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40 comments to “Jon Gosselin Makes Another Statement About His Fight To Remove His Kids From TV”

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    He makes a lot of sense. I hope he is genuinely concerned about his kids and not just being spiteful to his ex. Either way, his is so right - his kids should have a normal childhood.

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    Those are carefully chosen words - and every one of the make perfect sense. Those kids should be allowed a normal second act to their brief childhoods. The show numbers are dwindling anyway. Time to call it a day.

  3. 3

    Jon is a dick but no worse than that screeching harpy he was married to. Everyone is always on his back (and rightly so) but lets not deny that Kate uses her children to keep herself in the spotlight. Without them, she is a talentless, unlikeable house frau with no marketable assets. The kids deserve to be kids. In my opinion, the kids should be removed from both the parents in this case because I don't think either of them have the kids best interest at heart.

  4. 4

    Douche or not, he is right….

  5. 5

    He is a FAT ugly loser !

  6. 6

    I feel Jon let the fame and money go to his head in 2009 and now he has gotten his life back on track. I believe he has what is best for the kids iat the center of this. The show is not good for them and it should be cancelled

  7. 7

    I would like to believe him, but he was on the air for so many years talking about how the kids are great with the camera. Of course that was when he was on the air. He also has to provide the mula for their well being and now safety. They will be always watch and famous. I hope he has a good plan.

  8. 8

    I think he is 100% correct in everything he has been saying this week. Kate needs to take her fame-whore self off of televsion, and go be a mother. Those poor kids.

  9. 9

    I actually never liked him, but this to me was exactly the type of thing he needed to say. I support his choice 100%, this is not a healthy lifestyle for them (now more so than ever).

  10. 10

    hes is a bigger idiot than i thought if he thinks just because they are off tv they will have a normal childhood…..PEOPLE ARE STILL GONNA RECOGNIZE THEM!!!! and if they are off tv than the paps are gonna be on them more to see what they are up to since people have become so attached to seeing these kids grow up…

  11. 11

    well, it seems that John, at least, is the ONE parent concerned about the childrens welfare and this statement makes more sense than anything that has come out of kates honker ….ever…i hope he is sincere, these kids have suffered enough, just having these two goobers as parents is strike 1 2 and 3 in one swift kick

  12. 12

    You know what he wants?
    He wants his own show. TLC ain't giving him nothing and no one else wants him.
    If he can get a show, perhaps he will be okay with the kids having a show.
    And he can't stand seeing Kate making any money.
    And neither can i.

  13. 13

    I think he is right. Perez I love you but you are giving this man too much of a hard time. I think he is more right than his fame hungry ex-wife.

    it took alot for him to come to this. give him a break.

  14. 14

    He's bitter and selfish. I have zero respect for this loser. He can care less about the kids, it's about his 15 minutes being over….

  15. 15

    Kate does always use how much the kids love doing the show to try and get support for them to be filmed. Jon is right - kids do not know what is good for them. Kate only thinks about the money she can make off of them and not what is best for them.

  16. 16

    sounds sensible and sincere. Unlike FakeKate.

  17. 17

    They really did deserve eachother

  18. 18

    i understand what he's trying to accomplish BUT does he make enough $$$$ and pay enough child support to keep all 8 kids clothed, fed and housed??? Sadly, Kate does have to make some decent $$$ to keep them going. I agree that she could make better choices also but I can honestly say I have no idea how I would be as a single Mom to 8 kids……let this be a lesson/example to women who think that having this many kids all at once like this is a good idea. unfortunately its a bad situation for everyone involved.

  19. 19

    he's pissed because he's not on the show! I think the whole bunch of them should just GO AWAY period. end of story. enough of these morons.

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    It seems to me that this is a private matter between the two parents and not something to be broadcast to the world who really doesn't give a damn. Quit trying to work it out in the media because we're all sick of you. Kate plus 8 doesn't seem to be doing to well in the ratings so his media whoring about the kids might be a moot point. Then it will be time for everyone to decide how they (Jon and Kate) will support these kids.

  22. 22

    He is an advocate for his children. Those children deserve 50% of their parental unit to fight for their privacy.

    Is Kate saying that they are broke without this tv show? I don't believe it. I think she's accustomed to celebrity income and lifestyle.

  23. 23

    Nobody wants to see the kids anyway, the show was only entertaining when Kate was dragging Jon around by his balls. Maybe Mady can get a show when she gets married and we can all watch her go off on her husband everyday. cant wait.

  24. 24

    Re: LindsBugPhilly – I so get you lindsbugphilly

  25. 25

    Wow for a change he makes sense. If he was a truck driver and she was an executive assistant somewhere which is about all either one of them could really do had they not been on TLC they would have still likely gotten divorced. I mean good God the woman is a downright bitch. How he stood her this long is beyond me, and I for one would never run around and snap any of their pictures.

