driving. why didn't they step in now? good for gary for not hitting her back because while watching the show, i wanted to punch her!

  36. 36

    If the situation was reversed, he would have been hunted down with torches, thrown in jail, called a monster, and lost his child. I'm sick of stupid double standards. Women can get away with so much shit.

  37. 37

    She has a LOT of problems - she should go to jail and Gary should have sole custody of the child!

  38. 38

    hell yes! She is not mature enough to be a mother at all and she may not be abusive to child now but what about when the kid's older and talking back to her?

  39. 39

    They are absolutely awful together. They're relationship is way too explosive, and it's not a healthy or safe environment for Leah.
    That said I think Amber has the potential to be a good mom. She should absolutely face the consequences for hitting Gary, and needs some serious help, but I hope they don't take her kid away. I feel like that would do more harm than good.

  40. 40

    She is out of her mind; I watched her 16 & Pregnant episode a couple weeks back to see how she was when that aired, and then creeped some of season 1 of TM. She's just nuts; regardless of whether or not the child was in the room for the most brutal attack, the fact is she still did it. My favourite episode was when she was so fed up with Leah (who, by the way is a toddler - guess what? Toddlers are hard to parent, grow a pair and stop whining!) for doing NOTHING wrong that she shoved a bottle of blue Kool-Aid in her mouth and laid her down in her crib - which was full of dirty clothes. If she loses her temper that way with Gary, there's always a chance she could lose it on Leah. Being a mom IS hard, especially being a young mother, but come on - really? Her child told her to BE QUIET in the season finale…that tells you something of how Amber talks to Leah and that's how it starts. Put her in jail for a bit and maybe cleaning and taking care of her kid won't seem like such a nightmare.

  41. tjbx3 says – reply to this


    I don't think Leah was around when it happened but this definitely isn't the first time this has happened on TV even! The girl can"t even clean her house for 5 minutes when it is being shown on national television…how can you take care of a kid. Gary seems pretty concerned about having the best for his daughter but he also has alot of growing up to do too!

  42. 42

    If you ever wathv the show Amber never plays with that child. She's always roaming around and getting into shit. She looks dirty and lacks any supervision. This chick needs to get some jail time or some counseling..

  43. 43

    ha ha bitch deserves it. in most cases the man would plug her back, so she should be glad that Gary was able to be the mature one in the situation.

  44. 44

    He's an idiot I don't blame her for decking him

  45. 45

    "There's never an excuse for hitting another person"

    That platitude said, what's most important is that Amber gets some counseling to get her anger management issues in check.

    Gary didn't deserve being hit, but he bears responsibility — and he gave as good as he'd gotten when he slammed that door into Amber in last week's (or the week before) episode where he was acting out jealousy over Amber's new jailbird boyfriend. Gary purposefully pushed Amber's buttons. He's terribly immature and insecure and he was abusive in his own ways — including taking the baby away to punish Amber.

    I hope they're forced to stay away from each other because they've gotten to the point that they bring out the worst in each other, which is probably far worse for the baby to see every time they're together.

  46. 46

    She is nasty!!! She makes me sick (all those whores make me sick) but she is the worst. The only half way decent one on that show is the one who gave her daughter up for adoption. Gary and Amber are disgusting, lazy trailer trash!!!

  47. 47

    yes she def should she has such a fucking temper and just because she's a girl doesn't mean she should be able to get away with this shit, I can't stand her

  48. 48

    Re: Kieragonewild – Gary is a fucking lazy pig too!!! The kid will be better off in foster care!!!

  49. 49

    Re: bRattray – Dad is a fucking lazy bastard too!! Foster Care!!

  50. 50

    what i think is that it's a sad state of affairs that these chix can get themselves knocked up in high school like a bunch of losers… and then get magazine covers, tv shows and mentions on gossip sites. SAD

  51. 51

    Good!!! She shouldn't be raising a child anyway if she cant control herself! She acts like an animal! I would hate to think what would happen when that Leah is older and says something to "piss of" her mother. What would happen then? I mean really what is happening now?

  52. 52

    Oh and how about that fact that she moved in this man who already made it clear that he has a record into her house with leah. after dating him a couple weeks! and she literally just met him! She's got him changing her diapers. She is just an unfit mother str8 up!

  53. 53

    Althought I feel like she should get into big trouble for this, I live 15 miles from Anderson, In and our Dept. Of Child Services is called CPS here for Child protection services. Not really believing she is being investigated.

