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Brandy recently admitted on Dancing With The Stars that she hasn't had sex with a man for nearly six years! Hard to imagine what would make a person abstain… Read more…

74 comments to “Why Brandy Hasn't Had Sex In Nearly 6 Years!”

  1. 1

    Because she killed people.

  2. 2

    good for her! It's been almost as long for the Sheriff just not by choice

  3. 3

    good for her

  4. 4

    lol at "can you go six years without sex" . Its only in America that people have this idea about regular sex and how most people do it often. I suppose too much Sex in the City fanatics. Reality is not so errr hot.

  5. 5

    You go girl! Not to sound cheese but sex should be about love…or at least about to people that care for each other.

  6. 6

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  7. 7

    Good for her!! Free-wheelin' sex is a major reason why there are so many unwanted babies or single mothers out there that MY TAX DOLLARS are supporting.
    Brandy gets my vote for being (hold on to your seats)..a RESPONSIBLE human being with ethics and morality!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  8. 8

    She didn't have sex with a "man" in 6 yrs…………what about a girlfriend or mild mannered sheep? lol

  9. 9


  10. 10

    I wouldn't have recognized her. Did she do something to her face?

  11. 11

    Contrary to popular belief, life is possible without sex - you don't die from lack of it. I think it is awesome she abstains when not in a relationship. I am the same way. Love and sex go together.

  12. 12

    Good for her. Its a shame that people think this is weird.

  13. 13

    Re: Katy_TunaVag_Perry – I so agree…she acts as if nothing has happened!!! I can't stand seeing her on DWTS!!!

  14. 14

    You're a dumb fucking bitch. We are human animals. We need sex. Giving up sex for "religious" reasons fucks up your mental disposition and your metabolism. It's not natural.

    We need sex.

    Keep that in mind.

  15. 15

    uhmmm ok but the real question is what the fuck happen to her face?

  16. 16

    Why not? It certainly helps life be much less complicated. Of course, if the right person comes along……..

  17. 17

    All I remember about this piece of shit is the pain she has caused a family and how long it took for her to FINALLY resolve her accidet that KILLED and innocent person. She showed no remorse for this family, she made it out as if she suffered the loss…oh poor Brandy!

    MURDERER!!! Was it worth it!!! How can you feel good about yourself!

  18. 18

    Good for her. There isn't any shame in not fucking everything you see.

  19. 19

    first one has to believe her or not. the virginal image is soooo old.

  20. 20

    Kudos to her and I could go two more lifetimes without! I LOVE that shirt she's wearing in that pic. I saw it on tv and… GORGEOUS!! Can't go lifetimes without shopping tho! :)

  21. 21

    is something wrong with her face?

  22. 22

    Re: Alasen

    Maybe for you.

    I personally don't really care who does what with their bodies, it's their decision.

  23. 23

    Good for her! =)

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Re: Layla:) – You are being ridiculous. You have no idea what happened, only what you read. Of course she was remorseful.
    What has me puzzled is the haters who constantly bring this up, yet have nothing to say about actor Matthew Broderick's accident that killed not one, but two people, a mother and her adult daughter, in Northern Ireland.
    Hell, Phil Spector's manslaughter barely ever gets mentioned, but certain people just hate on Brandy. Hmmm, I wonder why.

  26. 26

    So what?? Not everybody has to act like a horny gorilla. God forbid a young woman actually show restraint and have self respect. I don't like Brandy much but good for her for having such self control! There's already too many STD's and unwanted babies.

  27. 27

    ..Ok.k…This is the chick who killed someone with reckless driving, right …. ?

  28. 28

    Re: rosebud99 – I think she has had work done. Her eyes were a lot bigger and "puppy dog" like. It could just be the picture though.

  29. 29

    Does she masturbate … ?

  30. 30

    Re: sushilover – Yea, it's so much better to go out and have free sex. Isn't that how most our biggest problems start? Irresponsible sex?? Are you diseased??

  31. 31

    Re: Wenchtits – It's people like you that treat sex so innocently. Sex is a big deal!! It can ruin someone's life. Tell someone who has been diagnosed with HIV that what they do with their body is their own business…cause that shit spreads stupid. And you never know, it could spread to you one day.

  32. 32

    yay! good for her.

  33. 33

    I have the utmost respect for her.. She has a daughter she needs to be a role model for.. And it's been nearly 10 yrs for me.. By choice…

  34. 34

    Good for her! Nice to know in a world full of skanks and STDS that someone still has morals and respect themselves and doesn't take sex lightly! She's amazing and a good role model. I have a lot of respect for her.

  35. 35

    No sex because she's ugly.

  36. 36

    Good lord if I go a few months I'm just crazy horny all the time…poor girl!

  37. 37

    good for her.. and for those who think she did something to her face.. its not true.. when she part her hair in the middle she looks completely different and her hair stays flat to her face.. it frames her face really weird…

  38. 38

    well good for her it's better then being a whore and sleeping with any guys that she sees passing by the streets it's better to wait for the right guy. I'm doing that too theirs nothing wrong of waiting for the right one and not being a slut like some people are.

  39. 39

    she is not fucken stupid she does not want to be a whore who has sex with every guy she sees like you bitch. she said she only wants to have sex with a guy who she really loves and there is nothing wrong with that. she still have good morals and she not a fucken whore who has sex with every person she meets.

