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Khloe Kardashian Addresses Bullying

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This wasn't easy to watch, but - thankfully - we've had a chance to speak to her about this in person and off-camera.

This is yet another reason why we felt COMPELLED to make a change on our website and do things differently!

Love is louder! It really does get better!

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110 comments to “Khloe Kardashian Addresses Bullying”

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  1. 101

    good for her…perez can sure be rotten

  2. 102

    why are hiding your fat face BB? you should be yourself!

  3. 103

    I totally understand what Khloe says..

  4. 104

    perez, you are funny at times but you are really cruel. I was a bully when I was younger and this movement has really made me think about my previous actions in a very negative way. yeah when you're doing it it all seems like good fun but the truth is that it hurts, i was s affraid of judgement that i would pose judgement on everyone else just to hide myself. i think that you should really change your ways like i have and try to be a nicer person. some people just have the attitude of a bully but you cant let it get the better of you. i know i have hurt peoples feelings in the past and i truly am sorry that ive done it but i really wish you would make a statement saying that you realize you were a terrible bully and that you are sorry because although you may think its very funny you probably hurt alot of these peoples feelings.

  5. 105

    It takes a strong person to come out and admit their faults…I admire the fact that you were able to realize that a change had to be made. Millions of people log onto your site and you have an amazing opportunity to make a change and open up peoples eyes! We can all sit here and nag, whine, complain about how you've made some not so nice comments about people, but reality is, you're making a change…and that is what counts. Thank you Perez!

    @Khloe…you're fabulous darlinggggg…don't let anybody bring you down!!! You have natural beauty and your eyes are to die for! Stay strong and thank you for making this video!

  6. 106

    I believe Khloe Kardashian isn't your only victim, if you truly have changed for the better why did the "talk" had to be behind the camera, she made a video calling you out on it, you should have made a video responding right back APOLOGIZING to her and ANOTHER video apologizing to EVERYONE you have bullied in the past. I do respect you and I became a fan when I noticed how quickly you moved to reach out to the celebrities and ask them to make their "it gets better" videos. However I'm still not sure your "change" is genuine.

  7. 107

    If Perez Hilton wants to contribute in stopping bullying, he should shut down his site.

  8. 108

    Well done Khloe!
    You have always been my favorite, you are beautiful, and funny, and smart. This was really brave of you :)
    Perez is a bully, and a hypocrite. But- you are right one should never clos themselves to second chances.

    Ps… It does get better. Lets keep supporting the cause.

  9. 109

    Oh goodness! Thank you to all my fans who choose to respond. Even the illiterate ones, yes I'm referring to you MARIBELLA. Given that I never mentioned gay people once, I assume reading isn't in your skill set.

    I find your reply humorous (more so then the other moronic one). You sound like one of those girls who bullied the less-attractive in your heyday, you know, high school. I think you might have missed the point…this is a CELEBRITY BLOG. The people Perez makes money off of, and for, can choose the level of their own exposure. And your ass is here enjoying every nasty sarcastic funny comment (he used to make..).

    And Khloe… oh for gods sake! Please. Her cushy life was provided in some less-than noble ways my dears. And I wouldn't feel too sorry for her fake pointless life, she's laughing all the way to the bank or beauty salon or whatever. I wouldn't lower myself to watch her family's shallow aimless show, but from what I can tell from those who do, she is worthless and her statement is a joke. Unlike the real situation here that should be causing concern and sympathy.

    If any of y'all want to make a difference in the world, commenting on the sub-standard efforts of an uneducated man gaining massive attention from a very serious situation is the wrong way to go. Get off your lazy asses and give a shit about the real victims here, children who feel so desperate that they commit acts of violence against themselves.

  10. 110

    As is often the case, those that demand consideration for themselves, are the last to supply them for others. Mr. Hilton often makes demands for himself (like tolerance) that he is unwilling to provide for others. He rants about his right to free speech, but if an opinion doesn't match his, he is the first to scream foul.

    Perhaps he is finally figuring it out. I hope so.

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