  54. 54

    I hope they film her arrest, jail time, and court hearings. I want to watch her get hers.

  55. 55

    Amber is just a sorry excuse period. She comes off as a lazy parent, a constant whiner and wants everyone around her to feel sorry for her. She doesn't know what she wants in life and seems to just to lay around and cuss. What kind a person picks a man up from walmart, finds out he's a criminal and then moves him? She let that creep change her babies diaper…WTF. Anyone who knows this show knows that Amber has abused Gary both emotionally, as well as physically and if you've watched it from the start she has done it in from of their baby numerous times. My god, the kid has free reign when their out in public. This child needs to be taken away from her care. Why Gary stayed as long as he did is beyond me.

  56. 56

    she thinks shes always right, sorry honey but ur not!!! she makes gary look like the bad person when shes the one that has been playing with his emotions. she always tells him not to yell at her, be cocky, and even tells him what he can and can not do, who the hell does she think she is? hes a grown man and a better parent. i have two children and dont act like that girl. get over yourself, no one likes you anyways!!!!!!!

  57. 57

    What a surprise that some teen on some show called teen mom would have issues that would get her into trouble. This is why my TV never even turns to MTV, this channel is a big waste of space now.

  58. 58

    One more thing. Amber's family hasn't been present on the show and she's said that they didn't help her at all. We don't know how Amber grew up and whether she was exposed to abuse in her childhood but the truth is that abusers usually portray what they grew up with. It's not an excuse, but it is a possible explanation that Amber doesn't know any better. MTV/Dr. Drew should get her the help she needs so she can cope with the stresses of being 18, on her own and alone (unlike the real spoiled brat, "Farrah," who has the backing of her trainwreck mother), with a toddler.

  59. 59

    thats what this dumb broad deserves, i was all for her at first because gary was a douche but now shes just an annoying nagging bitch, and i have gotten into physical altercations with my boyfriend, but i dont have a child and i would never do that on camera for everyone in the world to see. she thinks she was cool but she made herself look like an ignorant bitch. not to mention she meets a random guy at WALMART wtf? and lets him play house and daddy with her baby!? ew!

  60. 60

    she yells way to much in front of the child :( not good at all! she needs to learn to cool her temp down

  61. 61

    She is a terrible mom from what we get to see on film. Half the time it doesn't seem like she cares what her daughter is doing. And her temper is scary. Their child should be living with the father…..NOT her.

  62. 62

    And for the people saying that all the girls on the show are unfit parents, really?? Maci is by far the most stable and mature teen mother i have ever seen, and tyler and catelynn gave there baby up because they didnt want to bring it up in a trashy unstable home. the only other unfit parent would be Farrah who is also a little bitch that doesn't even watch her kid for more than 5 seconds and complains about it. But Maci and Catelynn are good parents.

  63. 63

    I don't know how she can watch herself on the show and see how the other girls are such better moms than her. Like at the very least she could take care of her baby based on the fact that she's on TV. I feel so bad for Leah!

  64. 64

    Give the Leah to the couple who adopted Catelynn baby. If you watched the last show with the couple who adopted they have a better relationship with their adopted child then she and Gary have with their bio child.

  65. 65

    Ok I am going to take the devil's advocate here, just for a moment. YES Amber deserves punishment without a doubt. BUT Gary is a horrible father. He is much older than her, and he slams doors into her on multiple occasions. He pushed her SO far on those episodes, I mean to the point of it seemed like he was trying to MAKE her hit him. Plus he just snatches the baby up like hes god and says he is taking the baby from her forever, and that she would never see her again. So while I agree with all of you, I disagree COMPLETELY that Gary should get sole custody. If they are going to take the baby away from Amber, she needs to be taken away from Gary too, he is a fat, lazy piece of dog shit. He clearly doesn't love her at all, and LOVES to torture her. He taunts her about her medication in front of anyone, and belittles her 24/7.

  66. 66

    Amber is a piece of trash and deserves to face the consequences her stupid pathetic actions. You don't hit people period and I don't give a damn if her daughter was there or not. It's time to stop the excuses and grow the fuck up. You can't blame others for your actions or depend on psychotic meds to take care of you. For all those people blaming Amber's family or parents for her being insane you guys need to grow the fuck up too. There is many people out there that did not grow up with fabulous parents but decided to mature ourselves and be better.

  67. 67

    Oh, boy what a mess!

  68. 68

    I def think she deserves it shes a crazy bitch!