  40. 40

    Something is seriously wrong with this young girl.
    She's hiding from life. Kinda how I used to thing about Catholic nuns.
    This is not normal nor healthy.
    She's using up her youth.
    Use it, or you lose it. Brandi's so there.
    Too bad.

  41. 41

    What the hell did she do to her face? It was bad enough before … Now it's so bad.

  42. 42

    Re: rosebud99 – - Rosebud is right - her face looks totally different - and not in a good way.

  43. 43

    While I really respect her decision to only have sex when in love I cant think but help thinking every time that I see her that she killed someone.

  44. 44

    Because she's fugly.

  45. 45

    Perez, why are you even posting this??? You're putting out there that this wrong by 1.) Posting it and 2.) Saying it must be rough for her. The world is getting so f**king messed up and it's refreshing to see someone who actually has some sort of intelligence and self discipline. Sex isn't even important to society anymore… People whore themselves out so much that it's nothing special anymore and just something "fun". I am very happy for Brandy and wish more people would think like she does.

  46. 46

    She is beautiful by the way. I;m sure those who call other people ugly can be called ugly themselves! Now that is funny.

  47. 47

    Her face looks like it's made of plastic in that pic.

  48. 48

    Good for her! Its nice to hear about someone who isnt getting with everyone humanly possible.

  49. 49

    i absolutely agree with her…for me is very surprising the fact that she hasn't fell in love yet,not that she hasn't had sex in the last six years….

  50. 50

    well you all have your opinion.. but for some reason.. lol i just find it hard to believe that's a looooooooong time..but hey just saying..but at least she's not a hoe that we know of

  51. 51

    call me Brandy I will help you out

  52. 52

    Good for her! It's really none of our business if she wants to abstain from sex. I think a lot of people don't get enough sex or don't even have sex anyway. LOL.

  53. 53

    Omg how does she live.. no wonder she's a bitch on DWTS.

  54. 54

    No I don't agree with Brandy's decision to abstain..does that change anything?? will she now stop abstaining from sex?? What kind of dumb ass question is that, mario???

  55. 55

    Re: PauMich – as fucking if by choice, judging by your pro-life profile pic nobody would want to touch you.

  56. 56

    Re: Brooklyn718 – Yeah, you're hysterical. I've been laughing all day at your wit (ie: Zzzzzzzz).

  57. 57

    abstaining from sex for a year is possible..6 years tells me you are a person lacking anykind of passion in your bone, an uptight personality.. I can imagine that you are never that passionate about sex even in a relationship.Because any healthy normal human being would crave the touch of another person at some point after a year. You dont have to screw around town to get that…there are many handsome, intelligent men out there who are looking for an exclusive sexual relationship while having a free relationship. For a woman that might not always be the best choice for a long period of time..but at least it will provide you with some well earned relieve untill 'the one' comes along.

  58. 58

    I haven't been with a man in almost 2 years. And, I also tend to abstain if I'm not in a relation.. so i respect her thinking.. my friends think im a weirdo too, but i have to be comfortable with my mate. Nobody should judge someone sexual life, no matter if they re gay, straight, liberal or celibate people!

  59. 59

    Oh no. I would never be able to hold out that long.

  60. 60

    I totally respect her decision. I would, however, be humping Maks every DAY if I was dancing with him!

  61. 61

    And i thought I was crazy for abstaining for 6 years as well. Good thing to know I'm in great company.

  62. 62

    I love being single, and I think I could go maybe 2 years without sex. Not sure about 6 years…. I mean, I'd have to get me something every now and then. But I'd be careful, careful, careful about it. I have one child, and that's all I need!

  63. 63

    she doesnt look anything like the person i used to like. She looks like a freaking doll. I have the same opinion about sex as her but i wouldn`t speak about it that openly if i was her, I mean what for?who cares?is this important to anyone?does it teach anyone anything? i guess she is just trying to get press.

  64. 64

    It's easier than most people think. The first months are not easy but after a while I think the hormones get lower and you don't "suffer" without it.

    I don't get why people act like "you HAVE to get some or you'll die"…

    I am in a relationship right now but I've been single (and abstinent) for a while in my past and I am still alive!

  65. 65

    Six year. I have to call BULLSHIT!!!!

  66. 66

    There's more to life than sex and relationships, I could go 6 years without sex if I didn't have the right person to do it with.

  67. 67

    What the hell happend to her face?

  68. sof says – reply to this


    Re: Alasen – On the contrary, only in America sex is considered such a "bad" thing. In other countries people are much more lax about it and actually enjoy and appreciate it.

  69. 69

    Most likely not for lack of trying. Hit & run = boner killer.

  70. 70

    I agree w/her & wish more others were like her!

  71. 71

    She's a liar… Plain and simple… Just cause she says t's ben six years and I am so wholesome and not into sex and blah blah blah… She's an entertainer she knows how to say shit with it sounding believable… I mean Clinton never inhaled right? He also neverr had sexual relations with that girl right? C'mon…

  72. 72

    Looks like she's killed her face as well.

  73. Jbo says – reply to this


    Yes, i can imagine - I'm on six years of no sex myself. I could hump anyone, but waiting for love.

  74. 74

    Re: Bushwack – You're an idiot. There is such thing as birth control and men have as much responsibility as women when it comes to pregnancies.
    Get out of your cave asshole.