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ABC Trims Down Their 'V' Order

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abc trims v order from 13 to 10 episodes

Looks like ABC's V is still getting a second season, but it will be a shortened one.

Sources say that V's 13 episode order has been reduced to a 10 episode order.

The sci-fi show will return on January 4, and will air at 9 p.m. after No Ordinary Family on Tuesdays.

The V producers will have some work ahead of them, adjusting their season's storyline to fit everything into a shorter season.

The abbreviated season of V is definitely not a positive sign. They're going to have to seriously WOW us if they want any chance for a third season!

Will U watch season 2 of V? Do U think there's any chance they'll make it to season 3?

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20 comments to “ABC Trims Down Their 'V' Order”

  1. 1

    I like the show and hope there is a 3rd season.

  2. 2

    That sucks. I hope there's a third season. There needs to be more scifi shows other than Fringe and Caprica.

    Wish they had more shows like Lost and Battlestar Galactica!

  3. 3

    What an awful poster

  4. 4

    I'm surprised they're even getting a second season.

  5. 5

    I love Vs. I'd watch 10 seasons

  6. 6

    I like "V". I hope they give it a real chance. Of course, I hoped NBC would give "Outlaw" a chance but they scrapped it. :S

  7. 7

    they can do it in 10 episodes. THEY HAVE A VERY LARGE CAST. and a very large special effects budget I would assume. all cost cutting measures. Would rather have 10 episodes that were excellent that 20 that were cheap and crappy looking

  8. 8

    omfg i love that show!….i was ready for a 2nd season right after the first was up….i could watch it everyday all day….I LOVE V….oh Caprica is really good too….

  9. 9

    they are bringing back jane badler the original queen of the lizards in the 80's version of V to season 2 of the new V, That itself should draw a large audience just from the fans who enjoyed the show in the 80's…. because back then it was all about Jane… and i think the rebooot is well done, incorporating little whisps of barack obamas agenda's into their story lines…… I think between bringing Jane Badler back and just being a great show with a hidden message about the sign of the times in 2010… it should definitely see a season 3…

  10. 10

    I like "V" a lot but feel it is already losing it's story base. If they end up continuing with a wobby plot I don't see it returning for a 3rd season. Sure hope it does though.

  11. 11

    I hated V! So stupid. Still can't believe ABC kept it and got rid of Flashforward. So lame.

  12. 12

    I LOVED the show!! Hope people watch because I want a third season!!

  13. 13

    I love V but am sure ABC is gonna mess it up like my favorite show Flash Forward. No wonder they cannot get ratings. No one knows when to see it.

  14. 14

    V sucks, take it off the air.

  15. Logan says – reply to this


    ABC is worthless… Stop making great shows and canceling them before they get a chance. Don't they realize that every show they cancel is replaced by one that has the same exact ratings? Pick one and stick to it!! V is a great reboot in this age of really awful remakes.

  16. 16

    i am so shocked they can take a crappy tv show and remake it even worse

  17. 17

    ill probably skip it simply because im so pissed theyd take a crap show from the 90s and remake it worse in the 10s and then scrap a show that was really awesome like flashforward

  18. 18

    i would love to love this show but they are trying to kill it.
    they aired four shows almost 1 years ago . then they aired like 3 shows .
    i would like to see a full season 12 or more episodes without a year between

  19. 19

    there was not a second season.

    they just airing it if there was a second season why didnt they air it on abc so i could watch.
    i wanted to watch it all the way guess i was not rich enough to buy its program

  20. 20

    ABC dosent seem to have faith in "V". I think the series was okey in the beginning of season 1, then it got better and better.

    they will add "Number one tv b*tch of the 80s" to season 2 - Jane Badler is back, and she is playing DIANA! Will be great!

    I hope they do a good season 2 and that people will wqatch it!