  69. 69

    She's an unfit mess. She needs help, poor girl!

  70. 70

    I think they both need help, serious help. But I don't think the baby should be taken into the foster system. Many of the foster homes are much, much worse than their homes with a parent/s. DCF needs to get them help. I know a family who went through DCF hell. DCF took the kids from a home where the parents were arguing and sometimes hitting each other. The kids were put into foster homes where they were sexually molested, beaten, and forced to work. I know not ALL foster homes are bad, but these 3 kids were seperated into 3 different homes and all were abused. DCF did nothing to help, they even denied the abuse, even though there are hopsital records backing it all up. MTV should help these kids, and shouldn't show only the bad stuff. I'm sure there are lots of good things these kids do but since they are not dramatic enough they are not aired.

  71. 71

    MTV should have provided her counseling instead of taking advantage of a 16yr old for ratings. Its deplorable that MTV just watches as these women struggle to survive while they provide other reality stars with ridiculous compensation packages.

  72. 72

    MTV films this way before it airs, I'm suprised it hasn't been reported earlier…..

  73. 73

    It was awful to watch. Imagine what she does when there are no cameras. I worry about Leah. The child never runs to Amber for comfort. When Amber was crying, Leah just looked at her and pointed and said "Quiet Now". I bet that's what Leah hears all day long. Amber is always laying down she is the laziest, meanest, most self-centered, kid ever. There are so many people who would love and treasure a beautiful girl like Leah. Leah deserves a Mom who will love her, teach her and properly care for her.

  74. 74

    This is NOT the first time she has attacked her boyfriend like that. I know I have seen at least two episodes where she has swung and hit him, just not as hard as this one that everyone took notice of. YES she should have that child taken away from her not only because of the violence, but listen to her always screaming and cussing someone out all the time. It's obvious she has some anger issues that she can't control and when the boyfriend is gone for good who knows if she will turn it on to the child next, or if she already has when the cameras are not around.

  75. 75

    yaaaay! she's sooo annoying. she treats everyone like shit and refuses to take the blame for anything. it's about time she's feeling some heat!

  76. 76

    Thank god CDS is finally stepping in. I can finally sleep at night knowing that poor little girl will hopefully be placed in the right hands. Sorry, but I don't think anyone can help Amber at this point but herself.

  77. 77

    Just another form of bullying, and abuse. Love isn't supposed to hurt, especially like that with someone you are ever romantically involved with on any level. It surely doesn't help a child to grow up around what in this case, surely is not always caught on camera. Showing off all these domestic episodes with physical violence isn't helping, and not just on this show, you see it all over if you watch a lot of reality television.

  78. 78

    Yes! That bitch is crazy. Team Gary!

  79. 79

    LOVED that episode! Amber's crazy.

  80. 80

    Of course she deserves felony charges! She's a hateful wench. She's always hitting that poor man and he's so sweet that never raises a finger to defend himself. He's a better person than I am, because I'd strangle her. She sure has a princess syndrome to be such an ugly heffer.

  81. ash87 says – reply to this


    No, Leah wasn't there when she really beat the crap out of him. However, she has hit him in a couple of other episodes while Leah was present. The first right after Leah was born and they were at Amber's dad's apartment. Not to mention how she constantly degrades him like he's a piece of shit. And to whoever said that Gary just says stuff to get her to hit him, that's bullshit. If you had someone constantly in your face, telling you you're not a father, and you're a fat ass and lazy you know you would say something back. She's a crazy bitch. She never does anything for Leah. That new dude of hers was changing Leah's diapers while she was laying her fat ass on the bed. She constantly accused Gary of making her look like a bad mother. Well, i'm sorry, but if you don't put sheets on your child's bed because they're all dirty, you're worthless.

  82. 82

    Here's a question for MTV… why is it not okay to air Snooki getting punched in the face by a guy, but it's totally okay to air Amber punching Gary??? What a double standard. It's unfortunate that in 2010 this is what we deal with.

  83. 83

    Two words: RED. NECK.

  84. 84

    That picture is fucking priceless. It gets funnier every time. No really…scroll down a little and back up. Bahaha.

  85. 85

    Have you watched the show??????? HEX yes she deserves that. That poor child didnt ask for an abusive mother, save her while she is still able to be saved.

  86. 86

    ewww I have a shirt just like that. same color and everything……..I think I will burn it now..