  26. 26

    These two have used what should have been a temporary situation (their show) to live way outside their means. They sold a perfectly nice home to move into a mansion (by anyones standards) quit their jobs with the assumption that the money would always roll in. Kate keeps saying she will do what she has to do take care of her kids. Maybe if she wasn't living so far beyond her means, she wouldn't have to keep them on TV to support her.

  27. 27

    Kate is using her kids for a paycheque, I can't believe the judge would continue to allow these young kids to continue making TV appearences.
    As TV viewers WE need to stop watching this show. I have, because it's disgusting. These kids need to be IN SCHOOL and lead NORMAL healthy lives.
    I really hope Jon win's his case.

  28. 28

    I don't particularly care for him but he is 100% right.

  29. 29

    Re: kimmygirl – You know that there are a lot of people out there with 8 or even more children. They had them knowing what their income was, not whether they were going to get a tv show out of it. If Jon was unemployed at the time then Kate could have gone back to work. No one forced them to buy the size house and property that they did with all the expenses that go with it. I know a family with more than 8 children and both parents are POs. They manage to make it work. If Kate wants a career in the entertainment industry that's fine. Leave the kids alone already. They were the draw. Kate is a miserable person. Let her work behind the scenes but enough is enough.

  30. 30

    it sure was alright when he was making $$ off them

  31. 31

    Good for you, Jon! Good luck with your endeavors. Those children will be emotionally scarred enough from the divorce. They need to lead as normal a life as possible.

  32. 32

    I'd be willing to bet that there was no SINCERE apology to Kate for his behavior. And let's not forget that Jon and Kate had their show for a few years with almost no paparazzi interference until Jon started acting a fool. So, he becomes douche of the century, tears apart their family, spends money like a fool, has no job, and tries to stop what income his ex-wife does have. I don't know that having the kids on tv is the greatest thing for them, and I know that Kate isn't the sweetest person on Planet Earth, but at least she's trying to support her family. That is FAR MORE than can be said of Jon.

  33. 33

    This is the most intelligent thing this clown has ever said.

  34. 34

    We all make mistakes in life..some more public than others…regardless of whether Jon Gosselin is a good or bad guy, he is right..It's time for the children have some privacy and normalcy in their live. Kate G. needs to stop profiting from her kids. If she wants to make money for her kid's future..find some other means.

  35. 35

    Someone needed to say it - just because the kids may want to and want to please their mother by continuing with the show, doesn't mean that it's in their best interests to do so. The McCaugheys did it right - a couple Ladies' Home Journal cover stories a year, the odd commercial endorsement. I believe even that stopped when the kids turned 10.

    This has become a hot mess from which those children will not escape unscathed. If the children are to be the center of attention for the show, I suggest that all the publicity events send their invitations to the kids specifically, at the very least to remind Jon and Kate that it's their children who are the stars in all of this.

  36. 36

    looks like he is growing horns out of either side of his forehead

  37. 37

    How can all of those who "agree" with Jon suddenly forgive him? He's selfish, left his family, didn't mind his children being in front of the cameras when he was included, and now wants to take away their income… Everyone is raised differently in the world, it's all in what someone is accustomed to. Some people are born rich, some poor, some are actors, singers, or the neighborhood garbage collector, but all you out there with "advice" saying, "I agree with him, the kids should have a "normal" life." WHO ARE YOU TO SAY WHAT IS OR IS NOT NORMAL? And, do any of you have degrees in the field of child psychology? JON… YOU are an ass and a moron. I have NO sympathy for you, and stop using the children for your fame-whoring please.

  38. 38

    I really want to give Jon the benefit of the doubt on this. I hope that he has really changed and that he is sincere. The way that Kate belittled him on national tv and was just the biggest bitch I can understand why this man did what he did. There are alot of ppl out there that go through a divorce and nasty things happen and the men run around like a bunch of whores going with all kinds of different women. Jon made alot of mistakes and he woke up and went to counseling and I really hope that he puts his kids under his wings and takes care of them. They are living with a mother from hell to say the least. What I would really like to see is him getting full custody of all the kids, let her pay him child support and let her go out there and become the talented star she thinks she is. Watch her fall flat on her face. That would be a good payback.

  39. 39

    It's true that lots of parents out there with alot of children are making it work but Jon and Kate DID NOT make it work. She picked the wrong man to have 8 children with. And now she is stuck big time. He is a little jerk who hated and resented her for talking him into going down to that fertility clinic and he ended up with eight children to support.

    I am soooo glad she let that divorce go through because I think he would have become violent toward her. GET A JOB JON. And stop trying to make Kate look bad when she is doing everything she can to take care of eight children.

  40. 40

    People can change and this guy is speaking clearly and intelligently about the welfare for his children. Who can really in all good conscience say that those kids are not being negatively effected by all of the media attention. They are still young enough that if they stop filming now people won't recognize them in a few years. It's now or never. I'm team Jon on this one, Kate can keep doing the TV thing if she want but leave the kids out of it. I really do think Jon is in the right here and that he's changed.