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6 comments to “Mamma Bieber Denies That Justin's Manager Is Getting The Axe!”

  1. 1

    Sweetie, give mums some cash please so she can get her hair done and perhaps a stylist. She looks like a Wal Mart shopper.

  2. 2

    I call bullshiz on the whole thing. She's gotta save face and cover up. I bet she was in the working to do something about this. I mean he's a teenage boy, so he's going to be obnoxious and douchy. Honestly I think she needs to get a grip on this kid, fame is going to his head just a little bit, and hey why not he's some dorky kid who probably never got girls and now he's famous and girl throw themselves at him everyday, that's got to be an ego boost for him big time.
    So I think she has to cover up, someone called her out on what she was doing because Justin is Scooter Braun's money maker for the moment. When Boober is all done Braun's gonna toss him to the side for the next big thing. I don't blame this kids mother for wanting more control, that's her child, and he may be getting lost in the scheme of things here. Mom's make bad judgement calls from time to time, this was a bad one on her part to just let her kid gradually go over to people who appered to have this kid's best interest at heart, when all they saw was a cash machine.

  3. 3

    those jeans look uncomfortably tight. look at her face, she can't even breathe.

  4. 4

    Of course this was a rumour. Us Bieber fans are very familiar with everyone on the team, I even had a chance to meet all of them and they're very nice people who only want whats best for Justin and are guiding him to be a responsible and moral adult. Pattie loves everyone on the team and so do we.

  5. 5

    Re: frizbe – seriously dont be hating On pattie she has great style exspecially if she is a wall mart shopper but why would she be her son is justin bieber GET A LIFE!

  6. 6

    Re: Babygirlxxx
    Get an education. Your post sounds like it was written by a first grade drop out.