  87. 87

    Uh yah! They need to take the poor baby away until that psycho gets some help! She treats Gary like trash and I don't even like him all that much he's incredibly childish and really irritating at times with the way he handles things but she is sooooo damn lucky he's as calm as he is when she's snapping at him. It's only going to be bad for the kid if she continues to see her parents fight like that and teach her that it's okay to hit someone if they disagree with you. GGRRRRR! Amber pisses me off almost as much if not more than Farrah who can also act like a c-u-n-t most of the time! I love Maci and Catelynn though they're good girls. I wish Catelynn and Tyler would have been able to keep their baby but they made the right decision for themselves. Amber needs professional help! And Farrah needs a good slap in the face! lol For real

  88. 88

    Re: jinglesdelarock – In the first season when Amber attacked Gary at her Dad's house, she slapped AND choked him and Leah was 3 feet away in her car seat, balancing on the bed. That is what everyone is referring to. And Gary has stated that what the cameras captured is only a small window into the abuse he has endured and that Leah is always there and that is the reason he has trained himself not to react, because someone has to take care of the child.
    It just blows my mind that she is always in bed. She has a nice livingroom and She knows when filming is scheduled. Are you that lazy??? that you can't at least pretend to have some sense while the cameras are there??!!!!!

  89. 89

    That woman needs to be in prison. Seriously. She's going to turn that baby into a crack addicted stripper. I feel terrible for the baby. The sad thing is, there are thousands and thousands of women out their worse than that thing.

  90. 90

    I think Amber should get in trouble… you can totally see that Gary is def not gonna it her. She even attempts to kick him down the stairs. Amber needs to recognize that her daughter is seeing this DV and i think they should take her daughter awat from her until she gets help. I think that if it was Gary the one trying to hit her she would have called the cops asap… Gary gave her a lot of chances i would have called the cops on her dumbass a long time ago.

  91. 91

    This is yet another problem with the US Justice system. They had out felony charges like candy on Halloween. Domestic abuse is wrong from any angle and abusers should be punished but it's not like she drew blood or broke any bones so I don't consider her behavior felonious by any means. She's just a sad little girl who needs massive amounts of therapy. Give her a few misdemeanors, a hefty fine, anger management, and don't allow her custody of the child until she can control her temper. Law enforcement seems to be getting real good at blowing situations out of proportion and creating criminals out of people who really just need some counseling.

  92. 92

    Bye Bye Bitch . . . Give your child to someone who will love them.

  93. 93

    The baby needs to be given to Amber's parents or Gary's parents. NEITHER of them are fit parents, they don't have stable jobs and it looks like they're playing house rather than doing their duty as parental figures. I feel bad for the baby, Gary, and Amber. I bet none of them would ask for this. Amber has issues because she obviously feels abandoned by her family, and she needs to deal with them without being belittled by Gary for taking medication; Gary also has issues because he put all his eggs in Amber's basket and was left with someone he does not know anymore. This is a very sad situation, it's nothing to be cheerful about because Amber is receiving some sort of punishment. Punishing Amber will only create more negative circumstances in Leah's life, since I bet the last thing she needs right now is her mother's record transformed in to that of a felon's.

  94. 94

    I like watching this show…the only thing is where did they find such white trash….I truly feel sorry for this little girl "Leah" the dad is such a fat piece of worthless shit and as for the mom…OMG I don't have words to describe this loser!!! I do hope they take this child away from them both…they are both bad influences on this child! Grow up you stupid idiots!!

  95. 95

    If I was Amber I would have hit him harder than she did!!! Gary is very unintelligent! She wasn't even as hard on him as he deserved. Ugh Gary. So annoying.

  96. 96

    gary should NOT have custody of the child.. he's just too dumb. I cannot even imagine trying to speak to such an idiot of a brick wall. i will not discriminate against the violence here.

  97. 97

    uhmm.. no. he didnt even get hurt! she just hit him with her palm, cant really see how thats bad enough to take away her child.. since when is slapping somebody illegal??

  98. 98

    Re: EunichMania – Amber????

  99. 99

    Really people!!! I'm not justifying any ones actions as I don”t even watch the show, but to sit behind your computers and vilify people from what you see on tv is ridiculous. OMG some girl argued with her ex and hit him and they don't get along so well..if your sooo concerned about children welfare, how about you put this collective response towards actual abused children issues? Instead of just nasty comments.

  100. 100

    yes she should get arrested and charged . if a man had hit her like that he would go to jail and he has vedio proof she did it. she is a bad tempered woman who likes to abuse her man hell yes she should get the same treatment as a man

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