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17 comments to “Will Arnett Supports Twitter Petition To Save Running Wilde

  1. 1

    Oh that sucks. The show is actually really funny. Damn Fox never gives anything a fucking chance.
    Arrested Development anyone?

  2. 2

    I watched the debut of "Running Wilde" and I'm sorry but it wasn't even mildly funny. I love the actors so I gave it another shot to see if the first episode was just a fluke. It wasn't…it sucked just as bad. Haven't watched it since.

  3. 3

    Tried the show - I really like the actors involved - but it was cringe-worthy humor. Didn't work for me.

  4. 4

    Re: LisaL79 – 'Running Wilde' is not even a shadow of 'Arrested Development' - now THAT was a great show.

  5. 5

    The show is funny and it's sad that shows like this aren't given a chance, while crap like Sh*t My Dad Says stays on the air.

  6. Jara says – reply to this


    I haven't seen this show, but Will Arnett is freakin' hilarious when he shows up on 30 Rock. "You're going down, Jack." "No, Devon… I don't do that."

  7. 7

    I like the show a lot, I think it deserves a chance. Just as entertaining as Hope, with even more humor and frenzy.

  8. 8

    The pilot was boring but the show has really picked up. Love the eccentric humor.

  9. 9

    Raising Hope is a much better show at this point. I watched the debut of Running Wilde and neither my wife or I liked it enough to remember to set the DVR to record it again. We set it to record another episode, but haven't watched it yet due to how horrible the premier was.

  10. 10

    this show is wayy better than raising hope. soooo mmmuuuucccchhh better!

  11. 11

    This show sucks! Cancel it!

  12. 12

    NO I love Running Wilde! Will Arnett is amazing!

  13. 13

    This show is embarrassingly bad. The premiere was so terrible I couldn't bare to give it a secod shot.

  14. 14

    This show doesn't even crack 5 million viewers in adjusted final numbers. There is no saving it. Too bad because I like Arnett and the show isn't bad. Perhaps if it was on NBC (hint hint "Community") it would have a better chance. But there is no room for a show like this on Big 3 network like FOX (ha! @ the fact that no one could have said this 10 years ago). Bye bye Running Wilde.

  15. 15

    I've caught ONE episode and it was cute - but it's on at 8:30pm!!!! what a horrible time slot!!! maybe we can view it on the internet - at our convenience?!

  16. 16

    i love how you say supporting..lol umm yeah its his job duhh o and show sucks not funny

  17. 17

    Not enough chemistry between the two leads but I kept on watching! Where you gonna find a show with a girl named Puddle again! :)